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Recommended literature

  1. Antonov V.V. (ed.) — Spiritual Heart: Path to the Creator (Poems-Meditations and Revelations). “New Atlanteans”, 2007 (in Russian).
  2. Antonov V.V. — How God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied God. “New Atlanteans”, 2009.
  3. Antonov V.V. (ed.) — How God Can Be Cognized. Book 2. Autobiographies of God’s Disciples. “New Atlanteans”, 2008 (in Russian).
  4. Antonov V.V. (ed.) — Spiritual Work with Children. “New Atlanteans”, 2008.
  5. Antonov V.V. (ed.) — Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present. “New Atlanteans”, 2008.
  6. Antonov V.V. — Ecopsychology. “New Atlanteans”, 2008.
  7. Antonov V.V. (ed.) — Forest Lectures on the Highest Yoga. “New Atlanteans”, 2008.
  8. Antonov V.V. — The Bhagavad Gita with Commentaries. “New Atlanteans”, 2008.
  9. Antonov V.V. (ed.) — Tao Te Ching. “New Atlanteans”, 2008.
  10. Antonov V.V. — Evolution of Consciousness. “New Atlanteans”, 2008 (in Russian).
  11. Antonov V.V. — Blessed Are the Pure in Heart! “New Atlanteans”, 2008 (in Russian).
  12. Antonov V.V. — What is the Truth? “New Atlanteans”, 2008 (in Russian).
  13. Zubkova A.B. — Dobrynya. Byliny. “New Atlanteans”, 2008 (in Russian).
  14. Zubkova A.B. — Story about Princess Nesmeyana and Ivan. “New Atlanteans”, 2007 (in Russian).
  15. Zubkova A.B. — Divine Parables. “New Atlanteans”, Odessa, 2008 (in Russian).
  16. Zubkova A.B. — Dialogues with Pythagoras. “New Atlanteans”, 2008 (in Russian).

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