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Spiritual Heart. The Religion of Unity.

Main religious principles. The Spiritual Heart. History of Religions.

Religious book for God seekers. Names of God, meaning of life, charkas cleansing, kundalini awakening, raja- and buddhi-yoga

Vladimir Antonov

Spiritual Heart.
The Religion of Unity

"Polus", 1999 ISBN 5-8945-001-7 © Antonov V.V., 1999.

Translated from Russian by Maxim Shafeyev

In this book the author presents the understanding of the primary philosophical truths and that form of religious activity of people that God wants to see on Earth. He also provides a detailed explanation of God, Evolution, man, the purpose of human life, and the Path of spiritual self-realization.

The book also contains an overview of the Russian history in comparison with the examples of degradation of major religious civilizations — up to the current condition of almost complete collapse of Russian religious culture. The author suggests ways out of this situation.

Information about the Author

The author of this book was born in Russia in an atheistic family in April of 1946. After graduating from the Saint Petersburg State University, majoring in Ecology, he worked in medicine for almost ten years, obtained a Ph.D. degree researching the formation of behavioral patterns under influence of outer factors.

Later on he reoriented to studying healing, psychic self-regulation, and religion, for which he was prosecuted by KGB. He developed a scientifically proven system of methods of working with chakras (including the anahata chakra — the spiritual heart). He was the first to publish such methods and for many years taught methods of spiritual self-perfection, lecturing and conducting practical lessons in Russia and several other countries.

Then he was killed by members of an obscure sect who practiced wearing subway tokens in between the buttocks, wagging their posteriors, and hatred, instead of performing an ethic purification and cultivating a desire to cognize God [4,10]. After some time he was resurrected by God in the same body so that he could continue his personal self-perfection and serve other people with his spiritual knowledge.

The author has been a personal disciple of Jesus Christ, Krishna, Huang-Di, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba, and other Divine Teachers, was admitted by God to Abodes of the Holy Spirit and God-the-Father, and described in many of his books the essence of the Creator, His Plan regarding the Creation, the mechanism of the universal Evolution, the purpose of human life, and the methods of spiritual self-development: from the entry-level — to the highest.


God Is Love

God is Love.

Jesus Christ was the first to pronounce these words. Today they are the basis of the preachings by the contemporary Messiah Sathya Sai Baba.

What is implied by these words?


God and Us

Our Creator loves us, His creatures, like a caring Father-Mother, and seeks to give us as much good as possible. Even if what He does feels painful sometimes — it is but His educational measure: by means of pain He teaches us what we should not be. This is — for our own good. And it is in our interests — to be sensitive to such instructions of His.

The purpose of our lives consists in qualitative and quantitative development of ourselves as consciousnesses (souls). After reaching God-like degree of development by these two criteria in the end of this long process we merge into the Creator and thus enrich Him with ourselves. This constitutes His growth. And this accounts for His direct concern in our advancement in the direction that He prefers; He points out to us any deviations from this correct path by means of pain and various trouble. But if He is satisfied with our advancement, He gives us a tremendous amount of happiness and bliss — and then there remains no doubt as to the power of His most sincere Love.

Sometimes one may hear an opinion that existence of innumerable sufferings on the earth proves that God does not exist. This way of thinking is pertinent to extremely egotistic people who consider everyone, including God, to be their servants. But the Truth is opposite to this: it is us who must put ourselves to His service.

How can we serve God, then?

In order to answer this question we should first find out what He is interested in, why He created planets, stars, plants, animals, and people.

The answer cannot be found in the distorted and degraded religious concepts, which lack the evolutionary approach to the explanation of these problems, while declaring a man a paltry and hopelessly sinful creature, doomed to beg the dreadful Universal Lord for forgiveness of his actual and imaginary transgressions.

But no: if we are able to break free from the darkness of religious ignorance, we can dramatically transform our miserable existence full of resentment, diseases, hate, grief and sorrow — into a vigorous life abounding with joy, creative service to other people and God, and cooperation with Him — Who is visible, audible, and loving, always there to hear us out and give us advice.

But such relationships with Him are possible only if we make real efforts on transforming ourselves in accordance with His plan and if we offer ourselves to Him as assistants, co-workers, and servants.


The Evolution of the Universal Consciousness

The universal space is inhabited by living self-aware energies, called souls, spirits, or consciousnesses. “Lumps” of some of them are small, some bigger, while others are large. But there is also the largest Consciousness that occupies the entire boundless universal space — this is God-the-Father, Who is also called the Creator, Jehovah, Savaof, Allah, Iswara, Tao, Primordial Consciousness, Adibuddha, etc.

Consciousnesses of different level of evolutionary advancement abide in different layers of multidimensional space, which are called eons in Greek, lokas — in Sanskrit, etc. These layers range by the level of their subtlety-coarseness, similar to the radio waves of different frequencies: waves of different frequency ranges do not interfere, although they exist within the same space.

Layers of multidimensional space have borders, which resemble a partition plane between transparent oil and water poured in the same glass vessel. This is how the borders between some eons really look like.

In the deepest layer of the multidimensional universal Ocean of the Absolute lies the Unified Consciousness of the Creator; this is the layer of the subtlest Consciousness. At the opposite end of the subtlety-coarseness scale there are layers of hell, inhabited by devils and demons — the coarsest souls; this is hell.

Thus, there are numerous layers-eons between the two ends of this scale. Throughout their individual evolution units of consciousness (souls) move from one layer to another in both directions, finding their abode either in hellish eons, or paradisiacal, or intermediate ones. But we have to strive to get into the subtlest eon, which is called the Abode of the Creator and located “deeper”, than paradise.

Life of God consists in His Evolution, i.e. continuation of the positive development of His Universal Organism.

This is the reason why He creates material worlds in various parts of the universe and then settles tiny particles of His energy into organic bodies on planets, which are suitable at the particular time for the existence of the latter. These particles should grow and merge back into Him and enrich Him in the end. Their growth starts on the crystalline lattices of minerals, continues in the bodies of plants, animals, and then those of humans.

Each of us has come through multitude of incarnations in his personal evolution — before getting in his current human body. And our task for now is to make maximum efforts in order to become worthy of Mergence with the Creator in His Abode.

It is clear to us now how we should love God, isn’t it?

We have to do everything we can to attain Divinity ourselves and to merge into Him, and also to help other people in doing this.

We advance towards Divinity by means of:

— Cultivation of love to all living beings and for the Creator,

— Refinement of ourselves as consciousness so that we can move into more subtle eons — away from hell and closer to the Abode of the Creator.

— Intellectual self-perfection: accumulation of knowledge about the most important, training of the thinking abilities, intellectual creativity etc.,

— Increasing the power of our refined consciousness, which is directly proportional to the size of its “lump”.

An individual consciousness has the ability to increase quantitatively (to grow). It grows in the course of incarnations as it enters physical bodies of increasing size. But at the human stages of the evolution of an individual soul this growth is accelerated if a person leads an intense life in any area: from physical labor, to intellectual work, to healing, etc. But there are also special (esoteric) methods of acceleration of the quantitative growth of consciousness that consist in various types of meditative training, which are especially effective if conducted in combination with athletic exercises and on special “power places”.

One must remember that an increase of the size and power of a coarse consciousness will make a devil out of a person and will determine a quite “stable” life in hell for him. It is only growth of a refined consciousness that has a real value.

What, then, leads to the coarsening of consciousness and what — to the refinement of it?

There are both external and internal factors. Among the former is the introduction of certain kinds of energy into the organism from outside: either coarse or refined. For instance, eating bodies of killed animals, prolonged stay inside coarse energy fields, generated by coarse people, powerful voltage transformers and similar sources — all this coarsens consciousness. Communicating with refined people, getting attuned to the subtlest natural phenomena and works of art contribute to refinement of it.

But what is even more important in this process are the person’s own emotions. Emotions are nothing else but states of consciousness. They are generated in special energy structures of the human organism — chakras. (Electric processes, registered in the brain merely reflect these states, since the brain does not generate them but only takes part in the processing and transferring of corresponding information to various organs of the body and layers of the multidimensional human organism, as well as between the consciousness that lives in the physical body and the outer environment).

All emotions and their nuances can be ranged along the subtlety-coarseness scale.

To coarse emotions belong all manifestations of anger (from fury — to irritability to jealousy to emotion of condemnation) and fear (from terror — to anxiety).

Subtle and the subtlest emotions are represented by all kinds of love, especially by tenderness (including sexually-colored one). It is not by chance that the New Testament is permeated with this topic: “Love one another with mutual affection…” (Romans, 12:10), “Greet one another with a holy kiss” (2 Cor.13:12), etc.

As to the controlling of one’s emotions, any attempts to hold back one’s anger or to force oneself to kiss people whom one does not love would be very ineffective. But a radical solution to this problem can come through practicing methods of psychic self-regulation, based on influencing one’s own reflexogenic zones of emotional-volitional sphere. Among these are methods developed within our School [10 and others]. The most important reflexogenic zone of the human organism is the spiritual heart.


The Spiritual Heart

The spiritual heart is the organ that is responsible for generating emotions of love. This is the most important part of the human organism. It is also called the anahata chakra or the middle dantyan. This structure is what spiritual seekers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and most likely representatives of other religious schools, have trained and worked with.

However, strange as it may be, there are numerous attempts to determine its location, including quite preposterous ones.

Some early Christians believed that it was located in the physical heart.

Or someone shared their “firm conviction” in a book, that the spiritual heart, unlike the physical one that is located in the left part of the chest, is located in the right part of it.

On the schemes contained in the foreign books, translated into Russian and published by “Ananda Marga”, the spiritual heart was for some reason was depicted as located around the stomach area, and some incompetent Russian authors accepted this opinion. But it is clear that if one spends one’s whole life developing the stomach area by means of various psychic techniques, one is not going to advance a bit in gaining the ability to love cordially.

In reality, the spiritual heart starts growing from the center of the thorax, and when developed — it occupies its entire volume.

During the first centuries of the Christian era many true spiritual seekers used the method, known as the “Jesus prayer”, for developing this organ. They started to diligently repeat a certain variations of the following prayer all day long: “Jesus Christ, our Lord, Son of God, have mercy on me!” in an attempt to invoke and perceive Jesus-the-Sweetest (the Most Beloved). And in some of them — usually after years of such practice — this prayer would involuntarily “get down” from the head to the thorax and… — the person would suddenly realize what love really is. As a result, his whole life would change dramatically starting from this moment [4,37,64].

But in the following centuries — as the Christian movement degraded — this method was gradually forgotten. In Russian Orthodoxy the opinion started to prevail, that the secret of the “Jesus prayer” had been “lost”…

However, by using the scientific method we were able not only to discover the secret of opening up the spiritual heart, but also to work out techniques that allowed almost everyone who wanted to learn this to accomplish this task in one or two months or even faster. The system of methods that we created has already helped thousands of people to accelerate their personal evolution.

How one can do it (even by oneself), we have explained in detail in a series of our books [10 and others].



God is Love. And in order to get closer to Him, to become a part of Him by merging into the Primordial Consciousness, we also have to become Love.

I can also put it in other words: the Primordial Universal Consciousness, the Creator, is the “Universal Anahata”, the Unified Spiritual Heart that is being constantly replenished by spiritual hearts of seekers from all inhabited planets of the universe, who attain Perfection and merge into Him. This is why the Straight Path to one’s own complete spiritual Self-Realization that consists in the Mergence with Him, involves the development of oneself as Love in qualitative and quantitative aspects. It is only through this that we can merge into Him.

Other valuable qualities of an individual consciousness (soul) may be considered as auxiliary, supplemental to the function of the spiritual heart, which contribute to its full and correct realization.

In the Chinese spiritual tradition the spiritual heart is called the middle dantyan. It is located in the center of the human organism. Two other dantyans are “attached” to it from above and from below and support its activity and development: the lower supplies it with power, and the upper carries out primarily an intellectual function.

The dantyans are composed of chakras, each chakra playing a certain role in the life of the organism. Chakras are functional organs of consciousness (soul); they develop in special areas within the body.

The middle dantyan consists of only one chakra — the anahata.

The upper one — of three.

The sahasrara and ajna chakras are responsible for intellectual function, while vishudha (that adjoins anahata) — for aesthetic appraisal.

The lower dantyan, which is also composed of three chakras, represents the “power plant” of the organism.

Its upper chakra — manipura — is located in the upper abdominal area — in the region of the solar plexus and digestive organs: the stomach, the pancreas, the liver, and some part of the intestinal tract. Among other functions it performs is the accumulation of energy derived from food.

Another chakra of the lower dantyan — svadhisthana — (located in the lower part of the abdomen) is responsible for the reproductive function and generation of emotions associated with it.

Whether a person is energetic or not depends on the condition of his manipura. Using special techniques of cleansing and development of manipura [10] one can eliminate sluggishness and sleepiness, as well as pathological excitability, fidgeting, and irritability.

While manipura is responsible for ensuring high activity of the organism, correctly developed svadhisthana is on the contrary — for refinement and peace. One of the emotions that are the most important in the beginning of spiritual Path — sexually colored tenderness — is experienced as a result of interaction between svadhisthana and anahata, the same is true for other most subtle emotions that a person experiences during harmonious communication with children, enjoying the subtlest natural phenomena (especially at spring dawns and dusks).

When the organism is overfilled with the subtlest emotions, these energies get partially reserved in a special repository connected with the lowest chakra — muladhara. The energy accumulated there is called kundalini. This is an extremely important energetic reserve of the organism; it is accumulated and stored from one incarnation to another. One day it can — provided that the soul is mature enough and under auspicious circumstances — contribute to the breakthrough of the soul into the subtlest eons and Mergence of the individual consciousness with the Consciousness of the Creator (See [7] for more detail). The fact is that kundalini is the Atmic energy, in a qualitative sense identical to the Consciousness of the Creator. I must mention that, being in an as it were “archived” state (in computer terms), kundalini is located not in the physical body, but in the akasha eons inside our planet1. It is not connected with the coccyx in any way (which sometimes is asserted in many dilettantish books on “yoga”), and neither bringing it up to the body nor moving it through it can be induced by beating with the coccyx against the floor or by shaking dancing.

Special methods of spiritual practice allow a person to combine the three lower chakras into one “power block” that is called “hara”. From this moment on the growing spiritual heart starts to receive an adequate supply of power from below. Thanks to the latter the person gains the ability to accelerate the expansion of his spiritual heart beyond his body — up to the size of Earth, then — of our galaxy…, the entire universe…

No chakras are “bad” or “good” (ignorant fantasies about which one may find in some publications). All chakras must be developed — in structural and functional terms — up to the full realization of their functions.

But let us try never to forget that the main chakra that should always be focused on and paid special attention to, is the anahata chakra — with its function of Love.


What Is God

Almost all people that live on our planet believe in the existence of God (although degrees of their faith differ). Nevertheless, people may assign different meanings to the word “God”.

The main meaning of this word is — the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator.

But, God may also be viewed as the Absolute — i.e. the Creator and His Creations that He created out of Himself. In this sense, it would be correct to say that God is All (the term “Absolute” — by its origin — means “Absolutely All”).

It is very important to take into account these terminological nuances: since many people who fell under the influence of false religious sects of Indian origin are convinced that since God is All — one must not do anything: believing that one is a part of God is enough to consider oneself a person who has attained Self-Realization.

But such opinion is erroneous, since our evolutionary Goal is God in the aspect of the Creator, and not the Absolute.

Some people may regard only one particular Divine Teacher as God. For example, some may say, ‘Our God is Jesus Christ!’, or ‘Our God is Krishna!’, or ‘Our God is Babaji!’, or ‘Our God is Sathya Sai!’… While in reality all of Them are Parts of one Unified God-the-Father, the Creator, the Primordial Consciousness. One may encounter the extreme degree of absurdity when talking to some Orthodox parsons: ‘our God is Jesus Christ, while Muslims have their own, a false, of course, God — Allah!’. But Allah is the same God-the-Father, to Whom Jesus Christ called us! It is just His name sounds like that in Arabic!

Anyone who achieved the Mergence with God-the-Father in His Abode and established themselves in that state becomes a part of Him. (Philip, an apostle of Jesus Christ, gave a detailed account of this [9], while methodological details can be found in [11]). And there can be no disagreements or disputes among Parts of God-the-Father. In the practice of our School we have enjoyed a constant guidance of many Divine Teachers — Jesus Christ, Krishna, Babaji, Sathya Sai, Huang-Di, David Copperfield, apostle Philip, Juan Matus, Genaro, Surya (another name of Her was Assyris — during Her incarnation in Syria in a male body), Ptahotep, Elizabeth Haich, and Others. All of Them have been helping us — either taking turns or all together — by suggesting meditative techniques and ways of their easiest mastering, giving organizational advice and recommendations on helping other people, an also supervising my work on writing books. There have never been any disagreements among Them in Their Leadership. They indeed supplemented one another.

Divine Teachers — Parts of One Universal God-the-Father — are numerous; we know only a few. Some of Them attained Divinity in Atlantis, ancient Egypt, China, India, and other countries, Their names having been forgotten. Names of Others have remained in the memory of incarnated people, but information about what They were doing and preaching may have gotten replaced by myth-type fantasies. This may be the origin of “gods” of ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, India, Russia, and other countries. This point of view was expressed by Paul Brunton [20] in regard to Egyptian Osiris and Tot (Tehuti). We had a happy opportunity to receive the most important spiritual initiations from Surya, Who was worshiped in ancient Russia and India as God of Divine Fire and sunlight.


About Communication with Divine Teachers

When trying to establish first contacts with Divine Teachers beginning mystics often meet with some type of misunderstanding. The main reason for that is that these people are unable to correctly identify their Interlocutor and to critically assess the information they receive.

First, a certain spirit (even a hell being) can pretend to be a Divine Teacher. Divine Teachers Themselves sometimes speak in such a manner that could be understood in two ways; They do it on purpose — in order to develop ethic qualities and intellectual abilities of Their disciples, as well as to probe their level of development by these criteria.

There are several ways one can recognize Divine Teachers. The main criterion is the Divine Level of Refinement of Their Consciousnesses. They usually appear in an anthropomorphic form consisting of Divine Fire — the subtlest, non-burning flame-like tender goldish or white Light. A spirit who has not attained Divinity cannot accept such a form.

But in order to be able to see Divine Teachers like that one has to get close to Them by the level of refinement of one’s consciousness. This is not easily achieved. And until it is, one must assess the information obtained by mystical means very carefully. It must be necessarily checked against the precepts and instructions of God that we can find in the holy books.

Many people who do not do this get into the traps set by hellish spirits and end up in mental hospitals as a result of their contacts with “cosmic teachers”.


Selfcenteredness — versus God-Centeredness

We have already discussed that in order to realize the meaning of our lives as humans, to realize our Love to God that should manifest in the desire to serve Him, cognize Him, become like Him, and to merge with Him in the Embraces of Eternal Love, — we have to grow ourselves as spiritual hearts and to refine ourselves as consciousness.

But there is another aspect of self-development that needs to be understood and fulfilled. I am talking about the destruction of one’s lower self (ego).

Lower self is a part of a person that manifests itself as a feeling of separate existence, isolation from the All, from the Absolute.

A large number of vices are manifestations of a pathologically inflated lower self. Among these are greed, the desire to take possession of what belongs to others, arrogance, pride, conceit, resentfulness, anger, revengefulness, jealousy, self-admiration, attachment to material objects, and so on.

All this creates trouble and pain to both other people who surround such a person and to him. He cannot be loved and respected by people. Moreover, actions performed under influence of this kind of emotions form a negative karma (destiny) for him. While coarsening of consciousness, which inevitably results from the domination of coarse negative states, steers the development of such a person into a demoniac pattern and determines for him hell after death.

This is why Jesus put such a great emphasis in His preachings on the importance of conquering the “sticking out” lower selves of His disciples. In particular, He taught never to sit on the “high” place, to think “big” of oneself; on the contrary: He said that he who is willing to serve people should feel himself as their servant. (More details you may find in [9]).

Lao Tse, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, and Babaji, taught the same. Today this is taught by Sathya Sai Baba [9].

The opposite qualities to those of the “protruding” lower self, which is proud, boastful, arrogant, self-admiring, touchy, rude, hasty, revengeful, envious, irritable, angry, greedy, lascivious, — are simplicity and humility (humble thinking of oneself) [8-10].

The studying of spiritual literature, in particular “The Philokalia” [37], can help in acquiring these qualities. The mistakes that a person discovers in himself must become subject of a thorough intelligent repenting, which we have discussed in detail in books [4-8,10].

But the ultimate solution of this problem can come only through practice of meditation.

The point is that it is impossible to be in the Divine eons as a separate entity: one can be there only in a “dissolved” state, the state of “non-I”. When a drop of water gets into an ocean it must dissolve in it, disintegrate into molecules. If this does not happen — then the drop will not be identical to the ocean and will not become a part of it, no matter how many times it dips into or swims inside it.

The same is true for us: for the sake of Mergence with our beloved Creator we have to sacrifice our selves — they have to die. Only in this case we can associate with His Self — our Higher Self.

… But let no one think that it can be accomplished as a result purely mental process. No. In order to realize the Mergence with the Creator one has to go a long Path of purifying oneself of vices and refining of one’s consciousness. One’s love to the Creator has to be so strong that it would enable one to renounce all “earthly” goals. One has to get into the highest eon and to bring up the Atmic energy kundalini to and move it through the body. Upon coming through the body it merges into the Creator. Starting from this moment a person may consider a part of “himself” as already being in Him [7]. And all that remains to accomplish is to learn to shift the concentration of self-awareness in That part of oneself and to dissolve There along with it.

And then, being Him, we need to learn to act from Him using our physical bodies… In this case we become like Divine Teachers.


* * *


Once God told me:

— A death of your body is possible tomorrow. Be ready.

And after some time He added:

— You should have more humility.

… Winter. Morning. It is still dark. I walk down the road with a backpack. Along the sides of the road there are high walls of packed snow that has been cleared off the road.

All of a sudden I see headlights: a tractor is rushing at high speed by the shoulder of the road right towards my body. It is impossible to jump aside to the road: there is a dense traffic there. I am pressing into the snow wall hoping that the tractor will pass by. No: it proceeds without slowing down or turning aside. A deliberate run-over attempt! At the last instant I jump on the snow wall, cling onto it — hoping that the body does not start sliding down! The vehicle flashes by within less than an inch of my feet. I survive! If the body had slid down — the severe injuries would have been inevitable.

I walk further, thinking. An ordinary man would have burst with negative emotions: offence, spite, a desire to avenge oneself, etc. Or rather, it is his lower self that would have burst. How did he dare?! Bustard! Catch him! Punish! And if it is impossible to catch and punish — it all translates into prolonged stress, stenocardia, high blood pressure, stroke, infarct, etc. …

In cases like that it is best to recall the words of Juan Matus that he said to Carlos Castaneda (see the review in [9]):

“A (spiritual) warrior could be injured but not offended. For a warrior there is nothing offensive about the acts of his fellow men…

The other night you were not offended by the lion. The fact that it chased us did not anger you. I did not hear you cursing it, nor did I hear you say that he had no right to follow us. It could have been a cruel and malicious lion for all you know.

To achieve the mood of a warrior is not a simple matter. To regard the lion and the water rats and our fellow men as equals is a magnificent act of the warrior’s spirit. It takes power to do that.”

Sufis say [86] that there are three types of people:

1. Demoniac;

2. Animal-like, who live only primitive instincts and whose intellect can be compared with that of animals;

3. People who are capable of engaging in a serious spiritual practice.

If we get stuck in the conflicts that representatives of the first two groups thrust on us we will not only lose such a precious time that God allotted us for self-perfection in these our bodies. But we also run the risk of growing embittered, accustoming ourselves to anger… and becoming like them — without even noticing it.

Temptations to get involved in the conflicts, in which interests of the lower self are being vindicated, are a sort of “filters” that stand in the way to the Abode of the Creator. Only those who are free of self-centeredness can pass through them.

… Looking back at my life I clearly realize now that I could not have accomplished anything serious either for myself or for other people if I had not learned to ignore insults, slander, betrayals, and even murdering of my body performed by a gang created by my former student who had refused to follow the fundamental principles of spiritual practice [4,10].

… How many people in today’s Russia have the only dominant in their life: hatred towards those who depraved them of their savings in bank deposits and investments in various financial “pyramids”! But what sense does it make to dedicate years of one’s life to this “warfare” of emotions? There is no way one can retrieve the money, anyway: it is simply gone, regardless of the courts’ verdicts in one’s favor. But we have this life not for wasting it in the attempts to draw our money to ourselves. It was given to us so that we could draw ourselves to the Creator!

But anger, even “righteous”, — can lead us only to hell.

… I also know very well what a desperate (as it seemed then) lack of money is.

When KGB prosecuted me for my religious convictions — in the “soviet” times, I sometimes had to collect and turn in empty bottles from the streets.

Or when my body was crippled by that gang and I was disabled for several months — I also had no money. I could not even receive any “sick leave” compensation: the center where I had worked before it happened had been closed by me. And my “best friends” who used to travel with me tens of kilometers to the woods and even to seminars in Moscow (from Saint-Petersburg) decided that they could not receive anything from me anymore and thus lost any interest in me. At that time, when it was not them, but I who needed help, it turned out that I lived “too far away”: one long hour of traveling by subway… In this manner God showed me the true nature of those to whom I was going to dedicate my life…

At that time we lived together with my mother on her pension. But she died soon: her heart could not withstand the view of her son’s crippled body…

But God used to say all the time then:

— Do not worry about money! Come to Me! I will take care about the rest.

And He ordered me to write books: the first one, then the second, the third… Every time publishing them turned out to be a problem. But the resolution would always turn up somehow. Along the way He introduced me to new (for me) types of people: liars, thieves, those who were willing to do something for other people only for money, or primitive people who would set to leading others on the “spiritual path”…

But I also met those who saw a long-awaited Good in me, and the Creator behind me — they would begin to help me, although they lacked the resolution necessary to make their own spiritual efforts…

He also brought to me those who were able to effortlessly master the most complex things and demonstrated an absolute devotion to the cause. They were the people, who, as Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita [9], already sought for the Creator in their past lives; and now He was presenting them with buddhi-yoga through me — so that they could get close to and merge into Him soon.


* * *


Everyone chooses their own abode themselves: some choose hell, some — paradise, while the others — the Abode of the Creator.

It is a pity though, that there are so few people on Earth, especially in our long-suffering country, who posses sufficient knowledge that would allow them to make a deliberate choice…

“There is no life except for the life to come!” — this is how one of the most important and fundamental themes for meditation is worded in the Quran [9]. In other words, this life in the body is but a preparation for the life “on the other side”, which usually is much longer than the one on the Earth. And one must live one’s earthly life having a profound understanding of mechanisms of destiny formation, the true meaning and the Purpose of life, and the ways of their realization.


Hell, Paradise, and Karma

By the way, did you notice the difference between creation of good or bad karma, on one hand, and mechanisms of determination of the “afterlife” abode?

In this respect one should understand that certain ethically significant actions, words, and thoughts form the corresponding type of karma. By means of forming our destinies in accordance with this rule God seeks to disaccustom us to the evil and to make us cling to the good.

But whether we prepare ourselves to live in hell, paradise, or Divine eons after the death of our bodies — this depends on the levels of subtlety-coarseness scale [of states of consciousness] to which we accustomed ourselves during our lives in the physical bodies on Earth.

Our being associated with some particular religion or even our faith in the existence of God — do not (directly) matter in this case.

I had numerous chances to make sure the latter is true by observing the “post-death” state of people whom I knew very well.

One of them was a famous scientist, who was a determined and staunch atheist. But he dedicated his life to doing Good, heroically and self-sacrificially helping people with that highest knowledge and methods that he possessed. His predisposition for atheism was determined by the fact that he lived in Russia during a cruel era of “militant atheism” bearing a gruesome “Jew” stigma and that of all religious concepts he was familiar only with the Orthodox one, which could not possibly satisfy him as an intellectually highly-developed person.

He was leaving his body being a decrepit old man, suffering because of this, realizing with a deep sorrow that his “end” was coming. And one can only imagine how astounded he got later on discovering that there was no “end”!

Shortly before his leaving he called me on the phone with a clear intention to say “good-bye”. (We used to work together for a long time). Summing up his life he was saying very sincerely:

— I have lived an honest life, Vladimir! I have also given all of myself so that people would live better!

Then I made another attempt to steer the conversation into topics related to God and the immortality of the soul. But he was reluctant to talk about it, he was totally occupied with personal results of his life. The dialog did not happen…

Now he often visits me together with his wife — a kindest beautiful woman who left this world shortly before him. They are in an excellent state and their abode is paradise. They would stay watching me doing something, and then exchange opinions between each other. Sometimes, addressing me, he says:

— Right, Vladimir! Right!

Having to live in a fascist Russia both of them suffered much. And, of course, they could not accept that degenerated “Christianity” which had contrived to officially damn all Jews and had treated them in a more or less hostile manner ever since. They endured everything humbly, never slipping into bitterness and exasperation. They just silently wondered at the moral primitivism that was surrounding them. And they were right. Now they live in paradise.

But one of his closest colleagues, also a scientist and a Jew by the nationality of his physical body, who did very much during the last years of his earthly life to bring people closer to the understanding of the soul’s immortality and who wrote many works on parapsychology and psychic self-regulation, — he had lived in an endless bustle. He made the self-assertion with other people his habit, developed super-mendacity (he could become tangled in lies even in the course of one conversation, laying himself bare), insisted that “man is an autonomous, closed system”, did not think about God and conform his life to His Existence, developed his lower self to such an extent that it was full of various vices “sticking out”, and ended his earthly life of a brain disease in the United States where he had hoped to find peace, having had escaped from the Russian hell (he collapsed and died immediately upon coming off the ladder of the airplane onto the American land). Now that he left his body he can be seen as a “warped”, dark being, still devoid of peace. Hell is continuing for him… (I am saying this with a great sorrow: this man helped many people on Earth to start seeking for the true Freedom. But it turned out that he did not seek it himself).

Another couple of examples — two singers of past several decades who were well-known in Russia and who contributed significantly to the liberation of the country from the tyranny of the Communist Party and KGB.

Igor Talkov, who used to sing quite ordinary songs about earthly love, upon maturing started to sing in a rich, bold, and beautiful manner about political freedom, about God. And soon he died as a hero for the other people’s freedom. He spend last years of his earthly life in a triumphant and confident union with God, being strongly assured in the continuity of life — with or without a body… And his current status in his new life without a body is quite high. He is still beautiful!

But another Russian bard, a Talkov’s contemporary, who had written and sung a lot more wonderful, glorious, and wise songs, than Talkov had, and who also died in the struggle with Russian evil, who struggled but never found peace, harmony, and tranquil and tender love — he is still in this “psyched out”, “ruffled” state. He is still living in this “I-am-lacking-air!” kind of emotion. And with the desire to rush on horses “along the brink of the precipice”… But where he is now — this is not needed; it is — inappropriate there... And hence — his unquenchable anguish…

What a pity! But no one can help him now: after death a person remains in the same state to which he accustomed himself during his life in the body and in which death caught him.

And let us, my dear readers, keep it in mind: even performing great sacrificial feats in a state of exasperation, without inner Peace and Love, but with a feeling of dissatisfaction of our lower selves we may improve our karmas, but we do not get closer to God. As we do not realize the purpose of our lives and fulfill the Plan of the Creator in full.

God does approve of heroism and feats. But these feats should not be a sort of personal rebellion (although righteous), but rather conform to the profound philosophical understanding of the Plan of our Creator regarding all of us who live in bodies on Earth.

How many people could have benefited if they had timely received this knowledge! What a huge number of brilliant souls could have avoided making tragic mistakes that had such a devastating impact on their destinies!

But, every one of us can choose to help make tragedies like this less frequent, to help other people, so that they could stop making grave mistakes because of their lack of the true religious knowledge.


* * *


... I have never been seriously or for a long time interested in spiritism. I was drawn towards the cognition of the Creator. However, I have had numerous contacts with non-embodied people and animals.

In particular, many Russian physicians who graduated from Saint Petersburg Pediatric Institute certainly remember my mother — Irina Grigorievna Antonova: she had a medical education and taught physiology for several decades. Those who knew her during her life on Earth would be pleased to know that now she continues to fulfill doctor’s duties, wearing a white doctor’s smoke and a phonendoscope around her neck. The last time I saw her she helped a woman who was being reanimated. Irina Grigorievna comforted the woman when she found herself “on the other side”, in the world of the non-embodied consciousness, and explained to her that she was alive, only in a different way…

That woman got well after that and now continues to live in her physical body.

… My mother was prepared by me to her own transition. When she left her body — peacefully and painlessly — she made sure that I did not need her help and went to look for her husband, who left his body several years ago (I wrote about his life and circumstances in which he left in the book [4]). Later she returned, upset, complaining that she had been unable to find him anywhere…

But one day — someone helped her, apparently — she did find him! It turned out that he had just incarnated again. Used to helping people during her embodied life, she attempted to start caring about him. But… later she came back to me in grief:

— He is not interesting to me!

He was only two months old at that time…

— He does not understand anything yet!.. — she complained.

These were her first steps in getting used to the non-material existence.

Later, as we already know, there appeared more serious responsibilities for her.

… I have already mentioned that not only people, but also animals can live in the “other world”, and one can really communicate with them: there, communication occurs on the thought level, without using words. Paradise and hell also exist for them. As in case of people, their status can be easily determined using clairvoyance according to the level of refinement of their consciousnesses: light ones are inhabitants of paradise, while gray and black ones (in terms of the color of the soul) are those who live in hell.

Hellish animals very frequently can be found in the bodies of incarnate people as demons, which cause certain kinds of diseases. One of the reasons for this type of their behavior consists, apparently, in their feeling of resentment, because those people caused them pain or killed their bodies. In other words this represents the mechanism of manifestation of the negative karma for people who eat bodies of killed animals.

But “paradisiacal” animals, who are free of malignancy, revengefulness, but on the contrary — who used to be full of love during their lives in the bodies, continue to live there in joy and happiness.

I had a chance to communicate with the dogs, who used to be my friends and assistants in my scientific research. I initiated the first contact with them, who were killed by other scientists after my studies had been completed, when I repented deeply of my forced betrayal of them. But they… — were just jumping around joyfully and licking my hands and face.

— We will be protecting you! — this was their sincere desire, which could be easily perceived without words: being transferred directly from one consciousness to another.

Now let us pass on to reviewing the religious teachings that existed on Earth.


From the History of Religions of Earth


Judging from the information that has appeared during the recent years [20,21,53,55,87,89], the pre-Deluge events that were described in the Bible and several other ancient books of the East, took place in Atlantis. This was the paradise on earth, mentioned in the Bible. The Creator inhabited this land with evolutionary advanced souls, who lived in the bodies for several hundred years and whose bodies were larger than those of modern human beings.

But outside Atlantis, there lived another type of people, which modern scientists call paleoanthropus. It was to them that the Biblical Cain was expelled for the murder of his brother Abel; he found those people there and left among them numerous descendants.

The Atlanteans possessed the highest spiritual and technical knowledge, their bodies differed considerably from those of the paleoanthropus people. When they met people of other continents the latter would take them for Gods.

Modern people, except for several small groups, perhaps, can be considered a product of genetic mixing of the Atlanteans and paleoanthropus people.

The racist concept that claims superiority of some races over others is absolutely invalid: the color of the skin, which is determined by the congenital, genetically fixed amount of melanin pigment contained in it, protecting the skin from the excessive solar radiation, depends exclusively on the original habitats of the particular groups of people. The closer it is to the equator the more intensive the ultra violet radiation is and the greater amount of protective pigment the skin has to contain; and vice versa, the closer it is to the poles — the lesser amount of melanin is needed, thus the skin is lighter, since it needs to absorb as much ultra violet radiation as possible.

Atlantis was called the paradise on earth not only because it was located in an exceptionally auspicious climatic zone (the central part of the Atlantic ocean at the latitude of the Mediterranean Sea and Central America), but also (which is much more important) because its entire population possessed the highest spiritual knowledge and was familiar with methods of spiritual self-perfection. This was possible because God would send only highly advanced souls to incarnate into the bodies of the Atlanteans.

But as time went by, in this “paradise on earth” there appeared those ugly social phenomena, when certain people start to turn back in their evolution, to cultivate egocentrism, to seek power over the others, to proclaim themselves to be the “most high”, the superior, and to defy God… (This process was reflected in the legend about the “fallen angel”… But there have always been people like that: both then and now).

This phenomenon was especially dangerous since the Atlanteans possessed the magic knowledge, the misuse of which (applying them against Evolution) could lead to tremendous cataclysms, that could ruin life on the whole planet. The black magic was widespread, and those people started to seek usurpation of power… At that time God made a decision to destroy this hotbed of mystical contagion. He devised the Deluge of Atlantis.

Those of the Atlanteans, who remained steadfast devotees of God, were informed by Him beforehand and moved out of the doomed continent: some to America, some to Europe, Africa, and Asia. There they started to originate new centers of the highest spiritual culture. Such centers are known in America, Egypt, and Tibet.

And Atlantis submerged into the ocean.



Now we have sufficient historical information about functioning of the ancient Egyptian hearth of the highest spiritual culture [13, 15, 20, 55, 87 and others].

The Egyptians received that knowledge directly from the Atlanteans. It included description of the Supreme God (the Creator, the Primordial), Who manifested Himself both as Ra (Living Divine Fire, Which illumines inhabitants of the highest planes of the universe) and as Amun (another — the non-Fiery — manifestation of His). The Egyptians also knew the way He could be practically cognized and possessed methods of self-transformation that allowed one to attain Divinity.

Pharaohs were spiritual leaders of Egypt. The Supreme Priests of the Great Egyptian pyramid, which was constructed by the Atlanteans with the purpose of being an educational center (but not at all as a sepulcher), were their assistants, who were responsible, in particular, for the practical training of candidates for the initiation.

From the population of the country the Supreme Priests selected those who were worthy of receiving the highest spiritual knowledge and then trained them. For the rest of the population ritual religious ceremonies, intended for strengthening faith and raising morality, were mostly conducted.

The list of principal steps of spiritual ascent, which worthy disciples were taught in Egypt, consisted of initial purification of consciousness abiding in the body, followed by the stage-by-stage cognition and exploration of increasingly subtle layers of the multidimensional space, up to the Mergence with the Consciousness of the Creator.

The order of these stages and the interim results of their mastering turned out to be amazingly identical to that, which God was teaching us here, in Russia, at “power places” in and near Saint Petersburg thousands years after those Egyptian mysteries took place. This clearly indicates that these stages are universal in nature.

The ancient Egyptian civilization also helped many souls to attain the complete Victory in their evolution. This was possible, among other reasons, because the priests, always bearing in mind the tragedy of Atlantis, made all efforts to prevent unworthy individuals from getting access to the highest psycho-spiritual techniques.

“They kept their knowledge in the strictest secrecy, so that the name “Egypt” itself became associated… with the greatest mystery.

…The majority of those who had ever knocked on the doors of the temples of the mysteries, had never gotten admitted there; out of those who were admitted many overstrained their nerves or simply grew reluctant to undergo initiation because of increasing level of difficulty of the tests which they had to pass before this. Thanks to this process of winnowing out — a sort of natural selection — the mysteries turned into one of the most closed institutes of antiquity, and the secrets that were hidden behind the tightly closed doors of the temples, were confided only to those who had made a solemn vow never to bring them out of there. Everyone who had managed to get through those doors till the rest of their lives belonged to the secret society of people who continued living among the uninitiated masses, but pursued higher goals”. [20].

…But the Egyptian civilization perished, nonetheless, — for the same reason as the Atlantic one.

In the beginning of the decline of the highest spiritual culture in Egypt what was distorted is the very fundamentals of religion. Most importantly, the primary purpose of the spiritual efforts — the Mergence with the Creator — was forgotten. And what was taught is merely a practice of “monadic” existence of the individual consciousness outside the body.

Later, as in the case of Atlantis, black magic came to take place of spirituality.

Paul Brunton writes the following about this [20]: “… The prophecy of Hermes Trismegist — one of the most ancient prophets — came true. He said:

“Oh, Egypt, Egypt, of thy religion nothing will remain… but graven words, and only the stones will tell of thy piety. Symbols of wisdom will be erroneously called gods, and Egypt will be found guilty of worshipping the monsters of hell”.

With time the control of the mysteries transferred to unworthy egotistic individuals who sought to use the tremendous authority of the mysteries to their selfish ends. Even noble pharaohs sometimes bowed before their wicked will. Numerous priests started to engage in performing horrible rituals and using sinister incantations of black magic and turned into agents of dark forces of evil. Some of them transformed into… sheer devils in human form, who invoked the most disgusting hell personages for their no less disgusting purposes. In the most sacred places spirituality was driven out by witchcraft. In the conditions of spiritual darkness and chaos that set in in Egypt, the mysteries soon lost their original character and lofty purpose. As time went by, finding worthy candidates for initiation was becoming an increasingly difficult task, thus their number was constantly decreasing. And the moment came when possessors of the highest knowledge… started to rapidly disappear, leaving for other worlds without coming back. The wicked people took their place. Those few who stayed longer than the others could not perform their spiritual mission, as before, all they could do is to mourn over their unfortunate lot. Always prepared to die, they were closing their sacred books, sorrowfully but quietly abandoning the temples and underground vaults, and taking a last look at their ancient abodes were silently leaving …

God decided not to destroy the whole Africa because of that. But Egypt got involved into warfare with its neighboring countries, lost its independence, and as the conquerors were replacing one another the ancient culture got completely destroyed.


* * *


Today Egypt is a peaceful, stable, and prosperous Muslim country with mystic Sufi schools present [20,86,89].

Unfortunately, the welfare of the people of this country is being disturbed by terrorism of Muslim “fundamentalists”, who seek to establish control by means of violent obtrusion on people of their opinion as to the way they should live…



The Atlanteans who moved to the American continent also created a hearth of the highest spiritual culture there. In particular, they built sanctuaries for spiritual initiations that had a form of pyramids.

Special research [21, 51, 5, and other] shows evidence that the culture of Maya reached a very high level. The Maya possessed knowledge about the Supreme Universal Cod, the Creator, Whom they called Hunab Ku (in the Mayan or Atlantic language), and His Fiery Manifestation in the Creation — Itzamna.

But… later, primitivism started to prevail there as well. The Fiery State of the Creator, the Mergence of individual consciousness with Whom should be the primary goal for a person, was reduced in people minds to worshipping regular fire which they started to deify and regard as a medium between people and “gods”: via fire the “gods” were believed to receive food from men in the form of burnt sacrifice. Later it was “discovered” that “gods” also needed human sacrifice… That was the religious beliefs of the neighboring Indian tribes of Central America — the Aztecs, Toltecs, and, apparently, Maya themselves in the past, before the Atlanteans arrived.

And cannibals — the Aztecs and Toltecs — came to the land of Maya.

What resulted from the combining of cannibalistic religious “culture” with the fragmentary information about the importance of possessing the power of refined consciousness we can see from the book of Carlos Castaneda “The Eagle’s Gift” [49]: black magicians hunted spiritually advanced individuals and when they caught them they would eat their bodies while they were still alive, cutting off pieces with the knife. They hoped to take possession of their “personal” power through this… I wonder if it was those magicians who ate bodies of all last true spiritual adepts?

This was the end of the surge of spiritual culture of Central American Indians. And then Spanish “Christians” invaded Central America and exterminated almost all Indians who lived in that region.



Information about activity of the Atlanteans in Tibet and what they left for their descendants, we can find in books of Lobsang Rampa [71].

What happened to Atlantean culture in Tibet after that — this we do not know. What we do know is that Tian tribes invaded Tibet…

By the beginning of second millennium the religion of Tibetans (Bon) did not prevent them from launching predatory campaigns against their neighbors, killing one another in the struggle for power, sacrificing animals (including horses, to which they would break their legs first) to “malicious gods”, … [44 and others.]


* * *


Buddhism came to Tibet from India in the VII — VIII centuries A.D. and gradually, though not without difficulties, started to prevail [67] in this region. What can be said about its Tibetan form that exists today?

On one hand, Tibetan spiritual adepts of this tradition developed very efficient systems of consciousness training that lead to the highest spiritual achievements [4,35,36,67,94].

On the other hand — the principle of Love-compassion, which the Founder of Buddhism — Gautama Buddha — made the essence of His Teaching, was abandoned. Namely, killing of animals was permitted. Moreover, black magic was “legitimized” in the form of seeking cooperation from non-incarnate hellish beings that started to be named “wrathful deities” [94].

A reasonable person understands that “whomever one is friends with, from them one learns”. Wise people seek the association with the Primordial Consciousness.

But foolish ones… What happens to them I described in the book [10], where I gave an example of followers of this perverted tendency in Saint Petersburg.

Those who were supposed to explain all this to the believers were Dalai Lamas. But…

Moreover, it is in Tibet where the concept originated that the Perfection can be attained not by means of cognizing the Primordial Consciousness and Mergence with It, but as a result of “momentary enlightenment”. It was believed that for the sake of attainment of this “momentary enlightenment” disciples had to be insulted, humiliated, and beaten, preferably when they do not expect it.

The following story was included in the “heroic epos” of Tibetan Buddhism. A master with his disciple who were starving finally approached a village. The master sent the disciple to ask the villagers for some food. The latter came back with the food that he had been given, hoping to also satisfy his hunger. But the master devoured all the food himself… and told the disciple to drink a stinking slush from the runoff ditch… And then beat him with his dirty shoe on his face… The disciple, as the story goes further, as a result attained a “momentary enlightenment”…

(This tendency of obtruding this kind of “enlightenment” on other people became popular among many pseudo-Buddhists with devilish souls, especially those of some extremely perverted “Buddhist schools” in China and in other countries, including Russia).

To make it easier for a not too competent reader to understand what it is all about I will clarify that the term “Enlightenment” implies transformation of the individual consciousness of an embodied man into Light, when it gets close to the state of the Creator. (remember, “God is Light…”? (1 John, 1:5)). This Light-Love then starts shining out of the body, being radiated by the consciousness that abides in it. A man acquires such a state, which we have already discussed, as a result of the refinement of consciousness and growing it in the subtlest eons. I must emphasize: this can be achieved only through the growth of consciousness as refined and tender Love-Peace, followed by Mergence of it with the Fiery Manifestation of the Creator (or “Clear Light”, in Buddhist terms). True Enlightenment can be attained only as a result of realization of the functions of the spiritual heart. And not by means of cultivating aggressive arrogance, rudeness, and ability to suppress other people with the power of devilish-quality consciousness.

But modern proponents of Tibetan Buddhism instead of development of the spiritual heart and refinement of consciousness teach their followers… to plug lower foramens of the body with corks — so that they will not fall down to hell out of them…

…Thus, in Tibet we can observe the same typical situation of gradual degradation — following the stages of development and culmination — of the great and pure Teaching, which is being displaced by human ignorance.

…And Chinese Cultural Revolution swept Tibet away.



From ancient times religious life of China has been supervised by the Divine Master Huang-Di. (This name of His is known from His incarnation as the first emperor of China; it should be noted, though, that “The Yellow Emperor’s Tractate about the Inner” has no relation to Him, but is but a someone’s fantasy — He testifies about it Himself, in particular).

It is Him — Huang-Di — Who was the Teacher of Lao Tse, to whom He dictated “Tao Te Ching”. It was Him Who laid the foundation of Chinese Taoist spiritual alchemy — the science about transmutation of human coarseness and ignorance (“lead”) — into “gold” of shining Divinely Perfect Consciousness.

But with time human ignorance prevailed here as well. The Teaching of the Way to Tao, as the Universal Primordial Consciousness, Who is described as the “Tender Being” (“Tao Te Ching”, see [9]), was reduced to senseless waffling about dividing everything on “Yin” and “Yang”, spirits that allegedly abide in thousands in the body of a man… The word “Tao” itself acquired a new meaning: “way”, “path”. A “path” — leading where? And why? For many esoteric schools God got… out of sight. And the “path” turned into… the accumulation of “personal power” — of the same coarse power that is good only for subduing other people, for the raising of their inflated primitive lower selves over them.

It is in those degraded Chinese esoteric schools where a “new method” of accumulation of this kind of “personal power” was “discovered”: one just needs to have as many sexual contacts and with as many partners as possible without coming to one’s own orgasms; in this way one not only saves one’s energy (udana) that the organism discharges during the orgasm, but also accumulates the energy of one’s partners.

This disgusting concept of selfish bioenergetic vampirism spread from China to Russia and, most likely, to many other countries under the name of “spiritual sex”. But in reality, there is nothing spiritual in such practice: egotism, stealing, as well as casual sex do not have anything to do with the Path to Perfection and to God. On the contrary, they lead one in the opposite direction, which I witnessed in numerous cases here in Russia. “Personal power” does increase as a result of this. But this is another kind of power — coarse, of devilish quality. The people who accumulate it are headed for diseases, coarsening of consciousness, and, as a consequence, — hell. And in addition to this — a bad karma for their next incarnations…

Here is an example. A young woman joined us in our spiritual practice in Moscow. She was progressing rapidly, received many initiations into the meditative techniques of high level, proved as a good instructor, started to publish her works… But all of a sudden she got tempted by my former colleagues, who betrayed the School and God [4], and plunged into unrestrained sexual debauchery.

Once, after our meeting she addresses one of the men in a loud voice for everyone to hear:

— Slava! Come over to my place the day after tomorrow — let us have sex!

He comes to me:

— Is it right — in this way?!

I said that in that way — it was not. Sexual aspect of love — it is good. But not in that way. And, at the least, sex should never be publicized; this is also the opinion of Jesus, which He expressed, in particular, through Maria Magdalene and Philip: sexual love should be a secret matter of two people who love each other and walk the spiritual Path together; only God can be a witness of this kind of relationships. (See [3-7,9] for more details).

I made an attempt to bring her to reason. But she replied in this way:

— You just cannot imagine how much one can learn about people by having sex with them! Sometimes a man comes just from seeing my naked body! You know, “good” men are so rare!

Her conviction in her being right, reinforced by the authority of some foreign “guru” who came to Moscow, was so strong that it did not make any sense to talk to her about it anymore.

And very soon devilish “personal power” was radiating out of her graceful, beautiful body, making other people literally recoil from her…

I asked her then, whether she realized what was happening to her. She replied happily:

— Oh, yes! I began to feel strong among people!..

…The leader of a similar “yogic” organization accumulated such a great amount of devilish power that it enabled him to sack the funds belonged to the organization and to evade taxes. Devilish power of this leader of pseudo-yogis was so intense that nobody wanted to deal with him: people would get sick just as a result of talking to him…

…Having lost understanding of the essence of the Evolution of Consciousness and aspiration for Tao, some Chinese Qui Gong schools also degraded. (Qui Gong stands for “working with energy”. This stage corresponds to the Indian raja yoga. But within this system there may exist different variation of methods). Having cast away ancient knowledge and principles, given by Huang-Di, which hold that the practice should to start with cleansing and developing of the “Central Palace” of the organism (this is what Chinese alchemists called the spiritual heart — the middle dantyan), having rejected — as “unnecessary” — the tendency towards the refinement of consciousness and all ethic prerequisites, including the “cruelty-free” diet, leaders of such schools started to teach all interested people the techniques that included exercises with the non-refined “power” lower dantyan and distributing its coarse energy all over the body through meridians.

I saw also the results of this kind of training: students, including women, turn into energetical “pig-irons” — and start to feel “invulnerable” in a company of coarse people and even succeed in commanding them…

…Another misfortune came to China from India in the form of “Buddhist” perversions.

The man who first introduced them in China is described as a person with a terrifying, intimidating appearance, whom no one could resist in arguments [89].

What it means — we already know.

And he started to teach not love, not the refinement and development of the spiritual heart, not aspiration towards the Primordial Consciousness — but… the art of combat…

Many Chinese adopted this orientation and developed a strong belief that the spiritual Perfection consists in a mastery of beating up and killing other people in a hand-to-hand fight.

All that was accompanied by the activity of those “Chan Buddhist” sects in which people gained a “momentary enlightenment” through spits in the face, sudden blows, loud yelling in the ear after sneaking from behind...2

…And then the “cultural revolution” began. Students, inspired by the “great helmsman” of China Mao Tse-tung, were destroying spiritual centers, burning books and icons, and killing all who were not demonstrating admiration of what they were doing. The personal physician of Mao Tse-tung, after years from the death of the “helmsman”, recounted to the media that, when ministers had reported to him of students of a certain spiritual school who had not only killed their teacher, but also prepared cutlets from his flesh and eaten them — Mao Tse-tung was laughing “from the heart”…


* * *


Today China has recovered from the consequences of the “cultural revolution” and is confidently developing its economy, raising the level of its people’s welfare.

I would like to wish these people, who are wonderful in their majority, spiritual progress through development of the true spiritual culture on the national scale.



When Aryans came to India they brought with them an already degenerated form of religion, in which people had to participate in “saving” rituals, “feed” “gods” with sacrifices (rice, water, and other kinds of food, that they were supposed to send to the “gods” via the medium of ordinary physical fire). And there, in Heaven, the “gods” quarreled with one another, had children… (all this is written in the ancient Vedas; the same kind of incompetence one can see in the Arjuna’s words in the beginning of his conversation with Krishna on the field of Kuru [9]; see also [63,74]).

Although, later on, Indian sages created a quite harmonious philosophical system, that was called Vedanta [22]. But yet it lacked some fundamental information — namely, knowledge about the Creator.

The most significant event in the Indian history was the coming of Lord Krishna in the human body. Krishna gave people the Bhagavad Gita [9] that contained the complete knowledge as to how and where they should seek the Creator, what God is, and what the purpose of human life consists in. And a great number of people, undoubtedly, attained full spiritual Self-Realization thanks to this Divine Teaching.

But even people of this country proved unable to retain the supreme Truth in their minds for a long time.

Then the Creator sent Chaitanya to the land of India. Chaytanya revitalized the Eternal Teaching of the Creator and again many people reached the Highest Goal, while others got closer to It…

But with time people of India were repeatedly slipping into primitivism: they would start to set hopes not on the Creator, but on fictitious fairy-tale “gods”, or even abandon religion altogether in preference to the accumulation of earthly wealth or enslaving other people. The latter existed, in particular, in the form of the system of heritable belonging to certain varnas and in the tradition of burning widows alive.

After some time Mahavir — the founder of Jainism — came to India [34 and others]. But even Jainism, that started out so well, also degenerated to the “adhering to the rules”, and gradually Jainist monks grew concerned not with the cognition of the Creator, but rather with preventing the bodily excreta from getting into water (they do not have the right to use toilets in the urban apartments: there is water there!) and with making sure that women and men do not stay in the same house during the night (even on different floors of many-storied urban buildings!)…[69].

Many other Great Enlightened were coming to teach in India. But the result always remained the same: evolutionary immature souls were unable to comprehend the Highest and since they have always constituted the majority of the society, religion would degenerate again.

… And then God brought Muslims on the territory of India, who affirmed it for Hindus again that they should seek the true Universal God, Who is One for all, and that all people are equal before the Creator — regardless of their ancestry or possession of earthly wealth.

But since the concept of Love and Compassion was not and could not be sufficiently represented in Islam, which was originated by God among cattle-breeders, Muslims were not meant to suppress Hinduism with all the good elements that it did have.


* * *


We can see that the Creator keeps helping the people of India to revive their descending spiritual culture. In the 20th century God incarnated on this land at least twice: in the bodies of Babaji, and now — of Sathya Sai Baba.


Persia (Iran)

In the Persian history we can observe the same regularity: i.e. the degradation of religious knowledge some time after it had been received from God.

The essence of the knowledge, which Aryans-Persians possessed since ancient times and which degenerated later on, but were revived by Zarathushtra (Zoroaster), consisted in the following:

There exists Unified Universal God, the-Creator (called Ahura Mazda — in Persian). He manifests Himself as an Infinite Light. He can be contemplated as a subtlest Golden Fire. Forces of good and evil participate in the evolution, but it is Ahura Mazda Who supervises the process. A man must adhere to three ethic principles: Good intentions — Good words — Good actions. Cleanness of nature must be maintained even more carefully than that of one’s own body: for everything — all objects and forms — deep inside its multidimensional structure is permeated by the Divine Fire of the Creator. Thus any pollution of nature constitutes desecration of the Divine Fire, of God.

But… as time went by, Persian priests forgot about the Divine Fire and started to worship ordinary physical fire. Evil became deified, and people started to believe that a permanent battle was going on in Heaven between the “god of good” and the “god of evil”… Religious practice got reduced to rituals, for the performance of every single one of which the priests charged a specified amount of money. It was alleged that if a priest was not satisfied with the payment received — the ritual would lose its power… Since numerous rituals were declared absolutely obligatory for each Persian to perform — this resulted in the extraordinary enrichment of the priesthood and the utmost impoverishment of common people. In addition to this, people were supposed to pay special taxes on the firewood used for ritual fires (the “holy lights”) that had to be constantly burning. People would buy whole forests of wood in order to maintain them — and all those huge number of trees would get senselessly burnt. [83]

Ultimately… God brought Muslims to Persia, who destroyed the sanctuaries of Zoroastrians and outlawed all kinds of paganism (the worshipping of fictitious “gods” and idols, rather than Unified God).


* * *


… But Muslims themselves, both in Persia and in some other countries, not always remained steadfast devotees of Allah (the Creator). In most cases it was expressed in the fact that aggressive primitive people who had accumulated coarse “personal power” and obtained power over people with its help would start to establish their own tyranny, on the pretext that they attempted to “restore order”.

Formally it looks like an intention to introduce the social traditions that existed in Arabia at the time of the prophet Mohammad. But it has always been just an excuse for establishing a dictatorship of a group of devil-like individuals — with religious free-thinking punished by death and the female part of the society suppressed in a cruel manner.

… But such dictatorships make visible those Great Souls that incarnate in order to become — through the personal martyrdom — the saviors of whole nations. This happened both in “fundamentalist” Persia [65] and in several other Muslim countries.


* * *


Today we can happily observe the process of emancipation of Iran from the chains of “fundamentalism”: the country that endured many years of military aggression from its neighbor is gradually returning to the family of states with sound internal and foreign policies.

Let the number of sound Sufi schools increase in this country, which used to have many good spiritual traditions; let myriads of enlightened sheikhs grow towards God!


The Evolution of Christianity

Early Stages of the Establishment of Christianity

When Judaism reached the bottom of its degradation in Judea (with the worshipping of Sabbath instead of God, the disdain of other nations, missing Love, the complete lack of knowledge about the spiritual Path [84]), the Divine Martyr Jesus Christ came to this land and sacrificed Himself for the sake of spiritual salvation of people — the salvation through revival of the Truth. He gave them the Teaching about God and about Love — as a means of cognition of the Creator and getting close to Him [3,9]. And after that He surrendered Himself to executioners, was tortured and crucified, but on having been taken down from the cross He dematerialized His body and then materialized it again, appearing several times before His disciples to prove that consciousness is immortal.

Jewish followers of Jesus, including the majority of His closest disciples, started to preach His Teaching in the Roman Empire, Arabia, India, and even, possibly, in China [73,91, and others]. Among the places where apostle Andrew taught and baptized were southern regions of Russia [41].

The largest number of His followers lived in the huge Roman Empire, which included also Judea and Byzantium (Greece). Authorities of the Roman Empire would harshly persecute and kill Christians in the beginning. But their number was continuously growing. The situation changed in the IV century a.d., during the reign of the emperor Constantine, who sympathized with Christianity and began making it a state religion.

That was the time when the most interesting started…

It is one thing when a religious movement is persecuted and membership in it, let alone the leadership, is severely punishable. And it is completely another — when it becomes a state religion and active membership in it provides one with power over people and a material welfare.

Very detailed chronicles of the early stages of the establishment of Christianity as a state religion are available today [78]. In particular, they contain a documented account of the struggle among bishops that launched “in all its glory”: they pronounced anathema (damnation) on one another, organized murders, concocted slanderous reports to the emperor demanding him to execute their competitors…

At one of the “synods” (the Nicene one) the situation was the following [89]:

“… Bishops and patriarchs, whose mission is to establish Christianity on an indestructible foundation, are far from fully conforming to the popular image of them. Some of them were almost naked, with an elflock on their heads and tousled beards; others were dressed in animal skins, while almost all of them looked morbid and exhausted by destitution and penance. Some weakened to such a degree that they could not move without assistance, and every one of them had his own temper, corresponding to his lifestyle. Some demonstrated meekness, other appeared as peace-makers, many liked to argue, while still there were those who were extremely aggressive”.

The Nicene “synod” ordained that anyone who read or kept writings of Arius be put to death [56].

It was these “aggressive” ones who got to “boss the show” in the end, driving out meek and humble Christians by means of slander, direct physical violence, and even “elimination”.

It was also them who compiled the New Testament (see [3,4,9,76] for more details), which included works that do not seem to be Christian at all: Letters of Jude and John, and also those excerpts from the letters of Paul, that were written in an intolerable moralizing Judaic style, and not that of Jesus Christ.

But the “aggressive” did not include in the New Testament one of the most valuable Gospels — the Gospel of Philip, since they could not understand it; in addition, it exposed their mendacity and spiritual failure.

(People have been told that the Bible is the book that was allegedly created by God Himself — the “God-inspired” book. But, even Jesus Christ does not agree with this [54]. And now we can see — why3.)

The evolutionary part of the Teaching of Jesus Christ got prohibited at the same early “synods”. After that happened, the purpose of creating the material world, incarnating people and animals into the physical bodies — all that became unexplainable based on the theological theory that was perverted by those aggressive ignorant people (see [3,9,81]). The result of this is that for two thousand years after incarnation of Jesus Christ “Christian” theologians have been unable to explain the meaning and purpose of human life neither to themselves nor to other people. But this had to be the ground for the construction of the entire methodology of the spiritual work, on which serious methods could have been developed…

Moreover, the words of Jesus Christ that contained the description of God-the-Father were not included in the New Testament because of the ignorance of the “aggressive”. As a result, there is no description of God-the-Father in the entire Bible! But what kind of religion is that, if the description of God is missing in it?!

This is why aggressive and ignorant “Christians” still propagate hate and animosity against those people who worship the Unified God-the-Father, but not “their God” — Jesus Christ!

Humble thinking of oneself and Love (as compassion, tenderness, and caring attention) — remained just glorious pages of early history of true Christianity, that can be found in “The Philokalia” [37] and some other books [64 and others]. But the everyday practice of followers of the dominating church became totally different.

In the meantime the doctrine of the church continued to develop. But not towards methods of cognition of God and getting close to Him in terms of the quality of the soul. On the contrary! The “aggressive” were creating this doctrine in such a way that would enable them to enslave and bring under their control the “congregation”, to force people to support their “pastors” materially, make them fawn on and cringe before the “holy fathers” and the highest-rank hierarchs…

The doctrine included the following basic premises:

A man is an absolutely paltry being, hopelessly stuck in his sins — not only in the sins he commits himself, but primarily those of Adam and Eve… Thus, all people are destined to live in hell.

The only way to save oneself from future hell is to firmly adhere to “their” faith (since all others — are from the devil), visit its temples, provide “pastors” with livelihood, report one’s sins to them, and receive a communion. Otherwise — hell is inescapable!

Who are those “pastors” then? They are the people, who — through the “sacrament of consecration” — allegedly entered into a special status of intermediaries between God and people. It is only through their prayers that it is possible to make God have mercy on people and save them from hell. What is also necessary is “serving the church” diligently — materially and, when required, — even with arms.

What one also must do is alleviate the sufferings of one’s relatives and friends — who died and now live in hell, of course. The same regards those who have not died yet, but are in trouble. In order to do this one has to order (for a fee) special services — “for the peace of someone’s soul” or “for health”. (In Russian Orthodoxy they pretend to make a sacrifice (?) on behalf of those people, for whom the payment was received. The “sacrifice” consists in pieces of bread (host) thrown into wine, which a deacon, or a parson, eats afterwards.)

Also, children have to be baptized. It is absolutely necessary! What if a child dies without having been baptized — he will most likely go to hell then. Baptizing of children is another service that is charged a fee. Just as the “burial service”, which allegedly provides some benefit for those who died! How can one assume that God is so primitive that He does not love those who have not undergone such rituals?!

This is how the “aggressive” who captured power by means of selfish lies have “played” on loving feelings of the believers, securing power and money for themselves.

One of the most effective tricks of the “aggressive” was the declaring of the sexual aspect of love sinful — even extremely sinful.

Masturbation, which is quite normal for the overwhelming majority of people at the pubescence age (see [2]), was named the cause of almost all known diseases, including tuberculosis, dementia, etc… And this was used as a basis for convincing the youth of their heavy sinfulness and guilt before God…

Sexual relationships could not be totally prohibited for quite obvious reasons, but people had to get permission from the “pastors” of the church to have them — although God had never authorized them to do that!

Women who entered into sexual relationships without this permission from the “aggressive” would become subject of especially strong humiliation.

And children who incarnated through the bodies of mothers like that would receive a “stigma” of the “illegitimate”. It was not allowed to baptize them — thus they were depraved of all rights, including the right to enter into a “church” marriage and to create a “legitimate” family.

There was established a real cult of a hymen of Mary — the mother of Jesus — who was believed to conceive and even give birth to Jesus without losing her virginity. Virgins started to be called the “innocent”. Therefore, all other women — regardless of the circumstances under which “that” happened — were considered guilty. The women who lost their “innocence” without permission from the church had to endure contempt and rejection of “Christians”; they felt desperately guilty (“deadly sinful”) and totally dependant on the “prayers” that “pastors” performed for their salvation…

… A striking fact that vividly demonstrates criminal self-interest of the “aggressive” who used to run the Catholic Church was the possibility to openly purchase the “forgiveness of sins”… People were given special receipts as a proof of payment, which were called “indulgences”. The “certificates” for a soul to produce before God in the “other world”?

People could buy indulgences for the sins that are not committed yet — for any kind of them! — As long as they pay money! Just pay, purchase God’s forgiveness — and go sin without fear! Then pay again — and go commit all imaginable sins! Pay, pay, just pay!…


The Inquisition

This devil-like organization induced a natural rejection in all intelligent and honest people. A.Arnu [13] wrote the following about this: “… Hate towards the clergy reached such a level that even the word “priest” was considered a curse”. Here and there would appear “protestant” Christian communities. The largest one was the Lutheran movement that originated in Germany. At that time the “aggressive” declared all, who were discontented with the existing order, “heretics”, i.e. the ones who deviated from the “true”, “the Apostles’” Church. “Heretics” were declared a merciless war on.

In order to exterminate all their opponents the “aggressive” established a “Christian police” in the form of a special monastic order of the “holy inquisitors”, that was headed by “saint” Dominic. The task of those “monks” was the elimination of all “heresies”. Later on Minorites (monks of Franciscan order) and Jesuits joined the ranks of the “holy inquisitors” [13,31,32,56,58].

The “chief theologian” of Catholicism at that time — Thomas Aquinas — declared at that time: “Heresy is the sin, the guilty of which must be not only excommunicated, but also taken out of the world by death”. And the Pope ratified this postulate with his encyclical [56].

The most popular means of struggle against “heretics” was burning them alive. But since the executions had to look like “legitimate” acts, inquisitors made all efforts to “knock” the confession out of the victims. For this they always used tortures. The most popular of them were the following: burning of limbs in fire, pouring water into the lungs, there were also the “rack” and the “mare” — these were the names given to the two different torture techniques of dislocation of both shoulder joints simultaneously; while the victim’s body was still hanging on the hands it was stretched down by a load attached to the legs or with a special winch. The tortures were conducted in the “torture chambers” that existed in monasteries.

This is how A.Arnu [13] describes the manner, in which the Inquisition worked in Spain:

All people — boys from 14 and girls from 12 years old — had to give an oath that they would prosecute “heretics”; in case they refused they were going to be treated as suspected “heretics”, i.e. tortured and burnt alive.

All property of heretics would get confiscated for benefit of the king and the inquisitors, their children disinherited.

Sentence would also get passed on those who were already dead by that time. Their remains would get exhumed and burnt. This was done with the purpose of confiscating the property from their heirs.

“Monks”-inquisitors were immune from jurisdiction and out of control of the temporal authorities.

Among the grounds for sentencing a person for heresy were the following: information or rumors that someone incorrectly understands the omnipotence of God, evokes spirits, hides heretics, or sympathizes with them. Secular officials who refused to implicitly obey the demands of the inquisitors would also get cursed and persecuted by the Inquisition.

People were supposed to inform the Inquisition on heretics. The proof of their guilt was not required. Testimonies of the most wretched individuals would get accepted, and their “evidence” would be enough to throw any person in the fire. So, everyone who was at odds with somebody or lent money to someone, who did not want to pay back, would get reported to the Inquisition as a heretic. All creditors were murdered, all their property confiscated. Their families were made destitute. Any protest or expressed discontent would get interpreted as a sympathizing with “heresy” and would serve as a ground for arrest, tortures, and execution. “…Spying and denouncing were considered a Christian’s primary duty and had to be the major occupation of the crowd of ignorant fanatics and mean individuals…” [13].

There were many cases when people would get burnt only for wearing a clean shirt on Saturday: that was enough to accuse a person of being a follower of Judaism [58].

“Laymen” would get burnt even for reading the Bible: since the only ones who had the right to read it were members of the clergy — since “ordinary people” could “misunderstand” it… [56].

Dominican and Franciscan “monks” were so carried away with their inquisitorial activity that they would start prosecuting “monks”-inquisitors who belonged to the contending order, when they lacked victims for the tortures and burning [56].

It was not that “heretics” were burnt in secret: in the woods, on special isolated territories. No! They were burnt in public — on squares, with specially organized festive church ceremonies. Often those burnings were dated for certain important events or celebrations.

With time, none of the events like this was conducted without the burning of people. The more solemn the celebration was, the more victims had to be burnt during the event. Usually their number was measured by hundreds. Once there was a record: 950 people died in fire! [58].

Although, an embarrassment occurred one day. That did not happen during some inauguration… No! That nonsense took place during the “canonization” of Dominic himself! Pompous festivities already began when it turned out that the organizers had overlooked preparing victims for the burning… Then, the woman who had been suspected of heresy was hastily found. When inquisitors came to her place she was already near death. Then they took the dying woman out to the square on a stretcher and threw her into a fire [56].

… But one should not think that there were no true Christians in Europe at that time. There were! They were among the “heretics”, who for the sake of the true Path to God were willing to resist those devil-like “monks”, which at that time represented the primary force of the Catholic Church. History preserved the names of some great spiritual heroes, true Christians, who preferred death in fire to betrayal of the true faith. Some of them, even when burning, would support and hearten their fellows, who suddenly gave in to fear.

One of those heroes was Giordano Bruno, who had been tortured for four years! This is what he told his executioners in response to the sentence: “Apparently you are reading my sentence with grater fear than I am listening to it!” [31].

Spain was hit the hardest by the Inquisition. During the time the Inquisition prevailed it lost half of its population (burnt, escaped, and expelled), including all Semites (Jews and Arabs), who lived on its territory, as well as a great number of Indians in its American colonies.

Indians, in particular, would be treated in this way: Spaniards would gather them in one place, read to them the instructions as to what they were supposed to conduct themselves in order to be considered good Christians — in Spanish, which Indians did not speak, naturally. And then they would torture and burn all who did not comply with those rules [32,33].


“Witch Hunt”

Another “holy task” of the Inquisition was the so-called “witch hunt”. The Catholic Inquisition burnt tens of thousands women alive. Sometimes men were also persecuted with this type of charges.

To be accused of sorcery even a petty cause would suffice, for example, when a woman was seen standing in her courtyard during a thunderstorm or collecting horse manure (for fertilizing the vegetable garden?). Once a person got under suspicion — the death in the fire was inescapable.

The executioner would shave all hair on the victim’s body first: it was believed that devilish force abides in hair. And after that the already-known things started: daily dislocations of joints, tortures with fire, water in the lungs…

The executioners demanded confession by the following two points: 1) admission of guilt, and 2) reporting the accomplices.

Tortures would bring the victims in such a terrible state, that their only wish was to die in the fire as soon as possible.

On the first point everyone would tell “standard” stories about their “flying on brooms” to “witches’ Sabbaths” and “initiations” received from the Satan…

When answering the second question, some were giving out the names of all their acquaintances. But others — true Christians — persisted until the end, resolved not to calumniate other people.

N.Speranskiy [79] describes a case when a woman-victim pleaded with her torturers to burn her as “innocent”, since she knew of neither her own guilt nor that of others.

The same author provides a testimony of a torturer, who was describing how beautiful young female bodies were gradually, day by day, turning into burnt and swollen sacks of bones, which lost the human appearance…

Discontinuing of daily torments just before the execution was called “relaxation”, while the commitment to the flames — “reconciliation with the church”…[58].

It is an interesting fact that the “witch hunt” was taking place not only in Catholic countries, but also — under its own momentum, perhaps, — in Lutheran Germany, which had already cast the yoke of the Inquisition by that time.

…There is no doubt that a certain number of people always practiced black magic — in any country at any time (as it is the case in today’s Russia). (Although, it is clear that none of them were actually flying on brooms or taking part in “Sabbaths” with the Satan: all of this is from the realm of fantasies).

But the issue is: who was darker (in that sense) — actual black magicians or members of that horrible sect, who were torturing and burning both them and tens of thousands of innocent people?



But all the terrible crimes described above were not enough to those “Christians”. They wanted more wealth and power, and they started to organize so called “crusades”. [46-48].

As a formal cause for those new bloody campaigns they declared “liberation” of the “Holy Sepulcher” from Muslims.

Although, there was no such thing as the “Holy Sepulcher” in the first place: since the body of Jesus was placed into a cave, where it remained only for three days, after which He dematerialized it.

Moreover, Muslims held sacred everything related to the life of Jesus Christ: they regarded Him as a Messiah, which is written in the Quran (see [9]), and considered themselves continuers of His cause. They regarded Christians as their brothers and invited them to visit their common holy places together. They even built hotels for Christian pilgrims [46] in Jerusalem. Also, Muslims sent keys from Jerusalem to their Christian brothers in Rome — as a symbol of friendship [89].

So, there was no necessity to “liberate” anything from anyone. The only motive for all those crimes was craving for pillage.

To incite “Christians” to mass murders and robberies the “aggressive” promised them life-time indulgences for taking part in the “crusades”; they also allured them with “innumerable riches” of Muslim countries.

Those, who were setting out for the robberies, were giving their lands, houses, cattle, and all property in “custody” or selling for nothing… To whom? — To the Church, of course…

The detailed account of the atrocities that “Christians” were committing on their way can be found in the books by M.A.Zaborov [46-48]. All “crusades” entailed the complete sacking of villages and cities, that those troops of the devil were encountering on their way, and murdering of their populations: hundreds of thousands armed robbers heeded food (like do soldiers of all armies that set out for a long campaign), but where were people who were going on foot or on carriages for thousands of miles supposed to find it?

Some “crusades” ended just after plundering and destruction of cities in “Christian” countries (including Constantinople). Others reached their goal, although at the cost of a great number of casualties on the side of the aggressor.

Even “child crusades” were organized (based on the belief that “innocent” boys and girls would cope with the task better). They resulted in tens of thousands of 12 year-old children having died or been sold into slavery by ship-owners.

What was the overall effect of the “crusades”? — They resulted in a drastic change of attitude of Muslims towards “Christians”.

But those Muslims… saved people of Africa and Asia from the Inquisition.


The End of the Inquisition

Humanity was delivered from the “holy Inquisition” by the great emancipator Napoleon Bonaparte.

He abolished it in France first, then in Spain and other Western and Central European countries, after which he set out to deliver Russia from this evil (more details on this will be provided in the following chapters). But Russians routed his army, which was not prepared for military operations in the conditions of the inclement Russian winter.

And the Inquisition was again restored almost everywhere for some time.

However, its positions were undermined by the Napoleon’s activity, people had breathed the “air of freedom”, and soon the Inquisition was abolished completely [31 and others].


Inquisitors Were Not Christians

Summing up what was said in the previous chapter, I will emphasize one essential detail: when substantiating their monstrous atrocities “Christian” tormenters were citing… the Bible [56]. And namely the words from the Deuteronomy (13:8-9) instructing how one should treat those who understand the religious path differently than one and one’s associates: “…You must not yield to or heed any such persons. Show them no pity or compassion and do not shield them. But you shall surely kill them; your own hand shall be first against them to execute them, and afterwards the hand of all the people…”

Do these words comply with what true God was telling the Jews in the Ten Commandments: “You shall not kill!”? It is clear that the Deuteronomy that contradicts the words of God, which He said through Moses, cannot be from God — it was compiled by those who once seized power over the Jews and perverted the Teaching of God beyond recognition.

Where in the doctrine of this sect is the requirement to implement the precepts of Jesus Christ “Do not judge!” and “Do not condemn!”, let alone all His other precepts of Love?

In all its countless crimes, this satanic sect that was established at the time of the emperor Constantine and afterwards split into the “western” and “eastern” branches, has never been truly Christian from the outset: it was — Judaic!

For it has never followed the Teaching of Jesus Christ, but rather was basing its activity on the Judaic “law”, written down in the Jewish Bible — the “law”, to fighting against which Jesus Christ dedicated His Life.

It was Judaism that was only disguising itself as Christianity, and as such it started to dominate over a huge part of Earth. In their insane fury the leaders of this sect, which became “international”, were subjecting even ordinary Jews to repressions, damning them and burning them in fires by the thousands.

Let us understand the essential idea that true Christianity must be based not on the Old Testament, but on the true, not “crippled”, or diluted with lies, Teaching of Jesus Christ!

It is this satanic sect that expanded its power to Greece, Serbia, Central European countries, and Russia, having become the Russian Orthodox Church, in particular, that has dominated in this country for many centuries.

In the next chapters we will look at the history of this phenomenon.


Catholicism Today

It is necessary to say a few words about modern Catholicism.

Due to the salutary activity of Napoleon Bonaparte and other heroes, the epoch called “the Middle Ages” was succeeded by “Renaissance”.

Catholicism began to change.

The Inquisition was abolished, and “crusades” were not launched anymore.

Gradually more decent people started to be elected Pope.

Catholic Christianity ceased to be a religion of devils in the flesh, enemies of Christ.

It stopped to fight against “heresies”, grew much more tolerant to other religions. Damnation was remitted from the Jews; sound relationship was established with Israel, Muslim, “Protestant”, and other countries.

“Faith” wars remained only in the Northern Ireland — a savage rudiment of the Middle Ages.

Catholicism started to study experience of other religions in a positive manner. In Vatican there are special scholars who do this kind of research.

John Paul II became the first pope to actually possess a developed spiritual heart.

But… he commenced his “pastoral” activity with attacking women who made abortions — the women who got into trouble. The women who did that for very different reasons: not only because of their own foolishness, but also very frequently because of the criminal attitude of men towards them… From the position of an arrogant man who lacks understanding of women’s problems the pope advocated the ban on abortions…

But in the following years the emphasis of the pope’s activity shifted towards struggle for peace. As far as theology is concerned, he was the first pope to refuse to assert that God is — a male!… And that alone was a tremendous step away from that religious primitivism that was inculcated by the “aggressive” in early centuries of Christianity.

If John Paul II acknowledged the Evolution of the Divine Universal Consciousness in physical bodies, if he declared that there were other Messiahs from one Unified God — both before and after Jesus Christ, if he publicly supported that eternal integral Teaching of God that all of Them have been giving to people — then he would really perform a greatest deed for the humanity and for God. Then he would become a cooperator, an assistant to Jesus Christ.




If you think that all these terrible perversions of the Teaching of Jesus Christ took place only in Catholic countries — you are not quite right. In Russia it was the same…

But let us start from looking at the Slavic history.


From the Slavic History

In legends of many European tribes, including the Slavs, there is a mentioning of a certain Arius, who was their ancestor. Most likely it was one of the Atlanteans, who begot the northern branch of the modern human race with light skin that is increasingly sensitive to the ultra-violet radiation, which is scarce at high latitudes. This is what gives the modern researchers the right to call all light-skinned people Aryans [14, 45, 89 and others].

Later on one part of Aryans migrated from Europe to America, while another one — moved south-east, to the territory of modern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, and other countries, where they mixed with the aboriginal black-skinned people that lived closer to the equator.

The Slavs represent the Eastern branch of the Aryans. Their history is presented in “The Book of Veles” [14].

The ancient Slavs had an advanced religious culture. They knew about the Creator Who lives in His Abode, and Whom they called Rod (the Russian for “clan”), and about His Fiery Manifestation — Svarog.

People also worshipped other individual Manifestations of God, which was based, apparently, on the specific knowledge of Them.

So, they worshipped Lada — the Goddess of Love (hence the Russian noun “lad” — which means harmony, and the verb “ladit’” — to get on well (with someone)).

They also worshipped Perun — God of military valor and courage.

Invoking Lada and attuning to Her one could learn to love tenderly, “from the heart”. Then they could achieve harmony in their families and to become more perfect in Love.

By getting attuned to Perun, identifying oneself with Him, filling one’s body with His might, and drawing on His courage one could develop the power aspect of one’s consciousness and to be more successful in repulsing the attacks of enemies.

It is these two qualities that the Slavs respected in people: 1) love, and 2) military valor.

The meditative attunement to Lada or Perun, asking Them for assistance in good deeds helped people to become more perfect.

And Surya — a female individual Manifestation of the Creator, similar to a tender sunlight — that does exist in reality! — was suggesting Herself as a model for attunement to the spiritual seekers who reached a high level of perfection. Today, Her task is the same — to help people to cognize Svarog and to realize the complete Mergence with Him.

All religious people can be classified into several groups depending on the object of their sincere (!) religious aspiration:

1. Those who seek the Creator.

2. Those, oriented towards Divine Teachers — Individual Manifestations of the Creator.

3. Those who perceive nature as the Living Force — in this case there emerge ideas of specific manifestations of this Force as “gods” of wind, rain, water, the sun, the moon, stones, lakes, etc., as well as of multitude of spirits who surround us, which is the case in reality. This form of religion pertains to people who live in harmony with wildlife and who have never heard about knowledge of a higher level.

4. Those who worship fictitious “gods” — fairy-tale personages or incarnate people who have not attained Divinity yet.

5. Those who worship spirits (including their own relatives).

6. Those who worship non-embodied evil beings for the sake of deriving personal benefit (usually — domination over other people)

All listed categories are always represented in each society. The factor that determines to which group an individual belongs, is first of all the age of the soul, but it also depends on the upbringing and the free will. Lifestyle also has a certain influence, as well as the environment. I.Zabelin made a good observation that nomads and hunters “chase nature”, whereas settled farmers live by caring about it. A farmer studies nature, he starts an “intelligent conversation” with it, giving it grain and expecting a harvest, for instance. “Nature is a temple of all-pervading life. Worshipping nature means worshipping phenomena of Life, not elements”.

People who made up Slavic tribes also were not of the same soul age, of course. The most evolutionarily advanced of them were members of esoteric schools headed by Divine Teachers. Adepts of such schools were called “volkhvy”. (Although not all who called themselves so were real advanced spiritual heroes. Among them were also insane people, deceivers, and even black magicians.)

In other words, we can see that Slavic religion was not primitive paganism at all, but rather a quite mature system, which possessed the knowledge about the Creator and quite concrete Divine Teachers, as well as methods of spiritual work used in esoteric schools.

Moreover, at that time Slavs did not know of alcohol; as a “holiday” drink they used so called “surya” — a “sunny” beverage, made of clabber, infused with herbs, with honey added. It was the Greek who got them addicted to alcohol later.

Another distinctive feature of the Slavs’ life of that time was that human body was not considered “shameful” (which later was introduced by Judaic-Greek pseudo-Christianity). This is evidenced by the fact that all men and women would take a bath together at the same time. “Christians” had not been able to extirpate this custom until the epoch of Peter the Great [77].

The Slavs first came to Eastern Europe as a single tribe. But this tribe grew and divided into separate clans, some of which migrated to new territories and settled there.

Southern coast of the Baltic Sea got populated by “Russian Varangians”, who engaged in sea fishery and trade.

Other clans settled in Southern prairies and became nomadic cattle-breeders (Scythians and others).

Therefore, we can see that because of the vast territory of settling apart, the cultural and religious homogeneity was hard to be expected among the Slavs after the passing of many centuries.


From the History of Ancient Russia

Ideas of Jesus Christ about Love as a method of self-perfection for the sake of cognition of Unified Universal God-the-Father and the Mergence with Him, Who is Love, were first brought to the southern regions of Russia by apostle Andrew. And people did not have any reasons not to accept this Divine Teaching; they would get massively baptized by the personal disciple of Christ.

The second “baptist” of Russia was prince Ascold. He was baptized by the Greek and baptized a certain number of Russian into Judaic-Greek faith himself.

But the main tragedy of Russia began later. This is how the events unfolded.

The successors of Ruerick: Oleg — the guardian of his son Igor, then Igor himself, and after his death — his widow Olga — a family of extremely cruel, treacherous, aggressive, and greedy rulers.

Having created a strong fighting squad made up of scumbags, devoid of all philanthropic traits, whose favorite occupation was murder and brigandage, they used to undertake regular armed assaults against their neighbors.

After Oleg and then Igor had died, Olga took over as the head of the retinue, and as such she was expressing even more gruesome degree of cruelty and treachery: with Olga as the leader the squad not only would kill people for the sake of robbery, but also murdered in a sophisticated manner peace envoys from the neighbors and people of the captured settlements, burying or burning them alive [45,77].

Later she was baptized in Constantinople, but it did not have any positive impact either on her temper or her behavior.

The son of Igor and Olga — Svyatoslav — adopted the same kind of temper. He would pick a victim out of his neighbors and declare through a messenger: “I am willing to go against you!” — after which his ruthless squad would murder thousands of people for the sake of robbery or just for fun.

After Svyatoslav had died, his son Vladimir started to reign — he was the main “baptist” of Russia, who later was declared “equi-apostolic prince” for this “feat” by the Russian Orthodox Church’s officials…

When he grew up, he also became a bloodthirsty robber, like his ancestors. And following his grandmother’s example, he also accepted baptism from the Greek.

Having learned the way the church was operating in Byzantium, he realized that he could derive a great personal benefit in terms of robbing his subjects and neighbors from introducing this religious system in Russia and decided to “baptize” Russia into the faith of that grossly perverted pseudo-Christian sect, which existed at that time in the eastern part of the decaying Roman Empire. The “advantages” of the new faith for the atrocious ruler were evident: with its help he could totally suppress free-thinking, to “belittle” the people and “weight down” against them, to bend them to his will trough “priests”…

Did Vladimir become a Christian himself after he had been baptized? — No: he continued with brigandage and mass murders.

Another bloody crime of his was mass compulsory baptism of people, which was carried out by the same gang of murderers, who made up his squad.

Naturally, the population did not want to accept this devilish faith from the bloody executioner and the leader of gangsters. People would evade being baptized. Then Vladimir’s bandits started to issue wooden crosses to those who had already been baptized, which they were supposed to wear around their necks, so that to make it easier to identify those who were evading this ritual, to catch, torture, or kill them. (Since then there has existed the Orthodox custom of wearing crosses next to the skin — as a sign of belonging to this sect).

And later Vladimir and then his son Yaroslav, with an assistance of Greek “monks”, began to establish in Russia the same order that existed at this time in Western Europe.

One should not think that in the temples that were being built people were told about the Christ’s Teaching of Love and methods of cognizing God-the-Father. Of course, not. Instead, an idea was being drummed into their heads of the total sinfulness and insignificance of an ordinary man, of “saving” power of prayers for him performed by “priests”, who pray “for us” so hard, get tired and suffer so much because of this, that they need to be rewarded by money and other things for that.

Did the faith of this sect do any good to the Slavs, if the new “culture” and lifestyle were to be compared to those existed before the Vladimir’s “baptism”? — I am sure that it did not.

Even that Constantine (the monastic name — Cyril) and Methodius, Greek envoys, created written language for Russians, is a lie. Even before the “baptism” there existed as many as two types of alphabets: the “Glagolic alphabet” and that, which later began to be called the “Cyrillic alphabet”. Both were used for writing legends on the coins, princes’ credentials to the merchants, and even books. “The Book of Veles”, for instance, was finished during the time of the “Ascold’s baptism”. It was written in the same “Cyrillic alphabet” that existed, as it turns out, long time before Cyril.

The New Testament also was translated into Slavic written language (the same old “Cyrillic alphabet”) long before Cyril and Methodius arrived. And in this form it was found by Cyril in Khersones, which is recorded clearly in his biography [23,42,43].

But the Church that formed in Russia was reluctant to present the New Testament translated into Slavic to the believers. On the contrary, this scripture had been unavailable to the people for many centuries on the pretext that “lay-men” could misinterpret it; only priests and their superiors had access to its text. Unauthorized reading of the New Testament was punished by death [18].

Instead of the Christ’s preaching of tender love and humble thinking of oneself, this sect brought cruelty and violence to Russia, along with the destruction of all good spiritual traditions of the ancient Slavs. Those who were discontent with its activity and did not want to implicitly obey it, began to be called “sectarians” (by analogy with “heretics” in Europe). They were tortured with fire, torn on the “rack, burnt live, and impaled on sharp stakes.

As in Western Europe, sexual love was declared anathema on. The words that had sexual meaning were turned into a means of defiling other people — the ”mat” (the Russian obscene language — the translator’s note).

Mass executions of “sectarians” and “raskolniks” (the Old Believers) had been performed for centuries and intensified in particular by the end of the XIX century. Those who had doubts in the truth of Orthodoxy would get caught and thrown into special prisons that existed in monasteries — without a court trial, just based on a suspicion. There Orthodox executioners, following the example of the Inquisition, would torture them with fire and the “rack”, break their thighbones, crippling them, and burn them alive (not in public, though). “Raskolniks” were chopped off their right hands — so that they would not write. And torn off their tongues — so that they would not preach [1,18,19,30,59-61,68,90].

While doing this, the “Russian inquisitors” directly referred to the positive experience of their Byzantine colleagues in maintaining the stability of their “faith” [90].

Even when the Inquisition was abolished in the rest of Europe, the “Russian Inquisition” was still continuing — on the national scale and using the state “enforcement” structures — the hunt of the “sectarians”, i.e. those people who understood Christianity differently than this sect of monsters.

Mass executions of “sectarians” and “raskolniks” were taking place until 1917. At that time the whole country was filled with detectives, who hunted their victims. The property of the victims was confiscated, a part of it passing to the informers. The victims were tortured, “smoked” slowly over fire, burnt in specially constructed wooden frames, or left to die hanging on the hooks stuck in between their ribs [59].

Policemen, various state officials, and mayors used to “feed” on priests. And priests were pulling money and other means of subsistence from people — for “praying for forgiveness of their sins” and various chargeable rites…

If someone stopped attending Sunday service — this would instantly become a warning signal for the priests and their menials, an indication of a threat to their welfare. Such people would immediately become subject of police repression, or priests would stir the “faithful” against them. There are descriptions of cases of mass murders of “sectarian” families by crowds of such “faithful”, stirred up against them by village priests [18,61].

Priests were turned into police detective by special state decrees: they were obliged to inform the authorities of everything that their parishioners reported to them at the confession [30].

The “seduction from Orthodoxy” was persecuted as a criminal case [30].

Marriages of people who did not marry in church were considered illegitimate. Authorities would take children away from such parents, sometimes even from the entire communities of non-Orthodox believers. Those children received the stigma of “bastards” (“illegitimate children”) for life and were deprived of all rights, even the right to have parents [61].

The persecutions went so far that it was not even allowed to bury dead “raskolniks” on the “land of Orthodox Russia”. Their corpses were appointed special guards and putrefied for weeks [19].

Priests forced people to drink hard. “Monks” drank hard as well [24,77,81,90]. If someone refused to drink — this was qualified as “sectarianism”, and the man would become an enemy and was persecuted by the police [18].

S.M.Solovyov describes the Russian reality of that time as follows: “…You will not find such a disgraceful drunkenness neither with Germans, nor with other Slavs, — nowhere, except for the Russian state: men and women, lay-men and clergymen are wallowing in mud in the streets, some die of alcoholism” [77].

An Englishman Richard Chansler, who visited Russia, describes his impression of the Orthodox priesthood as follows: “As for debauchery and drunkenness, there is not anything like this in the entire world, and in terms of extortion — these are the most disgusting people under the sun” [90].

Those horrible events of the Russian history produced many heroes-martyrs — true Christians, who preferred tortures and death to accepting — even on the outside — this devilish faith.

In particular, there are descriptions of cases, when Orthodox soldiers or Cossacks surrounded a settlement of “sectarians”, who thus were doomed to prolonged tortures and burning alive, and the people would make fires themselves and enter into them by the whole families…[60].

“It is a wonder, why they do not want to come to understanding! With fire, with the whip, and with the gibbet they want to establish faith! Which apostles taught so? I do not know. My Christ did not order the apostles to teach like that, to bring people to faith with fire, with the whip, and with the gibbet” — wrote archpriest Avakum, who was later burnt alive together with his associates [1,60].

Some other clergymen would rebel, — for instance, hesychasts Nil Sorsky and Maxim Grek, who attempted to initiate a movement of “non-grabbers” among the priests and monks. They opposed the bloody atrocities that the church was committing and the parasitism of priests and monks and tried to bring them back to the Teaching of Jesus Christ. But they and their followers also got repressed by the church as a result: some were burnt, some sentenced for life in the monastic prisons… [90].

Did it resemble Christianity in any way? — No, not a bit.

During the “bloody Sunday” in 1905, when unarmed people (men, women, and children) marched carrying portraits of the tsar and icons in the capital of the Russian Empire in the direction of the Dvortsovaya square in order to address the tsar, — Orthodox Cossacks were slashing them with sabers in all parts of the city; after that Orthodox soldiers were shooting the survivors. Just children’s corpses were measured by many carriages. Thousands of innocent people died or were crippled that day… [24].

At that time the entire population was divided into two camps: priest-executioners with their “faithful”, headed by the tsar and supported by the punitive state machinery on one side, and on the other side — their victims, who either disguised themselves as the “faithful”, or did not put up with the regime and became heroic martyrs.

The “bloody Sunday” predetermined the destiny of the Russian autocracy and Orthodoxy. 1917 brought two coups. Bolsheviks shot the tsar together with his family and drowned and shot a lot of priests, hated by people. The monastery on the Solovki islands and several others, where victims of Orthodoxy were tortured before, now were turned into jails for former priests [28].

The people did not support the dominating church, and it was totally destroyed together with its appendix — the autocracy.



…But having eliminated one centuries-old tyranny, Russia got immediately under the grip of another.

When people do not have true religious knowledge and understanding why we live on Earth and what we are supposed to do here, — whatever political system is established — it will do no good.

Bolshevist revolution destroyed the “Russian inquisition”. But almost the same type of dictatorship formed in Russia after it, where the society was again divided into executioners and victims. And again heroic souls came to shine among the latter, who preferred tortures and death to living as slaves… Or were willing to die with honor for the sake of liberating others…

Now people were not burnt in Russia, but tortured and then shot. “Days and nights long people were being shot. Days and nights long thousands of people were taken away and vanished without leaving a trace in the distant death camps. But the number of “enemies” was still growing. It seemed to Soviet authorities that the entire population of the huge country turned into “class enemies”, and all of them had to be caught, thrown to jails, hidden behind barbed wire, shot, and destroyed. A prosperous peasant is “kulak”, an enemy; less prosperous one — is “podkualachnik”, also an enemy. Even the illiterate peasant, who believed that Christ will soon come, was punished as a mortal enemy of the “power of the working people”, he would get accused of such a terrible “contra-revolutionary crime”, that he would get deprived not only of his family and household, but also of his very life. During the night in the Lenkoran bay GPU were drowning hundreds of shot dead bodies, attaching bricks to them with wire. Many of them were killed only for writing letter to their relatives who lived abroad… The country turned into one big prison, where people distracted from hate and fear wanted to destroy the entire nation. …Even such words as “Christ” and “Gospel” were considered a threat to the existence of the Soviet regime. And this regime could not tolerate not only the Christian teaching, but also any teaching of the truth and love. For it any teaching, except for Marxism, was a “hostile ideology of class enemies”, “propaganda of people’s enemies” etc. No faithful member of the Party dared think that a “working man could find the truth and the good beyond “leaders of the proletariat”. For a true “soviet patriot” religion could be nothing but a dangerous poison, …and there was not and could not be God in the country of the “victorious proletariat”” [52].

On the radio there were always the same songs: “The cantata about Stalin”, “Wide is my native country, …where man can breathe freely!”, “Let’s drink for the Motherland, let’s drink for Stalin!”, etc.

This is how the image of a positive hero was being created.

There were also commented football games: “Durila4 dodges Jacobson, kicks... Go-o-o-a-l! Go-o-o-a-l!” The whole country was supposed to jump out of joy by the radio sets (there were no TV sets yet, they appeared later) and to also scream: “Go-o-o-a-l!”

This is how patriotic feelings were being formed.

Also, Stalin and then his successors energetically propagated alcoholism in the country: it was done, first, so that people would think less, and second, in order to ensure a generous income for the state budget from the sale of vodka (the state monopoly!).

And after some time very few of Russian people who constituted the majority of the population (the “big brother” in the “friendly family” of the rest) had any doubts or objections, when Stalin was arranging famine for Ukrainians, exiled whole nations, throwing people out in open prairies (Crimean Tatars, Ingushes, Chechens, hundreds thousands of Jews), when there was the “expansion of borders” of the USSR by means of interventions and seizure of the neighboring countries’ territories (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Finland)…

Almost a century of the new nightmare of Russia had passed in this way — whereas almost all nations around it, except the enslaved ones, were developing successfully.


* * *


What could the future of those executioners be?

This group was not homogeneous, but every one of them secured hell for themselves.

What is hell from the standpoint of the Evolution? This is a dumpsite, a cesspit for the waste. Those who cultivate coarseness, cruelty, violence, and arrogance, instead of love and refinement, — proceed to this dumpsite for souls.

Later, God sorts this garbage and sends the majority of souls to incarnate again — to continue to live in hell on Earth after having lived in non-material hellish eons. By doing this He gives those souls another chance to change and to transform themselves. Executioners become victims of other — new — executioners (there are always enough of them in certain parts of Earth), so that they know by experience what it is like to suffer because of a caprice or cruelty of other people.

This is how evil, controlled by God, also serves the Evolution. (Although, there is no reason to envy the evildoers: all of them are bound for hell). But the victims, if they do not grow embittered, if they learn to forgive, to cast away vengeance, enduring sufferings like heroes and being unable to betray friends or slander anyone, — they will defeat their bad destiny, leave hell, and receive an opportunity to join the ascending stream of the Universal Evolution.

Every one of us has free will: we may either choose to move towards the dumpsite of the Evolution — or towards the Abode of the Creator.

And let those who “do not know what they do” make their choice while it is not too late.

And based on this books and the books cited here, everyone can make their own plan of self-transformation and helping others in it.


The “Perestroika”

… The Perestroika (the Russian word for transformation — the translator’s note) was headed by Mikhail Gorbatchev — a hero of the planetary scale, who spared the nations of Earth for some time from the threat of the total destruction in the hell of a nuclear war, — the threat that was coming out of Russia as the main breeding ground of the international terrorism.

But he was… not able to transform himself to the right degree. Since he did not know anything either about God, or the purpose of human life, or the Will of God regarding us…

He made several tragic mistakes: mass bloodsheds in Baku, Tbilisi, Vilnius, his trust in the “fellow party members”…

And he was succeeded by Yeltsin…


* * *


Igor Talkov was singing at that time:


“Show me the country,

Where tyrants are praised,

Where the nation celebrates

The victory in the war with itself…

Show me the country,

Where everyone is deceived,

Where “backwards” means “forward”

And vice versa!…


Show me the country,

Where temples are nailed up,

Where priests hide KGB epaulets

Under their frock.

Show me the country,

Where boors prosper,

And the rulers rob the country

Defying the law!


Do not spin the globe, for you are not going to find it:

One can’t find such a state on the planet Earth,

Except for that fatal one, in which all of you

do not live…

Do not live — because it can’t be called life…”



And also, inspiring the new president:


“Our exhausted country

Defeated by Communism,

Awakened from sleep,

Believes in you, like in God.


Justify the faith:

The moment has come!

Justify this faith,

Mister President!”


And the president gave the deciding battle. The Gorbatchev-Yeltsin’s Perestroika won the political victory.

But… what came out of it — this does not have to be explained to the contemporary people of Russia. For the next generations I will tell the following: non-payment of salaries and pensions for months, galloping inflation, the stable “first place” in terms of suicide rate (during the tyranny of the Communist Party the USSR held the second place, after Hungary, which was subjugated by it), sharp decline in the birth rate and dramatic increase of the infantile mortality rate, embitterment of the entire society against the reformers, outrage of crime, that spread over the whole country and resulted among other reasons from the mass unemployment, impoverishment and “brutalization” of customs during aggressive military campaigns against Afghanistan and Chechnya, as well as the increased activity of fascist organizations…

The Russian Orthodox Church was almost completely destroyed by the Bolsheviks. It ceased to be the dominating force in the country during the “Soviet” rule. From among the priests who survived the “red terror”, those who were members of the church for their selfish interests, escaped, since now they started to be persecuted themselves.

And in this new situation the Church began to play a role that was positive to a certain extent: it became a refuge for those people who sought for salvation from the darkness of atheism. And it attracted a great number of pure souls, for whom it could provide a refuge in the beginning stages of their spiritual quest. (This happened also with the author of this book [4]).

And the Perestroika, that followed, gave all people the opportunity to read the New Testament and other religious books.

But the theological concept of the Church did not change! It is still unable to explain neither what God is, nor how Jesus Christ relates to God-the Father, nor what the term “the Holy Spirit” denotes, nor what the purpose of human life consists in. It does not teach people to love either living beings, including people, or God. It still encourages drunkenness and preaches intolerance and hostility towards non-Orthodox believers…

In Orthodox seminaries and “academies” students are not taught Love, methods of opening up and development of the spiritual heart. Those students look “suppressed” and embittered…

But if they do not study cordial Love, it means that they do not study Christianity!

Instead, they diligently scrutinize sectarianism: they are taught that Orthodoxy is the Truth, which God gave people since the times of Adam and Eve, that all other religious movements are either “from the devil”, or are “ugly offshoots” of the Main Stem of the Truth (i.e. Orthodoxy), that true keepers of the faith (i.e. the Orthodox believers), who carried the “holy sacraments” through the millennia, are surrounded by hostile “heretics” and “sectarians” from all sides…

Not having understood all this, president Yeltsin, searching for allies against the “red”, started to re-establish the Church de-facto in the status… of the state religion, again. He started to call the patriarch of this organization “the spiritual leader of Russia”, allowed it to commence “religious education” in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And now the law-enforcement officials are convinced that Orthodoxy is the only true religion, while those who do not drink hard and refuse to kill are “sectarians” and enemies of Russia…

FSB (Russian Federal Security Service — the translator’s note) was given the order not to persecute the Orthodox Church, but to protect it…

In the army the Orthodox priests blessed officers and soldiers for murders of “basurmans” (the contemptuous nickname of Muslims, popular in Russian Orthodoxy) during the Chechen war. And after that they would “forgive their sins”…

Now there are Orthodox armies in the form of the Cossacks.

Priests teach schoolchildren the nonsense about the “immaculate conception” and the “original sin”… And the schoolchildren immediately divide into fools, able to believe in this, — and the intelligent ones, who reject these tales, along with religion and its God altogether. And then they try narcotics…

The Orthodox hierarchs, using tax benefits given to social organizations, purchase huge amounts of alcohol and tobacco products with the purpose of re-selling all that to Russian people — “let them die, as long as it is profitable for us”!5

“The aggressive” church officials are launching another attack: the “anti-heretic” society has been founded, in temples and monasteries squads of “faithful” fighters are re-created in order to maintain the “purity of the Orthodox faith”…

Some more time — and “torture chambers” will appear in Orthodox monasteries again and bodies of sectarians will be “frying” over the fire. (The author of this books has been threatened with execution over the phone twice for his previous publications [7]; we will see what will happen after this book is published…).


Our Perspective

In the mean time the country is continuing to die.

Tuberculosis is suffocating it; syphilis and AIDS are spreading.

The addiction to alcohol has reached tremendous size. Almost a half of the country’s population is addicted to alcohol. Alcoholics bear mentally and physically defective children — their chromosomes are already impaired. They (and their children) are unable to produce a healthy posterity. In our country, 17% of children are born with congenital imbecility. One more percent will trigger the irreversible process of genetic degeneration of the nation [27]. Such nation will never be able to reproduce itself; it will turn into a country of feeble-minded freaks and then will become extinct.

And this is not all. 80% of students have tried drugs other than alcohol and nicotine, while 20% are already addicted to “hard” drugs, like heroine. This percentage is growing each year. They have maximum 4 years left to live …

Soon there will be not enough healthy young men to serve in the army, to replenish the ranks of scientists, doctors, and engineers. Russia will turn into a country of mentally retarded cripples and pensioners, who do not receive pensions and whom there will be no one left to bury…

Add to this the fact that the intellectually degrading part of the population is seeking “spiritual progress” through systematic drinking their own urine (such is the current fashion in Russia), intoxicating their brains…

…None of the mass religious organizations that exist in Russia today can offer people a complete and reasonable religious concept, which would satisfy people of all stages of spiritual development, and, what is even more important, would correspond to the will of God.

But while there is no true faith in Russia — one can hear all kinds of things from various non-Orthodox preachers!

Some declare giving up contraception as the basis of the righteous Christian life (and this is at the time when people die of starvation — having to bring up children would be the last straw for them!).

Some shout: your Love — it is from the devil! Why do we need it — this Love? What you need is faith! You should know what the Bible says!

Or various circles appear that are headed by schizophrenics or paranoiacs, who “infect” other people with their crazy ideas.

Sometimes sorcerers enjoy the unconcealed “zombying” of the “students”, stripping them of their will and the ability to think clearly, and forcing them to fulfill the will of their “masters”, influencing them from a distance. And there are people stupid enough to entrust their souls not to God, but to such devils-sorcerers!

The intellectual level of masses of the Russian people is already extremely low. One may even encounter the opinion in books that birds and fish are not animals, that in the toilet one empties one’s stomach, rather than one’s intestines… It turns out that in Saint Petersburg one may meet those who believe that Sun rotates round Earth and the best female contraceptive is the urination right after the sexual intercourse. Some people even write books about the possibility to get pregnant only during several days in the middle of the menstrual cycle…

…Well, it has been a long time “the luckless country has been traveling to the banks of deceit by the river of bloody tears…” (Igor Talkov).

And now almost its entire population is “walking to hell in big strides”.


What Should Politicians Do?


In this critical time it is extremely important to understand that God does exist. That He is not some kind of a fantasy, not just one of the personages of the adult game of operating abstract symbols.

God is the reality, regardless of how much effort people make to defile Him.

He is present everywhere at the same time. And He takes part in everything that people do.

But He does not provide paradise on Earth for perverted nations. He takes to His paradise and into Himself only the Worthy ones from the earthy hell.

But He destroys hopelessly perverted nations, which we have seen in the historical examples.

And does not the current situation in our country convince those who are still in doubt, that no “protectors” or “celestial patrons” contrived by Orthodoxy (Mary-the-Blessed-Virgin, George-the-Victor, Andrew-the-First-Called and others) are helping Russia. It has never been the case and it will never be, no matter how many times people repeat this lies! And no matter how many prayers the priests solemnly utter!

The situation with interrelations between God and people is absolutely different. This must be understood and accepted. And one should start acting in accordance with this reality!

God is not interested in “keeping Russia afloat”: He does not need the nation, which degraded in spiritual respect, on Earth. He wipes nations like this from the face of Earth.

And only if we take urgent measures we can change the fate of our country now.

We have to prove to God that we are still worth something from the Evolutional perspective.

He intends to gather a good “harvest” of Perfect Souls from nations. A nation has to be promising in His eyes in this respect. Otherwise…

The way out consists in that people should receive true knowledge about God and what He wants from us on the national scale. This is what I am writing about in my books, basing my writings on my personal experience of God and on what He has told people and is repeating to them now in various people’s languages.


To Russian Orthodox Believers

I would not like my words to hurt the feelings of sincere Orthodox believers. Please, forgive me, if they did!

Long time ago in the beginning of my spiritual awakening I myself was an Orthodox and regarded the church as my mother. Even the ruins of the Orthodox temples and monasteries were sacred to me. But I never yielded to sectarian preachings of the priests, who urged people to hate Jews, Catholics, Baptists, witnesses of Jehovah, Moslems, Buddhists, and other non-Orthodox believers.

On the contrary, I studied the beliefs of all of them and accepted all the best from them that I could find. And that enabled me to transcend the sectarianism and lies and to cognize the Source of the true knowledge, the Source of everything — our Creator.

I found Him not in the Orthodox or some other temple. I found Him in the multidimensional universe. How did I manage to do this? — I wrote about it in this and other books of mine. Everything that is written in them — is true; each new book reflects new layers of knowledge that God was revealing to me. (The only disappointing thing is that there were several fraud publications of my book about David Copperfield with my name as the author, but which contained grossly distorted pictures of His face and several text inserts with absurd fantasies of the publishers, and the whole blocks of the original text missing… It all looks like desecration. And those offenders will bear their deserved punishment from God.)

I heard a reproach in my address regarding my alleged intolerance towards Orthodoxy. Let me reply to it.

God does not want to have a total religious homogeneity on Earth at all. On the contrary, His Will consists in providing different people with an opportunity to choose from different religious traditions the one that would be the most suitable for them, and then to practice its methods of self-perfection. He wants people to help one another to seek the Supreme Truth and to become better in the face of God — in all temples and houses of prayer.

But at the same time He wants religions to unite people in their aspiration towards Him — the Father of the whole Creation. He asks us to focus our patriotic feelings and emotions on Him (the Father=Pater) — rather than on national sects that preach their superiority and aggressively promote “their own God” — in contrast to Unified God of the entire universe and of all people.

We need to understand that nationalistic “Christianity” does not please Jesus Christ at all. Moreover, the sect that does not provide people with the knowledge about God-the-Father and does not teach them Love, cannot be regarded as serving God.

One can judge about the “fruits” of the Russian Orthodox Church’s activity by the fact that very few bodies of the modern Orthodox believers are free from being possessed by demons. One can easily make sure that this is true with the help of clairvoyance. But for the victims — these possessions manifest in somatic diseases and mental disorders.

As to the status of Orthodox Russia on the whole… I believe that the materials adduced in this book convince one that not “Jews-Masons”, invented by fascist and whom no one has seen, are to blame in the current miserable situation in Russia, but rather Judaic-Greek “Russian” Orthodoxy is, which subdued Russia and deprived it of the support and protection of the only real Patron — God-the-Father.

And I am writing about it, exposing myself to the risk of becoming an object of vengeance from the side of the Orthodox Church, — with the only purpose to help you.

My friends, please, do not misunderstand me: we are all for Christ and Christianity as His Teaching. But His Teaching does not agree with what the Russian Orthodox Church teaches people. Please, try to understand this.

To help you, I will cite the words of God relating to this problem, with which it is hard not to agree:

“Formal public worship, mumbling of hymns, habitual mechanic performance of the rituals cannot make God live in your hearts. The Liberation is not in mystic formulas or beads, but rather in selfless devotion.

…We need the faith, which would enable us to look at ourselves as children of Unified God, Whose name is — Love…” [9].


* * *


There exist an opinion that Russian Orthodoxy is the only force which is able “to consolidate the society”.

But we can see how it has been performing this task over many centuries and what it results in. Do we really want to slip back to another “Russian middle age era”?

But no: people need to unite not around leaders of the sect that has forgotten God and Love, but around true God-the-Father and focus on the purpose of cognizing Him and serving Him.


What Should Everyone Do?

Whatever politicians decide and no matter what the situation turns out to be, — everyone must start with transforming themselves.

At first, you must accept the main ideas that are expounded in the books cited here: they integrate the most important information that God has given people and what the best people of Earth have said about God.

After that you must gradually get rid of all bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, eating “killed” food (i.e. the food made of bodies of killed animals; eggs of chicken and other birds are not “killed” food6; see [4-8,10,17,25,62,88] for more detailed nutritional recommendations). You should also stop wearing synthetic clothes, in the beginning at least those, which have the immediate contact with the skin. Try to wash your entire body with soap (preferably in the morning). All this will result in a quick and noticeable enhancement of your health.

You should analyze the mistakes you made in your past and sincerely repent of those your actions that caused pain or trouble to others or situations when you did not help someone when you should have. This will be your repentance before God. Its purpose is to learn not to sin anymore. Try to understand that God knows every thought of every person. And in order to pass it to God — one needs neither middlemen nor rituals (nor “sacraments”!). (You may find more details about this in [3-9]).

Start accustoming yourself to making the “eyes of the soul” look at God. This can be achieved by thinking about God and by prayer.

Which prayers should you use? — Of course, not the Orthodox ones, which drive a person through despondency into hell. In other words, not those that convince in hopeless sinfulness and tell about “mortal sins”.

Long time ago God gave us a prayer-meditation, which used to help us a lot in the early stages of practice. Here it is:


Lord! Unite our hearts in You!

Radiate us with Your light, permeating the darkness of our passions!

May all-consuming love expand

And fill our souls with Your exultation!

Oh, spread and grow in us, the seed of Lord!

Filling our hearts with the light of wisdom

and knowledge!

May we always aspire towards You!



The large part of meditative hymns used by Evangelist Christians-Baptists is also beautiful [66] (see also [68,80]).

You may also use the prayer “The Heavenly Tsar”: an address to the Holy Spirit.

But it will do no good to you, if you just mechanically recite or mumble the prayers-meditations. In this manner, which is popular in Orthodoxy, the prayers do not work. Let us understand that each line of these verses is a meditation. Uttering them slowly, with the profound understanding of their meaning, we change the state of ourselves as consciousness with each phrase by attuning to God and cultivating needed qualities in ourselves.

If you have a need to visit temples to take part in collective prayers — it is perfectly all right, unless there is a risk of becoming a victim of the sectarian terror there. Temples, rituals, icons, and other objects of the religious cult — are like toys for the beginners in religion. When people mature — the need for toys falls off naturally (except for some clinical cases). If you have a healthy personality, you may well grow out of the temples in the direct meaning of this word. When consciousness becomes large enough — a person feels all temples in himself; at this stage it becomes absurd for him to be in any temple physically.

The people who develop successfully must find God not in temples, but in the universe. And the “entrance” into His Abode is in their spiritual hearts.

Try to understand also the following: virtually all people who fell under the influence of the Bible formed an opinion, based on the Old Testamental absurdity regarding the “creation of man”, which is extremely harmful for the understanding the most important fact about themselves. It consists in the contraposition of man — versus his soul (or “I — versus my soul”).

While in reality man is a soul.

True opposition would be the following: “man — versus his body” (or “I — versus my body”).

“I — am (so far) “my soul””!

If you are unable to accustom yourself to this way of thinking of yourself yet — you should not practice spiritual disciplines other than love to nature and opening up the spiritual heart: it will be dangerous for you.

And now — you are welcome to start gradually mastering psycho-physical exercises, methods of cleansing and development of the spiritual heart, as well as looking from it, as it is described in the book [10].

More advanced meditative techniques are described in the book [11].

But I will rather not be describing the methods that bring one up to the higher level of consciousness: everyone will be able to receive them from God personally, when one accomplishes all the previous stages.

Although… here is the subject for meditative attunement with God for those, who approached the end of the Path:


I am — subtler that the subtlest, I am — the Essence of Being.

Everything comes out from Me and returns back to Me.

I am — everything that exists in Eternity, and all that is beyond it.

I permeate the essence of all things.


I am — in the hidden meaning of words, in the brightness of fire,

I am — in each breath of life, everything is a part of Me.

I am — in everything, by nothing is what I am.

Realize Me! I am — the eternal Peace!


(Transcribed by Anna Zubkova,

November 1998)



A person can achieve success on the spiritual Path only if he implicitly fulfils all the pre-conditions listed above. One may not practice psychic techniques without complying with all of them. Otherwise — there will be no result, except for trouble: since God supervises the development of each person. And the more a person receives, — the more he will be responsible for.

I will just give here the following example (I gave other ones in my other books):

… Once I had a contact with a certain group of people who were willing to walk the spiritual Path. They called themselves “Children of Sun” — very beautiful name for a spiritual group.

We got to know each other more closely. It turned out that all of them (except the woman who was their leader) smoked a lot. Their “spiritual activity” consisted in regular meeting, at which they drank a lot of coffee, smoked constantly, and delved in the meanings of “Buddhist” terms…

Their leader did not smoke, but her car produced so much exhaust that I had never seen before with any car.

The name “Children of Sun”, as it turned out, originated not from their love to nature, but from the fact that the windows of their leader’s apartment looked out to the east, which enabled her to see the rising sun without getting out of her bed.

I attempted to talk to them about the harm of smoking, the pollution of the environment, the communication with living nature. Once we even went to see the flight of woodcocks in mating season…

But all of it turned out to be useless — none of them wanted to make a slightest effort on self-transformation.

Then I reminded the leader of the group about the existence of God. And that she was bearing her portion of responsibility for the destinies of people, whom she set about leading somewhere..., while all of them are just wasting their lives. And that if nothing changes, — there may be serious “hints” from God: both regarding her excessively emitting smoke car and with the apartment where they smoke themselves…

It also did not have any impact.

When I saw that my further association with them is just a waste of time, I told them everything I thought about them at parting. I told them that the name “Children of Sun” does not exactly reflects the reality. That I agreed with the “children” part, but they cloud Sun with the smoke of their cigarettes and exhausts of the car, therefore this word should be removed from this name. Their main feature as a “spiritual group” — was their uninterrupted smoking. Therefore this fact must be reflected in the name. What they should be called then is “The Smoking Children”.

But even this “move” of mine did not produce a positive effect. And then the following events started to unfold immediately: her car that she left near the porch for the night got burgled by some hooligans who damaged it severely with craw-bars; the municipal authorities sued her to expropriate her apartment because the previous owner from whom she inherited it had died without paying some tiny amount for certain registration procedures…

What it all ended with — that I did not care to find out: she began to dread me, having believed that it was me who had inflicted all these misfortunes on her. Although I never had anything like that either in thoughts or in emotions. It was just that God was warning her through me. But she would not listen…

… I hope, my friends, nothing like that will happen to you. I wish you only success in your self-perfection and happiness of cognition of God.



In this book we have examined many issues regarding the way we should live on Earth in harmony with the Universal Process of the Evolution of Consciousness, in harmony with God.

We can emphasize the following main points:

1. The purpose of our lives consists in development of ourselves as consciousnesses (souls) by both qualitative and quantitative criteria — for the sake of merging with our Creator and enriching Him with ourselves upon attaining Divinity.

2. We must develop ourselves as Love, since God is Love. If we want to approach Him, we have to grow ourselves as Love. This can be achieved by means of ethic self-correction, special methods of psychic self-regulation, based on working with chakras, special meditative techniques of turning oneself (as consciousness) into the spiritual heart that first grows within the physical body and then within our entire planet, then — our galaxy, and the universe.

3. The Creator is the most refined form of consciousness that exists in the universe. He abides in the deepest part of the multidimensional Ocean of the Universal Absolute. Therefore, we can approach the Creator only through refinement of ourselves as consciousness. It is the methods of refinement of consciousness allow one to experience and explore the increasingly subtle space dimensions — up to the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness, the Abode of the Creator.

4. In order to infuse into the Creator, we have to renounce our lower selves that manifest themselves in numerous vicious emotions, desires, and actions that originate from self-centeredness. The elimination of the latter allows one to realize the Higher Self, which is the Creator.

5. Our love to the Creator must be expressed in the urge to cognize Him and to Merge with Him, as well as in helping other souls on this Path.

The general idea of this book consists in that all people, regardless of their sex, nationality, and other distinctions, must fulfill the main task that God expects from us: they must seek to Merge with Him, Who is Love, developing themselves as Love and helping one another in it.

This is the religious Teaching, one for all people, that God gave us — the Religion of Unity.


* * *


At this time critical for the destiny of Russia we especially have to hurry, keeping in mind the following:

We live here, on Earth, not by ourselves and not for ourselves. We live — for God.

Our Creator needs our positive evolution.

If the conditions in the certain country are not auspicious for this process — He destroys such a country with its degenerated spiritual culture.

The only salvation for us, Russian people, now is — to accept the Truth told by God, rejecting the perverted sectarian doctrines, and to start living in accordance with it — this Truth — immediately: both as a nation and everyone as an individual.

This will be, in particular, true Christianity.

Since true Christianity is a religion of Love, a religion of the spiritual heart. This is what the Teaching of the Creator and His Envoy Jesus Christ consists in.


* * *


God in the aspect of the Creator can described as follows:

He is Endless, Unlimited Universal Ocean of Consciousness, abiding in His two major states: the state of Peace in His Abode (the “Bridal Chamber”, as the apostle Philip put it; see [9]) and the active state, called the Divine Fire or the Clear Light.

These two States of His exist everywhere parallel to each other and are separated by something like a “mirror”. The world of the Creation is on the Fiery Side of the “mirror”. But both these state of the Creator are in the multidimensional depth inside every material molecule, including those that compose our bodies.

The Fiery states of God in stars, planets, including Earth, especially in its core, and at some “power places” — represent stationary “condensed areas” of the Unified Divine Fire.

The Creator exists in the whole universe as a single Whole, as One; individual consciousnesses that infuse into Him are in a mutually dissolved state, merged like drops of water in the ocean. But for the performance of special tasks, Divine Individualities can partly separate Themselves. They can come out from both the Divine Fire and the Abode.

All listed states of the Creator can be experienced: the Peace in the “Chamber”, the Fiery, and the Individual Manifestations. This can be achieved by following methodological principles and schemes that are described, in particular, in our books [8, 10, 11 and others]. The general principle of this practice is the all possible development of the spiritual heart, inside which we can find the Creator.

The cognition of God consists in gaining the ability to enter the “Chamber” and His Fiery Manifestation and to dissolve in each of these states of His still during the life in the physical body. This is what constitutes the complete spiritual self-realization of man, his Mergence with God.



Once I myself was a man of vice: I did not think about God, killed animals — both for “scientific” purposes and as a hunter and a fisherman [4,8]. Then — I sharply broke with that tradition of evil-doing, gave up smoking and drinking alcohol. This occurred when I suddenly saw the light: I realized why we live and why live all evolving beings. And I knew now that I would not kill an animal and would not use the body of a killed one — even if I would be starving to death.

When this dawned on me — the very communication with wild animals in the forest became so touchingly-blissful!

… Once when I was picking mushrooms in Karelian forest I woke a hare. He stood on his back paws, stretched himself, yawning, like a little puppy, cast a discontent sidelong look at me, and very slowly , not having quite awakened, toddled away…

I would have killed him before — my sweet forest friend…

But by that time I already knew that every killing of an innocent living being (or participation in such) is a transgression against the Evolution, against God.

… Now we are traveling to the wildlife areas in order to learn to love nature in its living beauty: to learn to love evolving Life — in the bodies of fish, frogs, ants, beasts, plants…

When we now work at “power places” on expanding and refining of our spiritual hearts, inhabitants of the forest cling to us, they are delighted in just being close to us.

Woodpeckers start to sing their spring courtship songs — not in the spring or in the summer, but in November and December…

Robins redbreasts perch on the branches as close to us as they can. Then they start flitting among our standing bodies, flying next to the ground between our legs… They do not beg for food: human food does not appeal to them. They just take delight in being among people of Love, among people of Good.

But tomtits do eat both bread and cheese. They sometimes perch on our shoulders and heads, fly in circles over our bodies, hang poised in mid-air, like bees, against our faces when we eat, snatch out food from our hands, catch cheese from sandwiches while they are on the way to the mouths…

Laughter, shared joy, tenderness — this is the background which the Creator uses to explain one how one can make this love universal in size. For this is what Love of the Creator is like.

… Once we were sitting at the dawn at the edge of the forest, when a big hare came close to us. One of us, already an elderly woman, who had never seen a hare before, though, cried out:

— Hey! Look! A nanny goat came to us! What a sweetie!

The hare ran off at a twenty meter distance and sat, staggering, moving his ears. A mute question was reading in his eyes:

— Why — a nanny goat?!

… In order not to offend hares and other animals anymore, I now prepare my friends to encounters like that: I show them traces of hares, foxes, beavers, and mice on the snow in winter… tell them what they eat, where they sleep, etc. In spring we travel to the mating grounds to listen to the singing of woodcocks, black grouses, sky-larks, lapwings, and curlews.

There we learn to embrace God with the hands of consciousness, stretched from our refined and expanded spiritual hearts.

At that time Sathya Sai Baba comes to us in His Divine Fiery Form. Jesus, Krishna, Babaji, Huang-Di, and other Divine Teachers often visit us then. Beautiful Surya illumines us like the sun with Her wonderful Divine Light during an overcast weather. Now mighty, Elizabeth Haich — a former daughter of a Egyptian pharaoh — gives us freely Her Divine Tenderness. Don Juan raises his hat in a greeting, while Genaro, David Copperfield, apostle Philip, Ptahotep, and Those, Whose names we do not know yet, smile shiningly at us…

We love Them all — and They love us, paving the Path to Their common Abode for us — the Abode of Universal God-the-Father.

You are welcome to come there also! It is beautiful there! And there is enough room for everyone!

It is more than paradise!




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