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Is God Cognizable?

Vladimir Antonov

Is God cognizable? Yes, but not for everyone.

In order to cognize Him, it is important to have correct notions about Him.

For example, if one imagines Him as an invisible person flying on a cloud or sitting on a king’s throne in heaven or on some planet, or anything like that — then God is incognizable, because there is no such God!

God has nothing to do with a three-leafed symbol, though such a fantasy exists in Catholicism!

In reality, there is God, but He is different. And in order to cognize and study Him, one needs another approach to this task: not an approach of zealots of a religious sect but a scientific approach — that is the approach of people who possess a broad scientific outlook and knowledge about the structure of the multidimensional universe, among other things.

One also needs to take into account that God cannot be cognized with the use of material tools. He is a Consciousness (Spirit), and therefore He can be cognized only by a human consciousness that has been developed to the necessary level.

For this purpose, one needs:

a) to have an adequate understanding of where we have to search for Him;

b) to acquire those personal qualities which God wants every person to have, because He only allows those people who have acquired such qualities to come to Him; this concerns, first of all, the ethical impeccability and the subtlety of the consciousness;

c) to possess the entirety of knowledge about the psycho-energetical methods of self-development and to be well-developed in this aspect.

There are sects that completely deny the possibility for a human being to cognize God. Moreover, they can even prohibit personal efforts on spiritual self-development, because they believe that this makes one become proud and that this is the most terrible sin! Such sects only allow praying, when one endlessly beseeches God to grant one salvation from earthly troubles and from the horrors of a future hell… Of course, for the members of such sects, God is also incognizable!

He is also incognizable for those who only seek personal “salvation” in paradise; such people believe that they can guarantee paradise for themselves by repeating certain mantras or prayers or by doing other things of that kind, like participation in certain rituals.

But God wants a completely different thing from us: He wants us to aspire to the Perfection, which is similar to the Perfection of the Creator! Jesus Christ commanded this as well: “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect!” (Matt 5:48).

He also taught that the Heavenly Kingdom (that is, the Abode of the Creator) is achieved thanks to one’s own personal efforts! (Matt 11:12)

“I and the Father are One”, Jesus Christ said about Himself (John 10:30), and “Learn from Me!” (Matt 11:29).

… Someone may ask: “Why does God need this?”

We have discussed this subject many times in our books, films, and articles [2-3,5-7,10-12]. Here let us just briefly mention the main points.

* * *

In reality, God in the Aspect of the Creator does not resemble at all either the human appearance or the appearance of any animal! He is the Ocean of the Living Consciousness, Which is infinite in size and eternal in time, Which is perceived as Living Light (or Light-Fire), and Which abides in the deepest layer of the multidimensional Absolute*. He is really perfect! Nevertheless, He exists in the state of His further development.

It is for this purpose that the Creator forms material “islands” — stars and planets — from the protomatter existing in cosmic space. Then He incarnates souls into material bodies on the planets that are suitable for this purpose.

Material organic bodies are created by Him so that they are capable of self-replication through sexual and asexual reproduction. Moreover, thanks to the mechanism of genetic mutations controlled by Him, the appearance of new biological species takes place.

In other words, two parallel processes of evolution occur on an inhabited planet: a) the evolution of plants, animals, and other organic forms of life, and b) the evolution of souls that are incarnated in these bodies, souls that go through a series of incarnations in more and more complex organic forms.

The acme of this process of the development of souls (or individual consciousnesses) is a human being. The task of people is to strive to develop themselves to the Divine Perfection and then to merge with the Primordial Consciousness. It is for this purpose that the entire manifested world of the Creation with everything happening in it exists. Thanks to this final stage of the evolution of individual consciousnesses that flow into Him and merge with Him, our Creator enriches Himself with new perfect Souls.

Therefore, it becomes clear that the Primordial Consciousness (Which is also called the Creator, God-the-Father, and by other names in different human languages) is the collective We of Everyone Who has flowed into Him*.

And Those Who come out again from the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness into the Creation for the sake of providing spiritual help to incarnate beings are called Holy Spirits*. There are many of Them working on the Earth. We have published biographies of some of Them in the book [3].

If such a Representative of the Creator incarnates into a human body with the purpose of providing spiritual help to us more efficiently, then He or She is called (in different languages) Messiah, Christ, or Avatar.

* * *

The whole set of the described processes on all the planets that are suitable for this purpose in the boundless universe is the most important element of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, i.e. the Evolution of God in the Aspects of the Creator and of the entire Absolute.

Therefore, the task of every one of us does not consist in dedicating the life to entertainments and reproduction (at best) or in striving to go to paradise, but it consists in developing ourselves with the purpose of achieving the Perfection indicated by God.

So, what does one need to do to fulfill this task?

First, one needs to study and to apply to oneself the ethical principles that are suggested to us by God. The main point here is to destroy one’s own egocentrism, which is the cause of numerous troubles happening to us and the foundation of our vices (imperfections, ethical defects), including selfishness, ambitiousness, envy, offensiveness, jealousy, vindictiveness, irritability, angriness, etc. We should strive to analyze such qualities of ourselves with the mind and then to struggle against them in ourselves, by using, among other means, the method of repentance*.

With the help of the mind, we should also forbid negative thoughts from prevailing in us. One of the examples of such thoughts is to think badly of someone or something. When such thoughts arise, one just needs to turn the thinking process to a positive direction, for instance, to start thinking about struggling with one’s own imperfections, about other efforts on the spiritual Path, about God, about helping others.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to overcome such vices without the use of special methods of psychical self-regulation [2], which are based on working with the chakras. Let me note that all such vices disappear with time if, together with doing aforementioned intellectual work, one learns to live by the spiritual heart.

The development of the intellect is very important for achieving success on the spiritual Path. Without a developed intellect, one cannot overcome vices! And the inability of masses of people to understand the falsity of numerous sectarian pseudo-spiritual concepts also results from a lack of wisdom in these people.

Love, Wisdom, Power, and the highest Subtlety of the consciousness are the main qualities of the Creator and of His Representatives. Therefore, on the Path to the Perfection, we should develop these qualities in ourselves.

We cognize the Perfection in the aspect of Love, first of all, through compassion for all beings and care for them, as well as through development of ourselves as spiritual hearts. Help everyone in everything good, strive to never offend anyone! — by accepting and following this principle, we can significantly accelerate our development in this direction.

One gains wisdom through accumulation of useful knowledge and through creativity. It is very important that the intellectual activity be used not only for helping oneself but also as an element of one’s service to God, which is manifested as service to people, spiritual service, first of all.

As for the power aspect of the consciousness, it is directly related to the size of the consciousness. An individual consciousness can develop itself not only qualitatively, for example, by acquiring certain qualities or getting rid of them, but also quantitatively, i.e. it can grow in size (but it can also diminish). The process of the soul’s growth in natural conditions correlates with the level of one’s vigor, while its quantitative degradation is caused by dominant and depressive emotions, such as a chronic feeling of offense, suppression, despair, etc.

There is a possibility to grow the consciousness in size with the use of special meditative techniques.

On the Path of spiritual self-development, only the growth of a subtle consciousness (not of a coarse one) is valuable. The subtlety of the consciousness is achieved first through emotional attunement with everything beautiful in the world of the Creation, then through attunement and Mergence with the Holy Spirits, and then with the Primordial Consciousness in Its Abode.

On the contrary, the development of coarseness of the consciousness leads one to hell — to the “rubbish heap” of the Evolutionary Process.

* * *

Is it clear now that the tendency to beg from God, which is so typical of many people, is one of the grossest mistakes? It is so because it contributes to the growth of egocentrism in people in one of its most despising forms — in the form of parasitism. “I want!”, “Give me!”, “Give, give, give!” — this is the opposite of what the Creator wants to see in us!

He wants that we learn love-giving, giving of ourselves to Him and to deserving people!

God is Love (1 John 4:8; 4:16) and become closer to God (James 4:8) — thus the Apostles expressed in Their Epistles the basics of the Teachings of Jesus Christ. And one can become closer to the Creator only by beginning to transform oneself into Love — to transform the qualities of the soul. One also should understand that egocentric passions and desires, regarded by many non-spiritual people as “love”, are nothing but a travesty of the true love.

* * *

Where can we find the Creator?

He is present everywhere. One does not need to go to space or climb mountains to find Him. He is present inside our bodies too, as it was told by Jesus Christ (Luke 17:21). Yet He abides in another — the subtlest — spatial dimension. From this dimension, He sees everything taking place in the Creation, including everything happening to each of us. However, an ordinary person cannot see Him. In order to see Him, one needs to make corresponding spiritual efforts on the transformation of oneself. And then the Creator becomes available for cognition and direct communication with Him. Where? — In the depths of one’s own developed spiritual heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God, said Jesus Christ (Matt 5:8).

The methods that allow one to develop the spiritual heart and to submerge into its depth, to cognize the Creator and to merge with Him — all these methods given to us by Him — are described in our books and demonstrated in our films.

… The Apostle Philip wrote in His Gospel [3]: “I say this to those who are not just interested in the words ‘the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’, but to those who gain Them truly for themselves… Verily, one can gain Them by the blessing of God in the realization of all the fullness of the power of the Cross, which was called by the Apostles the Right-and-Left. The One Who has cognized this is no longer a Christian but a Christ.” Philip speaks here about one of the highest meditations that is performed from the Abode of the Creator, from the state of Mergence with Him.

* * *

The knowledge that we discuss here cannot be called new. The same knowledge was brought to people by Messiahs embodied in Atlantis, ancient Egypt, China, India, North and South America, Arabia, European countries, and the countries of Southeast Asia [3]. Nevertheless, this information that was received from God was forgotten or lost; the texts of the holy books were understood incorrectly; their translations into modern languages perverted the essence sometimes even completely…

At present time, the growing levels of drug addiction, suicide, and crime (out of selfish motives or as a manifestation of dull aggression) in many countries considering themselves “cultural” and “civilized” clearly show that the population of these countries does not have correct purposes in life. This, in turn, indicates the unsoundness of the philosophical concepts that predominate on our planet.

Therefore, it became necessary to integrate the knowledge that has been imparted to people by God and to spread it in the form of Teachings of God expressed in a manner that is simple and clear for everyone.

Thanks to extending the biological research on the non-incarnate forms of life, which was done by the author of this article, a scientist-biologist, and by his colleagues, a new direction of modern science was formed — methodology of spiritual development. The theoretical knowledge and methods of this direction* allows deserving people to cognize God in the Aspect of the Creator, in the Aspect of the Holy Spirit, and in the Aspect of the Absolute. Those who have achieved success on this Path do not doubt, for example, the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin: they see non-incarnate Jesus Christ in the same appearance as on the photographs that were made from this Shroud. Their communication with living Jesus, as with other Divine Teachers (or Holy Spirits) becomes as easy and natural as with incarnate people.* And these Representatives of the Creator become personal Higher Teachers for them and guide Their disciples into Their common Abode — the Abode of the Creator.

… Everyone can accept and apply the information that is presented in this article to himself or herself — as much as he or she can comprehend. However, it will be even more useful — for the formation of the personal destiny and for contributing to the Process of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness — to help other people in this task. A great deal can be done in this direction by those who are capable right now of influencing the worldview of masses of people, for instance, on the scale of an entire country.

I wish you success!


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