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How to Achieve This Practically?

There are natural ways to develop heart love in ourselves.

These are, first of all, all those positive things that are related to the reproductive sphere, for example, selfless, tender, and caring sexuality and care for children.

Besides, we can do this through emotional attunement with subtle beauty: the beauty of diverse manifestations of nature and with the beauty of harmonious human bodies.

Yet there are also auxiliary methods for cleansing and development of the corresponding energy structures of the organism — the chakras and several most important meridians. The use of these methods allows one to accelerate significantly both the mastering of psychical self-regulation and the spiritual growth in general. As we understand now, it is all about the chakra anahata and the spiritual heart that grows within it.

It is important to emphasize that one can progress more rapidly if he or she does this spiritual work in the middle of the nature and even better on special natural places called places of power (we described them in our books mentioned above).

… And now let me explain to you how to begin this work on oneself, i.e. how one can learn to separate oneself from the material body — of course, not forever but for the time of meditative training.

The only correct way to do it — is to exit as a developed spiritual heart from the chakra anahata.

When we master this, we become convinced that we are not bodies! We are souls, consciousnesses, energies that are aware of themselves and able to perceive themselves not only in the bodies but also outside of them!

The fear of the death of the body disappears then, since we can easily exist without our bodies!

From that moment on, we can continue our spiritual studies as free consciousnesses that explore the multidimensional Absolute under the guidance of our Divine Teachers or Holy Spirits. Their main task is to bring us to the Abode of the Creator.

It is very important for everyone to understand that he or she is not a material body! Unfortunately, even those people who consider themselves believers lack this knowledge!

Let me note that even in the translation of the New Testament into Russian (and probably into some other languages) there are such expressions as “my soul”, “your soul”. I have heard even such a foolish expression as “to lose the soul”…

But the soul is what man is!

Even the well-known interpretation of the international signal SOS (“save our souls”) is absurd, because it implies a call to save bodies, not souls!

And we need to save souls in a completely different way: through explaining religious-philosophical truths and through teaching the methods of spiritual self-development!

And there is no sense in mourning for deceased people, since they are alive! It is only their temporary “dwellings” — their bodies — that have died!

In like manner, there is no sense in clinging to the life of one’s own body when death is coming.

Another thing is much more important: how have I lived and to what extent have I managed to realize the purpose of my life in this body in front of God?

Therefore, let us hurry to become better! You know how to do this now!

Let us begin to work, and God will necessarily help us, because He wants this from us most of all and is personally interested in this!


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