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The cognition of God is possible only against the background of intense love for Him.

It is so, because the emotions of sincere love are what bring consciousnesses together.

God can easily see any falsity in our emotions.

He Himself is Perfect Love; therefore, He does not allow those, who have defects in their love, to approach Him.

We are completely naked — in our actions, emotions, and thoughts — before Him, Who is observing every one of us from the depths of the multidimensionality.

God is not “somewhere out there” but directly under the cells of our bodies and under every one of us as souls. He sees, hears, and feels everyone in every moment; on the contrary, people usually do not perceive Him...

… Many people believe that love only consists of the things that are related to sex and that jealousy is an indicator of the intensity of love…

However, the truth is opposite. When such people speak about love, they usually mean sexual passion, which it would be better to get rid of.

There is also a word lust, which means a strong sexual desire.

But true love is the opposite of lust and means to give oneself and one’s things to the beloved ones. It can manifest itself, among other areas, in the area of \x{200b}\x{200b}sexual relations. However, it should not contain even a shadow of jealousy! Jealousy originates from a proprietary attitude towards another person, whom a jealous one perceives as an object for the satisfaction of his or her lust!

Jealousy and selfish violence are striking and gross manifestations of vicious egocentrism!

Selflessness and self-sacrifice are, on the contrary, the signs of true love, that love which God wants to see in us.

* * *

So what is the fastest way to master real love?

Of course, it is necessary to use intellectual self-examination, including repentance.

Besides, this process can be radically accelerated with the help of special methods for the development of the spiritual heart.

Nevertheless, no psychological techniques will give a lasting effect if one does not dedicate one’s life to the good of all other incarnate beings who are worthy of it and to God.

It is appropriate to learn to give selflessly in sexual relations [4], in the upbringing of children [7], and in helping animals and plants, including those that live in the wild.

That person, who does not have a developed ability to love, cannot fall in love with God.

Such a person will not be able give himself or herself to God!

To achieve the Mergence with God, one should strive to eradicate one’s own egocentrism completely.

Besides, on the higher stages of the Path, it is necessary to master the state of “non-I”, in which one — during meditative trainings — only perceives transparent emptiness in that place where the feeling of oneself was before; the “I” in this case flows completely into the Divine Consciousness and merges with It.

It is appropriate to prepare oneself for this in everyday life among other people, and this is what Jesus also teaches us [8]. The next stages are explained, among other sources, in our books and relevant films.

… After learning to stay in the subtlest Components of the Absolute and after the real cognition of Its Infinite Greatness — it becomes quite easy for us to subdue our egos completely. No matter how big is one’s self-awareness, when one realizes the Infinite Vastness of God in comparison with oneself, one sincerely surrenders by eliminating one’s “I” through flowing into Him.

Afterwards, the Mergence becomes stronger and stronger, and such a practitioner masters His functions…


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