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Book of Vladimir Antonov "Spiritual Work with Children"

“... It is not by chance that the word Heaven is different from the word sky. Assigning the same meaning to both of them is misunderstanding caused by religious ignorance. Heavens are the subtlest eons.”

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Introductory Meditation

It is good to start each practice session with emotional attunement and purification of the energy of the surrounding space. For this purpose there is an excellent method called introductory meditation. It is performed in this way:

We adopt the so-called student posture: we sit down on the heels holding the spine straight, the toes looking backwards, the palms resting upon the thighs. We start sending waves of benevolence and love from the thorax — forward into space with the following formula:

“May all beings have peace! May all beings be calm! May all beings feel bliss!”

We create each of these three states first within ourselves in the thorax and then radiate it forward. Then we repeat it to the right, backwards, to the left, upwards, and downwards. This is a powerful method of harmonization of oneself and of the energy of the surrounding space with all beings living in it; it also lays the foundation for the development of the spiritual heart.


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