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Spiritual Heart

I can affirm with confidence that the ancient precepts of the Hesychasts (those who sought inner silence and obtained it in the depths of their spiritual hearts [9 and others]) are indeed correct.

It is not by other means but through the development of the spiritual heart that one can attain the paradisiacal states of the soul during the life of one’s material body — and then to remain in paradise after the end of one’s incarnation.

Further self-development in this direction — through the stage of the transformation of oneself into a giant spiritual heart — can result in the real cognition of God in all His main Manifestations and in the Mergence with the Creator in His Abode.

We have explained specific methods for the initial development of the spiritual heart in several books [9 and others] and showed them in films. Therefore, I will not dwell at length on this issue now.

Let me just note, for those, who have never before been engaged in serious spiritual work, that one should not look for the spiritual heart in the material heart, or on the left of it, or in the spine, or in the stomach (some people even invented this). In reality, the spiritual heart starts growing in the anahata chakra, which is located in the chest, to be precise below the collarbones up to the “solar plexus”. So, among the organs of the body, the anahata coincides, first of all, with the lungs, while the material heart is located on the border between the anahata and the manipura and is influenced by both of these chakras. On the one hand, its functional state can be influenced by the calm of the purified and developed loving anahata. On the other hand, it can be influenced by negative states that “boil” in the manipura, which was not regulated through the methods of psychical self-regulation [9]. Thus we gain health — or psychosomatic diseases of our material hearts.

… So in the beginning, it is necessary to cleanse the anahata chakra of bio-energetic contaminations and expand it so that it fills the entire chest. Then we should learn to look from it in all directions with the eyes of the soul, to listen and to speak, maintaining at the same time the concentration of the consciousness inside.

Vocalists can easily master the skills of “pectoral” singing in this way.

All other people, who have learned to speak “from the anahata”, also become much more welcome interlocutors. Even just silent communication with “anahatic” people gives calm and peace in contrast to the communication with the representatives of ajnic or ajnic-manipuric psychotypes.

The methods for the development of the spiritual heart can be mastered by a great number of people, including children [7-9], and this will allow them, when they grow up, to have better possibilities of mastering the heights of the spiritual Path.

It will be beneficial to conduct respective classes with children not only in closed spaces like halls or rooms but also in the midst of the harmony of nature. The courses of such classes — provided that ethical vital standards are observed — result, among other things, in the radical improvement of the health of the participants.

… Then we can continue to grow being the soul that consists of the spiritual heart. Thus we become bigger and bigger than our material bodies [9].

Only the consciousness that was refined in this way becomes able to perceive the Holy Spirits directly: to see Them, to attune with Them as the Standards of the Divine Subtlety, to embrace Them and to merge with Them. Thus we really cognize that God is indeed Perfect Love (1 John 4:8).

Jesus, Krishna, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai and many Others [8-10] become our real Divine Teachers Who lead Their worthy disciples to a more and more complete cognition of God.

When we establish the closest mutual contact with the Holy Spirits, Who become easily perceived and turn into our beloved Friends and Teachers Who also love us, we will be able to learn from Them in the most fruitful way.

In this case, we can understand, by observing Their facial expressions, for example, if They are joking or speaking quite seriously.

In contrast to such relations with Them, there can be cases in which some people just “hear voices”. But these “voices” can belong to anyone… That is why it is wrong to trust, without serious critical evaluation, the information that is received from such people.

… Let me stress once again that the aspiration for the maximum ethical purity should always be a dominating idea for all those who seek to progress on the Straight Path. Otherwise, God begins to laugh and play jokes on such negligent disciples, for example, by tempting them into realizing absurd actions. What is the meaning of this? The meaning is to show these people and others around them that one should not behave in this way!


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