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Essence of Divine Alchemy


Thoth-the-Atlantean —
Essence of Divine Alchemy

Written down by Larisa Vavulina

Transmuting darkness — into Light, and evil — into Love inside oneself… — in this way people approach the Perfection.

During this process — by means of the struggle at the limit of all the forces of a soul — the Elixir of Immortality, the Precious Diamond, the Golden Flower, the Key to Everything in the universe is born gradually. All these terms refer to the Divine Love.

In the “crucible” called the planet Earth — souls are “melted”. Boiling in this common “cauldron”, different souls — big and small, righteous and sinful, of plants, animals, and humans — have the same possibility of purifying themselves from “slag”. Yet only people can do this consciously.

In this “crucible”, human passions are boiling: anger, pride, hatred, greed, jealousy, envy, lust, and others.

Through pain, suffering, trials, and temptations — vices of a soul, called “slag”, are separated from it; the “slag” is harmful impurities and “waste rock”. And then only a transparent Crystal remains, whose property is Pure Love.

Love is born and grows in the process of struggle and burning! Love that has matured in this way creates and feeds then all the life in the universe. And It always wins!

… Additionally, I want to speak about another important thing, that is, the interpenetration and fusion of consciousnesses. Consciousnesses (or souls) are energies. Their ability to merge and to be one is an objective reality! This is similar to the well-known and well-studied physical phenomena of diffusion. But it will be possible, only if the qualitative characteristics of the consciousnesses are identical.

In the non-material part of the multidimensional Absolute, a vector of the correct movement of the consciousnesses is directed to the Center, also called the Universal Magnet. This is the Heart of the Absolute, that is, the Creator.

In other words, the consciousnesses progress in their evolution through the refinement, which allows them to move from the dense layers of the Absolute — to the most subtle.

The ultimate Mergence of each correctly evolving soul with the Primordial Consciousness takes place in the Abode of the Creator. This is the objective Law of life in the universe that can be called the Law of (spiritual) universal gravitation. And the accelerator and catalyst of this process is love. I mean the pure (i.e. totally devoid of self-interest) emotions of love.

If souls act against the principle of Love, if they do not walk the path of refinement — they also become one… but with dense, coarse layers of the Creation, where they may live even till the end of the Kalpa.

Yet if a soul responds to the call of the Creator and rushes towards Him with its whole being, developing love, subtlety, and wisdom and, at the same time, acquiring the power, — such a soul can finish quickly its personal evolution, settling in the Abode of the Creator in the Mergence with Him.


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