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Psychical Self-Regulation
and Spiritual Growth

Vladimir Antonov —
Psychical Self-Regulation
and Spiritual Growth

Many people suffer because of their failures in the material world, because of illnesses… This results in depressions, neuroses, and other kinds of mental disorders. Many of them become alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals or commit suicide…

There are two main reasons for this: first, people do not understand the meaning of their lives, and second, they do not have knowledge about how they can change themselves in order to successfully overcome those difficulties that we unavoidably encounter, living on the Earth.

We discussed in detail the philosophical and religious aspect of this subject in our books Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present, Ecopsychology, and Forest Lectures. I can assure you that it is impossible to succeed in mastering psychic equilibrium and in achieving true happiness in life without including God in one’s outlook, as well as without serious work dedicated to the improvement of one’s ethical sphere in accordance with what God expects from us. The most correct way to begin this process of self-transformation is to study the true picture of life in the Absolute and try to understand one’s own place and tasks in It; only in this case one can become completely convinced that he or she needs to make personal efforts to transform oneself.

Unfortunately, many people raised in an atheistic environment or influenced by false religious views turn out to be incapable of comprehending and accepting the true knowledge about the existence of God, knowledge that implies not the practice of begging something from God or seeking “salvation” through certain rituals — but active and creative work dedicated to the perfection of oneself as a soul (consciousness). It is this work that God expects from us!

* * *

Our experience of teaching the art of psychical self-regulation in Russia, in that time when the Communist Party governed and when it was forbidden to talk about God, demonstrated that during such classes almost all students without suggestions of the instructor began to feel the presence of God and started experiencing themselves not as physical bodies but as souls incarnated in bodies. And then, quite naturally, they began a conscious search for religious philosophical truths.

It is for the sake of such people that I am writing now — for the sake of those who need first proof — and only then they are ready to accept the Truth: to accept it not as BELIEF but as KNOWLEDGE.

Nevertheless, in order to acquire this KNOWLEDGE, one should make personal efforts to transform oneself.

Let us try to change ourselves! Let our goals in the beginning be the harmonious existence among other people, good health, and the experience of true happiness!

Let us begin with this and experience this personally, applying to ourselves that knowledge, which already has helped and been useful for a large number of people!*


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