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Spiritual Perfection

Straight Path to Achieving
Spiritual Perfection

Many years of hard work of us — a group of scientists who studied the multidimensional space of the universe and the forms of consciousness that inhabit its layers (eons, lokas) — allowed us to reach a full understanding of the most important things that should be laid in the foundation of the outlook of every modern person. This knowledge gives complete answers to the fundamental philosophical questions: what is man, what is the nature of the Divine, what should be the relationships between man and God, and what is the meaning of our lives and how to realize it. We described it in many publications where this knowledge is expounded in a simple language, which is easy to understand for any intellectually developed person.

In particular, during our work in this direction, we learned from many Divine Teachers — Representatives of the Primordial Consciousness (God-the-Father, the Creator). Among Them are Jesus Christ and some of His Apostles, as well as Krishna, Huang-Di, Odin, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba, and many Others. Some of Them are widely known now; Others are known only to relatively small groups of people incarnate at present; some Others left no noticeable traces in history [8].

What do They have in common that allows us to regard Them as Divine? The Apostle Philip — a personal disciple of Jesus Christ — wrote about this in His Gospel [8]. Namely, all of Them found in the past the Way to the Abode of the Primordial Universal Consciousness, established Themselves in Mergence with It, and became Its Integral Parts.

There are also differences among Them. For example, Divine Teachers can be distinguished by the subtlest shades of Their Divine Love. They also differ by the “age” of living in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness: personal development of every Divine Individual does not end with attainment of Divinity but continues. God told us about this in the following way: “There is a long way from a seed that sprouted up and rooted in Me — to the Universal Tree that gives life to all the living”.

… From the standpoint of the methodology of spiritual development, it is important to choose from the vast number of true and false methods of spiritual development known to people — only the really significant, which really allow man to advance quickly to Divinity and to become a Part of the Primordial Consciousness.

To us, possessing vast experience of living communication with the Inhabitants of the highest eon of the multidimensional space and with the representatives of the other eons, it is absolutely evident that only those people who choose the Path of the Spiritual Heart have chances of attaining spiritual Perfection in Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness relatively quickly. In other words, only Those Who have developed Themselves, during the incarnate state, as great and Divinely subtle Spiritual Hearts, appear among the achieved Ones. They are Those Who constitute, in aggregate, the United We of the Creator.

… Let us consider the main stages of the spiritual Path in more detail.

First, we have to accept and realize in life the basic ethical principles suggested to us by God:

— Refusal of all forms of causing unnecessary harm to other creatures, including plants. In particular, the principle given to us through Moses “You shall not kill!” has to be extended not only to killing people but to killing animals and to unnecessary killing plants.

— Taking care of others, striving to help everyone selflessly in everything good. It is through selfless (and unobtrusive) help to others, that we not only learn psychological peculiarities of other people and become “soul-knowers”, but also develop love in ourselves. “God is Love,” taught Jesus Christ. This means, in particular, that in order to approach God we have to develop in ourselves this quality first of all.

But what is love? Love is the whole spectrum of corresponding emotional states. And one can develop them both through “usual” methods (emotional attunement to the harmony of nature and to adequate works of art*, interactions with harmonious people and animals, harmonious sexual interaction devoid of egoism, etc.) and through special spiritual exercises that directly develop the organ of emotional love — the spiritual heart. Such special methods allow worthy people to accelerate their personal evolution by thousands of times and to attain Perfection in their current incarnations. This, of course, gives them the possibility of helping incarnate beings — from their new status — much more efficiently.

Among other important ethical principles, one should mention the following:

— introducing into one’s own life the awareness of the priority of the spiritual evolution — contrary to the tendency to compete in interactions with people and to the desire to possess superfluous (for the spiritual Path) earthly boons,

— refusal of coarse emotional states; the control of emotions is easily achieved with the help of the system of methods of psychical self-regulation developed by us [9].

… So, the spiritual heart developed to the cosmic scales is the foundation of man’s spiritual advancement. In the Abode of the Creator, there are no souls who came there in any other way, for example, those who put emphasis on the development of the power or intellectual aspects. Both these aspects are also important, but should play only a supplementary role.

Development of the spiritual heart begins in the anahata chakra through its cleansing and extending to the size of the chest, at least.

Then the growth of the spiritual heart continues outside the body. This process is more successful if special meditative training at appropriate places of power is used.

Growth of the spiritual heart is proportional to development of subtle (not coarse) power of the individual consciousness. Those who successfully develop themselves in this direction, gradually gain the ability to live not in the material body but to be spiritual hearts which are thousands or millions of times larger than our material bodies. This allows, in particular, moving easily through multidimensional space and exploring it by crossing the borders between these eons. One does this with full self-awareness and control of one’s own states and also the place of one’s staying; psychodelic drugs, which destroy the body and soul, are not needed for this purpose at all.

At these stages of development, the consciousness of man is enriched with the Kundalini energy — an individual reserve of Atmic energy accumulated in the past. This allows one, in particular, to form a Dharmakaya — a huge and subtle body of consciousness consisting of all 3 dantians. And the chakras then merge with the Primordial Consciousness.

At the same time, one needs training in dissolving oneself-consciousness in the highest (subtlest) eons. This is known as attainment of Nirodhi — one of the Nirvanic states.

Thanks to such practices, man easily masters not only life in paradise (one of the subtle eons of multidimensional space) but also in the three “behind-the-Mirror” (akashic) eons, including the eon of protomatter (protoprakriti), the eon filled with the “building material” for souls (protopurusha), and the Atmic eon of Chidakasha.

Self-perfecting has to include many other aspects of development of the individual consciousness, including intellectual and power ones. Serving other incarnate beings through helping them also contributes to this.

Through the methods of the spiritual work mentioned above, one can easily develop the ability to communicate with the Holy Spirits, with Jesus Christ. Jesus and other Representatives of the Creator become our personal Teachers and guide us to God-the-Father, into His Abode.

In the language tradition used by Krishna, which was introduced later into the lexicon of Buddhists, one may say that in this way people of both sexes, who are well prepared by their past experience, easily achieve the Nirvana in Brahman (the Holy Spirit), the Nirvana in Ishvara (God-the-Father), and Nirvana in the Absolute.

As for the Islamic tradition, we gave a full explanation of the nature of Allah (the Creator, Primordial Consciousness) Who told about Himself, through Muhammad, as “I” and as “We”. After all, Allah is not a Personality, but an Aggregation of Personalities merged together. Of course, there are also His Individual Manifestations.

Now one may better understand the methodology of the Straight Path mentioned in the Quran — the Path of cognition of Allah and Merging with Him through humble and faithful love. One may find more details about this in [8], where Sufi Grand Master and other Great Sufis speak about the Straight Path.

… Materials of book [8], compiled from the sayings of the Representatives of the Creator Who attained Divine Perfection through different religious traditions, clearly demonstrate that God is one for all people (though people call Him differently in different languages) and that the methodology of attainment of spiritual Self-Realization is also one.

It is demonstrated especially brightly by the biographies of Those Adepts Who successfully finished Their “inner jihad” (holy war for the Perfection) being embodied in Atlantis, in Africa, in Southeast Asia, among American Indians, in the countries of European culture, in Russia.

It should be emphasized that success on the spiritual Path is achieved neither through inventing “gods” and then worshipping them, nor through rituals and endless panhandling before God, but through real efforts on transforming oneself as a soul, as a consciousness. Such a transformation has to begin from ethics; otherwise God does not allow us to approach Him!

… You can try using this knowledge given to us by Divine Teachers, though we cannot promise that traversing this Path will be necessarily easy for you… Yet, if man manages to traverse even a significant part of this Path during the time remaining in the current incarnation — this will ensure favorable conditions in the future unfoldment of one’s destiny.

Also, let us pay attention to the importance of teaching the basics of this knowledge to children, namely the ideas of ethics, responsibility for one’s own deeds, words, and even thoughts — before God, Who waits for us to become like Him — perfect Love, perfect Wisdom, and perfect Power!


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