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Chakras and Psychical Self-Regulation

The only way of mastering the art of psychical self-regulation is to gain control over the functions of the chakras.*

Detailed knowledge about the chakras, their functions, and possibilities of work with them is presented in our book Ecopsychology. Now let me cover briefly only those points that are important for this article.

… In total there are seven chakras. Every one of us has them — in the head, in the neck, and in the trunk.

Every chakra is responsible, among other things, for supplying bioenergies to those organs of the body that belong to the sphere of influence of that chakra. If the chakra is contaminated with coarse energies, this may result in chronic diseases of the corresponding organs. By cleansing the chakra with the help of the methods described in the book mentioned above, one can cure such illnesses.

But a more important point is that every chakra participates in the generation of certain psychical states.

For example, the two head chakras are responsible for the intellectual function; the neck chakra — for the emotional evaluation of situations perceived by us; the chest chakra, which coincides according to its localization with the heart and lungs, — for generation of the entire spectrum of the emotions of love; the chakra of the upper part of the abdomen — for vigor; the chakra of the lower part of the abdomen — for the reproductive function; and the lowest chakra, located at the level of the coccyx and pubis, for the connection with the energy of Kundalini.

It is important to know that the chakra ajna, located in the center of the head, is the source of many human afflictions. Even its name in Sanskrit means “non-wise”, or “fool”, bluntly speaking.

This chakra, as all others, is necessary and should be cleansed and developed. Yet one must not allow it to dominate! Otherwise, it produces egocentric emotions, making its owner an egocentric person.

Such people are egotistic, jealous, touchy or quick-tempered… Some of them, after being broke, become ever complaining neurasthenics or drunkards or commit suicide.

Just as angry dogs protect their doghouses, barking at everyone — so such people protect their selves, provoking conflicts with others all the time. They perceive this way of behaving as a norm; they believe that all people behave so and that the essence of life consists in mutual struggle between individual egos. They can even justify such a way of life with the motto “struggle for existence“…

If such a predominance of the chakra ajna is accompanied with the hyperactivity of the chakra of the upper part of the abdomen, then we have the ajnic-manipuric psychotype*. This psychotype can be observed most clearly in people who are always discontent with everything and everyone, irritated and aggressive. They are also called aggressive primitives. One of their characteristics is an inclination to drink a lot of alcohol. In this way they “calm their nerves”. It is the representatives of this psychotype that are most inclined to commit all kinds of selfish crimes and aggressive actions against other people, quite often due to drunkenness.


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