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Parable about Fakir
and the Divine Fire

There lived a girl in one town. Her name was Rosita. For her — the whole world was full of beautiful wonders, and she marveled that people around her did not see this!…

For her, the stars were not just stars, but a great mystery was hidden behind them, and they sounded with a quiet music in the silent stillness of the night… And the mountains for her were like tablets with mysterious messages that people had not read yet… And the rivers were like living songs that united clouds with the sea through the melodies of their streams… And the Sun was the major wonder-worker that turned night — into day, darkness — into light, and indifference — into love!

* * *

Once Fakir arrived in that town. He was a world-famous magician and sorcerer, and the entire town became excited!… All people spoke only about Fakir! Everyone talked about his horses, his clothes, his retinue, about the house where he was seen, and about all the words that he had said… And everyone was wondering with excitement about what miracles Fakir would show them this time.

In the salons of noble citizens, in restaurants, coffee shops, markets, and even in the shanties of the poor — everyone discussed the news about how Fakir was dressed, where he went, what he said, what he ate and drank…

* * *

And the day of the performance came. The stage was built in the main square and the seats for the audience were placed. But even all the windows of all the houses were open and filled with people.

The music began to sound. And through the passage between the rows, Fakir ascended on the stage. All were still…

Fakir waved his hand — and the torches, held by the silent guards in white robes, flared up!

And all the lights on the stage flared up too at once!

The air seemed to be shining with mysterious and radiant Fire! And all the space and the audience were submerged in that transparent Shine!…

Fakir was joking — and smiles blossomed in the hearts! And laughter sounded — like bells in the clear air! And even old men cheered up! And many old women got rid of their melancholy for some time!

Rosita sat still and seemed to be expecting that all this was the beginning of a new life for her…

* * *

Fakir performed miracles on the stage — and the magic of fairy-tales came to life! It seemed that he could gather jokes, laughter, joy, hopes, and success of all centuries. And he threw these bundles of happiness, like sparks of Fire, to everyone in his audience! These sparks flared up in the souls and shone with the golden Fire in the hearts of all!

Fakir invited people from the audience to the stage. And every one of them became the participant and creator of miracles in that night!

* * *

The performance continued…

A huge cup was brought to the scene.

Fakir said:

“This cup is empty. But I will kindle with the Fire all your desires in it — and all that you want can appear!”

Fakir waved his hand — and a flame flared up and rose above the empty cup.

He asked one girl: “What do you want?”

“I want a small ring,” — she said…

Fakir took her dream out of the flame — and she rejoiced!

“What do you want?” — Fakir asked a boy in dirty broken and old clothes, who was sitting in the corner near the stage.

“I want the dress — the same as yours. And I want some sweets… Oh! I wished two times… Can I?”

Everyone laughed and Fakir said:

“Well, if you have made a mistake, — then, yes, make a third wish!”

The boy thought for a while — and suddenly said:

“Let Your Fire always shine — and perform miracles!”

“Well, my friend, then come here,” — Fakir said and invited the boy to the stage… All flared up — and in one instant the same boy was standing on the stage, but he was dressed in the shining cloak and turban… Besides, he was holding sweets in his hand…

“Now you have to be a magician — and make miracles by yourself!” — Fakir said.

Everyone applauded…

“Now you, sir, tell me what you want,” — Fakir asked.

A fat spectator came to the scene from the crowd: “I want a palace!”

Fakir was radiant because of laughter:

“A palace? Here? Now? Aren’t you afraid that it will squash you? Look, a huge thing made of stones and gold will fall from the sky! Think once again! What are you whispering? You want to be rich? You are very original!… There is nothing wrong with wealth, but the problem is that the chase for it can fill the entire life with vanity and bustle! Now wish something else! Come on, try! At least for a moment forget about yourself! Think up something that could cheer us all up!”

But the fat spectator only sulked and kept silence…

Then Fakir took out of the flame… a sheet of paper. And… the palace was drawn on it! “Take what you want! Here is your ‘home’! It will be very useful for you when you find out what is really important for us to have, and what is, indeed, worth a penny!

And to dispel your doubts — we will look for the confirmation in this book. And a girl that I will invite here will open this book at random and read what is said there about your case!”

And then Fakir invited Rosita to the scene. He blindfolded her with a silk kerchief — and asked to read a page from the book, explaining:

“Almost everyone can read with open eyes. But to read the truth — one needs to open the eyes of the soul!”

Suddenly Rosita saw some words in the radiant Fire and pronounced them: “What is really valuable is love! It’s beautiful, tender!”

Fakir took off the kerchief slowly…

Accompanying the girl to her place, he told her quietly: “I have been looking for you for a long time! And it is important for us to talk! You could be able to perform miracles!”

* * *

In the evening, Fakir waited for Rosita.

Silent guards in turbans accompanied her to him.

He met her, asked her to sit down before a fireplace, and himself sat down close to her.

The fire of the fireplace was burning near them… The fire of love was in their hearts! And the Divine Fire was everywhere! The entire created world was filled with the clearest and most transparent Divine Fire! And all things seemed to be sinking in It!

Fakir said:

“There exists the Magic of the Sacred Fire — the Fire of Divine Love! There is neither affectation nor hypocrisy in It. It is the basis of the life of everything!

“The Infinite Multidimensional Universal Ocean is similar to the music that consists of a variety of ‘sounds’ of Fire and Light! Yet man usually feels only very ‘low sounds’, that is, a dense material plane.

“Yes, there are other dimensions of existence, which cannot be seen with physical eyes but can be felt by a subtle soul.

“There is joy and sadness, anxiety and peace… And you can feel each one of them with yourself as a soul.

“Besides, you should know this: a soul — when it is refined — can penetrate easily into the spaces of Light. The soul that is pure, strong, and full of love enters into the Mergence with the Divine Fire!

“LOVE is the Basis of all worlds; it unites all and everything into One.

“The Creative Fire is the Love of the One Who created this world.

“LOVE is Light. It is the Life and the Manifestation of God!

“Man is similar to God! In what? In the capability of feeling and perceiving — with oneself as a soul — the full range of multidimensional manifestations! Man is also capable of creating!

“Man is not a body but a soul, whose predestination is marvelous! Man has immense possibilities for the cognition of the Creator and of the Creation, for the cognition of oneself, as well as for self-transformation — up to the fullness of development, up to the Divinity!

“However, today people on the Earth forgot their great possibilities granted to them by the Creator. They live perceiving themselves as bodies, cherishing and pleasing these bodies, and seeking delights only for these bodies…

“But only that person who has cognized and mastered LOVE is able to contemplate the Divine Fire!

“Everything that we see and do not see here, living among solid objects, is created by the Power of this Fire!

“All these objects are similar to the transparent shadows produced by the United Flame. Only the Creator is truly real! Only His Flame shines as the Creative Fire under everything that exists: from the stars to the smallest nuclear particles!

“And anyone who knows all the Laws of the Creative Fire and is merged with It by the developed soul — can create and transform these ‘shadows’.

“God has manifested the Universal Unity — the Universal Oneness — by Himself and from Himself!

“Now I am revealing to you the secrets of His Magic!

“Everyone is the creator: the creator of who he or she is now. Everyone is creating for oneself the present and the future. When a person becomes a perfect soul full of love, when he or she learns all the lessons of Wisdom and obtains the subtle Power, then this person will be able to perform beautiful miracles!

“What I do on stage has a great significance. One can see in it all the possibilities of the soul, the beauty of love, and the joy of existence. And those who are capable of this, having touched the Divine Subtlety, will be able to cognize the Creator as well…”

Rosita asked:

“And for how many people has your magic revealed those mysteries of existence?”

Fakir replied:

“Not for many… But those who have realized that man is a soul and that he or she will continue living even without a body — those reasonable people become able to see what is really important in their lives and what is pointless, a waste of time and strength.

“Man can live in different planes of existence: in the coarse ones or in the subtle ones. Life in subtlety generates bliss! And there is a possibility to transmit subtle beautiful and tender states from one soul to another! This can be done, among other ways, with the help of music, dance, and the presentation of magic.

“I need a helper and companion, for there is no greater emotion that can awaken souls than love! Love between people — when pure — is similar to the Heavenly Love!

“And now I’ve found you! And you could be my companion and awaken other souls with me! I ask you to share my destiny and my Service, which gives people the magic of the Great Fire! Tell me, do you want it as I do?”


* * *

Then he taught her the art of refinement, the art of the development of the soul, the art of manifesting the Sacred Fire, the art to create, to heal, and to fly!

… The Flow of Divine Love does not cease! The Great Soul is now again on the Earth! Rosita has come one more time to show the Love of God and to praise Him, and not herself.


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