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Understanding of the Straight Path

For the successful realization of the Straight Path, it is necessary, first of all, to accept the existence of One Universal God-Absolute.

One should not seek Him on some other planet, on some mountain or in some human-made temple on the Earth. He is not only present high above our material bodies that live on the round Earth but also everywhere. Yet one can find Him only through the development of oneself as a spiritual heart.

God in the Aspect of the Absolute is one Universal and multi-layered (multidimensional) Macroorganism. His layers (called eons in Greek and lokas in Sanskrit) do not differ by their “three-dimensional” parameters but by the degree of their subtlety or coarseness.

We can speak about two such scales of the real multidimensionality.

The first one of them is the degrees of density of energies between the Creator — and His material Creation.

The second one is between the Creator — and the border of hell, which is the “rubbish heap” of the Evolution.

Hell is the “abode” of the coarsest (by their emotional status) souls.

On the contrary, the Primordial Consciousness, Which is also called the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah, Ishvara, Tao, Odin, Svarog, Rod, and by other names in different human languages, is the subtlest Manifestation of the Absolute and Its Essence.

I want to stress once again that when we talk about the process of the consciousness (soul) becoming subtler or coarser, we are talking about the change of its most typical emotional status. It is so because emotions are the states of us as souls.

Hence it follows that the path to hell is traversed through becoming coarser emotionally.

The Path to the Creator, on the contrary, is the consistent refinement of one’s own emotional status.

In other words, we can say that the Path to the Creator is the advancement into the depth of the Absolute by the scale of coarseness-subtlety, while the path to hell is the same advancement by this scale but towards the outside.

Let me remind you that Jesus described hell as the “outer darkness” (Matthew 8:12).

The scheme for the initial study of the structure of the Absolute was published by us many times [9 and others]. Seven main spatial dimensions, including hell, are represented on it.

Those, who have explored — through meditative work — the Absolute in the perspective that is represented on this scheme, may be able to cognize the principal states of the Primordial Consciousness as well: they are Calm in the Abode of the Creator and different states of the Holy Spirits Who come out from it. These states vary in their intensity from the Divine Light — to the modifications of the Divine Fire.

* * *

God is really interested in our spiritual development, because those of us, who attain the Perfection on this Path, enrich Him with ourselves, having flowed into Him.

Therefore, the study and the fulfillment of God’s Will for us is righteousness before Him, while the rejection to fulfill it — is a karmically punishable vice.


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