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Yoga of Buddhism

In all widespread religious movements, it happens with time that some followers inclined to leadership develop new “special opinions”. They create their own small or large sects. (We discussed this phenomenon in the book Spiritual Heart. The Religion of Unity).

In such sects the original Teachings of God can be perverted to the opposite. And such sects, claiming that they are “the only bearers of the Truth”, begin to subjugate all others.

What is the power of these sects that allows them to attract large masses of people?

The first reason for it is that their leaders do not require ethical purity from the followers. On the contrary, some human vices — such as gluttony, aggressiveness, and others — become legitimized “on behalf” of Holy Divine Masters… Second, they offer to the followers an absolutely wrong yet very simple way to “salvation”: for example, to repeat certain words, to perform certain bodily movements… It is clear that this deception does not save anyone; on the contrary, it does harm to the congregation. It is needed only to the selfish leaders of these sects…

Tendencies to pervert the Teachings are also present in Buddhism, where the principle of ahimsa, regarded by the Founder of Buddhism as the basic ethical principle, was abandoned. In some sects disguising themselves as Buddhists, they practice blatant black magic; some even deny the existence of the Primordial Consciousness…

We are not going to discuss now all such perversions. Let us talk about what true Buddhism is — on the example of two Schools that existed in Cambodia and Korea.

From conversations with Lao:

“Lao, how did You fall in love with God? How did You fall in love with God so much that You and so many disciples of Yours attained Mergence with the Creator?”

“I do not know… Even when I was a child, He was always near Me… I knew that His fathomless Eyes were always looking at Me and giving Me Love, and I dissolved in this Love… When I listened to the rustling of leaves or to the whispering of rain, to the murmur of a brook or to the singing of birds — I always heard His voice… In the quietness of evening and in the clearness of morning — He was near Me. He told Me about Love… He smiled with the corolla of every flower, caressed Me with sunlight, stroked Me with the wind touching My face… When I walked the earth, I felt His Hands, which supported and guided Me…

“… When does a baby begin to love its mother? When it grows in her flesh? Or when it drinks her warm milk for the first time? Or when it sees her first smile?… The baby does not know it. The baby just grows in this love.

“I do not know how I fell in love with God. I was born in His Love, breathed it, grew in it. And My love for Him grew together with Me…

“Then I understood that people do not know this Love… And I began to seek how to help them.

“Thus I found My lake, and on its bank an ashram was built… There God began to teach Me how to help people — He taught Me love, care, and patience of a mother who supports her children with her palms… My children were flowers, birds, trees, grass, people — My people who learned to love…

“It is in this place that I became that Lao Whom you know now… And My heart became a Lake of the Divine Love — a small drop of the Great Ocean. Everyone coming to Me submerged into Its Waters and took with themselves as much love as they could contain…

“Those who stayed with Me in the ashram grew in My Heart, which never separated itself from the Ocean of the Creator anymore.

“… I also would like to tell you the following. On the spiritual Path, the spiritual warrior is never left alone; God always takes part in the warrior’s advancement. In other words, the spiritual advancement is not a result of the efforts of the warrior alone, but a result of the common work of the warrior and God.

“It is God Who creates conditions for further advancement of the spiritual warrior. By doing this, God gives the warrior a chance to become what the warrior chooses to be.

“God gives the warrior opportunities for self-development by involving His Power in this process. The more fully and self-sacrificially the spiritual warrior is devoted to the work of self-development and helping others in their development, the more marvelous possibilities and prospects God provides to such a warrior.

“I want everyone walking the Path of Good to remember always about the constant presence of God in their lives and to never doubt His Power! The one who goes through life together with God, always feeling His presence, can never become dejected. After all, dejection is a denial of the presence of the infinite Divine Power in one’s life, a separation of oneself from God, a refusal to accept His help…

“… With subtle morning mist I cover green shoots, which have just appeared from the ground.

“They are very fragile and tender; they are My children. I support them with My Hands, warm them with gentle sunlight.

“They grow under the Rays of My Love.

“I lavish My Care and Tenderness upon them. I help them to become stronger, to grow up, and to bloom.

“And then subtle aroma fills the entire universe…

“Be gardeners in My Garden and help Me to grow My flowers!

“The heart that has contained the Infinity of the Creator’s Love becomes a Temple of God. Then it can create hearths of spirituality in any place on the Earth.

“If one has become a Temple of God and represents now the Abode of the Creator, then through such a person a Divine Stream begins to flow — a Source of the Water of Life, a Source of the True Life. Everyone drinking from such a Source receives a chance to begin their own ascent!

“God needs your earthy bodies! They connect the World of God — and the material plane! Through these bodies people can see the Light of the Creator, the Light of Truth! Therefore, dematerialization of your bodies is not planned for you. Instead, your service is needed! If you perform dematerialization, then you cannot help people from the incarnate state, and this is undesirable at present!

“Every one of you has to burn with the desire to give God to others, the desire to shine from the life-giving Source of Truth, so that thirsting souls may come to It…

“When serving, you have to shine with the Divine Fire! Give Us — to everyone!

“My dream and the dream of Every one of Us is to turn the Earth into a blooming Ashram! Though We understand how much evil there is on the Earth now…”

… We ask Lao:

“Lao! What can one do to prevent situations when children who received our knowledge ‘fall back’ to the opposite inclinations?”

“First, you have to develop love in children! Then such ‘falls’ will be impossible. A soul which has grown as love cannot degrade!

“Second, you have to strive to create groups of children (or children and adults) similar to forest ashrams — with a pure and harmonious environment for living and growing. It is in such an environment that one can form in souls strong, positive principles of life, ethics, and principles of interaction with the world of living nature. Forest schools are a possibility to help these sprouts of good, which need to be cared for constantly in the beginning.

“To be different from others — normally is not possible for a soul in a child’s body. To oppose alone the aggressive primitivism is possible only for an adult and strong person.

“Also, not all children can withstand by themselves the temptations of the dull contentment of the tamas guna.

“But if there are companions on the Path, then the child — even if he or she was an outcast — accepts a new positive role and becomes one of the heroes-pioneers, defenders of the good!

“To a child, it is very important to have like-minded companions both among adults and among children!

“… One has to lay in children the foundation of development in the form of growth of love! Then future difficulties, including the temptations of the egoistic attitude towards the world, become less dangerous.

“It is love that has to be the foundation of the education of souls of any age! This makes their degradation impossible! If the arms of the spiritual heart — the arms that give and create love — became the basis of a soul’s life, then such a soul cannot fall! And it is against such a background that one’s intellect must be developed! A healthy and joyful way of life in harmony with nature, giving love to others — this is how souls have to be educated! The development of cordial love towards every one of God’s creations can help children on the spiritual Path! Forest schools make it possible to create a spiritual environment for children’s growth!”

“How can one help those who turn away from love?”

“They have many lives ahead…

”God’s help comes to those who seek how to help others.”

From conversations with Maida:

“I invite you to the Inner Abode of the Spirit! It is there that the flowers of the Divine Love bloom!

“My Divine Teacher Lao taught love through working with the anahata and through growing as the spiritual heart. It was not just our meditations that were aimed at growing love, but both His and the lives of every one of us were dedicated to this purpose! We worked with the arms of the spiritual heart, the arms that give light, care, and caress, all the time! We did this while meditating or planting flowers in the ashram, while healing, dancing, or creating harmony in our houses and gardens.

“This is how Love grew in us, so that we could take on our palms all evolving souls of the Earth!

“This is how Lao opened the Inner Temple of every soul ready for it — the Temple where abides the Primordial Essence of everything.”

From conversations with Tchao Li:

She came when we were having a rest near a fire after intensive meditative work. Consisting of Light-Tenderness, She bathed us in Her soft, dissolving Love…

“What is Your name?”

“Tchao Li.”

“Could You tell us please about Yourself? We see that You attained Divinity…”


“I came to My last incarnation in Korea as a mature soul with a rich experience of subtle states of the consciousness from past lives. I could stay in soft calm, was capable of thinking creatively, learned to live for others and sacrifice Myself for other’s sake. I could see and appreciate the beauty, merge with the harmony of nature and dissolve with the consciousness in its purity. I missed only the knowledge about God: about His Beingness. I also missed the methods of development of oneself as a consciousness, which allow one to achieve the complete Self-Realization and then to help other people more efficiently.

“And God took care of Me: I met My future husband and spiritual instructor Kim.

“This meeting happened later in My life, while in the beginning…

“… I began to dance since early childhood, after I had barely learned to walk. Our family had a small garden. Quietness and communion with birds, flowers, and trees attracted Me much more than contacts with other children. For hours I could look and listen to what flowers or birds say, watch fish swimming in the transparent water of our small pond. I understood and loved them, and tried to talk to them without words, expressing My love for them with the help of gestures and other movements. And every time a new dance was born…

“For example, I felt Myself as a flower: My trunk was a lithe stem, My arms were leaves, and the corolla of the flower was always inside My chest. I began to move the trunk-stem, to caress with arms-leaves the sun, the sky, the space around Me… Bliss flowed through My body. I forgot about everything and danced, radiating love to all My friends!

“When I grew a little older, My parents sent Me to a school in a Buddhist monastery, where I learned the art of dance.

“Studying was easy and joyful for Me: dance had become My life already. I just polished My skills, bringing every movement, every gesture to perfection.

“We were taught that the most important thing is to convey the emotional state; this constitutes the essence of dance. My improvisations from childhood were very useful for this purpose.

“The dance of the oriole, the dance of the crane, the dance of the nightingale singing in spring… — I danced and forgot about all the rest; there were only the oriole, only the crane, only the nightingale — and there was My love, which I gave through the dance… When dancing, I as if sang soundlessly with the soul — My heart sounded with different shades of love!

“… From outside it looked very nice: people enjoyed and admired Me dancing…

“Yet, I had a strange feeling of inner dissatisfaction…

“Later I understood that in this age I could not convey to the spectators the entirety of love: I missed the shades of that tenderness which is known only to people who are in love with each other… My love was not mature then…

“… In that school we received an all-round education; we studied philosophy, religion, history, and other subjects. Let Me stress that this is extremely important!

“But the main thing for Me was an acquaintance with the Teachings of Buddha. Consciously I discovered for Myself a new Divine world. It was the world of Light and Love! I learned the laws that Buddha followed in His life and commanded us to follow, the laws of purity of life: compassion, benevolence, truthfulness, kindness, love. I followed these laws in everything I did.

“Then I came to know the love of a man. It happened with a Person Who could also give Himself to others.

“Kim became My husband and My spiritual guide into the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness. He helped Me to master meditative methods, gave Me His power and love. And I gave Him tenderness, embraced Him with calm and caress. The harmony of Our relations helped Us both to advance along the spiritual Path. The ecstasy of mergence of souls, the bliss of giving tenderness to each other, the joy of giving oneself — without such valuable experience, love cannot gain all its power and fullness!

“And My dance now became a means of expressing My love for the Primordial One!

“… Today I help to restore the ancient art of dance in Korea. I help those who want to give themselves to others, to give their love to other people. Only such an aspiration can bring man to Perfection, to Mergence in Love with the Divine Beloved!”

From conversations with Kim:

A broad smile, strong gentle Arms of the Consciousness embracing us, Divine Tenderness… It is our Friend — Kim!

“May I tell you My story?”

“Yes, Kim, of course!”

… Korea… Kim shows a Buddhist monastery in the mountains. Neatly paved trails, planted trees, bushes. A mountain brook flows through the monastery territory and beautifies its every corner. It fills lakes, rolls over stone steps, and makes small babbling waterfalls…

Transparent waters run over stones… A high and pure sound of bells floats around: the wind touches them gently — and clear sound fills the transparent air…

Kim continues:

“Buddhism in its original purity is, first and foremost, ethics. It also implies perceiving the world in harmony. It is also calm.

“Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word Boddhisattva? Boddhi or buddhi means ‘developed (individual) consciousness’; sattva means ‘harmony’, ‘purity’… Everyone has to strive to achieve the state of Boddhisattva — in order to dedicate the life to saving all souls from the abyss of suffering.

“And everyone can eventually become a Buddha — a Completely Liberated One.

“The main principle of Buddhism — ahimsa — implies non-causing harm, as possible, to other creatures. It is the foundation of love-compassion. Everyone who observes this rule in their life is on the Path to the Light

“… Even when I was a small boy, I liked to be a defender. I liked to protect the lives of bugs, birds, plants. My grandfather explained to Me why man cannot use the bodies of animals for food, why we have to strive to avoid causing pain to other living beings… I gladly considered Myself a defender and a savior of bugs and rabbits, butterflies and baby birds — of all creatures! I was only five years old when I took on Myself the ‘mission’ of defending all the living.

“But one day… My brothers and I played with a nestling, which fell out of its nest. Accidentally I broke its leg. I almost wept. My grandfather looked at Me with contempt. He told the older children how to treat the nestling. Then My grandfather told Me that My amusement became a pain for this small bird…

“Since that moment I fully understood the holy principle of not causing evil, not causing pain, not doing violence to living creatures… Since that moment I have never violated it.

“… When I grew up, I fell in love with a beautiful girl. She became My wife and the mother of our three sons.

“… Once an awful epidemic happened and took away many lives. My wife and children died too… I… could not protect from the disease and death those whom I loved…

“Then I made the decision to become the one who possesses the Higher Knowledge about how to save and protect…

“… Monasteries in Korea at that time were centers where people studied reading and writing, medicine, and cognition of the Primordial Consciousness. Normally, only children from noble families were sent to monasteries for receiving education.

“And I was almost 40 years old… I walked from one monastery to another, but no one agreed to accept Me as a student. They offered Me shelter and simple work, but when I asked for more — they only laughed at Me…

“… Once when I received another refusal from a haughty monk, I went towards the gate… Suddenly… I saw a Great Sage walking slowly out of the temple… Our eyes met. He made a slight gesture with His hand and that monk, prostrating himself before Him, jumped and rushed to call Me back…

“… From that moment, I was as if in a dream, though I remember all the slightest details.

“He was a Great Teacher! Love and Wisdom shone from His eyes.

“He beckoned Me to come close. I went to Him as if through a volume of water, forgetting about everything around!… I even forgot to kneel before Him… He smiled and touched My head with His hand… Only then I recollected Myself and prostrated at His feet…

“He said quietly:

‘I will teach you…’

“These words touched Me very deeply… The sleep of the soul ended! Its awakening began!

“He commanded that I was to be given a possibility to wash Myself, to be fed and brought to a cell in the monastery… He also said that He would wait for Me the next day before dawn.

“The next morning before dawn, I was brought to Him. He made a gesture with His hand and the monks left us alone.

‘What do you want?’ He asked.

“I began telling My story… He interrupted Me in the middle:

‘I know everything about you I need to know. Tell Me another thing: are you ready to serve the Great Cause from now on up to the moment when all souls on the Earth receive Liberation?’

‘Yes!…’ I whispered.

‘Then you have to make up for the forty years of your life… Are you ready to work so that every day brings the fruits of forty days? You have to make up for the lost time and never be satisfied with the achieved results. I will help you. But in the beginning other monks will teach you. I will call you later… And now… follow Me.’

“We walked to a terrace of the temple…

“… The sun was rising over the mountains. The blue haze of mist over a dale turned into a sea of living shining light. In silence, in quietness of the great mystery of Light and Life — the sun was rising over the horizon. We stood together: a Great Teacher and a forty-years-old man, who just began cognition of the soul’s path towards the Light so that later to guide other people on it…

“Then everything went as it should. I learned sciences and meditation keeping in mind that every day I had to accomplish as much as others accomplish in one month…

“… One day, in the evening after hard work, I began to meditate in My cell. Suddenly, the Teacher appeared before Me. I prostrated Myself before Him and wanted to touch His feet…, but My hands moved through His legs: He came to Me in a non-material body!… He laughed with His shining Body of Consciousness while I, astonished, sat on the floor…

“He said without moving the lips:

‘Well done! You see Me and understand Me well. Now — go to bed. You need to have a good rest. Starting from this moment, I Myself will teach you. Every morning you have to enter meditation — and wait for Me. I will come as I did today…’

“Thus the stage of My initiation into Buddhi Yoga began.

“Only occasionally My Teacher called Me to Him to give additional explanations through His material body. I learned to feel His presence not only during morning meditations: now in every difficult situation I could ask Him — and receive His answer in words or as an understanding. When I relied too much on His support, He did not answer: He came, but I felt only His disapproving silence. In such cases I understood that I had to seek the solution Myself.

“… Once He came and told Me that He was abandoning the earthy body…

“… The Great One left… The monastery was in mourning…

“… I was overwhelmed with grief… The next morning it took a lot of effort to enter meditation… I ascended to a platform where one could watch the sunrise… I tried to expand with the consciousness over the expanse, but tears streamed from My eyes…

“… Someone touched My shoulder… I raised My eyes and… saw the Teacher…

‘I told you so many times that there is no death!’ He said smiling.

“I prostrated Myself before Him and, to My astonishment,… touched His feet. His body was real, material! I could touch Him!

“He said:

‘Some time ago you promised not to miss a single day in your work and to dedicate your entire life to cognition of the Path and helping others in their search for the Light. Do you remember?

‘I will come in a body the next time to congratulate you when you receive supervision over the monastery. And now — you do not need My body for learning further from Me… I will continue teaching you without it…’

“… The Teacher kept His promise.

“Yet, this happened in My next incarnation…

“That time I had the name Kim. In meditations I constantly saw Him — My Teacher.

“My path to Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness was easy and straight. I cognized Nirvana in Mergence with Him and then accepted supervision of the monastery. That day the predicted miracle happened: My Divine Teacher came in a materialized body and blessed a new stage of My path — the stage of Great Service.”

… We asked:

“Kim, could You tell us in more detail — what methods were used in that monastery for achievement of Nirvana?”

“The methods of Buddhi Yoga are almost the same everywhere.* Only nuances are different. All of you studied them in your School and have a good understanding of this.

“Now I want to put the emphasis on the following. For achievement of success, it is very important (otherwise it is simply impossible!) to always stay in a calm and joyful positive emotional state.

“One must not live without positive emotions, without enjoying — and dissolving oneself in the enjoyment! An example familiar to you is dissolution in the sattva of your beloved nature, which is very dear to Every one of Us too! Nirvana can be easily achieved after mastering deep sattva — the state of joyful calm, blissful inner quietness!

“To achieve this purpose, one needs satisfaction! Dissatisfaction with something, which becomes dominant, represents a significant obstacle on the Path.

“There must only be one dissatisfaction — dissatisfaction with one’s own spiritual advancement because of unachieved full cognition of the Primordial Consciousness and Mergence with the Higher Self! This dissatisfaction has to remain and… impel one forward!

“All other needs of the sattvic soul have to be satisfied! The food has to be sattvic and tasty; yet one must not eat too little or too much! The body has to be washed daily, so that it and the soul do not suffer from dirt! One has to be able to commune with living nature and enjoy this! One has to have meetings with beloved people! Satsanga is a society, a community of spiritual friends who love each other, who ‘travel in one boat’ from the bank of sansara to the place where there is only Nirvana!

“it is also very important that the sexuality peculiar to all young and healthy individuals be given an opportunity to manifest itself and to contribute to the spiritual development of the partners! Monasteries are places where spiritual warriors, who aspire to cognition of the Primordial Consciousness, come together and work hard! Monasteries are not for those who torture themselves, wait for death, and are afraid of speaking about sexuality… It is tamas!…

“Healthy, sattvic sexuality allows one to learn taking care of others, fills one with tenderness, refines one’s emotions, and removes the unwanted sexual dominant, which hinders one’s search for the Creator! Of course, the ethical component in sexual relationships has to be observed always.

“If everything is done correctly as it has to be, then the purity and freshness of the emotions of the erotic field — tenderness, caress, admiring the beauty — overfill one and give superficial subtle energy, which is needed for the proper growth of the consciousness.

“God always blesses such sexuality; He does not bless the sexuality of the tamas guna. You can ask anyone about this, ask Jesus Christ, for example.”

Jesus joins the conversation:

“Yes, this is My opinion as well. Every one of Us, representing the Father, can tell you the same. The Path to Me, to the Heavenly Father goes through sattva, not through tamas.

“Let Me also stress the importance of inner quietness… It can be achieved only if, among other things, there is a harmonious satisfaction of one’s sexuality. Or when one’s sexuality is left in the past*…, but the soul’s tenderness remains!”

Kim continues:

“I acquainted you with Tchao Li. How did you like Her?”

“She is a most subtle and tender Divine Being!”

“She is My second wife! She, too, cognized all this. She supported Me then. And I brought Her together with Me into the Abode of the Creator!”

“Kim, what was the name of Your Teacher?”


From conversations with Lin:

We ask:

“Lin! Tell us please about Yourself! How did You attain Divinity?”

“My first teacher was LOVE…

“… I was born in the north of Korea. I was the only son of wealthy and noble parents. My mother lived in the state of tender love. She always radiated soft love and tenderness towards everyone. I grew in this field of hers.

“She died when I was only seven years old. To comfort Me, My father explained that every soul is immortal and that without a body the soul feels itself even better. I understood this… as a possibility to make My mother come back.

“I began to seek her, tried to see her as a soul, to embrace her, to feel her love. And I succeeded! She embraced Me gently and said:

‘If you feel sad and lonely, if you miss love, remember how much I love you and try to give your love to other people as I give love to you. Then love will always be with you, and you will never be alone! If you weep and ask for love, you can never be satisfied. All the love which you receive from others can end…, but love which lives in you never ends!’

“She embraced and stroked My body and filled the room with her love…

“I remembered those words all My life… And I tried to live as she taught. I lived radiating the light of love. People felt this light and wanted to be with Me… And I, thanks to radiating love to all creatures, learned to see beauty and harmony…

“My second teacher was BEAUTY.

“Even as a child, the state of attunement with sattva was natural for Me — the attunement with morning tenderness, with subtle light of the rising sun, with clear purity of morning freshness, with fragrance of flowers that fills the air, with singing of birds praising every new day. For Me it was the first step towards God in that incarnation, because it allowed Me to know subtle, tender states which cannot be found among the everyday concerns of people.

“Then in mergence with beauty, I began to enter a special state of the soul when My personal ‘I’ disappeared and I became beauty.

“I sought beauty and found it everywhere: in the sunset over the expanse of the sea when the evening fills everything with its warm calm, in the best works of art, in the patterns of natural landscapes…

“With time I developed a desire not just to merge with beauty, but to be in the state of constant mergence with it. And I wanted to find a teacher — a master of beauty who could reveal to Me its laws…

“… Soon My father sent Me to a Buddhist monastery for receiving education.

“There QUIETNESS became My third teacher.

“In that monastery there lived an old Chinese-Taoist. I liked to converse with him. He told Me about other lands. My world expanded beyond the monastery’s walls…

“Sometimes we sat together, and he suggested listening to how the water murmurs in a river in his far native land… I did not hear how the water murmurs, but I heard the quietness, which was below the ground.

“… The quietness was vast, transparent… It reached the place where the old Chinese lived years ago… Then the quietness appeared everywhere, inside and outside Me…

“Often we sat so, immersed into inner quietness and calm. The entire vanity of the world remained outside; it could not penetrate into the quietness… It had no right to cross the border of the quietness of the heart filled with calm and love…

“… I liked to study, especially to study the scriptures kept in the monastery. They were priceless… I thirsted for knowledge and could absorb it as a sponge absorbs water.

“Then KNOWLEDGE became My forth teacher.

“I got acquainted with a group of Buddhist monks, who taught Me a lot of new things. They were not spiritual Masters, but they told Me about their views and about some truths: about the principle of non-harming, serving others, etc. The acquaintance with them became an impulse for Me for further development; it awakened My interest in searching for spiritual Self-Realization. I sincerely wanted to find in life something higher, something that could give a higher meaning to life… I felt a need to seek a higher meaning of life, to realize it, and to tell others about it!

“I went to China and began to study art in a Buddhist monastery. Thanks to this, I met several monks who were not just followers of the religious tradition but spiritual seekers. Communication with them opened new horizons for Me.

“They had contacts with a spiritual center in China, which possessed serious spiritual knowledge and methods. Only few people were admitted to studying in this center — those capable of comprehending the higher knowledge and using it properly.

“When I learned about the existence of this center, I wanted very much to come to it.

“Only after being admitted to that center did I enter on the real path of developing Myself as a consciousness with the help of practical techniques.

“I mastered the initial stage of work, which included studying the principles of sattvic nutrition, cleansing the energy systems of the body, exercises for the body and for developing the ability of moving the concentration of the consciousness to various parts of the body.

“On the next stage, My instructor taught Me to flow out from the chest as love and to embrace the expanse around — the forest, the mountains… I embraced with Myself-heart the nature and for a long time stayed in this state. In this way I cognized calm much more fully.

“I grew as a consciousness in these states of calm, among the quietness of the mountains.

“… But one day a new head was assigned to the monastery. The new order established by him was harsh. I was frightened by the thought that I had to spend all My life in this abode. I left and went traveling…

“Thus LIFE became My fifth teacher.

“I learned a lot then. I visited different Taoist and Buddhist monasteries; I looked at the life of people who lived there, at their joys and sorrows.

“I could easily make a living thanks to the knowledge gained in the process of studying. I could write a petition or suggest medicinal plants for curing different diseases, or perform any other work… I saw a lot of different people. I also cognized the love which can unite two souls — a man and a woman… I acquired invaluable experience of life, which allowed Me later to understand many things…

“One day I heard in the quietness a voice suggesting that I go home because My father was going to die soon.

“I came back but could not heal him… After his death I inherited great wealth.

“… I decided to build My own monastery, where I could unite all the best that I saw in My travels. I chose a place of amazing beauty and hired builders.

“Soon other people, inspired with My plans, joined Me. My friends and teachers also came to Me.

“I was burning with the idea of creating the most remarkable monastery! The work went on. I was proud of My creation!…

“Then HUMILIATION became My sixth teacher.

“… A traveler came to the monastery…

“All who came to Me liked everything in the monastery. Proudly I showed them what had been done and told about My plans…

“But this guest looked around… and only shrugged his shoulders…

“At the end he said:

‘The main thing is missing here: here there is no God!’

“… God talked to Me through the mouth of that man.

“… The traveler went away. And I remained… in the ruins of My pride…

“From that moment, I never allowed self-conceit to delude Me…

“I had wanted to create a beautiful abode — an abode of Love. But this could be done only with God, only for Him. And for whom had I been doing it?…

“Moreover, I forgot about meditations, which I considered unnecessary for the head of the monastery…

“And MEDITATION became My seventh teacher.

“I set My goal to cognize the Primordial One! And I began seeking Him fervently! I forgot about the rest! Now I walked only to Him!

“Meditation became the means of overcoming the distance between Me and Him…

“And then He — Primordial, Omnipresent — allowed Me to feel Him!

“I was astonished… I merged with Him! I cognized the Primordial One!

“I submerged into Him again and again. I spent days and nights in the meditations of Mergence. I was amazed with His Greatness and Love!… I wanted only one thing: to stay in Him forever!… I strove to achieve that fullness of the state of Nirvana which would never end…

“… Then one day, when I was walking through the monastery, He began to show Me… the desolation which came over the monastery since the time when I dedicated Myself only to meditation…

“He showed Me My people… They spent their free time in all kinds of ways!…

“Lacking My attention, the monastery became similar to a withering young tree…

“The Primordial One reproached Me:

‘Let your love for Me sprout with love and care about every being! Only then will you become a Great Teacher! And now — be ashamed that you deprived My children of your love and care!…’

“Thus, CARE became My eighth teacher.

“… Since then, I had students, and they were numerous…

“… My further path was simple. ‘Under the weight’ of all those whom I supported with My palms, I submerged deeper and deeper into the Abode of the Primordial One — the Main Teacher for Me and for all people.

“And He told Me:

‘You have to go always only to Me! And I — in you — will go to other children of Mine: to those whom I entrusted to your care!’”

“Tell us: how did You teach them?”

“Love develops in souls through their help to other beings in everything good — in great and in small. Meditation techniques allow knowing something new, yet this new transforms into one’s beingness only through love-giving, love-service.

“So God taught Me.

“It is through care about My children, that I learned to feel and to see people as He does. I learned to look with His eyes — and to see a step which a concrete person can take right now. I never said: ‘Come here! Do so!’ I gave tasks that made the students take certain steps on transforming themselves. The students made decisions themselves; they made efforts themselves and achieved new stages in their development. The students were led only by their love for the Primordial One and by their love for all beings.

“I helped everyone who asked for My help and accepted My guidance.

“Some of My students paved with stones a trail to a pond — so that everyone walking this trail could enjoy handmade harmony… Or they taught meditation methods to other students… The task was always hard but accomplishable. One needed to collect all the strength of the soul and to be burning with love — in order to make every such a step towards the Light.

“Not every student of Mine cognized the Primordial One, but everyone advanced on this Great Path.

“As one digs a well, I dug ‘dense layers’ of souls exposing their common Source, so that My students could satisfy their thirst for cognition.

“As one opens a window to let in the light, so I opened souls to the Eternal Light. And then this Light — through the opened hearts of My students — flowed outside to every being.

“And every Soul that achieved the Summit continued service from the Abode of the Primordial One. The end of the human Path became for such a Soul the Great Beginning of the new Divine Beingness.

“… Thus I grew souls collecting wisdom of ages and sowing knowledge, so that the Primordial One may collect the fruits of wisdom.

“I gave love and sowed its seeds, so that the flowers of love with their fragrance may please everyone, so that its fruits may produce seeds and produce new shoots! I gave power to all who grew properly.

“I merged with the Primordial Consciousness so deeply that My material form became similar to a ‘protrusion’ of Its Abode into the material world. My body merged with the Primordial One so deeply that He could easily reproduce this corporeal appearance on the material plane in any corner — wherever He needed.

“I became united with the Ocean of the Primordial One. His Will manifested through My body. His words came from My mouth. His eyes looked from My body. His Wisdom became My Wisdom. His Calm became My Calm. His Love became My Love. His Care became My Care.

“… Man’s flesh has to be free from the ‘I’, so that He may enter it. This is realized through the great mystery of Mergence.

“When an Individuality, which has achieved Perfection, dissolves in the Primordial One and remains in Him, then the body does not belong to sansara anymore.

“The eyes which look in the Depths of the Whole allow the Primordial One to look through the eyes of the body.

“The Arms of the Consciousness which gained the ability to act from the Primordial One allow the arms of the body to be filled with the power of the Most High.

“And then your boundless Heart becomes forever connected with the United Heart of all of Us.

“All this opens an Entrance, through which other consciousnesses can infuse into the Primordial Ocean and become It…

“Buddhists call this Nirvana, the state of Buddha, Liberation.”

We asked:

“Lin, please tell us a few words for beginners…”

“Let the quietness of the morning calm and freshness touch every heart!

“I also want to tell about working with the arms of the consciousness. I, as you did, always paid special attention to working with the arms of the consciousness in teaching students.

“What can an armless person do on the Earth? Not much. It is the same with living in subtle worlds: to live there, to help, to work, to love, one necessarily needs developed arms of the consciousness!

“The arms of the material body grow from the chest, where the anahata chakra is located; anahata is the ‘tiny room’ of the soul. In this ‘tiny room’, in the beginning, the spiritual heart resides.

“With its aspiration to give, the heart breaks free from this ‘chest’. And from this moment the proper growth of the consciousness begins. Gradually such a soul becomes a large and free spiritual heart. Its organs for performing actions, as it is with the material body, are the arms of the consciousness. These arms are coessential to it. They, too, consist of love.

“The ability to act with the arms of the consciousness determines one’s ability to move through the eons of the multidimensional universe; later it determines also the firmness of Mergence with Me and staying in Me. ‘Armless idlers’ cannot stay in My Universal Depths: they cannot dissolve themselves in Me: they just pop up to the surface like corks…

“God is the Greatest Worker in the universe, and millions of His Arms, growing from the United Universal Heart, constantly take care of all living creatures: embrace, caress, stroke, support, feed, heal, dissolve, defend, help, teach…

“To learn to work with the arms of the consciousness now, while possessing a body, is much easier than after disembodiment. It is so because when working with the arms of the consciousness one may feel their connection with the arms of the material body. Moreover, if the arms of the body are skillful, strong, able, it significantly helps to develop the arms of the consciousness.

“… The size, form, and functions of the Divine Arms of the Consciousness can be quite different.

“They can be Rays of Atmic Light emanating from the Abode of the Creator, for example in the case of healing — to make a pointed, powerful effect.

“Or they can be big Arms of a Divine Mahadouble, which can be stretched to any distance, which can reach any corner, any place on the planet’s surface to help those who need help.

“With the Arms of the Consciousness stretched from the Abode of the Primordial One, one can heal by bringing the Curtain* close to the patient’s body and then accurately, with the tips of the Fingers, cleanse the diseased parts of the patient’s organism.

“The Arms can be similar to a shining Ray of Joy and Bliss — when one needs to support instantly someone in their good deeds.

“The Divine Arms can caress, can submerge souls into the Heart of the Absolute, can fill them with calm and power, can give rest to tired souls which aspire to Me.

“God works hard without ever stopping! This constitutes His Life. Through this, among other ways, His Evolution goes on!

“And meditation implies feeling His presence constantly.

“Meditation is a means of entering Him.

“Meditation is a means of merging with Him, when an individual soul can touch Him, know Him, dissolve itself in Him.

“The state of the True Beingness is a disappearance of everything but Him; it is the state of His Life, His Love, His Evolution…

“Life in Me is Infinite Freedom! Consciousnesses living in Me are not shackled by the manifested world.

“In order to become Me, one must learn to be free here, on the Earth. A soul accustomed to the life of a slave simply cannot merge into Me!

“I am Infinite! I experience My Beingness in all its fullness. To merge into Me means to live My Life; it is not about getting for oneself a nook in paradise.

“Live My Life in all fullness!

“And one more thing:

“One has to go to Perfection firmly and resolutely! I will guide everyone who is ready to work like this; I will help this person to fully cognize Tender Tao and become It!”

* * *

And in conclusion let me give some excerpts* from preachings of the Founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha:

Take the precept to abstain from killing.

Take the precept to abstain from stealing.

Take the precept to abstain from adultery*.

Take the precept to abstain from lying.

Take the precept to abstain from liquor.

And did the thought never occur to you that you also are subject to decay, that you also cannot escape it?

And did the thought never occur to you that you also are subject to disease, that you also cannot escape it?

And did the thought never occur to you that you also are subject to death, that you also cannot escape it?

Not for the sake of My own well-being I practice universal benevolence, but… it is My desire to contribute to the happiness of living beings!

Do not do to others what would make you suffer if done to you!

Goodwill towards all beings is the true religion!

Cherish in your hearts boundless goodwill towards all that lives!

You must not worry, your mouth must not say evil words; you must remain benevolent, with pure loving hearts, thinking no evil.

And even your enemies you have to embrace with loving thoughts, generous thoughts, deep and boundless thoughts purified from anger and hatred!

The distinctive signs of a true religion are goodwill, love, truthfulness, purity, nobility of feeling, and kindness.

Immortality can be reached only by continuous acts of kindness; Perfection is accomplished by compassion and charity.

That which is most needed is a loving heart!

“I am being hated, mistrusted, misunderstood and deceived by others!” — the one who harbors such thoughts in the mind can never become free from the causes which inflict their destructiveness upon the thinker.*

Whatever harm one man may do to another, the evil-thinking mind inflicts even greater harm (upon its owner).

Evil… is born of the selfhood*, and in the selfhood is its cause.

Evil “polishes” the universe like a diamond…

I teach you to avoid the ten evils:

Do not kill, but have regard for life!

Do not steal, but help everyone to be masters of the fruits of his or her labor!

Abstain from impurity in everything, and keep a life of chastity!

Do not lie, but be truthful! Speak the truth with discretion, fearlessly, and with a loving heart!

Do not invent evil rumors, and do not you repeat them! Do not carp, but look for the good sides of your fellow-beings, so that you may with sincerity defend them against their enemies!

Do not swear, but speak decently and with dignity!

Do not waste the time in gossip, but keep to the purpose or keep silence!

Do not covet another’s property, do not envy, but rejoice at the happiness of others!

Cleanse yourself of malice, do not even hate your enemies, but embrace all living beings with kindness!

Free your mind of ignorance and be anxious to learn the truth, putting an emphasis on learning the things that are really essential. In this way, you will not fall prey to either skepticism or delusions.

Let no one deceive another, let no one despise another, let no one wish to harm another out of anger or resentment!

Let no one deceive another, let no one despise another, let no one wish to harm another out of anger or resentment!

Do not kill!

Do not steal!

Do not commit adultery!

Do not tell lies!

Do not slander!

Do not speak harshly!

Do not engage in idle talks!

Do not covet others’ property!

Do not show hatred!

Think righteously!

* * *

This is what Gautama Buddha told us:

“The true foundation of the entire universe is Love!

“The one who wants to know the primal essence of all things must be full of love, first and foremost.

“The opposite of love — disregard towards others and self-conceit — casts man into the abyss of ignorance and illusions.

“It is love that endows man with the eyes which can perceive the Truth.

“Love for all living beings helped Me, too, find the Way.

“Without such love, man can only wander about in the darkness of illusions.

“Let this love illuminate the way of every seeker of the Truth!

“… My purpose in the last incarnation was to bring to people the state of total freedom from the shackles of the material world, to reveal to them that there is Liberation, that it is really possible.”

We asked:

“What are the distinctive features of Your Path?”

“It is the Path of realizing that all of us — in our very essence — are potentially completely free.

“I cognized this Freedom in the Depths of Myself, when I sought the Primordial Essence of everything. I cognized that in My Deepest Essence I am not bound by anything happening in the world of matter.

“It is this truth that I wanted to convey to people: that in their very Essence they are free and that this Freedom is by far more valuable than any property in the material world. Thus, there is no reason to fight against each other, to envy others, to be jealous. Everyone possesses the most priceless Treasure from the moment they are born. One just needs to discover It.”

… He continued the conversation in a tent, during the rain:

“It is raining, but this is not a problem. Rain is a good time for meditation!

“I liked to meditate in the rain. You just need to spread the consciousness with the rain in the space around your body — and feel every falling raindrop by coming from the other side beneath it.

“In this meditation, you can feel the difference between Me and an ordinary soul. An ordinary embodied soul experiences itself living only in its body, while I experience Myself living in everything that happens: in every sway of the grass, in every rustle of the leaves, in every falling drop of the rain…

“… Everyone who begins the spiritual search deserves to be helped. Everyone walking the Path receives Our help, even if his or her path is not straight yet.

“… Yes, incarnate people forget many things, when the knowledge is imparted through centuries.

“To keep the purity of the Teachings and, at the same time, to make them comprehensible to many is a very difficult task. Only a few have managed to realize it.

“Every Avatar coming to the Earth exerts every effort for realization of this goal, initiating into the higher knowledge everyone capable of comprehending it, giving the basics of the ethical laws to all people so that they may walk the Path of Light.”

We asked:

“Why was God, as the Purpose of the search of every soul, not the main theme of Your preaching?”

“… When I started My own spiritual search, I sought the Higher Justice, sought the possibility to liberate people from suffering.

“I loved people and wanted to help them.

“I was born into a family of an earthy king and was destined to become a ruler. I was kind and just. Soon I would have all the power in the country. Yet, I saw that My justice and power could not defeat suffering, diseases, death, which are unavoidable for all incarnate people…

“I started My spiritual travel and sought the meaning, the reason — why man, born into this world, has to undergo pain, calamities, and death. I sought the answer from hermits and sages… I sought the answer Myself, exploring the depths of the soul, going deeper and deeper into meditation.

“And I found the answers! I saw many worlds — lokas of the multidimensional space. I saw the laws of karma, which determine the reasons for birth and death, suffering and happiness occurring in every earthy life. I found the ways of how to overcome the suffering through transformation of oneself, transformation of one’s own attitude towards the world and towards the souls living in it. I found the Great Freedom!

“I sought this not for Myself. I wanted to give the possibility of conscious living, the Path of Liberation — to all people!

“I walked the path where the ego disappears and becomes ‘emptiness’ (this is the state of Nirodhi*). And when this happens on the deepest, subtlest plane of multidimensionality — then there remains the only existing Eternal Consciousness — the Universal Primordial Consciousness. And then — at the moment when the ‘I’ disappears — one becomes an Integral Part of the Only Existing Being. This is what I called the Liberation; this is what Nirvana is. In this state the Higher Self of the soul is aware that It is one with the Primordial Consciousness. The Diamond Sutra is about this.”

“It follows from Your words that You rediscovered anew everything that Krishna taught — the fundamentals of this knowledge had been expounded in the Bhagavad Gita far before Your last incarnation. How could it be that You, a member of a royal family, were not familiar with the Teachings of Krishna?”

“India at that time was not a united country: on that territory there were several kingdoms or principalities… There was not even a common language… Mass book printing, mass media appeared much later…

“Moreover, My parents and tutors ‘protected’ Me from the higher spiritual knowledge…

“Yes, I and many people around Me did not know the Teachings of Krishna. Therefore, I had to ‘rediscover’ everything Myself, guided by the non-incarnate Higher Consciousness.

“If I had attained the Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness through the Bhagavad Gita, then Krishna would have been My Teacher. Then His words, His precepts would have appeared in My Message to people!

“Yet, it often happens that the eternal truths have to be discovered again and again.

“… In India at that time, for many people the knowledge about the Truth brought by Krishna was superseded with the rituals of worshipping mythical ‘gods’… Ritual and ceremonies substituted for the Truth. You may see the same problem at present, by the way…

“Yes, I sought the Path Myself and tried to tell people once again that they have to live according to the laws of non-harming and giving love; that they have to make their way to the Freedom not through praying but through a righteous life and meditations.

“It is not enough just to master entering Nirvana. Many of your students cognized the Nirvanic states, but by their wrong decisions or actions, originating from the personal ‘I’, they brought themselves back to the circles of destinies and incarnations to begin seeking the Unity again in the future. Their future path will be easier because they touched the Truth, but… Many of your Divine Friends told you as well that They knew the Nirvanic states in the next to the last incarnation but did not manage to establish Themselves in Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness that time…

“The Unity with the Primordial Consciousness has to become one’s essence, one’s beingness! The individual self must be fully replaced with the Divine Self!

“It was not that I just achieved the state of Nirvana for a short moment. I replaced the personal self with the United Higher Self. And since then, I lived thus. I still lived in a material body, but I became absolutely free, because the individual mind was replaced with the Divine Consciousness.

“… There are several stages of conquering the mind:

“First — one has to master inner silence, to make the mind silent. One achieves this by moving the consciousness into the spiritual heart.

“Second — one has to learn to merge oneself as a consciousness with the Divine Consciousness.

“At the third stage one’s thinking is moved into the United Primordial Consciousness, into the United We.”

“Tell us please — was the meditation Cross of Buddha gifted by You?”

“No, but it presents a realization of My ideas concerning the spiritual Path. Everyone who invites Me into the spiritual heart, when performing this meditation, receives My help.

“Everyone has to choose LOVE as their main guiding principle in life. It must not be ‘love’ for oneself but love directed from oneself to all living beings — incarnate and non-incarnate.

“Everything is filled with life, everything develops thanks to love, regardless of whether one knows about it or not. And it would be unwise to turn away from this knowledge when it knocks at your door.”

(See demonstration of the meditation Cross of Buddha in the film).


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