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Look over the Horizon!

The Fourth Parable:
Look over the Horizon!

Lao Tse continued his journey.

That day he got up before the dawn and sat comfortably on the back of his good, white donkey. His big-eared friend rested well all night and now was trotting merrily alone the path.

Soon they came to a beautiful place. It was the top of the gently sloping hill similar to a huge turtle shell.

Magnificent expanses opened in front of them!

The sunrise was visible from that place!

Lao Tse stopped to admire the beauty of the sunrise and got off his donkey.

The sun was rising slowly, lighting up the misty distance with its gentle light…

Huang Di said:

“Yes, many thousands of years ago, people saw the sunrise like you now…

“Today I suggest you to start a new life with Me! For this, you should know Me better!

“Be attentive to what I will offer you to do and feel Me all the time! Let your arms of the spiritual heart embrace your Teacher constantly! And the Teacher opens for a worthy disciple a passage into the worlds of the Transparent Calm and of non-material, Fire-like, and Divine Light. This Light is similar in its color to the light and tenderness of the morning sun that you are contemplating now.”

* * *

“Look, in a distance, where the sky touches the earth, there is a line that is visible for the eyes but non-existent in reality. This is the horizon. You can try to approach it with your material body, but in this way you will never get to the ‘end of the Earth’.

“However, this line can open for the soul a passage into the worlds of Light — into those spaces where Te abide.

“If you, as a soul formed of the spiritual heart, look beyond the horizon of the material world, to that place from which the sun rises, a passage into non-material world of subtlety and Light will open! This is the Divine Light!”

Lao Tse perceived himself as a soul free from the material body and found himself in that place where the Light is born! This Light was rising as if from “the abyss behind the edge of the flat Earth”. In that “abyss”, in the depth, there was the Infinity of the Divine Light similar to a giant boundless Sun…

“What should I do next?”

“Jump into this Light!”

… The Infinite Light embraced Lao Tse… He submerged deeper and deeper into It with the help of his huge arms of the great soul… He became this Light and looked from It, being It, to the direction where his material body was standing at the boundary between the world of matter and the worlds of Te…

… Lao Tse made an effort and looked again through the eyes of his material body. He didn’t see any abyss… Only the rising sun was caressing and warming everything…

… Then he returned to the state of the meditation given by Huang Di. The shining Infinity appeared before him. Having submerged into It and become It, he himself now could be the Source of the Living, Divine, Fire-like Light of Love!

… Trying not to lose this state, Lao Tse continued his way.


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