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Basic Hygiene Tips

From the most general hygienic recommendations we can suggest (for all ages!) the following:

1. To wash, whenever possible, the entire body daily with soap, best of all in the morning.

2. It is better to wake up early and go to bed early.

3. To avoid wearing clothes of synthetic fabric that have immediate contact with the skin.

4. It is very good to irradiate the skin of the entire body with sunlight: it gives us health. In winter one can sunbathe regularly under the light of a quartz lamp, especially in the case of indispositions, in particular, colds.

5. To use “killed” food as little as possible or to exclude it at all [9]: this can improve our health significantly, provide a higher sensitivity to subtle manifestations of the world around us, and makes us better in the eyes of God, Who gave us the precept “you shall not kill!”. However, no coercion can be used in this issue towards children: any coercion in such matters leads only to the opposite effect. The best way of educating children is to do it by our own example.


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