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What Is Truth?

This question implies a serious philosophical answer about the most important things in our existence: what is the essence of the Universe, what is the meaning of our lives on the Earth, and what is the best way to fulfill this meaning?

The most laconic answer is the following:

There is an ongoing Evolution in the Universal Organism of the Absolute. And every one of us should “blend” with this process most harmoniously.

For this purpose we need:

— To become sufficiently large, mobile, and strong consciousnesses (souls) — so as to gain the ability to move from one spatial dimension to another along the entire multidimensional scale, to personally cognize this multidimensional structure of the Absolute — from the boundary of hell — to the Abode of the Creator.

— To learn to firmly reside in the highest spatial dimension: in the Abode of the Creator — in Mergence with Him.

— To habituate ourselves to the state of Mergence, Coessentiality with the Creator, and then to develop the ability to be one with the entire Absolute.

From these highest states one can participate in the Evolutionary Process most successfully, on the Highest Level of competence; in particular, one can help incarnate people in their spiritual development.

After disincarnation, such Perfect Individualities become Holy Spirits. And if They incarnate again on Their own Will among people — They become Divine Messiahs, Avatars.

However, even those, who have not yet achieved the highest stages of spiritual advancement, can find good work for themselves on the Earth — not only in personal development but also in service, which consists in participation in the Evolutionary Process.

And let everyone think: how can I serve others, how can I be useful to them?

Even taking care of plants and animals, providing other people with food, clothing, dwelling, giving birth to children and upbringing them, etc. — all this is also necessary. There are many other possibilities as well. And let the main principle of making choices here be the following:

To help everyone in everything good and to try to harm no one when possible: by deeds, words, and even by thoughts or emotions!

* * *

And now let us talk about this in more detail. Even among religiously thinking people, it is hard to find those who understand the meaning of the word Absolute. And there are very few who know the mechanisms of correct growth of the consciousness, or how to move from one spatial dimension to another and about cognition of the Creator in His Abode!

We discussed these questions many times in our books and films-lectures (see a list of the most important of them in the end of this book and on the site; here I am going to describe it briefly.

So, what is God?

This word means, first of all, the Creator (He is also called God-the-Father, Jehovah, Allah, Ishvara, Tao, Primordial Consciousness, Adibuddha, Svarog, and by other names in different languages). The Creator is not an old man sitting on a cloud, as He is depicted sometimes, but the infinite in size and time Ocean of the Subtlest Primordial Consciousness abiding in the highest spatial dimension.

By the word God, people also call the Representatives of the Creator coessential to Him — incarnate and non-incarnate. Such non-incarnate Representatives of the Creator are called the Holy Spirits; in the aggregate sense, They are called the Holy Spirit (that is, this term has a so-called collective meaning).

It is important to understand that the Creator and His Creation compose One Multidimensional Universal Organism. This is the Absolute, that is Absolutely Everything.

The Absolute exists in a state of constant, unceasing development, Evolution. It is for the sake of this process that the Creator creates islets of matter — planets where units of consciousness (individual souls) evolve through consecutive incarnations into material bodies of plants, animals, and people. The ultimate goal of their development is to achieve (through human incarnations) the Perfection and Mergence with the Creator.

From the above said it must be clear that man is not a body, contrary to what many people believe. Man is a soul, consciousness that is embodied only for a time into material bodies for the sake of going through the next stage of the development.

Every one of us possesses freedom of will — our right to make decisions in many small or large life situations, which affects our further destinies. (That is we build our destinies ourselves. And the Holy Spirits — our Divine Tutors and Teachers — realize these destinies.) The process of destiny formation — which depends on ethically important decisions made by us — has to be studied by the branch of science called ethics. Ethics should be regarded as an integral part of ecology — the science about relationships of an organism with its environment. And the latter includes not only the world of material objects but also non-material forms of life with all non-incarnate beings and God.

What has to be the goal of our aspirations and deeds on the Earth (apart from fulfilling the most basic needs of our lives and of our closest companions)?

It is clear that our bodies have to be healthy. For this purpose it is useful to have medical knowledge, in particular, to know hygienic rules; also from childhood one has to temper the organism, to develop strength, endurance. It is also important to adhere to the killing-free (vegetarian) diet: feeding on bodies of killed animals results in contamination of the organism with coarse bioenergies; it also contradicts the principle of LOVE given to us by God. (However, our killing-free diet has to be made rich with protein food: milk products, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, etc. More detail see in [9]).

It is also very important to understand that one cannot achieve significant success on the spiritual Path without a developed intellect. People who have no developed intellect are not capable of comprehending what we discuss here! Even if they become believers, their religiosity — if they do not come from the beginning to a sound religious environment — is reduced to worshiping material objects (various idols, etc.), to mystical fear of warlocks, vampires, the end of the world; this leads to schizophrenia, to the coarsening of the consciousness, and — as a result — to hell…

… One can advance towards the Creator only through the refinement of the consciousness and development of love in oneself. Only developed love directed to the Creator can help one approach and merge with Him!

Therefore it is very important to ensure that children receive good education and that, as they grow up, the process of their intellectual development does not stop! Let the task of choosing a profession and working place also help them in this!

It is useful for every person to strive to comprehend the principles of righteous life on the Earth that are suggested to us by God more deeply. The main one of them is the principle of LOVE.

One cannot achieve ethical perfection without working with the reflexogenic zones of the emotional-volitional sphere — the chakras and some main meridians.

God is Love — He said these words for us. Yet it is wrong to understand this statement as “God will forgive all our sins”. No. This statement means that we can realize our aspiration to the Creator, aspiration to the Mergence with Him — only through striving to become similar to Him, striving to become LOVE!

LOVE is an aggregate of corresponding emotional states. And it is desirable that every one of us habituate oneself to living in these states. As for coarse states of the consciousness, which program us to hell, — let them become so foreign to us that in no case can we enter them! Let me repeat that it becomes real for those who use the above mentioned system of training in psychical self-regulation [9]!

… So, let the anahata become the main chakra for us! It is in this chakra that the most important part of a human being — the spiritual heart — begins its growth. Let us learn to live in this chakra: to look, to listen, to perceive the outer world from it, to speak, to make decisions from this chakra!

In this way, we gradually become spiritual hearts — and then begin to grow outside the body. With time, in the process of this growth, we become spiritual hearts comparable in size to our planet and then even larger. The growing spiritual heart has to possess developed arms of the consciousness coessential to the spiritual heart. With the hands of these arms we can caress, stroke, heal…

The consciousness developed in this way accepts the function of thinking — outside of the material body.

Refusal of coarse emotional states and cultivation of the emotions of subtle tender love — together with the quantitative growth of oneself as a spiritual heart — this gives the ability to perceive (to see, to hear, to embrace) the Holy Spirits, Who become our real spiritual Teachers. Entering with the consciousness into Their giant Forms (Forms of Consciousnesses) allows one to begin mastering Mergence with Them. And then — They will lead Their deserving disciples into the Abode of the Creator.

* * *

Of course, one cannot achieve this quickly, immediately: the highest spiritual stages can be mastered only if one dedicates the whole life to God — to developing oneself for the sake of merging with Him and serving Him.

I also understand that some people can hardly believe that everything written here is real; it can happen to those who have not yet started serious work on perfecting themselves on the spiritual Path. However, by using the methods of self-development described in our books and demonstrated in our films one can make it real.

Let me note also that the knowledge presented here is not new. The same was taught (though in other words) by Thoth-the-Atlantean, Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras, Krishna, Lao Tse, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba, and other Great Teachers [8]. It has always been taught by God! In our works we just present an integration of this knowledge and a detailed description of how one can traverse the spiritual Path and come to the spiritual heights which were demonstrated many times by Messengers of the Creator.

In conclusion let me stress again that the main direction of self-development on this Path is the development of the spiritual heart. All serious spiritual achievements are gained only through this!

… This is, in brief, the description of the full spiritual self-realization of man, the straight and shortest Path to the Creator. Let us go by this Path — and soon our lives will be filled with the joy of communication with God in blissful calm, without diseases and other calamities and suffering!


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