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Parable about Winged Heart

In one Native American tribe, which for generations lived on a reservation, a boy was born. He was called Winged Heart. Why was that? Because the sunrise that day resembled a sign: cirrus clouds, illuminated by the sun, covered the entire sky like the solar wings.

* * *

Growing up, the boy proved to be more than just simply a Native American, and he had three great abilities: to know, to heal, and to fly.

The tribal chief was very happy about the first two abilities and often used them. The boy was asked what to do in this or that difficult situation — and he gave precise answers; his prophecies were always true. If someone in the tribe got sick, Winged Heart was called — and, according to the Will of the non-embodied Great Chiefs, the sick person was healed.

Yet the boy himself was happy most of all with his ability to fly! During the flight, he experienced himself completely free! The borders of the reservation did not limit him anymore, and he was not restrained by the gravity of the Earth!

It was — so simple and so beautiful! At one point, he felt the sunrise in his chest — and turned his arms, coming out of his spiritual heart full of sunshine, in endless Wings of Light. And then — under these Wings — there was only a vast Ocean of Light — and he could soar!

He was free to stay wherever he wanted to stay!

* * *

He often went to the plateau, which was a sacred place of their tribe at a time when their nation was free. This place was considered sacred because it was the best one to talk with the Great Chiefs. Here — for centuries — the most important decisions for the tribe were made.

Now that plateau belonged to white-faced people. But they did not use it because they found nothing valuable for them on it. Only occasionally travelers visited this place — to see the beautiful scenery that was seen from this height.

Winged Heart loved to stay here in meditation. He could see the Shining Faces of the Great Chiefs of humanity and talk with Them…

Or he could admire the morning sun rising over the horizon and illuminating with its life-giving light the mountain panorama…

Or he could float in the sunlight, where only eagles fly…

Or he immersed himself in those spaces of non-material Light, where a soul, free from its body, becomes the Divine Fire. And then — the Power of Limitless Light-Fire becomes your essence…

* * *

The Great Chiefs taught many things to Winged Heart.

They showed him the stages that a soul should master during its development — so that the Divine Consciousness can open Itself to a soul and a soul can become capable of the Flight of Freedom.

The Great Chiefs also opened to Winged Heart the pages of the history of the Earth. There he saw — in iridescent Light — the pictures that showed the coming of the Messengers of God to this planet. Those Messengers came in different times and to different people, bringing them always the same Truth! But people… perverted it, creating — to their own taste — different versions of faith…

* * *

Once the Great Chiefs gathered on the plateau and said to Winged Heart:

“It is time for you to start that work for which you were incarnated on the Earth. You must find and initiate into the Higher Knowledge twelve people: men and women who will continue to return the Great Knowledge to people. They must be the souls ready to accept this Knowledge. Among them there will also be white-faced children of this land.

“All people are equal before the Great Power of God! And now the epoch comes when they should obtain the universal and true spiritual Knowledge. All people should experience themselves before the United Power of God, for in every one of them the Particle of this Power lives!

“This new era has approached! It’s time for you to start!

“So, you must find twelve worthy people!”

“Why so few?” — Winged Heart asked.

“Few? This is not few! You will understand this when you start looking!”

* * *

Winged Heart decided to start his search among the Native Americans.

He visited many tribes…

Resentment and hatred towards the conquerors fettered the minds of many. And it was difficult to find someone who wanted to gain the Freedom — not through winning back their lands and revenging, but through loving others and transforming oneself…

Nevertheless, in some tribes, people still remembered what their ancestors — free children of free land — knew. These people were courageous and full of peace. They were not afraid of death and respected all life. They lived in harmony with nature. They did not consider the World of Divine Spirits as fiction — and were ready to hear the words of the Great Chiefs.

Winged Heart told those people:

“The Great Chiefs, Who do not keep silence, told me to come to many tribes and to remind them about what the Great Chiefs know, but what people have forgotten!”

Native Americans readily believed him. They saw that Winged Heart could fly, know, and heal and that he was bringing them the Great Knowledge of their ancestors.

Winged Heart found among them those who were worthy of initiations into the Higher Knowledge.

* * *

Time passed by… Winged Heart began to look among white-faced people for those who would be able to comprehend the knowledge about the meaning of life, about the Great Chiefs of humankind, about freedom, and about the Power of the Creator.

But he faced great difficulties.

When Winged Heart spoke with white-faced people about what he knew concerning God — they did not believe him and often… cursed him.

And when he flew — those people got scared of the “impossible” and started shooting at him with their guns…

When he healed the sick — they immediately forgot the main things that he talked about and just tried to give him some money for the healing…

But if people do not understand the causes of their illnesses, — then each following generation will get sick more and more seriously! The cause of any illness lies in a violation of harmony between a human soul and God, Who is saying to this soul: “There is a problem in you, and it’s time to solve it!”

So the essence of healing consists in explaining and changing the cause — and then the effect will change by itself!

The ability to heal allowed Winged Heart to help only a very few people among the white-faced in understanding of the meaning of life and death, as well as in understanding of the Laws of the Power. But he could not find those who would be able to perceive the higher knowledge.

* * *

One day on the plateau, Winged Heart saw a white-faced girl who contemplated the sunrise in the same way as free souls do. Light breeze caressed her golden hair. She looked at the rising sun being in a deep inner peace. She contemplated it not only with bodily eyes but also with the soul! She just loved this sun, this land, these birds flying in the vastness…

In her there was not any affectation that exclaims: “Oh, how pretty it is!” and instantly starts thinking about something else, normally, useless and empty.

This girl… was living in harmony with beauty!

* * *

The sun had risen. The girl smiled at it again and wended her way to a city.

At that moment Winged Heart appeared before her, but she did not become afraid.

Winged Heart said:

“I saw how you met the sun, Joanna, and now I really need to talk with you. Will you allow me to?”

“How do you know my name?”

“I was granted the ability to know, to heal, and to fly,” — Winged Heart replied.

“Are you joking? However, since you know my name — what is yours?”

“Winged Heart.”

Joanna stood still for a few seconds as if the sunrise embraced all her being again and carried her over vast expanses…

She stretched out her hand to Winged Heart. There was no fear in her… She trusted this stranger infinitely!

Joanna looked straight into his eyes and said:

“I always dreamed about this: to push myself away from the ground and to fly!”

“Do you want to fly with me?”


Winged Heart took Joanna in his arms — and they flew…

* * *

“We are on the ground again, but it seems to me that I continue flying in the sea of Light and that the sun is still shining in me! You gave me the wings of Light!” — Joanna exclaimed.

“This is the Divine Light! It is in It that a developed soul soars and grows — seeing, loving, and cognizing the One Who created the Earth, people and everything in a variety of other material worlds.

“People usually call Him God, the Creator, or the Higher Power. And there are those Great Souls Who, like Jesus, have achieved the Unity, the Oneness with this Great Power! And everyone should strive for this!

“We must tell this to other people!

“I need your help!

“People of your tribe do not believe me! But if you are with me, then we will find those who are also dreaming of Freedom! And those who are dreaming of Freedom have already taken their first step towards it! A dream of a person can determine the course of his or her entire life! It is necessary to kindle the Divine Fire — the Fire of Love — inside one’s spiritual heart! And then one only needs to know what efforts he or she should make. And in this case the heart can become winged!

“This is the Knowledge that I must give to people: man is granted the supreme gift — to learn to LOVE! Those who accept this gift gain the Freedom to fly on the Wings of the Heart in the Ocean of Love, where to LOVE means to BE!

“If people learn to use this gift — they return harmony to the Earth! And they will be able to see, feel, and understand the Creator!

“The one who has developed the capacity to LOVE will acquire many other gifts of the Great Power. Thus people will be able to know, heal, and fly!

“When a soul learns to be a winged heart — it will obtain a lot! It will be able to know all that it wants to know from the ‘book of existence’ opened before it!

“Then it will be easy for such a soul to determine any illness of the body — and explain to a sick person how to treat that illness.

“And when a soul obtains the ability to be in Unity with the Great Power, it will be possible to fly! To do this, a soul only needs to lift the body!”

* * *

The sun rises higher and higher above the land. It is lighting up the way for those who are going to give others the Knowledge about the meaning of our lives, about God-the-Power, about Great Chiefs, and about how to become like Them…


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