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Book of Vladimir Antonov "Spiritual Work with Children"

“Ethics and morals are not the same thing. Morals are the concepts of what is “good” and what is “bad” and how one should behave in relation to this that get formed and become a tradition in a certain society for a certain period of time. Ethical principles are objective. They follow from real necessity and advisability. They are based on one's understanding of the Path to Perfection, to God.”

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What Our Children Dream About?

I want, when I will be an adult, to become a traveler and travel around the entire world. I also would like to study aqueous depths, to help rare animals to survive, to protect nature.

I wish to myself that this dream come true!

Polina Novitskaya , 10 years

I am 5 years old already but have not done anything in my life yet!

Zhenya Ivanov, 5 years

I love trips to the forest. In the forest, sometimes I observe the nature, sometimes — I am bored, and my mood goes bad. I am bored, when I forget to live in anahata and to shine.

Some people do not know the meaning of their lives.

Yet I want all people to love God!

I love God very much!

Zhenya Shtil, 7 years

I want to merge with God — and then I would remain in the bliss and give people love and happiness!

I also want very much to have a computer!!!

I live on the Earth in order to love and become perfect! I want this but don't do much.

To realize what I want, I need to really love and to develop myself.

I also wish love and perfection both to people and animals!

Sasha Zubkov, 13 years


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