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Yoga of Ancient Russians

There is an erroneous opinion that ancient Slavs who lived before the forcible baptism of Russia were mainly pagans holding beliefs in fairy, fictitious gods — contrary to the knowledge about the existence of one true God.

… Of course, among Slavs there were pagan kinds of faith: religious views of people depend very much on their level of intellectual development. For sure in those times, even as nowadays, there were primitive people who made sacrifices to gods in the form of killed animals or even humans. Such people believe: “We send the soul as food to gods or God, and we may eat the meat”… It is obvious that God, even as any reasonable human, understands the absurdity and even culpability of such actions…

Another variation of similar absurdity is to “shift one’s vices to an animal” and then kill it… for this. And of course, the body of the killed animal may be cut, fried, and eaten as a celebration of gluttony…

… Yet among Slavs there were evolutionary advanced people who possessed the fullness of knowledge about One Universal God-Creator and about the meaning of human lives, which consists in spiritual development, cognition of the Creator, and Mergence with Him.

God-Creator was called by different Slavs differently: most often they called Him Svarog, less often — Rod. (Even nowadays in Russian language there are words which originated from these names).

… We know Divine Teachers Who worked in the region that corresponds to the European part of modern Russia.

Among Them was Assyris, Who guided the spiritual development of incarnate people in the forest regions of this part of the planet.

The same mission in steeps was performed by Kurgan-Bashi.

Among other Teachers helping people in their spiritual quest were Surya, Lada, Yasin.

In later times, during the continuing baptism of Russia in the eastern part of the country, Rada, Alexey, and Their son Eremey attained Divinity, and now They serve the Evolution of Consciousness from the Abode of the Creator.

We also know a few Divine Teachers Who cognized the Creator and attained Divinity living at the time of Soviet power — Peter, Oleg Suhodolsky, Igor Vysotin.

In this land, other Teachers work as well: Jesus Christ and His Divine Apostles — Andrew, John, Matthew, Mark, Philip; also Babaji from Haidakhan, Krishna, Sathya Sai Baba, Odin, Ptahhotep, Elisabeth Haich, Sarkar, Sacral, Yamamuto, Yamamata; Divine Teachers from the Indian, Muslim, Taoistic, Buddhistic traditions. And, for sure, there are many more of Them Whom we do not know yet…

We published our conversations with all of these Representatives of the Creator in the book Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present. And in this lecture we are only going to talk about some of Them.

So, let us start with Divine Assyris:

From conversations with Assyris:

“Long ago I raised two ‘waves’ of spirituality on the Earth; one — on the land of ancient Assyria and Persia, long before the establishment of Islam there, another one — on the land of Russia, before the coming of Christianity.

“I supported these ‘waves’ from My non-incarnate state.

“People worshipped Me as the God of Sun or God of Fire. Usually I would come to My disciples in forms similar to the Sun or Divine Fire. And only occasionally I would assume, for a short time, the form of a herdsman or a wanderer — an appearance visible to ordinary people.

“I was not born, nor did I die in this Kalpa… I acted through My Children, Who could easily perceive Me…

“I taught worshipping not the sun or fire — but the One Father existing in everything… And I continue teaching this now.

“The methods that I suggested are most precisely represented in your Three Steps of Centering*. These were three fundamental stages of development that students had to master one after another.

“First, the spiritual heart of any person has to develop in everyday life. And only the one who becomes absolutely steadfast in the states of love-giving receives the possibility of further growth in a spiritual school which has serious esoteric methods.

“Only after this — on the first stage of studying in My School, the students mastered spreading with the spiritual heart over the surface of the Earth and then — dissolution of the consciousness.

“The second stage implied living in the state of a spiritual heart united with the Heart of the planet. Mastering this stage normally took more than one incarnation of the soul… The students also had first contacts with the Creator.

“On the third stage, the students cognized the Creator.

“And then, all these three centers of self-awareness had to be connected by a Ray of the Sun of God. This Ray goes through the material body of the student, and the center where this Ray originated is the Heart of the Absolute…

“When this Ray becomes a constant attribute of the Soul coessential to the Creator, then such a Soul becomes a Son of God or a Daughter of God. It is the fullness of a soul’s Self-Realization.

“I would not like to tell you now about the further steps. I want to tell about another thing.

“I want to tell you about the Love of God, about how unconditional the Divine Love is.

“This Love is like the light of the Sun, which shines equally on everyone, warming everyone… It is the nature of the Sun — to shine… The nature of fire is to be bright and to warm; the nature of sugar is to be sweet; the nature of the Sun is to shine; the nature of love is to give!

“Let Me repeat: the nature of love is to give oneself to others!

“Love is the state in which God lives…

“And God shines: from Himself, with Himself!

“Some people aspire to Light; others hide in the shade… But they all receive their lives from Him!

“One has to learn to be the Light of God’s Love!

“One has to live not as a body, but as Light Giving Itself! One has to shine with Love — then the soul gradually transforms into the Purity of the Clear Light of the Creator!

“… And now I am going to outline for you the last two steps of the Path. The first one of them is the ‘program-minimum’; and the second is ‘program-maximum’.

“… The attributes of the Warrior of the Spirit are a Shield and a Sword.

“For the Warrior of Spirit, the life in the material world is a life on the battlefield.

“In order to become independent and invincible, to avoid becoming engaged into the tumult of worldly passions, and to develop detachment — the Warrior of the Spirit gains a Shield.

“One has to fight for this Shield. The Warrior of the Spirit receives it as a result of many years of everyday struggle for Perfection.

“Possessing the Shield implies the ability of living in the Heart of the Absolute, behind the Curtain, much deeper than this world with its whirling of passions. From the very Depth, the Warrior of the Spirit raises with the strong arms the Curtain as an infinite Shield; this Shield makes the Warrior invincible. This is the Shield of the Creator. It is impenetrable to worldly passions, to hatred of enemies, to mundane fuss.

“However, one can attain more. The one who masters living in constant Mergence with the Infinity of the Creator, who lives beneath the Shield as an Infinite Heart united with the Heart of the Absolute, with the Sun of God — such a one receives a Sword.

“The Sword is a Divine Ray, unchanging in its original subtlety and coessential to the Sun of God, which is directed from the very Essence of Everything — to the Creation.

“The Sword implies the ability of doing the Will of the Creator on the Earth in all its fullness. It is a Scepter gifted by the Father, a symbol of the Royal Power. It is the Intent of the Creator; it is the whole Power of God concentrated in One Ray and directed to the world of the Creation, bringing fully the Will of the Creator to any object. The Creator says, ‘Be!’ and it happens!”

“What would You advise us now?”

“Whatever happens around you on the material plane — contrast it with the Eternity of Life in Me.

“And another thing: you have to inspire people to serve Me! You have to kindle their hearts with the ideas of service to God!”

“How did You manage to collect so many disciples — so promising?”

“I collected them ‘from the entire Earth’, from the entire European part of Russia. I collected disciples by sending messengers of successful disciples.”

“I see about 50 people.”

“This is only a small part. Look deeper: there are hundreds of Disciples, whom I brought up during centuries.”

“… During several incarnations?”


“… Incarnations of You or of the disciples?”

“I educated them through the bodies of My disciples. I Myself was here always.

“But later… everything good in Russia began to fade away…”

“Did You work here, in this region? Were Your forest schools here?”

“My School was throughout all Russian land! Over centuries I educated promising souls, raising one wave of disciples after another!”

“How did people prepare themselves for this?”

“I ‘shepherded’ them. At that time people were engaged in farming, cultivating the land. A wide network of forest schools was created, where I collected the best students and taught them.

“There was no ashram here — on the place where you are now. The best people were found mainly in the Volga region. Not in steppes. But in the regions with forests, there were schools. This is why I call them forest schools.”

“What methods of teaching did You use? Did students study the structure of the organism, including the chakras and meridians?”

“Certainly, yes. I explained the essence of the structure of the Absolute and the methods of self-development. ‘How’ and ‘what’ — I have described, in general.

“Bring people here, so that everyone may experience Me, My Essence, as at the place of Lao!”

“May one call You Svarog?”

“Svarog is a generalized name. It was not a name of some particular Divine Teacher. This is an equivalent of the words God-the-Father, the Creator.

“Bring people here! Here I manifest Myself more vividly than at the place of our first acquaintance. I manifest Myself here in all fullness!”

“How did You manage to achieve such a result: so many disciples of Yours became a Part of the Creator?”

“The main point is to know well what your group has cognized and continues cognizing. Then, after the end of life in the body, everything becomes all right! If one remembers this well, then there is nothing special to do: everything happens naturally, by itself.

“It would be great if you could write a book about Me. It can be called Ancient Russia — a Country of God. This book could make a small beginning for collecting around you souls with good potential. Over many years, a small sprout could begin to mature. Write that it is not praying in temples but a transformation of oneself that constitutes the main essence of transfiguration of a common person into God! Among flowers, singing birds, rustling leaves, or opening spring buds one has to find the Main Essence of Beingness!

“Now let us talk about something else.

“Vishnu is spring!

“(Jokingly): I would take you into a journey to the places of My ashrams, but you have no money for traveling, so someone else will have to write the book Ashrams of Vishnu. You would also need a ‘cart’ for going around!”

“Was the word Vishnu known in ancient Russia?”

“Yes. Vishnu and Assyris are different words, but they mean the same: Rising Sun and Spring.”

“By what name were You called in Russia?”

“Assyris is the main Essence of Me as God. Vishnu… — too. Vishnu — Visna — Vesna… Vishnu-Vesna* is just a transformation of the word.

“I am like the Sun! I shine always!

“Shadow and light, day and night exist for you only while you live on the Earth and experience yourself as a body…

“The Sun gives its light always! Sunrises and sunsets are just a result of the Earth’s rotation. Where there is Earth’s shadow, there is night; where the Earth faces the Sun, there is day!

“I am like the Sun! I am always LIGHT, LOVE, CALM!

“All shadows and duality are in people. But I shine equally at everyone.

“Some people aspire to Me and grow in the rays of My Love.

“Others hide in the shadow, being unable to withstand the Fire of My Touches. But they, too, are nourished by My Light.

“Become the Sun of My Love!

“Love as I do!

“Only by giving My Love can you learn to be Me!

“As the Sun sends its rays, even so I send My Sons and Daughters to the Earth.

“Ancient Russia was a good soil for God thanks to the preservation of the ethical Divine laws, the laws of love. For a long time, I could preserve the knowledge about the Highest in My Schools. Thanks to this, souls could be embodied in the conditions where there was knowledge about the Path. These Schools were directed by Divine or nearly Divine Souls. Every such a Soul is like a tree that grows over the Earth and supports the existing hearth of spirituality.

“Only mature souls were selected to these Schools for teaching them the higher esoteric methods. The criterion of selection was the ability of the developed consciousness to think seriously. Possessing a developed spiritual heart was necessary, yet not a sufficient condition.

“At that time, in Russia there was a natural economy. And spiritual Schools always had enough food because local communities supported them materially. And the people of the communities received from the Schools help in the form of warnings about droughts and bad harvests, curing of diseases, teaching of children… Such a community and a School near it lived as one organism, as one family.

“… Those coming from Me helped, first of all, mature souls who did not need to develop the intellect through filling the mind with information… The mechanism of the development of the thinking skill of the consciousness was slightly different for these people. It was similar to ancient Greek philosophers who cognized through meditations the structure of the multidimensional universe, the spherical form of our planet, etc. It is clear for you that there are different variants of studying the same problem with the consciousness: starting from information that comes from one’s own thinking — up to Revelations and direct investigation of the layers of the multidimensionality with the developed consciousness. Your talk with Me is another example of such cognition. Yet another example can be a meditation given by Me.

“The ability to think creatively is developed best of all against the background of contemplative calm.

“Many people grew inside such Schools. Through contemplation about natural phenomena, about all kinds of living organisms, children learned to think; the adults just corrected, guided this work of the consciousness. Any bug, any flying bird, any dry or living branch of a tree — could become a ‘school-book’ for understanding life and death, the connectedness of the consciousness with its material container, the similarities and diversities of the forms of life…

“It was the first stage of studying.

“And then it was very easy to explain to such a soul that God — Living! — is present always and everywhere, right here and now! And that everyone is responsible before Him for one’s own thoughts and deeds.

“Then quite easily and quickly students learned to perceive the multidimensional space. They had a small numbers of indriyas connected to the material plane. It was easy for Me to redirect the indriyas of the soul to cognition of the non-material plane, to conversations with Divine Souls!

“It is conversations of the soul with God — with the non-incarnate Divine Consciousness — that was the basis of learning. Thanks to this, I could easily give lessons to everyone. The incarnate teachers just had to correct this process, to explain the main methods, not more. And the main Teacher was God! Submerging into the Depths of Me was as smooth and natural as life itself. It was the growing up of children in a Divine Family. And there was no need to speed up this growth.

“Do you remember, I gave such an image: in order to cross a powerful river on a boat, one needs to make constant efforts, to row constantly: otherwise one cannot reach the other bank. So was your spiritual Path. But in those times, the worldview and the structure of the society allowed a wide ‘bridge’ to exist. When there is such a bridge, one can walk over a turbulent river without being afraid of the swift current and rapids. It is the correct structure of the society that allows making the Path to God a bridge by which one can safely cross the powerful river of sansara…”

From conversations with Bright New Moon —
Divine Disciple of Assyris:

Transparent non-material clear Light, youth sparkling with the power of life, a joyful shining eyes and smile — this is Bright New Moon — one of the many Disciples of Assyris.

“If you could convey this state of soul through your films!

“To make the hearts be filled with joy!

“To make the ice of skepticism and despondency melt away!

“To help everyone to see how close the true happiness is!

“To allow souls to touch the life-giving joy of Light, Love, and Spring!

“Give these states so that everyone who has watched your films may want to share this joy with others and to tell others about this! Thus people will learn to enjoy watching opening leaves and sparkling dewdrops, white birches and murmuring brooks, singing birds and your eyes shining with joy!

“Our Tenderness will be behind every frame, every word, every sound of your films! Our Hands will be stretched to viewers’ hearts to make them aspire to Light, to Divine Purity!

“Everything is so simple! To become happy, one needs to make a little step in the right direction… And then it becomes clear that behind everything that is beautiful there is its Creator — God! And one’s heart filled with joy begins to aspire to Him!

“And the methods of further advancement are known to you…”

We ask:

“Bright New Moon, tell us please how did You attain Divinity?”

“I just completed a forest school of Assyris!…

“There were two main directions in our education:

“The first one was development of souls as spiritual hearts and cognition of God: first in the Aspect of the Holy Spirit and then — in the Aspect of God-the-Father, as you call Him in your language.

“The second one was the ability of living independent of the body and helping incarnate and non-incarnate souls from this state.

“As a result of such education, even those students who had not mastered the fullness of Divinity — that is Mergence with the Creator — after disembodiment continued their part of the service: everyone chose what they knew best…

“I would like to elaborate on this.

“Having mastered, for example, living in large subtle states, everyone would master the ability of giving them through oneself. Someone created fields of love on places where children play* — in order to accustom them to living in a field of love, so that even when playing games, children would not feel the emotions of offense, hatred, or irritation. And children got used to correct emotional reactions. And the parents explained to them the same thing in words.

“Or, for example, taking care of plants: of gardens or trees in the forest. Have you noticed that on your places of powers there are plants of wonderful beauty? Beautiful tall trunks and dense crowns of deciduous trees, beautiful soft needles and trunks full of life of the coniferous friends of ours… While on places with adverse energies, especially those created by evil people, plants look like poor, sick children…

“Understand the importance of love that an incarnate or non-incarnate person can give to nature… One has to teach people not only a non-harming attitude towards our lesser brothers and sisters, but to love them! After all, they are our lesser friends capable of creating and maintaining on the planet the energy states of paradise!

“There were many other possible aspects of our service — for example, helping souls after disembodiment to become acquainted with life without a body, to create musical rhythms and tunes, etc.

“Every next step of learning was accompanied by mastering such skills of service. And whenever the death of the body came, the soul was already schooled in some spiritual ‘profession’, which was useful in the life without a body.”

From conversations with Surya:

“There was a culture in Russia where the cordial love was a norm of life, rather than an exception. The Atmic component of the multidimensional human organism was included into one’s life from the very beginning, from one’s birth. And the states of harmony and subtlety, in which people lived, allowed one to accumulate this valuable potential of the soul very quickly.*

“In this way everyone developed in a series of incarnations until it was time for full realization of this potential in Mergence with God-the-Father — Svarog. And the methods for realization of this Mergence were also known. Schools for souls, where students were taught cognition of the Creator, existed near settlements, and there were ‘soft’ interactions of the spiritual adepts with other people.

“All this was natural. Some people after completing school go to university, others naturally want to create families and cultivate the land — it was the same in that time: some chose the earthy love, while others sought cognition of the Creator in love for Him. And there was no disdain towards those who were not mature enough to choose the latter — as it is in a loving family where all children of different age are friendly with each other, love their parents and each other.

“The life of people was not a ‘biblical Eden’, where there are no difficulties and sorrows. But look: the people of hatred, when an affliction befalls them, take revenge on others to make others, too, feel bad. On the contrary, people of the opposite pole — the people of love — if affliction befalls them, continue living in order to help others to avoid this problem! This is the secret of earthy happiness!

“The Sun was a symbol of Svarog. And every student had to learn to kindle the Light of the Sun first within the body, then — within the Earth; after that the stage of Mergence with Sun-Svarog followed.

“What can compare to the Shining of Svarog in His Abode?!

“… Incarnation of an Avatar is always a sacrifice: joyful, volitional… It means giving Oneself to people. Avatars come to those who have forgotten what love is… They, like Doctors, come to heal sick souls…

“… My forest Sun always shines! Come to Me!”

… We ask:

“Please, do not leave! Tell us in more detail, what methods of development of the consciousness did You use in Your work with disciples?”

“We worked a lot at sunrise, using the rising of the sun. We learned to be the sunlight, to shine with sunrays from the spiritual hearts.

“What do the majority of people do in the morning? The answer is simple — they sleep! But if man — even once in a lifetime! — watched a sunrise consciously, leaving the warm bed and cozy home for this purpose, and, overwhelmed with delight, one-to-one with the rising sun, watched the sunrise, then this person would not have lived the earthy life in vain!

“We used the same methods of work with the consciousness as you do; we just expressed them in different words.”

“Tell us please about how You worked.”

“The best time to begin such work is spring and summer. Usually we chose the place for meditation beforehand: it could be a glade in the forest, or a bank of a forest lake or river, or a high hill.

“We came out before the sunrise and walked unhurriedly to the intended place, immersing ourselves into the morning quietness.

“Have you ever noticed how wonderful the quietness before the sunrise is? Almost all living beings sleep a peaceful sleep. Nothing disturbs the quietness of the early morning…

“One has to be able to listen to the quietness, to become filled with it, and to be it! It is an important component of the spiritual development of man!

“For example, if at sunrise in the forest, one begins to listen to the quietness of the space around with the ‘ears of the soul’ or, to be more precise, with the ‘ears of the spiritual heart’, then one can become the absolute quietness.

“When inside you there is only quietness — the lower self turns into ‘nothing’: nothing of it disturbs the quietness and harmony of the world around! In such quietness one may hear everything: from the soft murmuring of a forest brook, the whispering of leaves, or the warm breathing of sleeping animals… — to the most confidential mysteries of the Creation. In this quietness one may hear the Voice of God, one may ask questions and receive answers…”

“The essence of the Divine Beingness is very simple: Harmony and Love!

“But in order to become One with the Creator it is not enough just to achieve the Creator’s Abode and to learn to live in it. Only They become completely One with the Creator Who come out from His Abode to embodied beings, manifesting the Creator, being Him. This is the completion of the full cycle of development. Many of Those Who had attained the Abode incarnated Themselves again with the Mission of Service — in order to achieve this completeness, this fullness of the Divine State. You know many such examples. Thus I incarnated Myself too.”

From conversations with Eremey:

“… I incarnated in Russia several times…

“All birches and pines, grass and flowers, woodcocks and black grouses were My friends. I admired the beauty of the Earth! I stroked its surface as a lover caresses the beloved. Joy and bliss overfilled Me and flowed out from My heart to everything that I saw around. Goldish-pink sunrises filled My heart with tender beauty — and I became the Light of Love over the earth!

“A Free Soul is like a bird which soars in the height and nothing constrains its flight!

“A Free Soul is like a river which has united with the sea and has no bounds anymore!

“… My Path from beginning to end — is the Path of heart: from a human heart to a Divine Heart!

“When I traversed this Path to the end, it was time for Me to become a Tutor for others.

“… In one of My last incarnations I guided a forest school of Assyris.

“They were called forest schools even after the baptism of Russia. But the meaning of these words had changed: forest began to mean ‘secret, concealed’. The great spiritual culture that existed in Russia before the coming of the ‘Christian’ inquisitors was now destroyed with fire and sword, in the very direct sense.

“Only a few survived, those who managed to hide themselves in the vast Russian forests…

“In earlier Russia, the spiritual culture was accessible for all people. Now the forest schools accepted only a few — the most worthy ones.

“How did I teach those who entrusted their lives to Me? In the same way as I teach you now among spring birches and songs of black grouses…

“I rose as a Goldish Divine Sun from the Abode of the Creator — and taught them to become Love! I taught them to expand with the spiritual heart over the expanse and to caress with the arms of the consciousness forests and fields!… From the Depths, where the Divine Heart shines, I touched the hearts of My disciples showing them the Path!…

“… I taught them not only meditation. We lived at the time of the inquisition! And every one of us had to master stalking no less than Native Americans at the time of the Conquest…”

“Eremey, what advice and directions can You give to those who walk the spiritual Path?”

“Become power without ceasing to be subtlety!

“Master alertness and watchfulness, ceasing not to be tenderness…

“Become leaders and spiritual chiefs, ceasing not to be humble!

“Learn to be the Sun of God, yet do not cease to feel those touched by your Rays!

“Cognize the state in which your desire to remain in the Abode of the Father substitutes all other desires of the soul!

“The absolutely naked, free from all veils, perfect soul appears then before the Universal Source! Free and absolutely pure, it submerges then into this Source to remain in It — in the Creator of everything existing! Thus the cognizer and the Cognized One unite and merge into one.

“And then, moving apart the dense covers hiding the Depths, the new Divine Soul emerges, shining with Rays of the Great Sun, never ceasing to be the Source!”

“Eremey, how can we help people? How can we change what happens here and in the whole country? How can we redirect souls to love, to a life in harmony with nature, with the Earth, with God?”

“I almost envy you! Now you have so many possibilities: books, films, the Internet! In one second you can reach the other side of the planet not only with the consciousness but also materially! And you can proclaim the Truth about God in many languages!

“I also want to tell about ecology. This is a very promising direction now. But people relate the word ecology only with the struggle against the pollution of the environment.

“Your task is to make the ecological direction of knowledge more broad and profound for the entire humanity! Let the knowledge about the multidimensional space make people understand that it is not only material garbage that contaminates the environment, but one’s states of the soul also become imprinted in the space where one lives, making it either pure and harmonious or dirty and coarse!

“Let everyone living on the Earth accept this knowledge and the necessity of the corresponding transformation of oneself as a norm of ethics similar to the norm of not dumping garbage in the place where one lives! And let people regard as their home, as their place of living not only their flat or house but the entire planet!

“The western people are quite close today to this understanding: vegetarianism and the Green movement are accepted by a number of them.

“But it is necessary to supplement this with the understanding of one’s own responsibility for the state of the soul. One has to explain to people how the states of the soul influence the material plane.

“When waste oil is dumped into a river or sea — everyone understands the destructiveness of this process. But dark emotions of anger, aggression, hatred radiated by human consciousness to the surrounding space is a similar phenomenon: they create negative places of power where such people live or just sit to have a rest. And other people, who happened to be nearby, get sick!

“And if such states of hatred towards people of other faiths or views are incited in masses by leaders-devils, then this results in various kinds of inquisition: human associations for destroying otherwise-minded people. And then wars occur — small or big.

“Everyone living on the Earth has to accept responsibility for the state of the soul in which they live and which they give to other souls!

“And then much could change. People would cease to waste their lives for producing things destructive for humanity. They would understand the mechanism of how wars and terrorism originate. They would not teach children anymore to hate and to kill: for example, they would not produce computer games in which children learn to shoot and to destroy; they would not fill TV, cinema, and books with images of violence and killing. These things poison the health and destinies of children, the destinies of future generations!

“Let the beauty of the Earth and creative work, harmony and purity — become ethical standards!

“Give to people your knowledge about God, about transformation of oneself, about the meaning of life — and then the life of nations will become much better!

“Do not be sad that no one wants to walk the Path of Light!

“Do not be sad that not everyone needs the Divine Home!

“Do not be sad! It is simply the time of winter now!

“Everything will change soon; you will see it yourself.

“Awaken gently those who are ready to wake up.”

“And what about the rest?”

“There is God! And His children are not deprived of His care, even those who sleep and see frightening dreams…

“Do not be sad! I know for certain: Spring and Light will be on the Earth!

“Meanwhile learn to be Me and to live in Me!

“I am very glad to see your transformation, which happened with My help, in particular!

“We all observe you, and Many of Us, known and unknown to you, are glad for your sake! And I am glad, because you are My children! I contributed a lot to this work. I am proud about this and feel joy together with you!

“Feel that all the living breathes in Me. It breathes, and this means that it lives!

“Spring is My Love! It is always a sunrise!

“Love is the merging of souls similar to the merging of waters!

“With pink morning tenderness I embrace you, with rays of the sun I caress your faces!

“I enter the hearts open to Me and fill them with calm and morning joy!”

I keep on My palms the spring —

Rivers, mountains, forests, and lakes…

I create on the Earth the spring

For everyone and for you!

On the fields around the snow is melting…

Birds of passage are coming home…

Soft-pink light rising over the ground —

Let this beautiful dawn be yours!

Every seed — a small drop of life —

Waking from its sleep day by day…

With every seed growing from the ground

The spring is rising and coming up!

One Primordial transparent Stream

Comes from the Depths of Existence by Me!

I enter the hearts where I sowed Love,

I enter — and thus God is born!

From conversations with Kurgan-Bashi:

South west Russian steppe… In front of us, there stands a giant, larger-than-our-planet Mahadouble of Kurgan-Bashi. Together with Him there are His Disciples Who attained a similar level of Divine development. He introduces Them to us as His Army.

To be in the state of connectedness with Kurgan-Bashi is more convenient than to be in one’s own body.

We ask Him:

“How did Your Disciples develop? What methods did You use for attaining the Divine heights?”

“We lived on horses. Riders on horses with the open arms growing from the expanded spiritual hearts… They meditated embracing with these arms of the consciousness all the expanse around: ‘All this is mine! This is My steppe! This is My love! Earth, I merge with You, my Mother!’

“Through this they ‘drowned’ in the Consciousness of the Earth, merging first with It and then with Father-Svarog.

“In this way our training happened — on horses, in the expanse of the steppe!”

“How did Your people come to understand the role of the spiritual heart — in life in general and in training?”

“Our Mother Earth gave it to us! The arms of love are the main motto and the main condition for this work!”

“What did you eat? The nutrition of steppe nations was usually based on milk and meat of animals. They also hunted. We know this from history.”

“This concerns other nations. Yet it was not so with our dear Russia! I am Russian too! Our Army consisted of Russians! And, as you read and know, the ‘killed’ food was not prevailing in Russia always and everywhere.”

“What did you eat then?”

“Milk, kumiss, cheese, various herbs, and wood flour.”

“How did you produce this flour?”

“It is easy! One just needs to grind the dry bark of a willow. Thus one will obtain not only a tasty and delicious flour, but this flour will also possess medicinal properties! You know what salicylic acid is. This flour saved us and our horses from various afflictions. We had neither plague, nor cholera, nor even simple sinusitis — we did not know such diseases!”

“Did you know bread, cereal?… Did you make some kind of a flatbread?”

“I did not know anything like that. It was not My way — to make food of cereal. Milk food — yes.”

He shows white round cheeses.

“This was My food! We even fed our horses with these cheeses! We also used flour of ground herbs, wild nuts. We had honey as well, but it played a little role.”

“Well, your men lived on horses. And what about women — what did they do? Did they also ride horses?”

“No, it was different. The woman’s lot was the house. We were not nomads. Every family had its own house, and the husband imparted all his spiritual knowledge and achievements to the wife.”

“On horses?”

“No. No one forbade women to ride horses, but normally women were busy with the house and with everything about it.”

“In what time did You live here, in what period?”

Kurgan-Bashi is slightly confused:

“It is perceived as a single moment, as a single piece of time… It was the time of ‘pre-Christian’ Russia. This land was inhabited by Slavs.”

“I am still concerned about your women… Did they not have a chance to know in meditations this expanse, to achieve higher levels of spiritual perfection as men did?”

“No, it was not like this. Our people understood that there are many incarnations. And we had quite a different culture: there was no drunkenness, there was no awful spiritual degradation which one sees at present throughout the Earth, in these lands as well. Tenderness, caress, caring about each other, about children — it helped remarkably the female inhabitants of this steppe! The manifestation of love which you know under the word sattva — it was a remarkable woman’s lot, preparing her in the best way for the next incarnation — for flying over the earth and embracing the entire planet with the arms of the consciousness which became perfect!

“First, every wife learned to love the husband and children. And it was really so! The spiritual heart, the arms of love — all these guaranteed paradise during life in the body and in the time between incarnations. After that it was necessary just to go one time in a male incarnation through a collective flight of consciousnesses among the expanse of the steppe! Actually it is all that was needed…

“Of course, different souls came to us in incarnations… Souls came from different corners of the Earth and from extraterrestrial incarnations… Yet… it was enough to go through one such female incarnation in sattva, to master the state of sattva — then through a male incarnation among horses and the steppe… — and this guaranteed quick cognition of the Creator, Mergence with the Creator !

“It was all beautiful, strong, and scientific as you would call it now. That is the science about the development of soul — in this form — existed at that time already.”

“Tell us please about how You lived. What did You do after meditation-ride, meditation-flight?”

“I lived as the wind: it ceases to blow — and there remains only the infinite transparency of the air around. Even so the spiritual heart: when the flight-meditation stops, there remains only the Light of LoveDivine Light abiding in Calm.

“The name Kurgan-Bashi means ‘Mountain of the Father’. I had many names… Many times I came to the Earth… I became Home for all who sought Me; I became Father for all who loved Me, went to Me. I became Him Who submerges others into Himself.

“Feel My Hands and My lands on these Hands: steppes, forests, lakes…, and riders on horses. All these lived in Me year after year, century after century, and I accepted all who achieved — into Myself.”

“How do You live now, what people do You help?”

“I live as you see Me: I rise as a Great Mountain from the Infinite Depths, I open Boundless Light to people of the Earth! You can help to make this Light evident for many people by telling about Me. I will speak and show — and let them hear the song of steppes, see the mirrors of lakes; and let My presence fill with the Light all who look and listen!

“I want to tell people about the mother-planet where we live. Love for it can heal souls and unite people in creating good for all beings of the Earth.”

“Tell us more about Yourself!”

“I came to My last earthy life as the Divine Light of the Creator. I had to help My people to restore the simple and clear Way to the Father.

“In the land where I lived there was no tradition to record the knowledge about the Highest. There was memory about it in tales and songs. But generations of people usually lose this knowledge after the Divine Messengers leave.

“When I had been embodied in these lands before, the relationships of people in families and communities were full of calm and mutual respect. But the next time I was embodied — I saw squabbles and quarrels, offended old men, humiliated women, men fighting for power…

“When I was little, My mother sang Me songs and told tales similar to those of Lada. I listened and easily recalled past knowledge that was present in Me.

“I grew and began to collect friends around Me. Young boys, we pastured horses. I taught My friends to be winged and fearless hearts, which do not want something for themselves but want to give to others, which protect others, care about them. I taught them to purify their intentions, taught them honesty, kindness, and unity…

“When we grew up, people in the community began to pay heed to us: they felt Great Power behind us.

“Soon I was elected as the head of the community, despite the fact that I was young. And then — everything was easy.

“It was simple: flight of the soul, pranava, then — the Heart of the Earth, and deeper — the Abode of the Creator. In this way I led disciples into Myself.

“To learn to be a flying, winged heart capable of Mergence is a very important step on the Path.

“Mergence of the consciousness was helpful to our horses too. These beautiful animals learned to understand their riders without words. The consciousness understood the consciousness! Together with us they felt the flight of the souls! It was their ‘run’ to human incarnations!

“My Army became a shield of Slavs’ lands. For centuries, no one wanting to plunder could pass through the land where the God’s Riders lived. No war starts on a land where love and Divine Power reign.

“I grew the Army and accepted into Myself new generations of the Warriors of Spirit. I brought to life the traditions of these lands, where in the past I Myself had grown to Divinity. What I did was simple: I spoke and taught about love for the Earth, love for all the living and growing on it; I taught them to love people and God.”

From conversations with Yasin:

One day, many years ago, we were walking along a forest trail being guided by Jesus.

On this place, many times we learned to be the Divine Fire and cleansed our bodies with It…

Yasin reminds us how in the past He taught us to move in the Clear Light with the help of the arms of the consciousness. We can feel the hands of these arms in the place where we want to appear. Then we shorten the arms — and appear with the spiritual hearts in that place… It works so because a spiritual heart is located between the arms that grow from it…

Such training on moving in space can help remarkably in accustoming oneself to being a pure consciousness that is free from the material body and, in general, from the dependence on the world of matter.

Yasin taught then:

“Imagine that your body has died, but you continue to be! You can exist well without it!”

… It was also possible to flow through the body from any side as many times as one liked, seek energetical disorders in it, and fix them with the arms of the consciousness

Yasin taught:

“Your body has to become as transparent as the Consciousness of the Primordial Plane is. Then it does not impede the growth of you as a consciousness inside the Primordial Plane…”

… Why is work inside Divine Mahadoubles so important for us? Not only because it gives the possibility of communicating easily with God, but also because here the Divine Consciousness manifests Itself much more intensively, and therefore it is quite easy in such places to attune with It, to merge with It, and to accustom oneself to being It, thus crystallizing oneself in It.

It is not by chance that Divine Teachers call such places, where Their Mahadoubles are present, — working sites.

Realization of Mergence with God begins with Mergence with concrete Divine Teachers. And one can learn this most easily inside Their Mahadoubles.

Let me repeat the same in other words: if I enter into Him completely and perceive neither my material body nor the material plane in general, nor other planes except for the Divine Consciousness — then this represents that very Mergence though in a small volume of space.

Then this volume can be increased up to the universal scales if one continues training…

… Yasin told us also the following:

“I was incarnated in ancient Russia long before the coming of Christianity. I was incarnated here several times.

“My Service was not limited only to helping people from My incarnate state: I helped them always.

“I began My Service on this land when people lived here as tribes-communities not united by some power into one country. I worked with them by conveying to them through folk tales and beliefs the ideas needed for correct development, by suggesting right thoughts, by supporting the good emotions in them — especially in their leaders, elders — in those who were respected by people, whom people followed. In this way, I influenced the worldview of the nation, formed the characters of people.

“In that ancient time, this land was inhabited by people of character quite different from that of the modern citizens of Russia. Their main qualities were calm, nonviolence, kindness. They could live among nature and interact with it very harmoniously. And nature provided them with everything they needed. It was the harmony of interaction with nature that was one of the fundamental components of their culture of life.

“Such an interaction with nature and a kind, nonviolent attitude towards others helped these people to grow with the experience of happiness and joy of life. And benevolence, mutual understanding, tenderness and caress in relationships with each other did not allow ‘dirtying’ the souls with negative emotions and hostility.

“After all, the happiness in life is ensured not at all by technical achievements of civilization. These tribes did not have even a tiny part of the modern technical achievements; in many aspects, their life was much more difficult. Nevertheless, they lived with the feeling of freedom and happiness — in contrast to the modern Russians.

“The life of people in the modern technocratic society became ‘fettered’ and is far from happiness and freedom. The reason for this is the desire of people to ensure, first of all, the material aspect of their lives, hoping that material wealth will bring them happiness.

“Yet, happiness — by its very nature — originates not from something outer, but from the inner. Happiness is a state of a soul. Therefore, only they can be happy who live not by the concerns of the body, but by the true aspirations of the soul.

“Let Me repeat that the ancient Russians had values different than those of the modern society: harmony of communication with nature, nonviolence in relationships with each other, respect for the freedom of everyone — this made them happy, free people…

“… One of My last incarnations was on the territory of the modern Kostroma region.

“At that time, this land was inhabited by beautiful people — pure souls. Their outer appearance was very beautiful as well: harmoniously shaped bodies, light slightly curly hair, eyes in which one could see purity, clearness, deepness.

“They lived in communities comprising several families. They lived simply and purely, in harmony with nature. It was a norm of their life.”

“Yasin, where does Your name come from? I read that Yasin is an Arabic name. Were You incarnate among Arabs?”

“No, but I like all Arabs, too, as My children. And I am always ready to help them to cognize God: Allah, Svarog, Heavenly Father — it is just the words that are different, but the essence is one.

“The name Yasin means ‘Clear Light’. It is this Light that I cognized and that I became when I attained Mergence with the Creator.”

“Yasin, You have not told us about how You cognized the Creator…”

“It was in one of My incarnations, when I was brought by Svarog to one of His forest schools.

“First, we were taught to dissolve in the energy fields of plants — spring birches, ashes, poplars; then — to let the clear light of the morning sun into the chest and to fill with it the chakras, to move it through the main meridians. Sunny purity had to fill the entire body, making it shining and almost transparent, — then the student could move further.

“And then our work was similar to yours: we learned to spread with the spiritual hearts over lakes and fields, disappearing in the quietness of the forest…

“Then we cognized the Brahmanic eon and all other layers of the Absolute — with the help of Assyris and other Divine Teachers.

“And on the higher, final stages, we had to fill, with ourselves as consciousnesses, the image of a Tree, whose branches stretched into the material plane, and the trunk went through the deep subtle spatial dimensions; then we with the consciousnesses grew, like roots, in the layer adjacent to the Abode of the Creator.

“And what happened then — you may understand very well.

“… This is My biography. Is everything clear for you?”

“Thank You, Yasin! Please tell us something more.”


“You began to do what I want, what We all want; in other words, what the Universal Creator wants to manifest now for people of the planet Earth. Nevertheless, you have not fully understood the scale of the work intended by Us!

“What you are doing now is like a small seed. Looking at this seed, you cannot see the size of the tree that you are planting now. But I see both the tree, and its blossoms, and its fruits, and new future seeds!

“… And now I want to tell about the Yoga of ancient Russia. Without this, the picture would be incomplete.

“I incarnated Myself for the last time on the Earth — from the state of Divinity — long before the coming of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

“I was one of Those Who were called in later times Magi. They were the incarnations of Souls Who accepted on Themselves care about the growth and evolution of the consciousnesses of incarnate people. They created ethical norms that later were called customs. These norms became imprinted in the people’s way of life: in everyday work, in rest, in celebrations. And with time, they became traditions.

“The rites of these people were not a meaningless series of ordained bodily movements or memorized words. They were thought-out actions that helped the participants to create good emotional attunement, good thoughts; this created a positive life program for all the participants.

“The customs formed in this way helped to establish a joyful state in work, harmony in marriage, good relationships in the family and in the community. But the most important thing is that they contributed to the tendency of uniting the consciousnesses. Everyone learned to live feeling themselves as a part of the family, of the community, of the entire world of living nature, a son or a daughter of the mother-Earth and Father-God. This was achieved not through words, not at the level of words — but through performance of rites which produced such states of the consciousness.

“We, Magi, created variations of these rites which would be more effective for correct development of souls.

“Take, for example, sowing of grain or gathering of harvest done by the entire community. People, merged together as consciousnesses, while doing this work, created an energy field of power and joy that helped make the work easier! It is similar to the effect of your meditative running — when it is very easy to run! The field sown in this way becomes a place of power in the full meaning of this word; the harvest and the energy of the grain grown on such a field are also extremely good!

“Another example is building a house: one chooses trees for this work, then asks forgiveness from every tree before cutting it… Every part of the tree is used: bark, branches, and the parts which are not used in building — they become spoons, splinters for the torch, fences made of branches…

“The ethics of relationships with plants was an integral part of the rules of how one should build a house so that to make it firm, to have good relationships in the family, to give birth to healthy children in it.

“By following other similar rules of life, people learned to create good, to create beauty.

“Celebrations also served the purpose of strengthening health and cultivating joy in the soul. They also helped to remember about God-Creator!

“People learned such mergence of consciousnesses also in harmonious dances and choral singing.

“These people had domestic animals, which provided milk and eggs. But they did not hunt animals living in the forest.

“The nature provided people with mushrooms, nuts, berries, and honey. It was enough for good and healthy nutrition. There was enough food!

“And relationships of man with the world of nature were not hostile. We taught to live in unity, in cooperation with all the living: with forces of nature, with inhabitants of the forest…

“There was no trade at that time, but there was exchange. Usually it was in the form of gifts that have to be responded with gifts — it was also a law of life. One tried to give to others something that he or she was a master at making or something that others needed more. In this way people lived, according to the law of GIVING and THANKING! Such was the ‘business’ of that time!

“Magi were creators of these rules of life and teachers of people, including children.

“Magi did not have a family or a home; all people were Their family; the Abode of the Creator was Their Home! They traveled from one land to another; stayed in the local communities for a long time, and then walked further. They were a connection link between many tribes of Slavs of that time. Also — a link between people and God.

“The higher knowledge was not written but conveyed in oral form or from Consciousness to consciousness. And We protected the purity of the spiritual knowledge.

“… But, to Our regret, the time came to Russia when there remained almost no one who could learn Our Mastery; there remained only a few worthy disciples…

“For a long time, I supported from the non-incarnate state these traditions, which had been created with My help: I strove to cultivate in people a kind character, love for work, and love for the Earth. Even after millennia, there remained echoes of what was called customs. For example, Nekrasov was amazed and delighted by the fact that enslaved Russian people nevertheless kept the inner purity and power.

“And if there had been no total drunkenness destroying souls like poison, one could continue this work even now…”

“Could You tell a bit more about work in forest schools?

“You ask Every one of Us about exercises for the body and soul performed at the initial stages of psychoenergetical work!... Yes, such an exercise was, for example, dance of the sun. It resembles the so-called spontaneous dance existing in different spiritual schools. But its main feature was to feel the center of oneself-soul as a shining sun in anahata. The student invited Father-Svarog into the spiritual heart — and began the dance of love-thanksgiving to God! The Sun-Love in the spiritual heart, burning brighter and brighter like a rising sun, created the state of giving love, radiating it to all sides, as in the meditation Cross of Buddha. Then this Light filled the arms, the legs, the head — and the Light began to flow through the arms, through the eyes… It was done as a dance. And one gave flows of this Light-blessing — through the arms of the consciousness, through the look of the consciousness — to all living beings around.

“As the soul grew, this morning meditation did not become obsolete, but the size of the sun became much larger than the size of the body. Then one moved the feeling of the center of oneself to the center of the Earth, and then to the Abode of the Creator.

“In this way the disciples of God meditated at dawn of every new day, learning to be Svarozhichi — sons and daughters of Svarog.

“There were also songs resembling a combination of mantras and inducing positive resonant states in different energy structures of the body. But let Lada tell about this: She developed this direction perfectly.”

“And what about the Tree of Life or World Tree — is it related to You or to Your Teachings? For example, in Scandinavian legends this Tree connects all the worlds.”

“Such myths existed in almost all nations. They are ‘fairy tales about the truth’. The Tree of Life is a higher meditation. Variations of this meditation were known throughout the entire history of spiritual initiations on the Earth. It is Mergence with God in the Aspect of the Absolute. The Tree of Life grows from the Primordial level of subtlety and pervades the Creation with Its Divine Power of Life: ‘I am Life creating life!’

“Its analogy is the golden flower of Taoists, and the Vine of Jesus Christ. It can be called differently. This image shows the structure of the multidimensional Absolute.

“Do you remember how Don Juan described to Castaneda the emanations of the Power? He said that these emanations resemble trees, and living beings in their cocoons resemble fruits on branches.

“The cosmic bodies of planets are also similar fruits.

“And the Creative Power is the One Primordial Consciousness, God in the Aspect of the Creator, the United We.

“In the traditions where I grew up, with the help of the image of the Tree of Life, people mastered not only submergence into the Abode of the Creator but also reverse motion: growing from the Divine plane into the body. Thanks to this, the energy structures of the body could be treated up to the tiniest details.

“The body of man is just a branch of the Divine Tree. But the structure of the body’s inner channels resembles a branching tree. The Divine level of subtlety has to be realized in the meridians of the backbone, also in the energy channels branching from the backbone and transmitting in the body flows of energy which can be called by the word Life. This method allowed one to control all vital systems of the body: breathing, blood circulation, heart rhythm… However, this is only possible in full Mergence with the Divine Power, Which, among other things, gives life inside the substances of a human body.”


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