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Birth of the Immortal Lao Tse

The Twelfth Parable:
Birth of the Immortal Lao Tse

Lao Tse was sitting in a deep meditation.

The flame of a non-material fire was lighting up Huang Di and other Immortals Who gathered near this fire.

Lao Tse said:

“That’s all. The work of my life is finished; the manuscript of the book about Tao and Te is left in good hands. Scribes have already started copying it to guard for centuries.

“I finished everything and I am ready for the death of my body. I am fully prepared to leave this world and pass to the life with You, among other Immortals in the Abode of Tao.”

Huang Di replied:

“Good! Come with Me into the Depths! I accept you!

“Now dissolve yourself completely in the Great United We, Which is called Tao.”

… It seemed to Lao Tse that he had left his material body forever.

He became both the Transparent Calm of the Ocean of Tao and the Fire That comes from It.

A former Lao Tse did not exist anymore. He became one of the Immortal Te Who abide in the Unity with the Power That creates material worlds and controls them.

… It was a total surprise for Lao Tse to get back into his body. Yet this body was no longer the same. He could easily remove it by dissolving it in the formless or recreate it anywhere.

The body of Lao Tse became filled with the United We, and the Ocean of Tao moved together with this body as if carrying it on the crest of Its Wave.

Thus, from that moment on, Lao Tse should carry the Great Wisdom and show the Power of Tao and Te to the incarnate people, perceiving everything that happens with them from the Unity with Tao.


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