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Meditation of Radomir “Absolute”

Radomir, Who is mentioned in this article, was a spiritual Master in His last incarnation and contributed to the spiritual development of several of His incarnated disciples, Who had reached then the Divine Perfection and Who manifest Themselves now as the Holy Spirits. Their names are Rada, Alexey, and Eremey. You can find Their biographies in [8].

The meditation that we will describe in this article and that is proposed by Radomir is one of the highest on the stages of the spiritual ascent. That is why not everyone will be able to perform it right now. This meditation is not an image created by the mind in the head, but the variant of the distribution, in the multidimensional space, of the consciousness that has been developed to a significant degree on the previous stages of the spiritual growth. Namely, speaking in a very general outline, one should fulfill the following before being able to perform this meditation:

a) to purify the body and the consciousness that lives in it,

b) to become a huge spiritual heart that greatly exceeds the size of the material body,

c) to develop the arms of the consciousness that allow one, among other things, to move in the multidimensional space,

d) to learn to merge with the Divine Consciousness by dissolving in It, in the subtlest layers of the Absolute Absolute that have already been cognized and mastered.

We have examined all this in detail on the pages of our books and in our films.

* * *

The essence of the examined meditation is the following:

It is necessary to feel the Absolute as an infinite (by its size) and multidimensional Ball. Its layers are inserted one into another, and each subtler layer is located closer to the center of this Ball. Denser layers, on the contrary, are located closer to the periphery, and the coarsest ones of them are outside of this Ball; this is the “outer darkness” of which Jesus spoke (Matthew 8:12).

In the center of this Ball, there is Its Core — “the Heart of the Absolute” — that is, Its most important Part in Its active state. This is one of the main Manifestations of the Primordial Consciousness, Which is also called the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao, Svarog, etc. in different human languages. It is perceived as the Living, Loving and Tenderest Divine Fire, Which invites worthy spiritual practitioners to flow into It forever. It is also One Universal Ocean of the Creator, Which is the United We of All Those Who have reached It.

The task of a spiritual practitioner is to establish a significant part of himself or herself as the developed consciousness in the center of this Ball and then to direct a Part of Himself or Herself to other layers of the Absolute (including the world of matter) in order to help embodied souls who live there. For example, one can create Mahadoubles and working sites, which facilitate the communication with these embodied souls and allow one to teach them concrete meditative techniques [9]. This is how the Holy Spirits and the Messiahs (Avatars) exist and act, among other ways.

* * *

For those who have already approached this stage of the development, the description of the meditation that is given in this article will help in mastering that stage. May it also help everyone else in the theoretical cognition of the anatomy of God.

God is quite cognizable. However, this is true only for those who have already developed themselves (ethically and intellectually) and who grow themselves as spiritual hearts. In relation to this, let me remind you of the words of Jesus: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God!” (Matthew 5).

On the contrary, for those who do not want to perfect themselves spiritually, God is indeed incognizable. It would be great that these people, having acquainted themselves with the real possibilities of the spiritual growth, begin to strive to become better before God Who really exists!

The materials listed in the bibliography in this book and in our other books explain how one can achieve this.


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