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The Meaning of Our Lives.What Kind of Russia Is Needed by God?

Fundamentals of the Common Religion. Methods of Spiritual Work. Divine Teachers.


Religious book for God seekers. Names of God, meaning of life, charkas cleansing, kundalini awakening, raja- and buddhi-yoga


Vladimir Antonov

The Meaning of Our Lives.
What Kind of Russia
Is Needed by God?

"Reality", 2002 ISBN 83-902-754-8-1 © Antonov V.V., 2001.

Translated from Russian by Maxim Shafeyev and Mikhail Nikolenko

Unlike about 30 previous books of this author that were dedicated to methodology of spiritual self-perfection of man this one covers not only methodological but also political issues.

This book will be useful for spiritual leaders as well as for those people, who are professionally involved in the development of state policy towards various religious groups and organizations.

Declaration on Fundamentals
of the Common Religion

1. General Statements

1:1. Throughout the history of people on the planet Earth God has been repeatedly giving them His Teaching through His Messengers (Messiahs, Avatars) and prophets. Each time the information was presented in the form that was adequate for concrete group of people � according to the level of their philosophic and religious awareness and the conditions of life in that particular historical period (whether it was period of war or peace, first stages of a religion�s formation or existence of established religious tradition in the particular region).

But at each of those epicenters of religious knowledge, established by God people inevitably distorted His Teaching. For example:

� all religious duties of people got reduced to sole participation in �saving� rituals; bodily movements and standard prayers gradually became the main religious occupation of believers, substituting for real efforts on the path of personal spiritual evolution;

� so-called religious �fundamentalism� appeared, where the religious life was considered not as accumulating knowledge about God and the meaning of our life, not as mastering of methods of spiritual self-development and helping others in doing it, but was reduced to crude, violent forcing people to keep certain �rules of behavior� that have no religious value;

� false concepts of �national religions� and of �national Gods� formed, whereas in reality God is One � not only for all people of Earth, but for the whole Universe;

� such degeneration very often resulted in hatred to �infidels� becoming the main essence of the religious ideology, which led to terror and aggressive wars.

God calls this kind of pseudo-religiosity, where He and Love are lost, �a contagion much worse than AIDS�. Followers of such orientations prepare themselves for going to hell.

1:2. These religious distortions got dramatically manifested in the events of September 11, 2020 (a terrorist attack against people of U.S. cities by religious zealots using hijacked airplanes). The acts of those terrorist-kamikazes were based on a belief that murdering �infidels� secures future life in paradise for the murderers. (The origin of this postulate is clear: it was given many centuries ago to belligerent tribes at the time of war � for the sake of inspiring the warriors of the righteous party to fight the enemy. But under conditions of peace and stable existence of a religious tradition such guidelines clearly cannot be followed)

For all rational people of our planet these dramatic events are clearly pointing out at the necessity of accepting and applying in the everyday life of all people of all nations FUNDAMENTALS OF THE COMMON RELIGION. This Declaration is based on the modern scientific knowledge and on recapitulation of the religious experience accumulated throughout the history of humankind, as well as on what God is teaching us now.

1:3. The Declaration has been developed by a group of Russian specialists with expertise in natural science, religious and philosophical fields, and is based on the personal spiritual experience obtained under a direct guidance of God as a Teacher.


2. How One Should Understand the Word �God�

2:1. First of all it is necessary to accept the fact that the Universe is multidimensional � in reality (and not only mathematically). Its dimensions (planes, eons, lokas) can be cognized by the advanced human consciousness. Such level of consciousness can be attained by proper spiritual training. One of the components of this training should be a multi-stage practice of meditation.

2:2. There are dimensions of hell and paradise and also those that serve as �depositories of construction material� for forming of solid matter and souls. There is also a dimension that represents the Abode of the Creator. Some dimensions are filled with anti-energies. The interaction of the latter with objects of material plane represents the mechanism of dematerialization and other so-called �miracles�.

2:3. Historically it so happened that the word �God� has several meanings and people often get confused by them.

2:4. The principal meaning of this word is the Creator, the Primordial Universal Consciousness, dwelling in the primary spatial dimension. This Consciousness represents the subtlest state of Universal energy � on the �subtlety-coarseness� scale. The inhabitants of hell are on the opposite end of this scale: they live in the coarsest states of consciousness � from their emotional status standpoint.

2:5. The second meaning of the word �God� includes the Creator along with His entire multidimensional Creation, which is brought into existence and penetrated by Him, is incapable to exist without and inseparable from Him. In this sense God is Absolutely All (the Absolute) � i.e. Everything, except for hell and its inhabitants. (By definition of Jesus Christ, hell is �the outer darkness� � outer in relation to God-Absolute).

2:6. The concept of �God� includes also Manifestations of the Creator in the Creation that people call the Holy Spirit (Brahman). The Holy Spirit most often manifests Himself in the form of Divine Teachers that come out from the Abode of the Creator. (They can, in particular, condense the energy of Their Consciousness to the level, perceivable or even visible by embodied people).

2:7. A Manifestation of a Divine Teacher on the material plane through accepting a human body (incarnation) is called Messiah, or Christ, or Avatar.

He, as well as the Holy Spirit, is the Essential Part of the Creator (Primordial Consciousness).

2:8. The statement �God is One� is true. The Divine Teachers are merged elements of One Primordial Consciousness in the Abode of the Creator. The criterion, by which Divine Teachers can be distinguished from other spiritual beings, is that Their Abode is the primary spatial dimension � the Abode of the Creator. Each of Them, while remaining one with the Creator, comes out from the Abode into the realm of Creation only by part of Himself.

2:9. Numerous individual manifestations of the Divine Energy in the world of Creation (objects, bodies (including ours), embodied and non-embodied souls, except for hell inhabitants) should be considered as cells of the infinite Universal Body of God in the aspect of Absolute.

2:10. The essence of all processes that take place in the universe is the Evolution of the Universal Divine Consciousness.

2:11. One cannot include in the concept of �God� mythological (fairy-tale) and fictitious characters of national religious folklore (those sharing such naive and essentially false conceptions are called �pagans�). Attempts to present God as an invisible flying being with a human-like appearance are also naive and false.

God should be thought of as neither �information� nor �information field�, nor �collective human intellect�, nor should He be given other similar superficial and incompetent definitions. Cognition of God has nothing to do with �conversations with aliens�, �astral traveling�, spiritualism, magic rituals or astrological imaginations.

Describing God as a malicious monster punishing people for their sins is a striking perversion that turns people away from loving Him and hinders their advancement on the spiritual Path.

Likewise, bringing devil and other intimidating factors into the center of attention is a gross religious distortion. Cultivation of mystical fear � as opposed to cherishing creative Love � is the main cause of spiritual degradation and of development of mass psychopathology among followers of such forms of pseudo-religion.

2:12. Thus, the concept of God includes:

� the Creator, in other languages and other religious schools also called God-the-Father, Primordial Consciousness, Allah, Ishvara, Tao etc.,

� the Absolute,

� non-incarnate (They are countless) as well as incarnate Divine Teachers coming out from the Abode of the Creator.

This is the essence of the true, monotheistic conception of what God is.

2:13. From His Abode the Creator creates �islets� of matter throughout the infinite space of the universe and after some time � when they are no longer necessary � He dematerializes them. The purpose of this process is to establish conditions for embodying new souls on material substrates, in order to present them with an opportunity for development.

An incarnation in the material world is necessary for the development of a soul , since it is physical body that serves as a main tool for supplying the energy needed for growth of a �lump� of consciousness. This energy is derived with an aid of the body primarily from ordinary food � the one that we eat .

But not any kind of material food provides the organism with the energy eminently suitable for growth of a soul in the proper direction: the most adequate quality of energy is supplied by �cruelty-free� diet, i.e. the one that excludes meat, fish and other products made of bodies of killed animals.

The evolution of each individual soul begins when its germ is formed in a mineral. Following are numerous incarnations in the bodies of plants � small in the beginning, then of larger size. Then the growing soul enters into animal bodies of increasing size and species complexity, and finally � into human bodies.

Each of us, humans, has previously lived in bodies of various plants and animals. And now in bodies of plants and animals we should see other growing souls. We should learn to respect their life and in every possible way avoid doing any unnecessary harm to them.

2:14. God in the aspect of Creator � and this is really perceivable by a developed human consciousness � is Universal in size, Eternal Macro-organism, Which can be depicted as an Ocean of Blissful, Most Tender, Subtlest Light of Consciousness.

Man is to learn to love Him, to fall in love with Him � and this will be a prerequisite for cognizing Him and merging with Him. An individual soul has to merge into the Universal Soul of the Creator.


3. What Is Man

3:1. Man is not his body. Man is a lump of energy of consciousness (a soul), capable of self-comprehension, remembering, thinking, moving, growing qualitatively and quantitatively and also of degradation.

An incarnation consists in binding a soul with a body (soon to be born) that God performs.

The death constitutes a complete separation of them.

3:2. People are incarnated into physical bodies by God in order to undergo consecutive stages of personal evolution. For all this everyone possesses considerable amount of free will, i.e. a right to choose a strategic direction of his/her evolution (to the Abode of the Creator � or to hell), as well as ways of solving daily problems.

God � usually in the aspect of Holy Spirit � constantly suggests everyone ways to improve, to become better. This is the way, by which He expresses His Love-Care about everyone.

But He extremely rarely interferes with people realizing their desires.

In this way God � as the Supreme Shepherd � �shepherds� us on the surface of the planet Earth � like on His �pasture�. He is interested in that we develop in the direction preferable by Him. We need to become Perfect Souls and merge with Him in His Abode, and thus to enrich Him with ourselves.

And if someone does not live their earthly life in the way preferable by God, He induces pain to that person through illnesses or various calamities. As a result some of us start to reflect, turn around and improve. But others only grow more embittered and unfortunately degrade at even higher rate.

In this way � through realization of the free will � �a natural selection� goes on among the souls embodied by God. He takes the best ones into His Abode. Good souls get in paradise for some time, and after that they get incarnated again. The abode of the worst souls is hell. Some of those souls are given an opportunity to be embodied again, to try one more time, while the worst of them, hopeless in God's opinion, get destroyed, annihilated forever (this is where the ideas of �blazing inferno� and �infernal fire consuming sinners� originate from).

3:3. Man should realize himself not as a body or mind but as an embodied soul: this is the only way one can understand correctly how to live on Earth.

The expressions �my soul�, �his/her soul�, �their/our souls� or the likes are incorrect. Let us all realize � we are souls.

3:4. People of all nationalities and races, and also of both sexes � are equal in the face of God. What really makes them different from one another is the age of their souls and the degree, to which they have developed certain positive and negative qualities.

The basic principles of spiritual advancement are the same for all people regardless of sex, nationality and other similar characteristics, though the methods of spiritual work do differ depending on: a) the age of a person in the current incarnation, b) the psychogenetic age (age of a soul), c) present level of ethic and intellectual development, and d) the portion of the spiritual Path an individual soul has successfully traveled.

3:5. The supreme prospective task of each human being is to cognize God in all of His aspects and manifestations, then, upon achieving the spiritual Perfection, to merge into Him in His Abode and to continue to take part in the Universal Evolutionary Process from there, by assisting the embodied beings in particular.

But what one should begin with is intellectual development and ethic self-transformation.


4. Methodological Principles of Spiritual Self-Perfection

4:1. The perfection of the Creator has three main aspects. They are � Love, Wisdom and Power. Therefore each human being in the course of his personal evolution should develop these three qualities.

4:2. Everyone should begin with accepting the following main ethic principles:

Do not do to others whatever you would not want them to do to you!


Help everyone in all that is good!

Then it would be appropriate to begin mastering functions of the spiritual heart � an organ in the human multidimensional organism responsible for producing emotion of love.

4:3. The spiritual heart is a bio-energetic structure located in the chest. The first step of spiritual heart development is mastered when it has filled the whole chest, which makes one capable of living in the state of stable concentration of consciousness in one�s spiritual heart, perceiving the outer world with it and acting �from it�, including speaking.

When this is accomplished, and as long as one � as consciousness � abides in one�s spiritual heart, one is no longer able to enter into emotional states other than variations of cordial love.

This radically changes one�s relationships with one�s environment, including other people. Also one�s health gets improved dramatically.

Those, who have settled in this state, who got used to and will continue living in it until the end of their incarnation, after leaving the body are going to appear among other blissful souls in paradise.

We have developed the methods of realization of what has been said above. Those methods are described in details in our books and also demonstrated on videocassettes.

4:4. In order to succeed on the path of spiritual development one has to transform oneself into a soul consisting primarily of the spiritual heart.

One should learn to live without leaving the emotion of Love, states of tender freshness, tactful care, willingness to help other people in everything good sincerely and selflessly, respect to all worthy ones, gratitude to anyone who helps, forgiveness of offenders, willingness to abandon himself and sacrifice himself for the sake of others. And even when fighting for the sake of others' good one should not leave the state of Love.

Let everyone strive for ridding themselves of all kinds of arrogance, selfishness, greed, violence, and all kinds of anger emotions, including emotions of condemnation, revengefulness, irritation, envy and jealousy. The listed emotional states should be considered as opposing to Love.

Gaining full control over one�s emotional sphere is possible through intellectual work on identifying and overcoming one�s vices and cultivating missing positive qualities. It is advisable to supplement these efforts with mastering of the methods of psychic self-regulation, which are based on working with structures of the human organism responsible for generating emotions (these methods are described in the books listed in the �Bibliography� section).

4:5. �God is Love� � taught Jesus Christ. He was this Love Himself. And He invited us to join Him in becoming this Love.

In order to be able to approach our Creator � Who is Love � we have to transform ourselves into Love. There is no other way.

And this is not just a slogan made up of nice words, yet unfeasible. Behind these words there is a comprehensive system of knowledge and methods thoroughly tested for decades on numerous spiritual seekers.

4:6. Development of intellect is a crucial element of one�s spiritual advancement. Children need to be given education of as high quality as possible. Adults should always seek ways to acquire new knowledge � preferably that, which will be useful on the spiritual Path.

4:7. It does not make sense to devote one�s professional activity to earning money and to accumulating material wealth. What we need to aspire to is learning as much as possible in the beginning of our lives and then using the acquired knowledge and skills for serving God by serving other people.

4:8. Doing good deeds by helping other souls in their evolution � let this be the major incentive of everyone�s social activity.

Let it be sincere giving. Then other people � the best of them � will begin to respond by giving back. It is in this way that groups of true and reliable friends with common spiritual goals form. This is an optimal solution to the problem of loneliness for many people of modern society .

4:9. Giving birth and proper upbringing of children are another ways of serving God.

4:10. In educating children special techniques can be successfully used, which are quite helpful in preparing them for serious spiritual work they can engage in when they grow up (basic principles of the methodology of such work and examples of specific methods are described in our book �Spiritual Work with Children�).

4:11. Marriage and educating children represent numerous excellent opportunities for self-perfecting, primarily for development of such aspects of love as tenderness, attention, and altruism. This experience also significantly contributes to the intellectual progress of an individual soul, by providing numerous psychological lessons in particular.

God � as a Teacher � is the �Supreme Psychologist�. Thus we should master psychology as well.

4:12. Prevailing opinion that the main task of man in relation to God consists in sole praying and that nothing else is necessary is deeply erroneous and harmful. One has to realize that God does not need our prayers, which are essentially nothing but begging. What God wants from us in the first place is righteousness expressed in ethically correct attitude toward all living beings, including other people, as well as toward Him. In particular, He wants us to seek Him, serve Him, learn to love Him and strive for developing ourselves to such extent when we could offer ourselves to Him as a gift, as perfect as possible.

It is this gift that God will be pleased to receive as an offering from man.

4:13. He does not need any killings of animals and plants as an �offering to God�. Those killings are just criminal acts and are not in any way �pleasing things to God�.

4:14. Implantation of the ideas of irreparably sinful human nature, nothingness of man and his being destined to remain an eternal antipode to God is an error and transgression in the face of God. It contradicts the very Intention that the Creator has for us. It creates a huge obstacle for spiritual growth.

4:15. The best foundation for development of the power aspect of a soul is engaging in physical work. If this is currently impossible, then various kinds of athletic training could be helpful.

It is necessary to have a strong and healthy body in order to advance successfully on spiritual Path.

Further development of the power aspect of consciousness can be made through special meditative trainings. But these trainings could be allowed only for those, who have attained the required subtlety of consciousness and ability to remain in the emotional state of love for a long time.

4:16. The opinion that people attain paradise or end up in hell as a result of some particular action (or actions) is erroneous. Actions significant from the ethic standpoint determine one�s destiny only for the periods of embodiment � in the current or future incarnations.

But what determines the place, where one abides after one�s body dies � be it hell, paradise or other spatial dimensions (including the Abode of the Creator) � is the state of consciousness one has accustomed oneself to during one�s life in the body.

If a person got used to living in coarse emotional states, upon leaving the body he will continue to exist in these states.

If he has lived (including the recent period before departing from the body) in subtle and pure cordial love � he will find himself in paradise.

But in order to reach the Abode of the Creator from the �starting� point of paradisiacal state one needs to go through a long and difficult meditative practice guided by one or several Divine Teachers. This is a process one must devote all one's life to in order to succeed.

Let us emphasize, that nobody can pass this part of the Path on their own. The errors here can have grievous consequences. For example, it is possible �to get lost� in spatial dimensions... Or to break down as a result of some stressing factor and to lapse into coarse emotional states... This can wipe out all one�s positive meditative achievements and lead to serious diseases.

4:17. Spiritual work cannot be successful if it is performed by people using drugs, including alcohol and tobacco products.

4:18. The human organism is multidimensional and in this respect it is similar to the multidimensional Absolute. Therefore, the process of self-cognition coincides with the process of cognition of the Absolute.

In particular, everyone has their potential representation in the Abode of the Creator which is called Atman, or �Higher Self�.

4:19. One of the main tasks of spiritual work is to transform a person�s egocentrism to God-centrism � both mentally and in meditative realization.

4:20. The finishing steps up the ladder of spiritual ascent can be mastered only through monastic life.

4:21. Monasticism is a unidirectionality of a spiritual seeker consciousness focused on only one Goal � full cognition of God and merging with the Creator in His Abode, and also helping all worthy ones walking the same Path.

4:22. The tasks of a true monk cannot be accomplished by mere wearing special clothes, accepting new names, kow-towing and repeating standard prayers. All this has nothing to do with true monasticism.

4:23. Leading a parasitic way of life which is sometimes extolled as a virtue by adepts of some degenerated religious schools is in fact a vicious practice that has a detrimental effect on the destinies of followers of this distortion.

God considers panhandling as an indecent occupation.

4:24. Celibacy (complete restraining from sexual contacts) is by no means a necessary attribute of true monastic life. It rather does harm than helps on the spiritual Path, creating a sexual �dominant� (a dominating idea of sexual dissatisfaction) � instead of having the Creator and care about people as a sole dominant. Celibacy hinders the development of such important variations of love as sexually colored tenderness, attention and care in relationships with one�s spouse and children.

Celibacy also can be harmful to the one�s health, sometimes causing a prostatitis in men and neuroses based on sexual dissatisfaction in both men and women.

4:25. Having sex is not a �sin� by itself, as long as no violence or doing any harm is involved, partners are adequate and sex does not overshadow more important aspects of life.

A harmonious sexual life is absolutely normal for all healthy adults, even for those who have devoted their lives completely to the attainment of highest spiritual goals.

But people entering into a marriage should be at similar stages of their spiritual advancement.

4:26. Recent popularization of the idea that �the more sex � the more spirituality� is another extreme, no less harmful for spiritual development. In this case sex is brought into the center of attention, instead of the Creator, multi-aspect self-development and participation in the Evolutionary Process by serving God, which consists in helping other people in their earthly existence and facilitating their spiritual progress.

�Where your treasure is there your heart will be also� � taught Jesus Christ.


5. What Religious Associations Should Do

5:1. Ritual forms of religious practice can well be used by beginners. But one should understand that the only use those initial forms of worshiping could have is to help people get used to remember about God�s existence. Participating in ceremonies � whatever they are called or whatever value people assign to them � cannot by itself solve the problem of realization of our purpose of life.

5:2. Activities of religious associations should not be limited just to performing rites. It is necessary to explain people what God is, tell them about meaning of their lives and the way of its realization. Great focus should be on ethic work involving discussions on ethic principles, practice of conscious and sincere repentance, and collective analysis of ethic problems � using specific examples from life, books, newspapers, films and other sources.

Aesthetics, including attunement to the subtlest manifestations of living nature and to certain forms of art can be extremely helpful. Sublime and inspiring beauty of a human body may also play an important part in this work.

The spiritual work will be much more effective when complemented by ecology lessons, sports trainings, lectures and discussions about healthy lifestyle, as well as mastering healing and self-healing methods.

The methods of psychic self-regulation should be taught with the emphasis on mastering functions of the spiritual heart.

5:3. Serious meditative techniques must not be taught to children and ethically and intellectually immature adults, especially the methods related to the power aspect of development of consciousness. Breaking this rule can lead to serious mental disorders, which stops the positive evolution of a given soul.

Initiations to spiritual knowledge should be done strictly on a step-by-step basis � new stages should be given only after disciples have mastered the previous ones.


6. Conclusion

6:1. We should develop ourselves as spiritual hearts: at the beginning � within the chest of the body, then � on the multidimensional Universe scale � up to the level when we become worthy to settle in the �Heart of Absolute� � merged with the Primordial Consciousness in the Abode of the Creator. This is the meaning of our lives and the way of attaining the true eternal happiness.

6:2. God has guided us, a group of Russian specialists who wrote this Declaration, into His Heart and provided us with knowledge necessary to help other worthy people to do the same.

Through us God has laid the foundation of a new science called �Methodology of Spiritual Perfecting� by entrusting us to perform the integration of scientific and religious knowledge accumulated on Earth, discarding everything insignificant, transient, and unnecessary in it, and to build a �ladder� of spiritual ascent made up of specific methods and to test these methods on ourselves and on many others.

6:3. God is considered incognizable by many �believers�. He is truly incognizable for those, who follow a distorted path. But He is cognizable for those who walk the Direct Path specified by Him � the Path of Spiritual Heart.

6:4. God is asking to make the information presented in this Declaration accessible to as many people as possible � to people of all continents and countries.

He is pointing out, that explaining to people the meaning of their lives on Earth and helping them in its realization is the only way to avoid large-scale catastrophes similar to the ones that happened in the USA (or even of a much larger scale) in the future, as well as to prevent tragedies that are less noticeable but which are happening every hour to many lost souls and which can happen to anyone.

6:5. From the God�s standpoint, everything that is done by state authorities, organizations, and every individual, should have as the primary goal the maximum contribution to the positive Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, which takes place in the bodies of people in particular.

6:6. We seek collaboration in distributing this information. Any help from individuals, governmental and public organizations, including religious, scientific and others will be welcome.


Russia Is Dying


Russia is dying. Every year its population decreases by 750,000 people. This number includes refugees from the former Russian colonies.

The birthrate has decreased twice as much compared to the �stagnation� period of the communist party government.

The crime rate has increased dramatically: the nation loses about 100,000 people every year due to murder.

Russia takes first place of the suicide rate (in percentage of the total population). Every day, on average, 142 people commit suicide. That is, every year Russia loses 50,000 people due to suicide. About 2,000 of them are children.

Tuberculosis, syphilis and AIDS are spreading. Every week 10,000 people become infected with AIDS.

In addition to this, alcoholism is so widespread (especially if we keep in mind the fact that children born of drinking parents cannot be healthy) that the next generations in Russia are almost doomed to degradation just because of this. Far from the cultural centers of big cities it is almost impossible to meet a young man without clear signs of psychic degradation on his face.

In Saint-Petersburg 12 percent of the population are disabled people due to physical and psychiatric pathologies. Among them are not only victims of the Afghan and Chechen wars but also children of drinking parents.

Addiction to the most dangerous drugs (including heroin!) has become very popular among the young people. In some schools, students ridicule and alienate from their companies those who do not use drugs.

One can assess the scale of drug addiction by looking at the Saint-Petersburg statistic figures (although it is not the most degraded city in this respect). In Saint-Petersburg there are 600,000 registered drug addicts (without taking into account addiction to alcohol and nicotine). The most popular drug is heroine. Heroine creates an almost irresistible addiction even after the first injection. Its toxicity is so high that it leads to death of the victim within 4 years of the first use.

According to the forecast of UNESCO, if the current tendencies persist, in the next 25 years the population of Russia will decrease by a third.

A worrying call about the current situation in Russia was initiated by the military � they cannot draft a sufficient number of conscripts for the military service. And what is it going to be in 5-10 years? Russia keeps losing its young generation! And in 20-30 years? Then the army will have to be recruited not with professional mercenaries, but with grannies, pensioners, and with a small number of old men who will be lucky to live up to their age. The old men will probably be appointed sergeants. And the food for the Russian army will, most likely, supplied by NATO countries. This is going to be mostly chocolate � in order to prevent the grannies from getting drunk and shooting nuclear rockets around.

...One may think: Russia has done too much harm to other nations and incurred a punishment God upon itself, therefore its destiny is to die.

However, I would not prefer to operate such abstract ideas. I would like everyone to ask themselves � within the scope of this subject: Do I want to die so miserably together with Russia?

If you say �yes�, or hesitate, then I will try to make you change your mind.

Maybe what is written below will help to save some, the best, part of the young generation of our country?


President Putin � Is He Going to Save Russia?

In my opinion, now there is a fresh and slightly optimistic wind in Russia. I mean the new president Vladimir Putin. I see him as the best leader since the time of the baptism of Russia into Greek Orthodoxy. Putin is neither a drunkard, nor cruel, nor foolish, nor weak willed. He is not a zealot of a perverted religious sect either. He is a clever, efficient and resolute person. He took on vigorous, competent and fresh-minded people as his assistants. Although he has a shady KGB past, but as Babaji from Haidakhan once said: �There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future� (see book [1]).

However, neither Putin, nor anyone of his team sees the main problem.

And the root of all problems in Russia is that Russian people lack understanding of the meaning of their lives.

During the decades of �communist� government, it was not appropriate in Russia to speak about the meaning of life. This question requires a philosophical-religious answer, but religious philosophy in the USSR was forbidden. There was no fundamental psychology as well: since psychology (a science about a psyche or soul) is essentially religious. And psychology (even when it got officially �permitted� in the USSR in the early eighties) was reduced to professional testing or replaced by �physiology of higher nervous activity� where all the life activity of man was attributed to animal reflexes.

But the pre-revolutionary period of Russian history was not much better in this respect either � since there had been no freedom of speech in Russia for the last thousand years. And without freedom of speech a true development of philosophical ideas is impossible.

In the recent years the presidents of our country � Gorbachev and Yeltsin � due to their philosophical incompetence � �blessed� the foisting of �tales for fools� on the public. For example, those that the mother of Jesus Christ remained a virgin even after the birth of Jesus. And that she conceived �immaculately�, i.e. without a man (implying that all other conceptions are maculated). Or that God is two invisible men who sometimes fly on clouds; or that actually there are three of them � in this �Trinity� there is also the pigeon, that is consubstantial to them... Or that woman was made by God out of a man's rib...

Could intelligent governors fail to understand that the described �sexual doctrine� is not only disgusting in its essence but also contradicts the biblical commandment �be fruitful and multiply!� And that God is not two flying men accompanied by a pigeon, but the Universal Consciousness � Unlimited and Eternal. And that people (men and women) are not at all their bodies, but souls, consciousnesses that are incarnated into physical bodies; and accordingly, the creation of man is not like creation of his physical body...

They did not understand that this kind of religion is most likely to repel young fresh minds. And having repelled them and without giving them a reasonable explanation why we live on Earth and what we should do here it throws the youth into depression that leads to drug addiction, suicide, and crime...

So, we should learn to discriminate the true Teaching of really existing God from foolish tales and distortions of that Teaching. And only then we will be able to explain to children and to everyone else what the meaning of our lives is and how they can make their lives creative, joyful, happy and bearing the highest fruits for themselves, for other people and for Evolution.

But first one has to understand what God, man and Evolution are.


Space, God, Man, Evolution

Space is multidimensional. The dimensions of space, in reality, are not mathematical symbols but actually existing layers that resemble storeys of a many-storeyed building. One can enter the hall of each storey directly through the floor but it is better to use the stairway. But there are some specific features:

1. One can enter the most valuable parts of this �building� only as a developed spiritual heart,

2. Every one of the basic �halls� is unlimited in size,

3. The �storeys� differ not by height but by depth of their location: the �storeys� of the most subtle energy state are the deepest, the grossest ones � are outside of this structure altogether. The deepest �hall� is the Abode of the Creator (God-the-Father). Outside of it there is a number of other �storeys�. And the hell (�outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth�, in the New Testament�s language) is what is located outside the �building� (see [6] for more details).

In most cases, when we say �God� we should mean the Primordial Universal Consciousness of the Creator that resides in His Abode. The purpose of our evolution is to seek to cognize the Creator in His Abode and to merge as consciousness (soul) with Him. (The knowledge about it constitutes the essential part of the Teaching of Jesus Christ but the people who compiled the New Testament did not include it in it, for more details see [1,4]). A spiritual seeker can only achieve this with his spiritual heart that was developed and refined up to the Divine level. The mind of such spiritual seeker should be developed enough to stay clear from false ways and silly illusions of pseudo-achievements on this Path.

The One Who has reached the Abode, settled in it and then arises from it by a part of Himself to help incarnated beings is called the Holy Spirit.

And the One who having merged with the Creator lives also in a human body is called Christ (Messiah, Avatar, Buddha).

From what has been said above it is clear that God-the-Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit are indeed consubstantial; this is where the idea of the Trinity comes from. But later it was reduced to the level of folk tales.

Let me repeat again that the primary meaning of the word �God� is the Creator being in His Abode. But from the above said it should become clear that Christ is also God. As well the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes this word is used also to designate everything that exists in the universe including the Creator, all aspects of His Creation and the �construction material� for it. In such case this One Universal Organism is denoted by the term �the Absolute� (i.e. God in the aspect of the Absolute).

In this Universal Multidimensional Superorganism everything is correlated, controlled and nothing happens �by chance�. It is really unified and indivisible � and in this aspect it resembles a human organism, which is also multidimensional. Now one can understand the biblical idea that the man was made in the image and likeness of God.

That is to say that the multidimensional structure of a human organism is similar to God in the aspect of the Absolute. But it does not mean that God-the-Father looks like an old man on a cloud!

Inside the Universal Organism of the Absolute vital processes of transformation of the constituents go on � as it is the case in the human organism. This constitutes the Universal Evolution.

The creation of new �islets� of matter within the Ocean of the Absolute (followed by the decay, dematerialization of them) serves the purpose of settling units of life incarnated in physical bodies there which are supposed to develop themselves and merge with their Creator, enriching Him by this.

The food for such growing souls is the matter of our usual food (prakriti). So, some souls having achieved the Perfection during the incarnation merge with the Creator. Others who did not have time to accomplish this �get stuck� at a certain stage of their personal evolution. Then will have to get incarnated again. Another group of souls is a �waste� of Absolute Organism functioning � they get cast �into the outer darkness�, i.e. into hell.

By using our free will, i.e. the freedom to choose the direction of our development, we can form our destinies.

Let every one of us think: where do we want to go?


Hell, Paradise, the Holy Spirit, the Abode of the Creator � What To Choose and How To Attain?

Some people do all kinds of silly things for the sake of spiritual development or �for the sake of God� � as they think.

Some torture and kill people and animals, bluntly and violently obtrude �their� rules of behavior upon others, some people in modern Russia drink urine, some learn to plug up lower foramens of the body in order to avoid dropping out into hell through them (by some visiting Buddhist �masters� teach this practice). Others devote their lives to performance of ritual bodily movements (whereas what is required is not movements of the body but those of the consciousness � since it is the consciousness that has to get better on its evolutionary path to the state of the Creator).

There are also fools who instead of making efforts hope that they will get to heaven by having �priests� pray for them. In some religious confessions people are instructed to recite the same �prayers� every day (some of these �prayers� program them directly for going to hell). But what is it to God or to those who pray from doing this? It only digresses people from serving God (i.e. helping other people to advance in their evolution) and also from the work on ethic self-perfection and on development of themselves (as consciousness) by means of meditation. (The only use of such standard prayers-requests, though very little, is that they accustom one to the fact that God does exist. So they can help one only at the very early stages of one�s faith development � to make it stronger). One may also hear absurd instructions for �opening up spiritual heart� which consist in kowtowing endlessly every day: since in reality kowtows cannot help one attain this.

Only when we know the true need of God and His plan for us we can understand the absurdity of all that was listed above and understand what in reality we should do.

Now, how can one attain Perfection? And what is the Perfection specifically in the first place?

There are three main aspects of the Perfection of God: Love, Wisdom and Power. Let us list what we have to do in order to either progress in the direction of His Perfection or degrade to the state of demonic beings.

So in order to get to hell, if we want to:

a) instead of fostering love we need to cultivate irritability, aggressiveness, as well as to seek to defile everything and everyone.

Let our egocentrism triumph. And if other people do not satisfy our egocentrism we will react with a burst of rude emotions, revenge, lose peace and sleep, will live in a constant stress of negative emotions, will get sick on this account which will create even more reasons for us to for hate other people: they are happy while we are sick! It is not enough to learn to hate everyone around and concentrate on disgust and contempt towards them � we will have to learn to pick concrete objects of these emotions. And if people and animals become hostile to us in return then it will only help us in acquiring mastery in meanness: their hostility will make our aggressive feelings stronger. In order to develop further such features we need to eat dead bodies (meat and fish dishes) � then the souls of killed animals will move into our bodies and will avenge themselves upon us for their sufferings. This will cause chronic diseases of our digestive systems and later � psychic disorders of schizophrenia type (obsessive-compulsive disorder, hallucinations, delusion of influence, as well as �voices� that condemn and provoke absurd actions). We should also attune to the most coarse kinds of music and songs with violent and defiling content (using obscene language, preferably). By the way, if we use obscene language as a means of defiling other people and intensifying negative emotions it will help us in making faster progress in this direction. As for esoteric techniques �concentrating in the ajna and manipura chakras can be of great help for this purpose. Practicing all these methods will make devils out of us in the course of our lives in the physical bodies and we will retain this devilish status after the death, thus our going to hell will be guaranteed.

b) Our intellectual activity should be directed at devising special programs of further self-development in this direction. For this purpose it would be helpful to study the experience of other people who succeeded in this. For example, we can practice self-identification and attuning to the most prominent fascist politicians and black magician-devils, who make a living by �healing� practice.

c) In order to become even more powerful devils we may use special kind of training on negative �places of power�. There we can accustom ourselves with different types of hellish states: powerful aggressive emotions, paralyzing anger, hopeless despair, and depression.1 Having mastered these states we can be sure that all this will be ours almost forever until the complete decay of the soul occurs, even the death of the body will not interrupt these states! And before the decay of the soul takes place we will have time to enjoy to our hearts� content harassing less powerful demons and various dweebs among embodied creatures using the most sophisticated ways.


�Now let us have a break from attuning with all this nightmare, and look at how we can develop ourselves in the opposite direction.

The best way to start going into the opposite direction � not to the �outer darkness�, but to the Creator � is to step aside from the human filth and begin to attune to pure and beautiful phenomena and also to make every effort to activate one's spiritual heart. (How we can do this is described in the books mentioned above). Development of the spiritual heart starts from the center of the chest, then it gradually fills up all the chest volume, grows bigger and bigger in the surrounding space, penetrating deeper into the layers of the Absolute � until it Merges with the Creator.

But no attunement and no psychic techniques can help if one does not do deeds of love, does not control one's emotions, refraining from exiting the state of love, as well as does not concentrate on the Creator as on one�s main Beloved.

Of course, it is not possible to know and to love the Creator if one does not know what the Creator is and where He is to be searched for.

Neither is it possible to bridle the emotions without mastering the control of the organs that produce the emotions. That is, one needs to learn the methods of the psychic self-regulation based on the work with the chakras and main meridians.

Nor if under the �deeds of love� one understands only sex.

Yes, a positive sexual experience is highly important for the spiritual self-realization. Sexual love enriches the emotional sphere with ability to experience very subtle, sexually colored tenderness; having mastered this step we should come to know even more subtle love, even more subtle states of consciousness, which we can use to touch the Holy Spirit and the Creator.

Note, that woman's mammary glands have a direct topographic and bioenergetic connection with the spiritual heart. And their erogeneity contributes to its stimulation and natural development. Men do not have such a natural and direct opportunity, their chance to begin their spiritual path is to attune to the most subtle states of women or to use special psycho-techniques, which develop and refine the emotional sphere. This is why there are many more women who achieve success in the spiritual self-realization than men.

But in order to be called really spiritual sexual relationships should proceed with a tender love-giving of oneself to one�s partner and not with a rude and egoistic behavior. Also they should not become a kind of entertainment in the form of group sex. Sex should not become an end in itself and shadow what is incomparably more important � the construction of loving relationships with God.

Let me stress that the ability to love emotionally can be developed not only through practicing its sexual aspect. Caring attention, as well as respect and esteem for those who deserve respect, ability to forgive errors of others, to help others even if it requires to sacrifice one's own interests or even life � these are the most important and essential aspects of love that we should cultivate in every possible way.

We also need to understand that recommendations of some �psychologists� to concentrate on the love to oneself are contrary to the spirituality. The true love is a self-oblivion for the sake of others. And this is possible only if one introduces (sensibly) into one�s life non-attachment to earthly welfare and even to life in the body.

... Let us start learning to love, helping even plants. If we see a dry bough hanging on a living branch of a tree � let us remove it. If someone drops a piece of tinplate, plywood or board on the grass � deprived of light, plants are doomed to death � let us save them. When we see that someone defiled a tree by putting a dirty rag or an empty bottle on it � let us help this living evolving being get cleansed and continue perfecting in its natural beauty.

It is not compatible with love to make a fire (without an absolute necessity) if it injures living plants, to cut flowers for bouquets, to participate in killing firs and pines during Christmas time for the sake of watching how they die slowly, and so on.

It is necessary to understand that in the bodies of animals and plants the same process of evolution of units of consciousness goes on just like as in our bodies. And we must not cease it on our will unless it is absolutely necessary. An example of such absolute necessity is using plants as food, for construction and so on.

But we may kill animals only if we are defending ourselves or others.

Let us recall one of the commandments that God gave to us through Moses: �You shall not kill!�. But neither Moses himself nor almost all Jews did not keep this commandment. (In the chapter of the Bible called �Deuteronomy� the Jews �legitimized� total rejection of this principle). Jesus Christ also declared this principle (see [1]) but all mass movements that call themselves Christian did not pay any attention to this commandment of God.

Yet without accepting the aspect of love called Compassion in its full measure one cannot approach the Creator. And compassion should include all living beings, not only embodied ones.

�God is Love� � taught Jesus. And if we want to become Divine and fulfill the Will of our Creator we should transforms ourselves into the perfect Love.

...Development of Wisdom begins with usual studies, by extending the range of one�s interests, by developing creative abilities � first in simple things and then even in devising methods of helping people in their spiritual progress.

The Power aspect of development may begin with physical work or athletic training. On the highest stages it consists in directly growing the volume of the refined consciousness through meditative work on Divine �places of power� specially selected for this purpose. Then the consciousness that was grown in this way will need to merge with the Consciousness of God...

...If we only have learned to live in the permanent state of subtle love � we are guaranteed to live in paradise.

If with the help of special meditative techniques we attained Unity with one of the three manifestations of the Holy Spirit (see [5]) and have mastered living in the Unity with Him then we become Him and remain in Him even after the death of the physical body.

And the Ultimate Purpose is to cognize the Creator in His Abode and to merge as consciousness with Him.





Let us keep in mind: it is the emotional status which we accustomed ourselves to while living in the body on Earth that we continue to live in for a very long time after the death of the physical body. The emotional status is a state of consciousness. It is our dominating emotions, the emotions to which we got used during our living on Earth. And after the death of the body we find ourselves in the corresponding layer of the multidimensional space � according to our level of subtlety-coarseness. There we find ourselves among other beings similar to us: inhabitants of hell or those of paradise, or in the Holy Spirit, or even in the Abode of the Creator. And after this happens nothing can change the situation: neither relatives and friends drinking on the grave nor any kind of rituals or praying performed by anyone.

So, where do we want to go?


God Can Be Cognized

God is cognizable, though the majority of the followers of the modern �Christian� movements believe the opposite.

The founder of Christianity � Jesus Christ � taught that God can be cognized [1]. And He is indeed very easily cognizable: both in the aspect of the Holy Spirit and of Jesus Christ who lives now (though not in a physical body) and can be seen. It is much more difficult but also possible to cognize Him also in the aspect of God-the-Father.

But in order to accomplish this one should be not a pseudo-Christian who keeps talking about Christ but lives in total contradiction with His Teaching, but a true Christian who does not live for himself, but for God, who lives in love and seeks to serve Him, to know Him and merge with Him in love.

And for the �Christians� who are sure that God is incognizable, who drink, kill, damn and hate � He is incognizable indeed. For they are not Christians at all.


About �The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil�

Those readers who are familiar with my books �Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space� and �The New Upanishad. The Structure of the Absolute and Its Cognition� [5,6] must have seen the structure of the Absolute scheme. In particular, this scheme shows those parts of space through which we can most easily penetrate into various �layers� of the Absolute. These objectively existing parts of the human multidimensional organism are something like windows, or doors, or gates into �other worlds�. The main �door� leads to the Abode of the Creator. It is this �door� that Jesus called �the Sun of God� [7,13] because of it's tenderest and subtlest bright shining which resembles a light of a giant morning sun. Through it the spiritual seeker can enter the Abode after he has learned and mastered everything that was necessary.

Also on this scheme one can see that the souls are conceived by the Creator in the Paradise, though they cannot be called not human souls yet but rather a kind of embryos which will be incarnated first in vegetal and animal bodies. (This truth got reflected in the biblical story about Eden).

But some souls, incarnating and evolving in the world of matter, � thanks to the free will that they are given (for the purpose of better development of the evolutionary process) � preserve their purity from negative emotions. Others �attach� themselves to material objects, including their own bodies. This attachment gives rise to egocentrism and hostility towards other creatures, considering them rivals with whom they compete for possession of food, luxury items and objects of their sexual lust. Some of them even assume the right to kill animals for the sake of satisfaction of their gluttony.

Such a choice between good and evil can be represented schematically as a fork, like that on a tree branch. The choice of the way of evil is what Bible calls �the Fall of Man�.

Subsequently God offers each soul an opportunity to make a choice in ethically important situations: to act for the sake of himself and detriment of others or to sacrifice something of himself for the sake of others. That is, to do evil � or good. In this way each soul draws the graph of its development � many branchings where one always has to choose only one direction. This picture is where image of a tree originates from. As a result of moving along these trajectories of choice some souls come to the Abode of the Creator, others � to hell that they have chosen.





There is another interpretation of the story about the �tree of knowledge of good and evil� � it is also correct and adds to the first one.

The error of people consisted in forgetting that God controls everything that enters our lives; and in that respect good and evil that come to us are equal. For they both are manifestations of pedagogical measures of our loving and wise Parent. And thus we should consider everything as a blessing coming from Him. (But it is not to say that we should stop tracing and preventing our evil thoughts and deeds, as well as spotting them in other people so that we could in a tactful and soft manner help them cleanse themselves of their inner evil).

So, when evil comes to us we should try to see the intention of God behind it. And having realized it, having discovered its reason in ourselves, we should strive to improve.

One can react in a wrong way due to one�s religious ignorance � and try to revenge oneself upon the offender having forgotten about the Master of our destinies � God. Or sometimes in some originally primitive or degraded religious movements in order to explain the roots of evil people create a �rival� to God who is almost equal to Him. They call him Satan, Lucifer and by other names. (Such primitive religious conceptions can appear when people reduce the Boundless Universal God to a flying old man riding a cloud.)

From the methodological standpoint it is very important to correctly understand the latter truth. The issue is not only the correct understanding of the essence of the Divine. And not even that one should learn to permanently live in the state of love. There is a mechanism of self-transformation that consists in the attunement of consciousness to the state of a certain object.

If we attune to the beauty of the rising sun in the quiet tender morning, or to the singing of morning birds then we fill ourselves with subtlety and harmony of nature.

If we seek the Creator and try to attune to Him � we approach Him. And He helps us in this.

If we fix our indriyas of consciousness at some embodied or disembodied filth we automatically attune to its state � a hellish one � and become similar to it by our emotional status. And if we leave the body before we have improved then we will go to hell along with it...

This is why Jesus Christ taught not to revenge oneself, not to damn the offenders, but to forgive them sincerely and feel compassion for them. And not to demand back what we were bereft of � it is better to give to the robber even more than he wants to take from us � but not to exit from the state of love!

I was deceived and betrayed � big time. I was even killed by such human filth and was painfully dying for many months [2,3]. But I remained a Christian � I neither revenged myself, nor I attuned to them. I continued to seek the Union with God � and I won. And I have helped many others in this. And will help more.

You can do the same � and win as well!


About the Methods of Spiritual Work

The spiritual work should begin with studying and accepting the conception of the Path. Then follows initial ethic self-transformation, and only after one gets on one�s spiritual Path and starts walking it.

The word �spirituality� originates from the expression of Jesus Christ: �God is a Spirit�. That is to say that �spirituality� stands for association with or likeness to God-Spirit. And the spiritual Path is the Path of a gradual transformation of oneself into Him. This transformation is performed by growing and qualitatively changing one�s spiritual heart, primarily. Or, in other words, one�s spiritual growth is one�s growth as the spiritual heart.

I have written in books how one can become a spiritual heart and transmute oneself further [1-9]. Here I will only say that the criterion of the first success will be the undoubtful ability to look at the outer world from within the chest with the �eyes� of the soul (not in a figurative but in the very literal sense!). When we begin to experience ourselves not as bodies but as free consciousnesses then we begin to see with the eyesight of the soul. It is with this eyesight that unembodied spirits see. And with this eyesight God sees what happens to us in His Creation.

One can say also that the Creator is the Heart of God (in the aspect of the Absolute). This is why on can know Him and merge with Him only having become a perfect spiritual heart.





In one of the greatest spiritual scriptures � the Bhagavad Gita � there is an omission that led to a multitude of errors of people who tried in vain to attain Perfection without love, not through love. Namely, in the talk with Arjuna Krishna, pointing to his chest, said, that between these �eyebrows� one has to open an exit of the Atmic Divine Energy (it was a joke: He pointed to the hair on His male chest)... But His gesture was not mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, the joke was not understood by the readers and later many people were trying to �open the third eye� � the eye of the soul � not from the spiritual heart but from the one of the most coarse chakras � ajna. But the result were always sad: dramatic coarsening of consciousness and sometimes stresses and health disorders. (In some cases people acquired the ability to see the colors corresponding to various emotional states of other people but it had no value for the spiritual Path; it only �strengthened� this vicious tradition).

If you do not believe me now � you may ask Krishna, as I did. But first you should get close to His state and having become a developed spiritual heart learn to see Him as Divine Consciousness. (Otherwise you will hear anything from any demon who would call himself Krishna).


Divine Teachers � Known and Unknown

Throughout the millennia of existence of the human civilizations on Earth many spiritual seekers who had been searching for our common Creator and following His Teaching attained absolute success on this Path and merged with Him having become Divine Themselves.

Now They, as Parts of the One Universal God-the-Father, help us � people who have not finished their personal evolution yet. Sometimes They even incarnate again into human bodies in order to help worthy spiritual seekers and adjust the direction of their spiritual efforts.

The life and activity of some of Them are still fresh in the memory of large numbers of people. Among Them are Huang-Di, Krishna, Chaytanya, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and some of His apostles (Andrew, Philip), Babaji and some of His Students (Lahiri Mahasaya, Yukteswar, Yogananda), Juan Matus and His friend Genaro, Rajneesh (Osho) and also Messiah's Sathya Sai Baba and David Copperfield Who work now on Earth in material bodies.

There are only vague memories left in legends about some other Divine Teachers Whom we know personally. They are Surya (�Goddess of sun� of ancient Aryans), Assyris (�God of sun� of ancient Assyrians, He also worked on the land of ancient Russia), Lada (the Goddess whom ancient Slavs believed to be the patroness of the hearth) and Yasin-the-God.

There are some historical personalities described in literature who have also attained Divinity, but only few people know about Them. Among Them are, for example, Ptahotep (we got to know Him thanks to the book of Elizabeth Haich [15]) and also Elizabeth herself.

We are also well acquainted with one of the Japanese emperors of the Samurais epoch. He brought to us one of His Samurais who was faithful to Him in ancient times and whom He guides today � in order for him to complete his evolution.

We know some Divine Teachers Who are not mentioned in the historical memory at all.

The first of them is the Divine African Ngomo.

The second and the third � Scandinavian Lutheran pastors.

The fourth and the fifth � are permanently blissful Chinese Taoists Huang and Hahn. On their power places one can see Their large �bodies� of consciousness sitting with crossed legs. By attuning to Them people can feel intense bliss while the energy of their bodies gets purified quickly.

We also know a Mongol from the northern China. It is paradoxical that in the last incarnation He was a professional wrestler. But He had no evil features such as aggressiveness or malignancy. He participated in a wrestling competitions with love to the opponent. Having gripped (embraced) him He the would �melt� the aggressive emotions of His opponent with the Power of His Divine Love and then carefully put him on the ground.

The School of Divine Lao existed not long ago in a Cambodian monastery. Spiritual seekers (of both sexes) used to come there from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The monastery was located on a special �place of power�. It was highly aesthetically decorated, the places for meditation were surrounded by meadows of fragrant flowers. The students practiced sitting meditations during which they (having developed their anahatas by special exercises) were to merge by spiritual hearts with the �Consciousness of Earth� in the subtlest eons and then to reach out with the hands of consciousness to every living being and say to them: �I love you!�. This was the primary practice in the monastery and thanks to it about 100 monks attained Divinity. Later this wonderful spiritual oasis was destroyed by �communist� troops. All monks were executed and the leaders left their material bodies under severe tortures. (But the monks were grateful to their murderers, for they helped them to move to the pure �Celestial� realms).

We will talk about some other Divine Teachers in the next chapters of this book. Among Them are Eagle, Kayr, Lyhn, Yamamuto�

Divine Teachers both known and unknown to history also lived and worked in the last centuries of Russia.

Among Them � the architect Carl Rossi.

Also � Alexander Svirsky, but He prefers to be called by the name that He had in His previous incarnation in Manchuria where He was called Maenuel. It is in that earthly life that He had achieved a Unity with the Creator. And He made His body from His last incarnation imperishable (it remained as such up to the present days, resembling a body of a sleeping man).

Also we had conversations with Divine Peter who lived in Cherepovets and Rybinsk in �soviet� time. He told us that He could not find worthy disciples except for his wife.

Recently people of Russia came to know about the Divine dweller of Siberia � Anastasia. ... Anastasia have been frequently visits us in forest for quite some time now. Sometimes She comes to us accompanied by one of Her non-embodied animal friends � a hare or a squirrel. The squirrel behaves as it was embodied � jumps on our bodies, runs on them, touches the open parts of the bodies with its nose. The hare also jumps, sniffs our feet, and if we lay on the ground � comes to each of us and licks the face: kisses, expressing to us � people with pure souls � its love-tenderness in the hare's manner...





There is a stage on the spiritual Path that can be called �incomplete Divinity�. Such Seekers cognized the Unity with the Holy Spirit (Brahman) but have not established firmly in the Abode of the Creator � in the Unity with Him.

One of them is John Lennon who got into a sound Buddhist milieu in the last years of His last incarnation.

Also we had contacts with several Muslim Sufis who attained this high spiritual level.

As for Russians of the past centuries who now live without material bodies in the status of the Holy Spirit, we know Vasiliy. He had fully accepted the Teaching of Jesus Christ and lived all his life in the state of blissful and subtle love as a result. He tried to teach others this state and had several young students. But one day they got tortured to death by monks of the Russian inquisition.

The same status was attained by the famous Russian writer Alexei Peshkov (Maxim Gorky). He lived on Earth at a very hard time for Russia when one dictatorship was being replaced by another. He devoted his life to serving people with his writer�s talent analyzing deep reasons for the putrefaction of pre-revolutionary Russia (�Confession� [10] and other works of his) and after the revolution he was trying to save people from other demonic force � the Bolshevist terror. His main credo was exactly what is taught by God: kindling of his spiritual heart with the Divine Fire and sacrificing service to people (�A story about Danko� in [11]). He regrets deeply that he had to write several �ordered� works. He did not die from tuberculosis but was poisoned by criminals who ruled the country at that time.




All that was said in this chapter is not a retelling of someone else�s words, not results of contacts of a medium, and, of course, not an imagination. We have had long contacts with every one of these Divine Personalities, mainly on Their favorite �places of power�.

In principle, every one of you can meet and talk to every one of Them on these �places of power� or outside of them, to ask for advice, tasks and recommendations from Them. But in order to do this one first has to become similar to Them by the quality of consciousness (a soul) � i.e. Divinely subtle and powerful enough.

In conclusion I like to mention that we know not all the Divine Teachers who serve the population of Earth at present time but only Those who took part in teaching us. (I did not even mention all of Them in order to avoid being misinterpreted in some cases).


Paths May Be Many But the Goal Is Only One

Once, while having a conversation with a spiritual seeker, I told her that one should not just �go with the stream� of the spiritual life but that it is necessary to plan it by oneself and also to prepare reports for oneself of the completed stages of the Path. I told her that my past experience of being a trade union activist, a participant of �socialist competitions� (although they were absurd in general), and also an experience of managing a research and production collective which involved relationships with the financial and planning divisions, with the direction � proved to be very useful for me in organizing my own advancement on the spiritual Path and in helping other people; without this experience it might have not become that successful.

At that moment I saw Sathya Sai Baba come up to us. I asked Him to supplement my words if necessary. He began to speak to my interlocutor:

� My dear daughter! Take My hand! I will embrace you and we will go together! I will not give you a detailed list of what you should do, but I will whisper gently to you how good it is to be with God, to be in God, to be God! Make Me a friend for each day, and even for each night, and I will become your cradle.

Here, Sathya Sai Baba stepped aside and Babaji took His place. He continued the conversation:

� I would say this in other words. You should become a warrior, who struggles with his imperfections. You should act in contrast to the stereotypes of vicious behavior. I would send you �into the fire� so that you learn � by becoming the Divine Fire � to overcome mundane difficulties as a warrior. One must be harsh with oneself, seek difficulties in order to learn how to overcome them as a warrior, but not as a whimpering child who does not know what to do.

Then Lao came and continued in the same semi-joking manner:

� I would say it in a different way. It is impossible to live without a plan. If I had not had the plan I would have drown myself in the pond with lilies that I contemplated at some time in the past. And to teach you this is a part of My plan. A life without a plan is worth nothing!

Our known Emperor of Japan joined us by adding:

� I would offer you the plan: to continue the martial art training with subtle, tender love as the background � without inflicting harm or pain on anyone � and demonstrating your art with the glowing spiritual heart!

Huang-Di pointed to His favorite �place of power� and added:

� Let me guide you there from one fir to another, uniting with you in your spiritual heart and demonstrating by this the completeness and invulnerability � in such Unity.


Let us analyze what was said above and understand that its meaning is the following: it is absolutely necessary to plan one's spiritual advancement and actively stick to the plans devised for the near future: Jesus Christ taught that one enters the Kingdom of God by making efforts � one's personal efforts. God and His embodied assistants only help, but one has to go forth himself.


Let us read several Revelations on this subject written down by Anna Zubkova:


�I am explaining to you what the Impeccability is, but you are trying to look at it from within the �human form�... On the spiritual Path nothing is a �trifle": not thoughts, nor even the shades of thoughts, nor disorder of actions. Understand: everything you have touched will actually lie on you as your karma.

It is not enough to want to do well: you should learn to think about the consequences of every action, thought, deed � up to the smallest details.

And I will help you to see clearly all these consequences...�

(Juan Matus)


�Feel the Earth as your planet. Everyone tills their garden. Here is your garden: your planet.

Every heart is like a seed I have sown into the ground. In whatever way you teach it to sprout, it will not unless it gets watered with My Love.

Take such heart-seed in your hands, it can be found in everyone, even in the most malicious man. And look: I put it on My palm and warm it with My Love � and it comes to life, My Power begins to grow in it. And this Power will allow it to attain Me: My Heart, My Abode.

I have shown you My work. Be Me!�

(Jesus Christ)


�You waste too much time. Every minute of your life should be aimed at Merging with Me, being Me or working for Me! Anything else is idleness of the soul!

It is not important where you are: in the tonal or in the nagual � you should always dedicate all your actions to Me (do them for Me).

Then what I am waiting for will come very soon: the situation where there is only Me Who acts through your body, and your every word, action and you yourself arise from Me.�

(Juan Matus)


�I have control over the pain and the death of your body, but no one has control over your soul (your consciousness) � not even Me.

You are free, you make your choice � every time.

The chains of the matter are illusions in which you have chained yourself; and only you can free yourself by not attaching yourself to earthly things, not �sticking� to them with your indriyas.

Fear and anxiety make you dependent. But understand: all material things change according to My Will and through this I help you to free yourself.

�A balance on the edge of a blade� that you have to realize now is the balance between the mind (intellect) and the faith. You are too reasonable and used to rely on your reason only. That means that your faith is too weak. I will lead you to situations where you will have to learn to rely only on Me in your actions. Again and again you will be �hanging on burning ropes over spikes� until your faith (i.e. your trust in Me) becomes impeccable. And that will be the cord that appears at the moment when the last rope burns out.�

(David Copperfield)


�A radiation of love by a human being has an incredible power, which helps to awake everything good in him, everything that is even a bit alive. And all this good starts to grow, to reach out for the Light.

Learn to create Love by Loving!

When a man has mastered this he becomes one with the Father.�



�To be Me you should not to receive Love as before by attuning to the bliss of the Love that I give you. But you have to �get inflamed� with My Love and become the Love yourself and shine with it onto everyone.

I have said it all. I have said it many times in other words. And now you have to realize it � then we will be One.�

(Sathya Sai Baba)


�You know the reality of being Me.

But you have to learn to live it as the Only True Reality.

You enter into Me and I embrace you, dissolve you in Myself. But I can not force you to be Myself! And when you begin to think as an ordinary human I freely release you back into the world of illusions.

Only you can accustom yourself to being Me, to live the True Life. No one will do it for you, but yourself.

I am waiting and My Arms are always open. Learn to be in Me, to be Me as long as possible.

Everything will become different when you begin to live in the Ultimate Reality and it will become the only reality for you.�




The methods of spiritual advancement are many, very many. They can be used sequentially or in parallel, over the long period of time or briefly. But we should be active if we want to grow spiritually.

Having embarked on this path we can go by it, or we can lie and even sleep on it �dreaming about something greater� � like Boris Grebenschikov used to sing.

But to go is better. If we know � where and how.



Once on a �place of power� in a forest Juan Matus delivered a sermon by speaking sequentially through three students:

� The power is being given to you according to your impeccability.

Seeing and hearing (God) come to you as your personal power increases.

It is the �human form� that prevents you from receiving the personal power.

The whole Ocean of this Power is here, it is close. But one has to drop one's shell � the shell that consists of ego. To become detached means to dissolve oneself in Me, to look with My eyes, to hear with My ears.

I hear and see. Surrender yourself, allow Me to be you. Then you will learn to see and to hear.

One has to merge with that Power, to become It. This is what it means to become �a man of knowledge�.

You have too little time and certainly no time for trifles. No one knows how far he will be able to go the path of Power and Knowledge. And no one will be forgiven if he will do less than he is able to.

I am the Nagual. We are many. And we are always ready to help you.

We are near you. We are with you every second of your lives. Do not waste these seconds!

You should be impeccable to look at the face of death with a smile on your face. It is the impeccability that gives you the confidence and the tranquility required for the battle that may lead to the final victory.

The Freedom is here, it is close. It is waiting for you!

On any path there is a threshold that one can pass only by becoming �dead�. I do not mean physical death, but a mystical one: it is time to throw down the �human form�, all the shells, all the envelopes. The stage of mastering the Power begins when the individual personality dies.

People live mostly in the memories of the past: recalling, living the events over and over � but they do it in vain.

But it is more useful to look ahead, not back.

And ahead there is the death of the body. And the forthcoming life is on the other side of it.

One has to prepare oneself for it, here and now.


Jesus said the following on this subject:

� The path to God can be so easy! Or so hard!

It is easy when there is a subtle, tender and intense love.

It is hard when all these are absent. Or when the love resembles a musty swamp.

The love to Me, to God � this is what determines everything! I am the first and I am the last. Everything originates from Me and everything ends in Me.

I give My love to those who have devoted their lives to Me, who have understood everything correctly and who trust Me. I give them My love � to the maximum!

Now let sprouts of you grow in Me � like green vegetation in spring that covers everything. Let rays of your love shine with joy in Me.

I am Atman. My Atman or yours � this does not matter. The one who knows Atman to be one's house � he knows Me, he settles in Me. Let Atman be your house!


The �Nam� Meditation

�Nam� is a Sanskrit word, which is usually translated as �name�. In this case the principle of this meditation that has an incredible importance is reduced to only repetition of a name (or the names) of God.

But in reality the meaning of this word is more profound and in the spiritual practice it means �description� � a sequential �actualization� for oneself of the components of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute through placing one's consciousness into each of them and then into the whole Absolute.

And the purpose of the �Nam� meditation is for seekers to distribute the concentration of themselves in more and more subtle manifestations of the Absolute � down to the Creator in His Abode � in order to habituate themselves to be in these states and to gradually increase their personal power.

In Juan Matus' terms it can be expressed as �assembling� of particular �other� worlds with one's �assemblage point� (i.e. with the consciousness arranged in a certain way). Later, as a result of accumulation of the personal power through such training, one gets the ability to distribute the consciousness across the whole �range of the emanations�.

This tremendous work � which takes years or even decades to accomplish � may result in the ability to enter easily the Abode of the Creator, to merge with Him there and after this to arise by a Part of Oneself from It into the eons of the Creation � with the main purpose of helping the embodied beings in their evolution.

To have this work done one needs to perform training exercises of the development of oneself as consciousness tens or even hundreds of thousand times, preferably on the �places of power� corresponding to each meditation.

And it can be accomplished in a reasonable period of time only by few people out of millions � by those who are developed enough from the evolutionary standpoint and ethically impeccable, who overcame all attachments to �earthly� things and the feeling of self-importance.

It is impossible to get accustomed to new eons of multidimensional space without having mastered the skill of merging of individual consciousness with the Consciousness of God through disappearing, completely dissolving of one�s self in Him. It is the meditation of �total reciprocity� (Nirodhi) and the states derived from it. And this practice is not compatible with the existence of one's strong ego (�lower self�). Because experiencing of the God-centrism is not possible unless egocentrism is completely eliminated.

The �Nam� meditation can be performed only the developed consciousness of a spiritual seeker that was transmuted into the energy of Love � the energy of the spiritual heart. The anahata chakra, as the generator and the container of this energy, considered as the main chakra for such training. It constitutes the middle dantyan. The two other dantyans � the upper and the lower � are only auxiliary ones, though they should be developed and function correctly. Their most valuable energetical-informational components are to be �drawn� into the Abode of the Creator only at the final stages of Merging with the Creator � after the spiritual heart has settled there already.

The preparation for performing the �Nam� meditation includes:

1. Getting acquainted with theoretical knowledge about the meaning of life and about the methodology of spiritual perfection, and accepting it.

2. Initial ethic transformation of oneself according to this knowledge.

3. Purification and fixing of defects of the bioenergetic structures of the organism (the chakras and the main meridians, the �cocoon�).

4. Initial refinement of consciousness by means of arts and attuning to the most subtle and beautiful natural phenomena.

5. Development of the spiritual heart by all means, training in merging oneself as the spiritual heart with the Holy Spirit, filling of the anthropomorphic forms created by the Divine Teachers. (The realization of this point is possible only on natural landscapes, mainly on special �places of power�).

6. Mastering the �total reciprocity� (the state of �non-I�).

7. Cognition of the eons of the Absolute � one by one according to the level of one's refinement. Cognition of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in them. Mastering the methods of moving in the multidimensional space.

The work with the �Nam� meditation may be started after this. The meditation becomes deeper as students progress.

It is better to begin the �Nam� meditation with �unfolding� oneself � as the spiritual heart � in the space around the body. This is done with the help of the hands of consciousness that extend from the spiritual heart and are coessential to it. Then, sequentially, with the intervals of about one minute, the consciousnesses of trainees may �assemble� in new positions: Pranava, manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the eons of the Primary Purusha, in the Earth's core, superposing with Manifestations of Divine Teachers, the meditation of Lao, actualizing of the �Mirror�, contemplating and setting in motion the Atmic energy kundalini, moving to the eons on the other side of the �Mirror� and so on.

The �Nam� meditation can be compared to �booting up� a computer: we begin gradually and sequentially to experience and activate ourselves in increasingly deep layers of the Absolute, coessential to our potential Entity. After this �booting up� ends in the loka of the most deep and secret, the most important, directing everything, Unlimited and Eternal Layer of the Perfect Consciousness � then we become ready to act from It in Its Creation � for the sake of It, of Its Evolution.



One can achieve the state of �incomplete Divinity� or paradise just by relying on the meditation of Lao. Indeed, it is so simple! The only thing one needs to do is to accept and realize the main postulate of the God's Teaching � the principle of Love!



It should be clear that everything described in this book is a practical realization of the commandment of Jesus Christ: �Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few�. This is the total and impeccable Christianity. We have realized it. This is why Jesus � in reality, not in imagination or in allegorical sense � is with us, in us. And we are in Him and in the Father.


The Flute
Rajneesh (Osho)


The flute is a small instrument in the hands of God

Who plays

His song


The flute is a polished piece of wood,

It is hollow inside.

But it can be filled with the breath of God�


God takes

This hollow lifeless piece of wood

And touches it with His lips.


God starts to breath Himself into the body of the flute,

And it comes alive�

And from His breath and the flute music is born.


The breath of God and the small instrument


And become the sound of a Divine song�


There is only the breath of God

And His gentle Hands,

Which touch the flute with the fingertips�


There is only the song of God�

The flute itself is mute

Without His Divine breath.


Your body is the flute.

And then there is no you, there is only the Creator,

Who sings His Song of Love!


Written down by Anna Zubkova,

November 2000.


Unanswered Letters to President Putin2

Letter 1:

Peace to you!

When you get around to seriously dealing with religious situation in our country � I would like to contribute to these efforts.

I am a candidate of biological science. I graduated from the Biological faculty of Leningrad State University in 1968 majoring in ecology. Afterwards I worked in medicine field (Institute of Experimental Medicine � as junior research assistant, also post-graduate study; Special Design Office of bio-medical cybernetics � as senior research assistant and acting head of laboratory; Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology � as junior and then senior research assistant). Later I developed and introduced a fundamentally new system of psychical self-regulation, based on working with chakras and major meridians of a human organism as reflexogenic zones of emotional-volitional sphere. I studied and practically tested concepts and methods of various religious traditions. I have written and published more than 30 books on this subject. I have witnessed a great number of methodological errors made by various religious organizations, some of which lead people to mental disorders. I also have good reason to consider myself a founder of a science called �The Methodology of Spiritual Development�.

I have dedicated last decades of my life to this research. The results have been published in many books. I explored and have studied in detail the multi-dimensional nature of the universe, which enabled me not only to explain it, but also to help worthy spiritual seekers to perceive the Holy Spirit as well as the Creator in His Abode � the subtlest and the deepest layer of the multi-dimensional space. Jesus Christ and the contemporary Messiah Sathya Sai (the latter is now embodied in India) have been my permanent Teachers, a direct contact with Whom is not a problem for me.

I am totally convinced that Russian Orthodoxy � in the form it is in now, is incapable of getting Russia out of spiritual dead-end. On the contrary it is the Orthodox Church that is destroying the last hope of salvation of Russia. Russian Orthodoxy needs reformation that can solely be performed from the top and from outside of it � i.e. by your will and authority. I will elaborate on this � it should abandon numerous distortions and get back to the pure original sources of Christianity (for details among other sources you may see the �Original Teaching of Jesus Christ� section of my book �God Speaks�). Education of the religious preachers and their preaching itself should be brought back to compliance with the Intention of the Creator. And methodology and specific methods of spiritual self-perfection should become accessible to masses of people; people should have an equal opportunity to practice them voluntarily.

Russia, provided that you are so willing, could set the standards for other countries by demonstrating the way different religious confessions can come to close cooperation, based on the scientific approach to solving religious problems. I mean, that spiritual practices that teach the methods of spiritual work � regardless of nationality or confession � should be centered on developing a �spiritual heart� (an energy structure of the middle Dantian or anahata chakra). Consciousness of man being concentrated in this structure of a human organism can live in the emotions of love only. Jesus Christ taught, �God is Love�. And we need to develop ourselves as love in order to get close to the Creator. I am talking about the variety of emotions of �cordial� love that one can produce within oneself with the help of methods of psychic self-regulation. One needs to learn how to live in these emotions permanently.

We know the methods that make process of learning this easy and relatively fast (this is described in our books). It is this doctrine that could unite people, and not the orthodox �theology�, that knows nothing about God, that has lost Love and is advocating (in fact) alcoholism and national intolerance, which has rejected the commandment of God, that said, �you shall not kill!�

I realize that reformation of the Orthodox Church can be performed only gradually, without radicalism. I also realize that practical methods that I am talking about are not for everyone; the only thing that can be done massively is explaining (accurately) to people the meaning of their lives and what kind of people God wants us all to be � this will make them gradually change their attitude towards each other and towards their work.

If this is not commenced on doing immediately (and especially if surrendering Russia to the Orthodox Church in its current form continues), Russia will revert to the state it was in before 1917. And what is even worse � God does not think that Russia has any availability anymore � from the standpoint of positive evolution of consciousness of people that live there.

Our books are published in printed form and can also be found at the website  

Letter 2

(the Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion was sent as the letter 2)


Letter 3. God Needs Sound Russia

1. Differences Between People

1:1. In order to manage groups of people and even a whole country effectively one needs to be well grounded in the fundamental psychological knowledge.

1:2. People differ by their sex, the age of their bodies, color of their skin, nationality, education, character traits and other qualities. But all of these differences are relatively inessential.

The main criterion, by which people differentiate, is � the age of their souls as well as the qualities they have developed during their personal evolution in a series of incarnations.

1:3. The level of intellectual development of a specific embodied man directly correlates not only with the age of his soul but also with the quality of those lives he has spent in the incarnate state.

1:4. In line with this, the whole adult population of any country may be divided into groups (or strata, or �layers�).

In any country there are very few people (one per several millions), whose positive experience accumulated in the course of their evolution is rich enough to enable them to fully realize the highest spiritual values, including adequate understanding of the essence of God and of Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, of the methodology of spiritual perfection and of what moral principles should (objectively!) be the basis of people�s actions � both on an individual scale and on the scale of domestic and foreign policy of states.

The second � and significantly more numerous � �age� group (from psycho-genetic standpoint) is represented by socially advanced people (leaders in various fields: science, politics, military, business and so on). Their intellectual and moral level cannot be regarded as ideal one though: sometimes they tend to make decisions, not grounded on the objective necessity but out of their personal emotions, including various forms of ambition. Also they have not ridden themselves of egocentric self-interest and of striving for personal fame. (aggressive degradants, misanthropes, diabolic persons (like nazi leaders) and criminal �authorities� should not be regarded as members of this group).

The third and even more numerous group consists of those who are mature enough intellectually (psycho-genetically) to acquire relatively complex skills in various social fields, but which have not become leaders yet.

And the fourth group, which constitutes the majority of population, consists of children in psycho-genetic sense, these souls � are so young, that they are not capable of making their own decisions responsibly, their social activity is determined by the will of various leaders (including diabolic, criminal ones), under influence of which they easily and quite uncritically fall. They feel a great deal of discomfort (bored, weak, not needed etc.) in the absence of someone who would lead them; this is why they enthusiastically �find themselves� in any group built by someone around something � be it a religious organization, political party, group of drug addicts, �fans� of a football team or a street-gang. It is this type of people that demonstrates the so-called �crowd effect�, well studied by psychologists. It is them, who form gangs of thieves, robbers, Nazi pogromists etc. � depending on the will and inventiveness of their leaders. We can find examples of this in the history of inquisition and fascism, in Chinese �cultural revolution� and activity of modern Russian fascists and Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan and several other countries.

1:5. This model reflecting the structure of population in any modern society agrees with the ancient Indian teaching of varnas (brahmans � kshatriyas � vayshyas � shudras) in the Bhagavad Gita (see V.Antonov �God Speaks. Textbook of Religion�, St. Petersburg, �Polus�, 1999)

1:6. Only representatives of the first group are capable of thinking God-centrically deliberately (as opposed to thinking egocentrically or in the interests of a particular group of people).

1:7. Since the fourth one of the mentioned groups represent the overwhelming majority of population in any country, including Russia, the state policy has to be developed taking into account its specifics and its possible role in the future events.


2. Several Principles of Educating Masses

2:1. People of the first group do not need to be ideologically educated.

Representatives of the second and the third group accept sound ideas easily, but those ideas should be communicated to them via your announcements or via mass media. (I can offer the Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion for this purpose, as well as our books and information from our websites)

Diabolic people cannot be corrected by ordinary methods; they should be isolated from the society for the rest of their lives.

The main problem is influencing the mentality of the representatives of the fourth group.

2:2. There is a word in Russian for the crowd consisting of representatives of the fourth group � �bydlo�, which means �a herd of butting cows�. But it is better to treat these people not contemptuously, but as children (like in kindergarten) � and educate them correspondingly.

There is an important thought in Tao Te Ching: �The wise regards people as his children�.

2:3. Bad teachers should be removed from educating �children�, especially those, who yell the loudest. Also movies and programs where violence is asserted as a natural element of human lifestyle should be banned from showing on the TV.

2:4. It is necessary to stop immediately the participation of police officers and drafted soldiers in the military operations in Chechnya. They are forced to hate and become murderers there. Only professional mercenaries can be left in Chechnya since they went there voluntarily, it was their own choice.

The crime outburst that we are witnessing in Russia now is partly due to the fact that many young men�s fathers have gone through training of murder and violence in Afghanistan and later in Chechnya; they teach their children the way of living peculiar to murderers and users of force, which they got themselves accustomed to3.

2:5. In the Western European countries people of the fourth group, of course, make up the same percentage of population currently. Why is then the western European mentality incomparably higher than that of Russian population? The reason is that many generations there have been raised (and with good results!) in accordance with high (although not the highest) humanistic principles.

Why are affability, cordiality, unselfishness and hospitality are typical to the national character in the �quiet� oriental countries � unlike in Russia, where these are almost extinct? For the same reason. It is in this way that many generations of people have been raised there. In Russia masses have been raised for ages on ideas of aggressive intolerance and fear. Alcoholism, initially �blessed� by the Orthodox Church and made �legitimate� by Stalin later, got deeply instilled in the �culture� of Russian people. And now, having become disappointed in everything, including doctrines of degenerated religious confessions, Russians degrade both with their bodies and souls at even accelerated rate, plunging into all kinds of drug addictions, adopting moral principles of thieves and murderers, getting accustomed to living in emotions of anger, fear and despair � thus securing the future of hell inhabitants for themselves.

2:6. The future of Russia depends to a great extent on you and your further decisions.

Let the highest spiritual and moral principles � through your active involvement � not only become an integral part of mentality of Russian people and save their souls in the eyes of God, but also let Spirituality reach all people of the planet � from your country, from Russia. Among other things I mean the Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion, which was written at a God�s request and blessed by Him.


3.The Future of Russia Depends on Your Decisions

3:1. For the last two years God has been telling us about the forthcoming �immense purging� of Russian population, which was scheduled to begin in December 2001 and to end in the spring of 2002. God saw the necessity of this purging in the fact that Russia with its population�s degraded spiritual mentality ceased to provide acceptable conditions for adequate development of the souls being embodied by God on Earth anymore, with no prospects for improvement of the situation.

Specific realization of the impendent �immense purging� could consist for example � in the light of recent confrontation with the Taliban � in massive deaths of epidemics that could spread from usage of bacteriologic weapons.

3:2. But starting from September4 prospects for Russia began to change: God started to tell, that you � under His influence � made a range of strategically correct decisions (related to the improving relationships with western democratic countries), and because of that the dismal future of Russia will be somewhat �alleviated�.

Educational impact of this move of yours on the population of our country was very positive and significant.

3:3. But this right move has undoubtedly provoked an outburst of hate and hostility addressed at you from the diabolic personalities and masses of people that fell under their influence, which consisted of representative of the fourth group, mentioned before. This can lead to a political upheaval and beginning of a civil war. These events are likely to happen in December.

3:4. In order to prevent the situation from developing in this way it is necessary to free the Russian society from the influence of these people, as well as of similar leaders and their associates.

In this situation various democratic freedoms, including freedom of speech, should be of less priority and have secondary importance compared to the task of saving Russia, radical �sanitation� of Russian people�s mentality and preparing the country for a spiritual revival.

God wants the Earth�s leaders to work hard on creating favorable conditions for maturing of souls in the right direction. For that purpose a radical extirpation of all criminals from the leaders� positions in the Russian society � in the same manner as the military operation aimed at eliminating the leaders of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan is carried out � is well justified.

Let Russia become a country, pleasing to God!

The exacerbation of the situation in Russia due to the ongoing anti-terrorist military actions on an international scale could serve as a formal pretext for these radical measures on isolating the Russian society from the criminal leaders.

3:5. When God had an intention to introduce more advanced (monotheistic) religious knowledge among pagans of Arabia and when there was a man (Mohammad) through whom this Intention of God could be realized, � introduction of the new knowledge was carried out by God through Mohammad not by democratic but by military means.

You have chosen to be a politician, and not a monk. But means of Service of a politician differ from those of a monk. (Later I would be happy to share the knowledge of a monk with you).

3:6. What was the reason Mikhail Gorbachev efforts eventually failed? The answer is that, having started out as a general Secretary with the absolute power in the country he began to introduce democratic principles among degenerated primitives.

Democracy means �power of people�. But in order for the people to govern a state in a rational and effective way, their mentality should be grounded in the true moral principles. But, in contrast to this prerequisite of a viable democracy, the majority of Russian people practiced a �religion� of alcoholism and fascism.

Gorbachev, possessing many positive qualities, could have done much more good for the people of Russia, if only he carried out the planned reforms taking full advantage of the power of the general Secretary that he possessed. Only after decades of wise and strict (!) governing aimed at raising the educational and cultural level of the people the democracy could be introduced safely.

You should try not to make the same mistake! You have to become a wise mentor and teacher for the �children� of your country! The wisdom of a teacher necessarily implies a certain amount of strictness � for the sake of people, as well as for the sake of God.

3:7. God needs Russia as a place where the souls that He embodies could evolve � and this place must be pure.

3:8. It would be good if among your further actions (following the already mentioned) on transforming Russia were the measures aimed at improving the religious situation in the country, which I already mentioned in my previous letters to you � the first (I can re-send it to you, if you will) and the second (the Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion).

3:9. I am willing to take an active part (in collaboration with you) in fulfilling this task.


With hope for success in our common cause,


Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D., in Biology

[email protected]


October 9, 2020


Letter 4

Peace to you, Vladimir Vladimirovich!

April5 is going to be a pivotal point in the destiny of Russia. Before that time it is you who will have to make a decision as to what religious policy of the Russian government should be.

During your tenure as the president of Russian Federation you have made a series of correct fundamental strategic decisions. God approves of them.

Nevertheless, it is not only economy, external policy, pension system and sport that determine destinies of nations, but � and this is the most important thing � the correct religious and philosophic orientation that includes understanding by people the meaning of their lives on Earth and (at least in outline) what God wants from us.

I will be brief in this letter, since I expounded the knowledge about this in my books that can be found on the website, in particular.

I would like to stress that ultimate self-realization by applying the methods, described in my books � is not meant to be achieved by masses of people, but by very few of them (by highly mature souls who are very few). But the general moral tendency should be exactly like that for all people. The essence of this tendency, based on what Jesus Christ taught, is as follows:

�God is Love�

In order to get closer to God6 (and to fulfill His Will by this) � one has to also become Love (i.e. a soul, consciousness that lives constantly in the states of emotional love), one has to accustom oneself to these states. This can be attained through both ethically correct aspiration towards perfection and special practice of development of the spiritual heart � the organ responsible for generation of �cordial�. The abode of those who achieved at least small success on this path will be paradise. But the common lot of those who accustomed themselves to living in emotions of hate, aggression, irritation and fear � is hell.

In any event all people should learn to develop themselves as spiritual hearts � by practicing esoteric methods. But those who are mature enough from the psychogenetic standpoint may also use esoteric methods of different level of complexity (for many people � methods of psychic self-regulation, including �opening up� of the spiritual heart; while for very few individuals � highest meditative techniques that enable one to directly cognize God in His various Manifestations and to Merge with the Creator).

Contemporary Messiah Sathya Sai Baba, Whom you know personally, teaches the same things. (Our books �God Speaks. Textbook on Religion� and �Spiritual Heart. Religion of Unity� contain compilation of citations from His books and discourses).

But if the state�s encouragement of the mass form of pseudo-religiosity that dominates in Russia � with its aggressive psychopathologic mentality, deprived of Love, and complete incompetence in religious issues � continues, no other positive reforms will help prevent further decay of souls incarnated on the territory of our country.

To be specific: for a start, you could address the nation and propose a Concept of Supraconfessional Values. I would suggest that you use the Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion that I sent you before (in letter #2). The best time to do this would be end of March.

I would also like to know what you think about my writing you. Does it make sense for me to write you about these things in the future? Do you plan to apply our knowledge and use our spiritual experience?

I wish you success in this and other good undertakings!


Sincerely Yours,


Vladimir Antonov,

Ph.D. in Biology


February 14, 2020


From Conversations with Divine Teachers � Representatives of God-the-Father7

Jesus Christ



� Wide and �sure� is the road to hell, paved by perverted �Christianity� (allegedly on My behalf), but hard and thorny is the path to the Abode of the Father. But you are on the Path and none of you will turn aside. Future of every one of you is predetermined � to the extent that can be observed in the foreseeable future. Going on this Path is hard, but everyone can count on My support. I and many of Us are willing to help you.

If I only knew, what great sufferings would be endured by those who would not deny Me! What a great deal of blood is shed by everyone, before they cross the threshold of the Abode of the Father!

Do not look at Me as a wax figure. Perceive Me as living tongues of Flame in the embraces of God-the-Father and of all of My Friends.


� What will you say about our further service?

� This is not what I am talking about, I am talking about every one of you. Earthly life is just a short moment compared to Eternity. Hurry up! There is a great celebration in the Abode of the Father every time someone new enters it.

It is hard now on Earth. You are surrounded by �wolves�: coward, greedy and cruel people. Help only those few, whom I will bring to you.





� Your active service at the top of your potential will be commenced starting from the beginning of 2002.

Russia will be destroyed, but not completely. This process has not begun yet, but it will � starting from the end of 2001. A situation for �re-melting�, for �separation slag from elixir� will be created. Later on we will work only with candidates for entering the circle of the selected, i.e. with the �elixir�.



16.04. 2001


� It would be incorrect to switch your attention over to serving the disciples only without making further advance yourself.

Move forward, get others involved in your movement.

You will never have many followers, since there are simply not too many of such people on Earth.





� Your task on Earth is half-fulfilled. I want you to overcome all attachments to earthly things and to resurrect on Earth once again � as God: having demonstrated clearly a complete �ascension to Heaven�.

The task for those who are around you is to abandon all earthly attachments � even the loftiest ones.

You have made a lot of gross mistakes in your past8, but you have already solved this problem. I am blessing the beginning of a new stage of your service on Earth. Expanse of Earth is stretching in front of every one of you. You will need to create a new center of spiritual work every time when you explore a new area of the planet.

Spiritual culture on Earth has nearly collapsed. You saw it yourself how Teaching of God gets perverted even while He is still on Earth9. This is why every one of you, who got to know Me, is particularly dear to Me.

� Where else on Earth are epicenters of spirituality left?

� There is almost no spiritual culture left in Africa. It is contaminated by witchcraft. In addition the Central Africa is infected by AIDS. Islam dominates in the Northern Africa, but it has also almost decayed. Northern Africa is infected with a disease much worse than AIDS � with Godless Islam � Islam that has lost God.

There are a few sound spiritual schools in Arabia and in India. Those places are within a flight distance.

� Where and how do we find worthy disciples?

� Cut off the �small fry�. Neophytes do not need the kind of work you do. Books, films � they do need them. Educational materials of this kind are extremely scarce in the world. Let the whole planet know that I sent all of you to preach the Teaching of God-the-Father.

� Which countries should we �activate�?

� This is My task. Your task is to cut off unnecessary contacts.

M.10 has to realize that he is a messenger from Me. This is his destiny and there is no way for him to get around it.

Every one of you has to keep in touch with each other and to keep their eyes on Me. And none of you is going to have their body killed in vain. Everyone should take the load (of responsibility) and to be worthy of it � in any situation in life.

It is I Who will be sending disciples to you. You cut off unnecessary contacts.

There are no worthy ones in Russia now. But you may create centers of spiritual culture on the scale of �opening up� the spiritual heart � I am blessing it.

What countries to expand to � is My task. I will be doing everything regarding this.

In Austria and Germany social democrats are likely to include the results of our work into their parties� programs.





� Vladimir, it would be good if you told people by means of a video film how God�s Teaching gets warped � warped under cover of My name, in particular. Tell them � on My behalf.

Tell them also about the role of sex on the Spiritual Path for modern people.

� What do you think of the current composition of the �core� of our School?

� There are no problems. You did fine!

I am inviting the worthy ones to you from abroad now.


� You need to learn not to get attached to your disciples and to desire to be a leader. Everyone should go on their own, seeking guidance and support from God. This is I Who throws people together and takes them apart, setting up relationship chains and creating clans.

Merging with God is usually carried out by clans and rarely by a single consciousness.

� Will our clan grow?

� People will be joining and leaving it.

Creation of a big clan did not work out.


Level of the spiritual culture in Russia as well as that in India is close to null. The current situation on Earth is difficult and raises God�s concern. This is why Sathya Sai has come, but He did not fulfill what He intended to.

(After remaining silent for a while) Did you know that Sathya Sai sometimes weeps at night, because there is so little that He manages to do in order to help the humankind of Earth? People prefer any kind of lies, which allows them to indulge in their vices (like �saving� rituality, playing �religious games�) � to the Truth.

He will not return to Earth as He promised before. This will happen only in several centuries, after spiritual culture will have revived and then fallen into decay again.

� How is this going to happen? Will some other Avatar come before that?

� I will take care of this.

Pure souls will get embodied� (saying this without optimism).

� Should we publish new books?

� God does not plan to fill up the whole Russia with our books.

During the next ten days the further functioning of the School will be decided upon. One of the possible ways of (not decided upon yet, but being under close consideration) is a complete sealing of the School, freezing all the activities on spreading information about you. This is in order for you not to lose during tortures and persecution what you have already gained.

� Do You mean emigration?

� No: the methods should be preserved here � counting on emergence of at least a few worthy disciples.


Jesus Christ



� People turned into �bydlo� � a butting herd, which is easily accepting tidbits of lies and unreceptive to the Truth.

I feel �sick�, when people do various intricate movements with their bodies �for Me�.

I said once: �One does not pour new wine into the old skins�. It grieves me, but it happened. The �new wine� got into the old skins, but instead of tearing them it got bogged down in them.





� Vladimir, My beloved! You will not escape anywhere11 � of your personal will! None of you will break away from this circle12! All of you will have to resign yourself to everything I will say, to everything you will see in the situations you will be getting into.

In this connection you will need to get used to fully accepting the Will of the Creator, My Will. You will have to humble yourself and accept your fate � or, rather, your dharma � as I prescribed it to you.

You cannot escape the circle of events predetermined for you. No need to resist! What you do need is to consciously and thoughtfully accept your fate, whatever it turns out to be.

And meditative work � yes, you should continue with it. I have been waiting for a long time to see everything that I dreamt about, when I was among you, come true. And this time has come now.

So � humility and steadfast intent on getting to know God more fully and to the self-realization! And Service� � not exactly in the manner, in which every one of you has dreamt about.

The School � it has not emerged out of nothing: it is I who created it out of you, your works, searches and efforts, as well as out of fragments (the best pieces!) of those ruined structures, that I allowed to build those, who were searching for Me throughout previous thousands of years. And it is I who has the right to change its geography, as well as the direction of your efforts.

So, see you tomorrow, My friends that have partly found Unity with Me! I will show you the right way, as I have done before numerous times.

Merge into the Will of God, into the Intention of the Creator, into realization of His Plans! �Let My Will be done!� � let you get saturated through by the meaning of these words!


Sathya Sai Baba



� You see, the Creator has a Unified Plan of helping people on Earth. And you are included in this Plan.

The Plan is not always precise because of people being late, which happened to every one of you (and this is why you know about this); the Plan is getting constantly adjusted. But you are an integral and important part of it.

From you and with your participation a new culture on Earth should originate and start developing.





� In December Russia is about to face tremendous cataclysms. Civil War is possible. Be prepared for a possibility of getting executed by shooting.

Learn how to accept death of the body joyfully: see it as the Divine Hand relieving you from the vain and already unnecessary hardships of being in the body. Freedom is close � Freedom to live like I do!


Sathya Sai Baba



� Today � is a special day for you. I will be teaching you discrimination.

Once I was flying on the plane and suddenly I heard a child crying, which stumbled and fell down on the earth below. I came down and comforted him and then continued My flight on the airplane.

Realize your manifestations in every layer of the Absolute. It is necessary to strengthen all the �layers� of yourself in order to manifest yourself later in full as the Creator.

For instance, everyone should be able to confidently say that this wonderful forest is �I�.

This is why I brought you here at this My �place of power�. I did it not in order to work as usual or to pick mushrooms, but to give you direction for the work of your earthly life until December of this year13. In December this part of the work will be over.

Russia is bound for complete devastation, starvation and many other disasters.


Nobody falls out of Me14, except for those who fall out into hell, and you know, who they are. But some fall into Me, becoming Myself15.

Take whatever happens on Earth easy! When you see a dangerous situation approach or develop � every one of you has to distribute yourself as consciousness in the Abode of the Creator and in everything, which I have told you about.


This fir-grove and these birds, very nice and lovely, that are flying about and �muffle� My voice here � they are a part of Me, too; and here I am, as well � your Sathya Sai, whom you have been looking for � for several years or even decades. This is a paradox for the mind of embodied people: God16 has, as it were, a twofold �Self�.

The work today has just begun. Let every one of you re-think their whole lives. Perform a revision of your lives from the moment you were sitting on your mother�s laps: you yourself and your others are too parts of the Absolute.

And now let everyone listen to Me, distributing themselves as consciousness by all emanations of the Absolute. This � is a very favorable fir-grove for you and for Me.

After December I will let only few of you stay to continue My work, like I said before. And let you realize now:

yourself as a part of the Absolute,

the Absolute � as your Home,

yourself � as a part of Me.


(Here Sathya Sai quotes the symbol of the orthodox faith � �By Him everything was��, meaning that Jesus always remained one with God-the-Father.)

� Try to see both correctness and incorrectness of this statement. You see, the consciousness and the body of Jesus originated from the parts of God-Absolute. And at the same time Jesus was attaining the state of the Creator. So, it cannot be said right away and unambiguously whether this statement is correct or incorrect.

Stay here until evening, until you heat this place with yourself like the Sun.

� (Joking) And until we scatter the clouds?

� Clouds are also a part of Me.

Realize the totality of My nature, excluding hell. Only those, who cognized what I am talking about now will attain the freedom to do whatever they like on the material plane.


All undertakings should be postponed until next spring. Wait until May � in the meantime there will be sorting of people.

Those of you, who survive this winter will continue service, creating the future, as before; those, who do not � will merge with Me in My Abode.





� I am � Lao-the-Omnipresent � you may call Me just like that. I am always with you, helping you in every possible way.

(To one of the disciples): I am always watching you, too.


Russia deserved �fire and sword": destroying everything that proved useless in it. But you are being led by Me.


All of you have to learn how to be in one team with God.





� Leave as many fruits of your good deeds on Earth as possible! Take M. as a model: he does what he has to do, and not what he wants to.

You have to recapitulate your earthly lives as if they were coming to an end. Everyone should think about this � what they have not completed � before parting with material plane.

Subjective factor stands in the way of realization of the Divine Plan. Do not undertake anything out of your personal volition (trips etc.)!

The Divine Plan for you is effective until 2003-2005. In order to fulfill the Plan you just need to be a part of the unified system without setting yourself aside as a separate independent system.

From October to December you will be required to accomplish a range of specific actions on behalf of God. You have to become totally involved in order to fulfill this God's intention.

You have to become the outpost of God: to face embodied beings remaining one with God. Passing information on behalf of God will be necessary.

There is another thing: you have to quit feeling yourself as separate souls. The Ultimate Merging must be realized at last!





� All members of the team should have absolutely clear understanding of the Path.

In the end of April or in the beginning of May the issue of your further service will be decided upon. December will be a difficult month, although the catastrophes are almost canceled. Putin has made a series of important decisions under My influence, and as a result the future of Russia is somewhat �alleviated�. So do not worry!

Starting from the evening of October 9, you should send Declaration on Fundamentals of the Common Religion to Putin.

There should be no doubts of any kind: this plan should be fulfilled. This � is My Plan.

Then the Declaration should be sent in the first place to India and Pakistan and after that � to the social-democratic parties in Austria, Germany and Norway.

�The road ahead is long and it is not going to be easy � you will �take some beating�. But whatever happens you should not give way to panic. I am always with you, as well as All the Others. Remember that!

Whatever happened, happening and will happen � all comes from Me. You have stepped on the high road of a great service on the planetary scale.

Are you ready to take part in realization of My Plan?

� Yes, we are.

But we do not have means to receive and accommodate guests.

� We will overcome all difficulties.

It is necessary to make sure the �building� has been constructed solidly. First we will �clear the ground with bulldozers� for the �foundation�.

I will tell you about everything else later.





� There are healthy spiritual hearths in India and Sahara; those are � the places where a spiritual uplift is possible.

The essence of a spiritual work is having God as its center, and not man. There are no groups like yours on Earth whatsoever. Everywhere situation develops in such a way that some embodied teacher gets in the center and people around start idolizing him. And this teacher takes advantage of his disciples to satisfy his whims.

I totally trust you, Vladimir. You have withstood an ocean of temptations and have not fallen for any of them.

You do not know all the holy places here. This is the place where you can build an ashram and create the center of spiritual work � so that many embodied people could come over here, of whom the worthiest I will be submerging in Me. Here is the most favorable place for doing this.

Send the Declaration to United Nations and UNESCO.

It would be better if you invite people here and not travel abroad. But you do not have enough earthly means for that.

� Who could we rely on in terms of providing that?

� You can rely on Me only! There is no one on Earth, whom you could rely on. Your task is � to accept whatever I am suggesting. I will be organizing all that without your help. You will be satisfied!





� Not everything goes as smooth as all of Us would prefer.

Human free will implies some �curvature� in the course of events. Each of you, embodied people, is often �late� for certain appointed dates, because sometimes you get distracted by inessential things. This is why the river of events is so narrow and abounding with rapids. It scratches the boards of big vessels and sinks small ones.

I suggest that you separate engaging in earthly activities from cognizing the depths of Me. Each of you knows that getting to know Me � is the major lesson, which should be learned by everyone before they can be �swallowed� by Heaven.

So, let us go �move Heaven apart�! (Inviting to begin meditative work). Highest Heaven open up only before those, who are wise, but such ones are few.





� I used to live in New Zealand, moved there from Australia. The last name is actually Japanese: I got it from My Japanese ancestors.

In the very center of New Zealand, just a bit to the north, there is a �place of power�, which is perfect for growing one�s consciousness. It stretches for tens of kilometers.

I was not the only one, who was growing there � we had a large group. Currently this place is unknown to people: nobody is working there now.





� I am pleased with Putin! Cataclysms for Russia are canceled. But God will continue watching how the situation there will be developing.

Spirituality of Russia is close to zero right now. And there is nothing to be done about this in the near future. Revival of Russia will be gradual: it is going to take long time and great efforts before people will want to get to know God like you.

� What are the prospects of our service and personal development for the future? Should we publish books?

� Your earthly Path will not be easy in Russia. Establishing the School in some other place and letting people here do whatever they want is one of the possible scenarios of your future activity.

You should wait and see how the situation develops. Currently there are no prospects of finding promising disciples in Russia anymore. The task for now is to focus on personal development, without �disturbing� Russia any longer.

You may publish books in any language other than Russian.





� It is so good that you have come here together!

� We were promised to receive more information during these three days about plans for the future. Will we hear anything today?

� He is especially dear to Me, who has fulfilled the commandment set out in the Bhagavad-Gita: �Get to know Me! � Become Me! � Abide in Me!� Or the way Jesus put it : �I and the Father are One�.

There are no problems anymore. (Citing the New Testament) �May you love each other!�

� But still, what are the prospects of the School?

� Everyone�s further service and self-perfection should be in line with overall flow of events. The way the situation is developing will determine the forms of your future service.

There should not be any expanding of the School in Russia. There are no favorable conditions for that. But outside of Russia the School does need to expand.

The situation is quite complicated. There are very few people on Earth who feel genuinely attracted to Me. For the most part everybody just keeps saying: �Allahu Akbar!� or �Have mercy on me!�.

� What will the program of our activity abroad be?

� We will talk about this later.

No mass work is possible in Russia now. Not even among young people. This kind of work should be only for the selected people, which are the likes of you. Those � the likes of you � will be selected by Me.

For the country as a whole this kind of work is not an urgent task. Russia got �bogged down� way too deep.


Sathya Sai Baba



� Yes, it is Me, Who awakens souls.

� But we need some �facilities� in order to help those souls!

� You need to help them here. And it is here, where the ashram should be created. Having �embedments� abroad is also possible and you should be ready to go to wherever I will call you, to any place on Earth.

I placed you in the center of the whole situation. And I hope you will work for Me tirelessly and at the top of your potential.

The optimal conditions for you have been created here.

I will not inflict anything of what was said before (about cataclysms for Russia) � this is not necessary anymore.

As to the prospects � you will be learning everything gradually, getting an insight into My Intention little by little; and My intention � is very profound.

Get all the worthy ones from all over Earth together.

� What should our actions be?

� It is I who will be doing everything.

� Do we need to start implementing the ashram project?

� Yes. And you should also try to translate the books into all possible languages.

And remember constantly: �one does not pour new wine into old skins�. The Church of God must be re-created from scratch.

� So, the center of the School should be here?

� Both here and everywhere, where the worthy people will be discovered. The centers also should be created abroad � the corresponding �places of power� will be found there as well. This is a natural process, for participating in which I am blessing you.





� Optimal (maximum favorable!) conditions for spiritual work should be created in order that all worthy people could participate in this work, without necessarily coming over here (in Saint Petersburg). The centers like this (which will be teaching buddhi-yoga) should not be created in Russia, but abroad � yes.

Your �island� has to transform into an �archipelago� with many islands.


Apostle John



� Have You ever been embodied since then?

� No. I attained Divinity at that time, but I wrote the Gospel before.

I was with Maria � the mother of Jesus. My devotion and love to her allowed Me to attain Divinity. And Jesus was helping Me a lot in this.

� Who else of the apostles of Jesus Christ attained Divinity, apart from You and those we already know (Andrew and Philip)?

� Mark did. He was later incarnated in England. It was not until after He had abdicated responsibility as an ambassador that He began receiving messages directly from God. He helped people in England a lot. It was even before the �Reformation�. England supplied a whole pleiad of Divine Teachers then.

Come here more often � I will teach you how to �wash away� your bodies.




� Tell us about Yourself, please.

� Last time I was embodied on the territory of the North American states. I was an Indian.

I mastered a dematerialization of the physical body. I will be initiating you into My Yoga.

The front parts of your bodies are not developed enough in order to succeed in this yet and I am willing to help you with this. You have to get into every cell of the body from inside. Your bodies are developed �by and large� � but what is necessary is to enter every cell of the body from inside, including alveolar tissue cells of the respiratory tract.

This place is a �workshop�, where �laboratorial� conditions are created for you and your friends. I suggest we get down to mastering materialization and dematerialization right here and right now. You may spend the whole winter here.


Juan Matus



� Eagle was incarnated in the epoch, when Europe got freed from inquisition. He was a civilized Indian: He lived in a city and studied European culture.

You, Vladimir, have found the �golden mean� both in terms of studying all systems of methods and in terms of exploring various extremes. And you deserved gratitude from the whole planet. Spreading the knowledge to the humankind of the whole planet � this is the task that you need to fulfill.

I am willing to see you as a complete Avatar.





� Now you should spread the knowledge about Me over the entire planet. The Russian stage of work is over. And the necessary preparation over the Internet is completed.

Now you should create the hearths of the highest spiritual culture wherever you get invited by worthy spiritual people, wherever I will be sending you.





� I was for America what Huang-Di was for China.

Various perversions of Incas and others are not from Me, this is � �crap�. At the early stage of the civilization it was I, who was boosting the Indian culture.

Last time I embodied was in 1885. XIX century saw the peak of the Indian spiritual culture in the North, and especially in the Northwest of the USA.


All-Russian Orthodox Priest



� Who are You? What is Your Name?

� I am All-Russian Orthodox Priest.

� Were You a patriarch, a bishop?

� The task of My latest embodiment was to support all the best that Russian Orthodox Church had accumulated. Of course I was neither an Orthodox patriarch nor a bishop. But I was an orthodox priest once.





� I will be helping you make your cocoons and bodies free from everything except the Creator.

Discovering various places abroad will also be necessary.

� Is the center going to be here, in Russia?

� The center should be created here. It will be intended for the worthiest disciples, including foreign ones. Although you know that nothing is �foreign� for Me � for I am the only God for the whole Earth.

We will see after May. Or rather it is I, who will see � you will be accomplishing.

� How should we develop ourselves?

� Out-of-town training center � yes, it is necessary.

� What should we do during the winter?

� You will not have to come here often. Lyhn is waiting for you and inviting you to His place � it is closer to the city. You better go there.

� At Lyhn�s place we will not be able to work with such a �high voltage� like at Yours.

� I will be taking care of you there as well!

A lot will depend on the next spring: how you will endure it.

The victory will be yours and it is close!

Your immediate task is to boost the spirituality of the whole Earth by means of books, films and teaching.





� Concentrate totally on your personal development. Your work (service) is strictly for the selected. They will have to get invited here (to Saint-Petersburg).

(Pointing to the Southern Finland:) There will be worthy people as well over there.

I am trying to find (through you in particular) those worthy people, who would be willing to accept help in their spiritual progress, which you can offer to them.





� In Africa, and actually on the whole Earth there are very few fresh currents of spiritual traditions left. People do not want to cognize the Highest Planes of Being. They just pervert the Teaching of God over, and over and over again!





� Hurry up in taking the worthy ones to the Abode of the Creator! Do not waste a minute! Earthly life ends so �unexpectedly�, so �suddenly�!





� Currently the conditions are being created that will be necessary for launching our work across the whole Earth. You need to think over possible ways of service, including the necessity of learning foreign languages.

It will take years for our work to reach the full scale. My task consists in organizing the whole process so that all people of the planet could take advantage of the whole aggregate of My Knowledge.

Now I am watching everyone, who directs their attention at the School�s activity. Slow and gradual selection of cadres is underway.

The whole situation has been conceived so that your activity would reach its full potential only in several years. Now � the conditions, prerequisite to this are being created. I suggest that you take whatever is happening calmly and in terms of applying your efforts to helping others in the future.

Now each of you must make further efforts on their own self-perfection. You have a certain time allotted for that, including December.





� In the spring the necessity of refurbishment of the religious or doctrine will begin to be seriously discussed. This will call for your maximum involvement in this process. Until then � you should �keep a low profile� and not to interfere with the religious life in the country. Sathya Sai and Huang-Di share the same opinion.

You have gone a long way from your beginning state � the average level of the people that live on Earth. But it is still a long way ahead before the complete self-realization is fulfilled and you attain the state of God completely.

For each of you � if they get disembodied now � the Abode is close or already �secured�; it does not really matter now, because each of you is already prepared to enter It. This is thanks to you, Vladimir.

But look at the situation with Peter17, which is familiar to you. He is still lonely. And compare Him with Me: I am among people. Do you feel the difference?

In order to become a full-fledged Representative of God, to fully manifest yourself as God you need to acquire more skills.

Watch Me awakening people � I do this in various ways. And realize that I have really made Myself imprinted in the people�s memory! People remember Me � and this is why My Name inspires them. They see God-the-Father in My Name and thus they call upon Me and listen to Me: what I will say. And compare: nobody knows Peter, and this is why He is lonely. I always care about embodied people and work hard for the people�s good and for My good as well: I am enjoying this process Myself!

Acquiring reputation among people is a risky matter � there is a risk of falling into the grips of arrogance and pride, and I would not recommend that to anyone. But I am blessing you and your friends to serve in this way on an Earth scale, knowing that I am not risking anything, putting you forward.

(Showing the spring (April); we are gaining momentum along with the spring floods). In May our School will start flourishing on Earth.


But remember: every person should receive his own portion of information from God. Nobody should be forced to go anywhere! Development of intellect is a gradual process, very gradual!


The most important thing now is � to focus on your own personal development, now you should think less about others. (Joking:) This is what this winter for: think about Me and Other Divine Teachers.

� What will the situation in the country be during the winter? Should we do anything specific in order to make ourselves ready?

� (Jokingly, rolling the eyes up:) O-o-o-h!.. There will be no such disasters, where any of you could perish in vain. You are in My hands!

� Is there going to be an economic crisis in Russia?

� No, there is not. Russia will manage to avoid it. Putin initiated the correct policy.





� Should we increase our activity in the internet, to realize what John Lennon was talking with us about Spiritual Internet?

� It does not make any sense to become thoroughly engrossed in the troubled waters of opinions of various schools that advertise themselves there. It is not at all an urgent task for now. What is urgent is to gather the most worthy to unite under My Flag so that I could take them into My Abode with your help. I am asking you not to ask Me any more questions regarding service until approximately January 7: any detailed elaboration or correction of plans will be possible only after that date. What should you do now? � Work on yourself and cut off unnecessary contacts.


Huang-Di, Babaji, Krishna



� Will You give us any advice regarding financial situation?

� Berries, mushrooms and other gifts of forest! Is it not enough for you? You may take as much you like!

Any increased attention towards money is a very dangerous trap, a hook that tears clothes first and then the body� Look in the direction of God � and He will provide you with all necessary things. Thinking about money is an antagonism of God. You certainly do not want intelligence here.





� What about M. going to India � without concrete contacts and addresses?

� You also need to wait until the war is over.

Going to my ashram there does not make sense: there is nothing valuable there in terms of any serious transformation of people that live there now.

But there are worthy people in India.

In order to find those people you need to establish presence in Indian internet search catalogs. Before going to India you need to establish contacts that would make you sure that people understand you and are willing to study.

We call off the M.�s February trip to India.

I respect India very deeply and my love for this country and for the people whom I personally send to incarnate there has no limit. This is why I strongly desire your contacts with India and ask you to pay special attention to the needs of those people.


Krishna, Babaji, David Copperfield, Peter, Lao



� So, it looks like we are through with forming the �Nagual party�?

� Yes, almost� During the next 2 years you will need to find about 30 disciples and to spread our knowledge abroad.

� How long will I have to work in this body?

� About 20 years. The School will grow. You will see an inflow of new members even this autumn. (There will not be a lot of new disciples this spring, though).

� Will there be any worthy disciples from Saint-Petersburg?

� No, you have found all worthy one from there.

� What will I need to accomplish during the 20 years of living in this body?

� You should keep a low profile, to work accurately, gathering the worthy ones and bringing them to Me, into My Abode. You should gather them from all over Earth, but you will have to act gently and accurately without declaring yourself. Otherwise people will not accept you � and will tear you to pieces. They do not need new prophets, Messiahs and Christs: the previous ones are enough for them. Do not make noise around yourself! Then everything will be quiet � and efficient.





� Every one of you � first of all � has to advance toward more complete Perfection. If you �look back� in search of prospective disciples � you will be hampering your progress yourselves.

It is not you who should search for prospective disciple: this is a God�s task. And He does it in accordance with your personal level of development and the speed at which you are advancing.

Entrust the search for disciples to God! You should move forward yourselves!


Jesus Christ



� Make it a principle: �I am not interested in contacts with those who do not understand me�.





� Reality is that every School, which is from God, gets established first, then it matures and then dies. And its heritage remains available for other people. But people are different, some of them use this heritage, the others either warp or defile it.

It is not time for your School to �die� yet. Now you are on a plateau. You are on the top of the mountain, which you have been climbing with such great efforts.

Only few people in Russia need your help now.

I have already closed your School in Russia, in fact � I am in the process of closing it. There is almost no one left in Russia who would need it. Tomorrow I will tell you the rest about it.

It is not time to send the letter18 to Putin: I will let you know in a few days when you will need to do it.

R. started to realize that spiritual work is not celebrations of various dates, but a non-stop everyday work on oneself, on transforming of one�s lower self into a Paramatmic Being.

For the time being the main and almost the only task for you and those who are with you is attainment of ultimate maturity.


Sathya Sai Baba



� I am glad to be with you!

The �ferry passage� was created according to the Creator�s intention from the time immemorial. Those who cross this river � becomes Me.

I heard that you want to become Me in all My totality. Yes, I take every one of you and �put you on your feet�. Look what I am like � and imitate.

God is One. No one can � however great they are � cognize the Universal Creator in all His totality. Since He has no limits. But I represent the Creator so you could see what He is like. I bless you to adopt this Essence of Mine.

�I do not want any of you to lose heart. Every one of you should be inspired with My example and the prospects of mastering next stages of spiritual advancement. And may the grandeur of this all not frighten you. For the outcome of the upcoming battle is predetermined for you. Victory will be yours!


Sathya Sai Baba



� It is time for you to stop looking for prospective disciples. As well as for those on whom you could rely. Rely on Me only.

Become independent in your earthly activities.


Sathya Sai Baba



� You got it correctly. You do not have any tasks other than becoming Me and helping others in it: the worthiest out of the worthy ones.

To become Omnipresent like I am � this is your highest priority task. I do not have any other plans for you.





� How is A. doing?

� Nothing good came out. She did not understand the most important thing � that one has to SERVE God. Egotistic variant of �spiritual work� is not acceptable to God and is not pleasing Him.

He has a desire to serve, but this desire is �general theoretic�. One should have a �loving passion� directed towards the Creator, that would manifest itself in the desire to serve Him by serving other people spiritually. (Pointing at L. in a joking manner): Here is a dissatisfied passion for service! See how a person withers in this case! (Addressing L.): Sorry, this is how I express My Love for you.

What you need to do now is:

Continue to get into the depths of Me!

Cognize Me more thoroughly!

Reveal yourself only to the worthy ones!


Elena Roerich



� �The trap has opened� � Now I realized why �the entire world� has been revolving around me: for you and your friends! I love you, V. very much!

� What about Nikolay?

� He has already incarnated in the Australian region.

� And yourself?

� �Resting on my laurels�. But the Abode is still far.

� Would you recommend whom we should contact, whom we can help?

� No: the Others will do it.

�(Laughing.) Nikolay torn off a piece of my dress when an irresistible force pulled him to incarnate.

� Does Nikolay lead any kind of activity?

� No, he does not. He has not figured out what is what yet, although he is already a grown up person. It is not time yet.

I am very happy that I could help you!





� All dreams of the best of people can become reality for you!

You must not leave the states of joyful bliss � even in hardship or during tortures!

Your bodies are in Me.

I will to do everything for your sake. Every time I test you only to bring every one of you closer to Me.





� I am embracing all My friends. I love you very much!


The meaning and the purpose of My life is to make sure that the path which I lead you by does not get forgotten. All this must remain for other people: a well-beaten track. Your School must never die! I will be sending disciples to you and will lead many of your descendants along the path that you have blazed. You will be �sorting out� crowds of people willing to walk this path and ensuring the passage only for the worthy ones.


Sathya Sai Baba



� There will not be a big inflow of disciples in the near future.

At the current stage of the School�s evolution it is very important to spread the knowledge through books, translating them into as many languages as possible. Only when this work is completed � some time after that � new disciples will be turning out. Inertia in people�s minds is so great!

There should be some people from East, including China. But this is not going to be soon.

�Until now you have been placing emphasis in your service on searching for the most worthy ones and bringing them to cognition of Me. Publishing of books also served the purpose of selecting these worthy ones. Now I am changing your priorities. From now on the main task will be transformation of outlook of masses of people that inhabit Earth. The time has come to �take the bull by the horns�: you should get on to the academic level of knowledge, to the theological science (if one dares to call what you have on Earth so).

You should publish a book titled �General Theology � The Science about God� and to distribute it as widely as possible.

This book must not criticize anyone. In this case people will accept what is written in it more readily.


Maenuel and Yamamuto



� It makes sense to publish the book �What kind of Russia Is Needed by God� in July or August: new material will arrive that will enrich the book.


Sathya Sai Baba



(Touching anahatas of those in the room.)

� Make your spiritual hearts shine brighter! Let them shine like the bright Divine Flame!

Remember: I am always with you! You � abide in Me!

Live in Me just like I always live in you!


Apostles Philip and Andrew



� Trouble comes when a man forgets about God and lives on himself, alone.

If a man lives only for himself � this is when trouble comes.

No man must live alone! He must live in Me and for Me!





� Is it really true that nobody in this country needs Me?

� In this country nobody needs all of us!





� You, M., and all of you � are My comfort. I never saw a School like yours.

I am happy to see the flower of My Teaching blossoming out on Earth. Jesus and Lao hold the same opinion.

�Our work has not begun in South-East Asia yet. This is what is at hand, and contacts with people of those countries will be needed for that.

The fire can be kindled only if there are enthusiasts.

On the whole there is a great and very sound interest in our work. Those people should not necessarily get in direct contact with you. The start to test these methods on themselves. This a more optimal way compared to looking for a leader.

Look at what books can do in this world! It is books that contribute so much to forming of people�s philosophical outlook. And there have never been books on Earth that would be so full of truth about God!

�Krishna�s Teaching is very much praised in Germany, but this is not due to Prabhupada�s activity. One should not rely on Prabhupada�s translations of the Bhagavad Gita, they do not have anything to do with Me: they are not from Me and not for Me.

I mean to say that the methodology that you use is practical realization of the Krishna�s Teaching. And the same can be said about you in terms of Teaching of Jesus Christ: since your work is a practical realization of the precepts of the New Testament. The same goes with realization of the Teaching about Tao that was given through Lao Tse. And so on. Any religious tradition, any theory can be realized by applying the methods that were developed within our School. But the most interesting contingent of disciples could form out of those who consider themselves followers of the Bhagavad Gita (in correct translation)�





� I am here! Here is My hand (extending His palm)!

I am expecting you in My ashram tomorrow!

I simply love you very much! And I want to embrace you in My Ashram.





(Addressing Sh.:)

� Be more self-confident, more active � and then you will merge with Me completely.

More intensity! Do not let yourself relax even for a minute to indulge in weaknesses! Become active! Live in the state of permanent attack!


Sathya Sai Baba



� Addressing you now, I would like to emphasize the importance of spreading the knowledge that I have presented to you around the earth. This is My Will! I insist on the urgency of the Revival of the Science of Faith � this is what I suggest you call your Path of Serving Me through serving people.

You should make efforts so that every inhabitant of Earth would know about this. I will be helping you in this. The destiny of Earth for several centuries depends on this. Each of you should deeply realize the meaning of what I said and make maximum efforts on fulfilling this. All efforts should be dedicated to this! And you are guaranteed to have full inviolability on this Path, the Path of Revival of the Science about Faith.

This is why you need fresh forces. The School should grow due to inflow of new members that would be socially mature people.

The tendency of building relationships with politicians of high rank did not turn out to be successful. This is why you should switch to establishing contacts with governments of other countries (primarily European countries, United States and Canada) and publishing houses located there. You should also engage television companies of these countries.

Orientation should be on European culture (not South-East Asian one).

My cherished dream is to see branches of the School start functioning.

I have never left you and I will never do. I am the coordinator of the School�s activity.

�Eagle joined us in our work at my request. You should work here until 15-17th of May. Then you will need to move to the north (Krishna will work with you there).

�(Joking:) You should be �taught a lesson� for not having that �devil in your head� which would drive you to preach the knowledge about Me in every country of Earth�





� Now, at this stage service is the priority. You should broaden the territory covered, there will not be more favorable time for that. Summer and autumn are for expanding the �oasis�.

I took you here in order to say this, primarily. Right now God expects you to make the most resolute actions on spreading the knowledge that you have received around the planet. And God will be helping you in this.

� Do we know everything � in terms of methods? Should we perfect what we already know? Do I understand the situation correctly?

� No. There will be progress ahead. No reason to rest on your laurels.


All-Russian Orthodox Priest



� For the past several centuries this is the first time I met those who understand God correctly!

Scientist should study not the history of Russian Christianity, but the history of Slavdom. This is what treatises should be written about � what was before �christening� into Byzantine faith and how church gradually displaced God afterwards.

�(Joking:) Yamamuto almost had �cardiac rupture� at hearing V. agree that He would leave you. This was a joke, but took it seriously! How can one leave such pure and bright disciples, who are becoming Teachers themselves? This could not have been taken seriously! We are all One!





� Remember, My son: we are always together. Don�t you see: almost every one of you has reached the level from which no one falls out of the Creator. You are no longer subject to the doubts that God holds regarding any new disciple.





� Your activity should be expanded. And I will not let you relax! I will be pressing on you until the whole planet starts talking about new knowledge of God.

People who are worthy of becoming members of the School are not too many. They are really have to be searched for! This is very much like �searching the needle in a haystack�. But you have to be doing this! I and all of Us will be helping you: for example, by creating emotional interest in performing certain action in prospective disciples.

But if you do not perform this activity � I will be causing pain to you, I will be applying �inquisition methods� to you. Pain and bad luck will be haunting you.

� What should be our target group abroad?

� Scientists in all fields. This is a first group of people who may get interested in your knowledge. Physicists, biologists, art critics, specialists in religions � all those who form demand for this kind of information.

(To M. regarding her daughter:) Z. takes studying in school too giddily. She should be �spanked� for this. She is developing a frivolous attitude toward life. Each child has to build up a minimum potential of knowledge that they can develop later. And it is usually done in the elementary school. One must not miss this.

(To A. regarding her son:) Remember that his life should be connected with water element. It would be good for him to become an social anthropologist. S. in the future is a spiritual warrior. But this process of becoming a spiritual warrior must be controlled. If �the reins get slackened� it may go awry. His element is water, through interaction with which he will be developing. Divining will be beneficial for him. Ocean, underwater world, islands, traditions and customs of islanders, ethnography� � al this would be the best environment for him.

A. has a �stump� on her way, against which she may stumble. This a person, a man, who can make her to give up the Path. But if she pulls through with this she will do well: you will have one more worthy disciple.

Enjoy sattva of the spring while there is no mosquitoes and summer sultriness. This will improve general meditative tonus and is also good for health. Enjoying is important. You have accustomed yourself to hard work, but this is not always good. One has to get charged from sattvic world. For now this would be correct. It will not always be like this, though.

�Books that you run out of should be republished.

�You should not shoot additional parts of the film: this would be excessive information. But you can make other kinds of films � about the beauty of nature, for example.





� You do not understand that I am pleading with God so that He keeps Russia alive.

� God can send a rain, for example, but He will not be moving harvest from the fields or holding back inflation�

� This is why nobody needs Me here!

What can I do to make it a place where everyone could live comfortably, where evolution of souls could go on?

� Unfortunately, here, in Russia, only few people can evolve in positive direction.

� I know this�

Yes, I pleaded with Megre to write a book about Me. I feel guilty�, you know this�

� Do you see any good prospects in the future?

� No, I do not. I can only see what is going on today, � just like all of you � those ugly things that are happening.


Sathya Sai Baba



� I am very glad to see what is going on with you. But your activity is far from being ideal. I am talking about fundamental difference between what you are doing now � and what you have to do in order to get the comprehensive truth about Me to the people.

I have been creating your School as a possessor of secret knowledge, �secret doctrine�, speaking in Blavatskaya�s terms. But then I intended a sharp turn for you: so that you get to the �academic� knowledge level. The book �General Theology�� is what I asked you to write for this. But this line went somewhat awry � the way you understood this. I want and even demand that you more extensively spread the knowledge about God, the Creator, about how and for what purpose life appeared on Earth.

I insist that each of you accepts what I am requesting from you regarding service among various nations of Earth.


Sathya Sai Baba



� Do not forget that your Teaching is My Teaching. It is very important to publish your books in all languages for all people in all countries.


Lao, Krishna



� The School must grow. We are making strenuous efforts so that your knowledge could become available for all inhabitants of Earth.


Jesus Christ Speaking to a New Disciple of the School

� I would like to tell you about your past: so that you could understand yourself better and create for yourself a plan of your personal self-perfection.

You are by no means a young soul. One of your incarnations was among the first Christians, although we did not meet while I was embodied.

People warped My Teaching very quickly, but you were never among those, who committed atrocities ostensibly �in My name�, including the crimes of the Inquisition.

After that you were incarnated several more times. Your most recent incarnation was not long ago � on the sea coast in Latvia. At that time you learned to become anahata, soaring freely above the sea � luminescent, sunny spiritual heart. Sea, desert and plains are natural conditions favorable for spreading oneself as consciousness over the Earth�s surface and for merging of a soul with harmonious open space.

You have never had an incarnated Teacher, but My assistants and I have always been helping you.

In your current incarnation, as it was intended by both Me and you, you were supposed to continue your development in the same direction. But your fatal mistake was devoting yourself, as a part of your professional activity, to communicating with people, which you knew were harsh. Moreover, you started ordering them about. This prevented you from advancing further, but only fixed and strengthened the tendency towards violence�

� I have a question to ask. I just wanted to dot all the �i�s and cross all the �t�s�

� No need to proceed from false premises. What is important now is that I am here! I am putting My hand over your forehead, over your eyes � feel Me!�

And now � I am standing inside your body � find me within yourself! How can you do this? � Recall the subtlest, tenderest states, which you have ever experienced: when you were amidst fragrant wildflowers or singing of birds� Then try to feel the whole planet as your Mother! Expand your chest, and then embrace the whole planet and all living beings on it with yourself as a spiritual heart! And then � deep inside � you will feel Me.

The path to cognizing Me is the Path of refining yourself as consciousness.

Another thing � become a monk.

� Yes, I had a dream like that, but I never spoke of it�

� You are talking about inessential now! Become a monk not for people, not for the church � but for Me. Stand by My side. I will embrace you � and we will go together! I will lead you into the Abode of the Creator!


One of the Conversations with God

Sathya Sai Baba (addressing Z.):

� You should stay face to face with Me. I am talking not about the material side but about the soul. Whatever happens to you � you should see My Will in it. I am going to make you God and everything that is required of you is to surrender to Me and allow Me to shape you according to My design. You will not have such a chance in the next incarnation. I open the doors to My Abode and I close them.

Remember: I encourage any spiritual quest. Anyone finds what searches for without fail. Even in the filth of many sects there are people capable of growing spiritually. I guide them and help them. Having passed the stratum of mud they turn into beautiful flowers. And I pull up those who are not capable of spiritual growth and throw them into fire.



� They are tares, not the good seeds that I sowed.


Sathya Sai Baba:

� Every one of you who present here has no limitations on the spiritual Path. Success depends on how you will be able to make the right choice as to the things that are beneficial for the spiritual progress and set aside everything that is impeding your progress.

I created your center for the sake of wide spreading of the knowledge.

Every one of you will carry his special mission (task). But.�19



� Now you are able to work independently, there is no need for you to work together (as a joined group of physical bodies). It is time to expand the work as much as possible. I want you to spread the Love worldwide.

The road to Me is paved with flowers for those who live in a constant dissatisfied desire to serve and to help others. And do not even think of refusing when you get a chance to serve! By doing so you will earn a bad karma.

Be sensitive to My signs!


Sathya Sai Baba:

� You should be concerned only with how to serve Me in the most comprehensive way. The foundation of each one of you will be constructed through the resolution of this question. This foundation should grow into Me.

Your will should coincide with My Will. Feel It. At the same time I do not deprive you of the right to use your own mind. You make decisions and I just slightly correct them.



� Peace and dissolving Tenderness � this is the destiny of those who cognized Me in My Abode.


From Letters to Businessman D.

Letter 1:

You have joined well in our work, you are able to perform difficult meditations and you can see for yourself that your health has improved immediately: all the illnesses that you complained about disappeared in just two weeks.

But certain things in you have to be corrected:

1. You have no control over your states of consciousness. Considering the increase of your personal power (the power of consciousness) it may become harmful for other people in certain circumstances. Without solving this problem the further increase of the personal power using �crystallization�20 methods is inadmissible.

2. You have not accepted fully the important ethic principle � ahimsa (you feed your dogs with the bodies of killed animals though there is no necessity for doing this). That is to say that you should think over the principle of Love-Compassion much more thoroughly.

3. You have not thought over your love to God in the aspect of the Absolute. Namely, you do not treat thriftily His manifestations such as paper, electricity, etc. It is the same with the plenty of money you have: you spend them to satisfy your meaningless fancies and to please the people who live materialistic life. Thus you encourage them to continue such living.

But it is better to consider the material objects as presents the Creator gives to us, embodied people. And neglecting or wasteful attitude towards them is unacceptable. We should treat all presents of God thriftily and use them as efficiently as possible � for the sake of efficiency of the Evolution.

4. But the most negative of your features is that you treat some people as your servants. It is a direct denial of the God's commandment that we should consider ourselves as servants of other beings and of God. Jesus and Sathya Sai Baba spoke of this truth most profoundly. Your behavior of that kind has various manifestations. Try to recognize them also in your slighting attitude towards the efforts and time that other people spent in vain because of you, in your contemptuous actions towards those who help you.

These are important questions:

Whose time do you value more � yours or theirs?

Whom do you respect more � yourself or them?

One more comment: respect is one of the aspects of love; one should distinguish a true love, i.e. love for others and a false love, i.e. love for yourself. The latter is a pseudo-love.

If a man loves the Creator then the love-yearning for Him manifests as a growing sincere orientation only towards Him. But there is no sign of growth of such love in you: you live a disordered life, you also do not follow a healthy daily schedule, you do not end your contacts with people who impede the development of your love to the Creator. Your indriyas are spread over many objects, your interaction with them is often chaotic and contradicts the unidirectionality of a true monk.

These problems have to be solved by making efforts to purify your life and to make it an impeccable life of a spiritual monk-warrior. And this should be done voluntarily, sincerely.

But sincerity can not come if you do not make efforts which, for example, may consist in trying to stay face to face with God on natural landscapes and in reading (systematically!) about Him and His Scriptures.

Now you are trying to live in all three gunas and you decided to cognize the Creator at the same time...

With optimism and love,

Vladimir Antonov.


Letter 2 (from Sathya Sai Baba):

God is not satisfied with you. What is the reason of My dissatisfaction?

At the current stage of the development one has to live according to the plans of God, not to one's own plans (whether they are good or not).

One has to truly experience oneself (as consciousness, but not as mind or body) an evolving part of the multidimensional Absolute, an active participant of the process of the Evolution.

This is what should be the ground on which one has to develop himself and to build relationships with other beings. One must not interact with other creatures in a non-spiritual way, i.e. without trying (softly, tactfully, with Love) to help them in their development (in helping consciousness advance towards the Creator). No relationships with people, animals or plants should continue for a long time without the intention to help them in their evolution. Purely materialistic relationships should never dominate in one's intentions for other beings, especially people. All �mundane� activity, including commerce, must be performed only for one purpose � evolution of the units of consciousness on the way to the Union with the Creator.

I want you to become a true student of My School that exists here, on Earth.

Second: One must never ignore the basic ethic principles of interaction with the world. It includes doing no harm, honesty (especially with Me, and I am in My students of this School), attitude to earthly wealth and material comfort. Think it over: what did God mean by saying through Jesus: �It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God�, �Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also�, �You cannot serve God and mammon�.

You must not postpone the resolution of these problems.

Your Baba.


A comment of Sathya Sai Baba about the situation with D.:


Now D. is in a very bad, strained situation. He is not going to get a warm reception from God.

He spends his life in vain, wastes the time that was given to him for self-perfecting. To whom much is given, of him will much be required. This truth was given to you by God through Jesus Christ.

The level of knowledge that he has, asks for much more efforts on the spiritual reformation of oneself. And also � much more spiritual help to people.

I will alleviate his destiny for a time � as you asked.


The path of every one of you on Earth is too short. Yet it determines your subsequent life for ages or even millennia. Every one of you has so few opportunities left to make personal efforts on transforming yourselves! And what next? A desperate sorrow and regrets because you did not do the so few remaining efforts!

Your Baba.


An excerpt from the talk with D:


Ishvarapranidhana is a means of replacing one�s egocentrism with the God-centrism. This is the way to root oneself into the Creator, to grow into Him.

On the current stage you have shown yourself to be an unreliable partner.

Once you were Julian and became a Julian-Apostate. At that time you knew very well the Teaching of God but did not accept it.

I wish you not to become a D.-Apostate.

But it is up to you to choose: whether to become a D.-God or a D.-Apostate.


A remark of John Lennon:


D. is a good guy. In the future he will demonstrate himself to be good. Do not part with him!

People change slowly. And you want to find people who are already perfect.

You should recall what you were yourself at the beginning of the spiritual awakening: at that time you read all kind of silly books!


Letter 3:


The religiosity of an advanced person should include efforts on ethic self-transformation � according to the Teaching of God, but not only a belief in His existence. It is the ethic work on oneself that reflects the love of a man for God, his respect for Him and for His Teaching.

God says that the ability of a man to advance towards Him is determined by two main components: a cognitive interest + love for God. You miss the second one.

God teaches: �For the sake of living in Me you renounce yourself�. But for many years you have actively strengthened your egocentrism, which completely excludes the acceptation of the God-centrism. This can be observed in your self-admiring (�I am a rich man!�); but here you are boasting what you should be ashamed of: you have spent so much time and power to acquire a false treasure; (remember the words of Jesus: �Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also�), and in your contempt for those who are poor materially, but rich spiritually. Your activity is mostly devoted to cultivating of your feeling of self-importance � instead of humbling yourself by constant and selfless service to God through serving other people. Think about it yourself: what was the reason you lied that the sauna belongs to you (it was not only you who invested money in it) � it was nothing else but a desire to show off before us! So, the development of self-importance is your main vice.

Your another vice is mendacity. You lied to me numerous times. You call your mendacity �an intellectual approach� to the principle of righteousness, don�t you? But is this the behavior that God wants you to demonstrate? Don't you understand that your mendacity is obvious to everyone? And it can cause nothing but despising of you by all who know you. ...And I see now that you have been lying to me since the beginning of the last stage of our relationships by assuring me that you have accepted the conception of the School. But you have not accepted it: for it is based on the ethic part of the God's Teaching; and you wanted only to avail oneself of its outward fruits instead of growing into God and serving Him.

The third vice of yours is irresponsibility. You have had it for all these years that I know you. Because of it you often do harm to other people!

And your fourth vice is the absence of love for God, for people and even for dogs. The first two manifestations of it we have already talked about. Your training of your dogs prepares them to go to �dog hell�. Their energy is very rude � it is much coarser compared to the dogs� average level.

Try to see that your love is a love for yourself. You devoted yourself not to serving God by serving people but to creation of an artificial image of your own �respectability�. And you have engaged in materialistic games with materialistic people, with non-spiritual people so deeply, that you started to sincerely believe that these games are the most important thing in life. But think about your future karma: God will have to destroy all these features in you � and by what? � by making you experience poverty! And how are you going to end this incarnation (given that you ignore the necessity to realize the purpose of life)? I would not like it to happen through a painful decease as it usually happens in such cases.

Apostle Paul said: if there is no law then there is no sin, but once the Law of God has appeared breaking it will be a sin. You knew the Law of God at the time of your incarnation one and a half thousand years ago, yet you had not followed it. And you are repeating this again. Think about it!

As you are now you do not deserve to be with us.

I implore you: change, turn to God! And then we will help you.

With the hope for understanding and with love,

Vladimir Antonov.


Letter 4:

D., look: is there a single commandment of Jesus Christ that you keep?

Or at least one ethic principle of those described in my books?

Regarding your �progress� in the meditative work � unfortunately it has only done harm to you and to other people. Because you have developed the �personal power� on our �power places� � and now you do harm with it when you leave the state of love. And it happens although we have discussed this subject specially and very seriously.

If you become responsible and honest and want to resume contacts with us at some time � let us know and we will discuss it.

Wish you all the best,

Vladimir Antonov.


From Correspondence with Readers

Response to a beginner:

You cannot memorize the names of chakras? How do you work with them then?

There are 7 chakras; you know anahata already � meaning that there are only 6 chakras to memorize left. You do not look like a feeble-minded person. You managed to memorize the multiplication table in the high school, didn�t you? Memorizing chakras is just as important as learning the multiplication table, which is the prerequisite for further studying mathematics.

The fact that you have not learned about chakras demonstrates your attitude towards God. God has not become your Goal. You should have not only memorized the names of the chakras, but also understood their functions, what they are needed for, how your psycho-emotional state changes as you move concentration of your consciousness from one chakra to another.

�Hey, there are chakras! What are they then?� � this is what the correct attitude towards it would be. You could be expected to approach this as a researcher, which would demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in the topic. But this did not happen. Your indriyas21 remained directed at your other affairs � namely, your firm�s business activities.

I must emphasize though, that this does not mean you are a bad person. You are a very good one. It just means that it is too early for you to try to approach the Abode of the Creator at this time.

How are you going to approach God without love for Him? In this case your Path is going to be extremely dangerous. God will not let you come close, He will be �pushing� you away: your firm will go broke, you will be experiencing series of misfortunes, bad luck will be accompanying you everywhere and your health will get cracked� He will drive you to despair. This will not stop until you realize this and correct yourself or give up all your great spiritual pretensions.

Think about it, maybe it is better to stay simply a good person, which you are at the moment? This way you will be guaranteed to attain paradise (if only you do not lose the state of steady and undisturbed love, which pertains to you now).

But what we do is we help people to attain the Abode of the Creator. This � is a different affair. This is incomparably more difficult. And it requires absolute devotion. To succeed in this endeavor is possible only through a monastic life, i.e. by total dedication of one�s life to it.

Those, who have attained paradise get incarnated again, but those, who have become one with the Creator � stay one with Him forever. So, make your own choice!

The fact that you are not enchanted by God yet means that it is too early for you. Why don�t we wait?

What you can do is to make efforts in order to accelerate the growth of your love to the Creator in yourself. As I said before � you can read books about God, read God. Especially those short formulas that are cited in the book �God Speaks�. In order to make them imprinted deeply in the memory of your consciousness.

You may ask � �How will I know when I am mature enough?�. � You will know it, when you are. Falling in love with God can be compared with human relationships. It is just like after parting with your beloved woman you can think of nothing else but seeing her again, when you will finally meet. There is an absolute analogy to falling in love with the opposite sex here. Sometimes you even may get tired of your relationships and need to have some rest, but after some time you are running back to embrace your lover. (In the same manner a rest in between meditations is necessary.)

And do not be sad! You have to take notice of what I have said to you, like a warrior would do. Then make your own decisions and stick to them. You have a right to make this choice.

* * *

A reader�s question:

Dear Vladimir!

My name is K. and I am from the city of M. After reading your book I discovered a lot of questions have raised in my mind, but because I cannot answer them myself I am addressing them to you. Please, help me, if you will.

Here are my questions:


1. What made you think that God is love? Every religion interprets God in its own way: shamans, for example, do not have a concept of �God� at all; instead they have spirits � either good or evil.

2. If I reject the life within my body, my organism will start answering back in the same manner. And how can I give my love to anyone if I do not have it even towards myself?

3. It is implied in your text that cutting trees for building houses, so that we could make our perishable bodies warm, is OK, but we should not wear skins of animals (what are those people who live in the northern regions supposed to do?) and presenting flowers as a gift is also not allowed (even if this is a demonstration of love?).

4. So if a person does not experience his natural emotional states but walks around with a blissful look on his face instead � he will do straight to paradise? It seems to me that whenever he feels angry or indignant etc., realizing at the same time that this is a sin, he starts suppressing those emotions of anger and resentment and hiding them inside, which drives him into a deep depression.

5. One of the Ten Commandments says: �You shall not make yourself an idol�. But you are advocating making an idol out of God and finding the meaning of life in worshipping Him.

And how am I supposed to find out whether I am capable of spiritual growth or not, assuming that I was sent onto Earth without knowing what to do here and anyone who could help me? Since people around me (my parents for instance) neither believe in God (some do believe and pray, though), nor meditate, but nevertheless live with no sweat: having no problems finding a spouse, getting an education or earning enough money. But does this mean that I am such a bad and sinful person then, if nobody wants to be my friend and I have to suffer from my loneliness?

6. If we plan everything in advance, then how come that God teaches us? If I go on being afraid of the world, people and life, I will spend the rest of my life sitting at home.

7. Why are many of our priests so fat, if they are supposed to be fasting in order to merge with God?

8. You claim that suffering is necessary for cognizing God, but where would love come from then? If God gave life to a man then he is supposed to enjoy it somehow, and not to anticipate his death like many monks do.

9. I have no idea how I am supposed to read the Bible, since it has been revised numerous times and the current version that is available to us now is highly controversial?

10. Why did one spiritual instructor who had read Castaneda�s books, who was meditating every day and cleaning his �vessel of karma� with apple juice and whose seminar I once visited, shout at me using obscene language, forcing me to have sex with him and accusing me of being aggressive etc.? How one is supposed to tell the true spiritual teacher from a false one? An inexperienced person can easily get lost in an ocean of sectarians. And by the way, if everyone meditated all day long and prayed or better life after death, who would then be teaching children in schools, building homes, painting pictures etc.?

11. Don�t you think that this entire spiritual quest leads one only to excessive �soul-searching�?

12. I don�t understand � if God is such an omnipotent being, why would he need us, people? Well, suppose we will get into the Abode of the Creator, but what�s next? You know, there is a saying: �When God wanted to avert His eyes from Himself He created this world�. When the ultimate goal is achieved it turns out that there will be no reason for this world to exist any longer � does this mean that God will annihilate Himself?


P.S. Dear Vladimir, I hope you will not misunderstand me and answer all my questions that are really important to me.


Thank you,


Sincerely yours,



Peace to you, K.!

I see you have just begun to orient yourself in religious issues. Very well!

I cannot answer you in great detail: everything has already been elaborated on in many of my books. And I have learned all of this by my own experience; this is not simply a result of an intellectual process or of following a certain belief system. (Faith and Knowledge are two different things).

On the other side of this page you will find addresses of the stores in the city M., where my books can be found. My advice would be to start with �Ecology of Human Being�, �God Speaks� and �How God Can Be Cognized�.

I will give you only a very short response:


The level of profoundness of understanding the Truth differs from one religious tradition to another.


When you yourself experience what pain is, you will see the difference between killing a tree and slaying an animal. But you do not have to force God to cause pain to you in order to make you understand this: it is better to mentally reach this understanding.


Emotions are not just a look on one�s face but states of one�s consciousness (of a soul).

One can fully understand this only by studying one�s own emotional sphere through mastering control over the chakras.

The basic methods of doing this are presented in the �Ecology of Human Being�, more advanced ones can be found in �Spiritual Practices�.


An �idol� is just whatever people may put in place of God.


One does not have to worship God. God does not need our worshipping Him at all! People have just thought this out! What He does want us to do � is described in detail in my books.


Fasting or going without food altogether, by itself, does not make one able to �infuse� into God.


I never mentioned that suffering is necessary for cognizing God.


As to reading the Bible � one should read it only once to get an overall idea of what is written in it. Yes, there are a lot of controversies in this book. What you should study thoroughly is the New Testament.


Ability to distinguish true spiritual leaders from the false ones comes only from one�s own experience. You are in the process of gaining this experience.


Keep on reading my books, especially �God Speaks�. After reading those I already mentioned � move on to �Spiritual Heart�.

After you are finished with reading � write me again.


I wish you every success!


Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Letter to A.:

Peace to you, A.! I was in the woods yesterday and took a look at you. Are you sick? The back of your head and your neck are black. Why are you not asking me for help?

From A.:

Peace to you, too! Thank you for your advice, my neck and the back of my head have really been aching for several days now, there is also some noise in my ears � I even started fasting because of this.


I have got a question for you: why did Yogananda write so much about �the third eye�? What was the reason for this: incompetence of those, who translated his works or something else? I can only make assumptions, but what is the truth?


Peace to you! Generally speaking, ��the third eye� is �the eye of the soul�, of the spiritual heart. I do not remember what Yogananda wrote about this exactly. But if he made mistakes � it was natural when he was young and deceived by false traditions of his environment.

Remember: even Yukteswar, the Yogananda�s guru, was writing nonsense about Yugas.

* * *


Hello, Vladimir!

As the fate has willed I moved to San Francisco, USA.

Recently I felt that I needed to resume my spiritual search.

I have read some of your works and derived a lot of new information out of this reading.

I have been trying to meditate for a long time, but it does not seem to work � either because of my age or because the contamination of my body has exceeded a certain level.

Apparently I need an instructor.

Could you please tell me if there are groups or individuals that are practicing your methods around San Francisco area?



Peace to you, V.!

I was glad to have received your letter. Many of my former disciples moved to the USA after they had gone through my trainings in Moscow and in other cities. But I cannot recommend anyone in particular: in some cases I do not know their addresses, and in the other � because those people have deviated from the correct Path.

Our works are available on two sites on the Internet: in Russian this is and in English � Letter from V.:

Hello, Vladimir!

I didn�t expect to get a response from you that promptly. I was very delighted.

Surely I will start meditating on my own if I don�t find a group.

I am willing to promote your teaching among my friends.

I wouldn�t want to disappoint you, but right now I do not see myself ready for self-denying activity, although I must acknowledge its importance. Even less would I want to take up a responsibility for doing something and to fail to accomplish this. Of course, if I meet people, not only interested in reading your works but also willing to help in publishing them, I will be willing to cooperate as much as I can.

Currently I see my path differently. I have been involved with music for all my life. I studied music long time ago; I was even going to become a professional musician. Then it remained my hobby. For more than a year and a half I have been singing in a choir of the Orthodox church in the city B. I am tempted to say hat �Lord has led me� here, although I don�t like using lofty words. What a great amount of magnificent music I have heard here!.. Now I am trying to let my impressions settle down inside of me and to make several adaptations at my home studio. This currently consumes all my thoughts and time.

I am sorry to have disturbed you. I will surely be visiting your website from time to time and will be happy for any of your achievements.



Peace to you, V.!

Yes, I understand you perfectly: I myself was mastering basics of the spiritual Path in the Orthodox Church for many years and was melting away listening to beautiful tunes.

But why don�t you try looking at yourself from the God�s standpoint: what would He want you to become as a result of your current incarnation?..

Try to realize that He wants to see you as a large spiritual heart!..

But fundamentally more has to be done in order to fulfill this! One has to follow the path of Hesychasm, the methodological Path, which was described by Apostle Philip (from the words of Jesus Christ) in His Gospel (it is included in my book �God Speaks� with my commentaries).

Currently there is no possibility of establishing a �School of Hesychasm� or a �Center of the Holy Apostle Philip� in Russia. But there is in the USA and in other countries. Apostle Philip told me this yesterday. And Jesus added, that His spiritual School, which was created in Russia has to turn from an �island� into an �archipelago�, which would consist of many �islands�.

Try to make your personal contribution to this Project of God, try to find the people, which would be able to take an active part in it. This could become your service to God � much greater than that you are performing now.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Letter to D.:

I feel very aggrieved because you still have not passed my letters to S.. How can I rely on you after this? Your activity is as chaotic as before and it is still ruled by your emotions, instead of being an object of strict planning and reporting.

Response from D.:

I am trying, but still something �creeps in� every now and then.

I am remorseful of all my mistakes and very grateful to you for correcting me...

To D.:

The fact that you also do not answer letters in adequate way � is one of the manifestations of your main ethic problem � not providing your partners with feedback.

Response from D.:

I thought I had good organizational skills, but now I see that it was just the ability to run on an �impulse��

But I don�t think I will be able to learn anything unless I will be doing something.

It is better to learn from our own mistakes, however painful it may be, than not to learn at all.

The conclusion is � to work as hard as I can on self-improving!

I am sorry I am causing so much pain to you.

I love all of you very much�

To D.:

In order to become what you have to become � you need to care about your students the way you care about your children! Care about them the way God cares about every one of us! Study this. In particular, you should apply a system of strict planning and reporting not only to your own activity, but to your �children� as well.

Your relationships with other people should be radically reconsidered! You have to learn how to keep your promises! All tasks to be fulfilled by you should be written down in a form of weekly and daily plans.

Work on eliminating the vices I pointed out to you! Repent and improve!

* * *

Answer to a question:

Peace to you!

You misunderstand the role of anahata. Moving from elementary healing practice up to the level of raja yoga, it should not be perceived anymore as a �lens for one�s consciousness�. We should become the energy of anahata ourselves, upon entering it � and to learn to live in it.

This has to precede everything else.

I wish you success!

* * *

Answer to a question:

Peace to you!

It hardly makes sense to continue working with those people, who had to be persuaded for so long to stop killing animals and eating their dead bodies.

If they did not make the corresponding decisions after just reading my books � this means that we are going different ways with them.

I wish you success!

* * *

Answer to a question:

Peace to you!

The criteria, by which success in doing the exercises should be measured is gaining the ability to look from where one has localized oneself as a spiritual heart.

For example, having become the Earth�s Consciousness on its subtlest level, we can observe the Earth�s surroundings.

I wish you success!

* * *

Answer to a question:

Peace to you!

The true void is what Absolute abides in. It is the deepest level of the multi-dimensional scale. But in some Buddhist traditions the space of each loka is called a �void�.

The Goal of the true Buddhism is cognition of the Primordial Consciousness (Which can be also called Adibuddha) and Merging with It. But there are many deviations from this Path, which are incomparably more numerous than genuine Schools. One of the latter was described in my book �Meaning of Our Lives� � namely, the School of Lao, which existed in Cambodia and has �moved� to Russia now. More information about it can be found in our video film.

I wish you success!


* * *


Thank you for sharing your website.

Please, tell me more about your contact with Babaji, if you will.

Om Namah Shivaya


Truth, Simplicity, Love, Service and Living on the Higher Path!


Om Namah Shivaya! Jai Vishwa! Jai Mahamaya Ki, Jai!

We have been disciples of Babaji for about 25 years now. We live in Russia, in St. Petersburg. Babaji gave us a spiritual system, named �The Divine Way of Spiritual Heart�. The psycho-energetic part of this system consists of two main steps:

� raja-yoga (work with relaxation, pranayamas, psycho-physical exercises, cleaning chakras and main meridians),

� buddhi-yoga (extensive work on increasing the mass of one�s consciousness and making it more finesse, agile and strong); this is performed at special �places of power�.

All this is unique. And the purest mature embodied spirits can finish their own spiritual evolution with the help of these methods � right here and right now.

Babaji � very easily visible and audible � comes to us for every need to every place. But there is His favorite place in the forest, where He is always present in His Giant Form; every kind of communication with Him is much more convenient there. We often work on the buddhi-yoga program there under His supervision. In many cases Jesus Christ and Sathya Sai Baba join Him in helping us there. We name this forest place � �The Babaji�s Dale�.

My early relationships with Babaji were described in my book �How God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography Of a Scientist, Who Studied God�. This book is published in Russian and is not translated yet.

We would very much like to help other worthy people to obtain all these knowledge given to us by Babaji.

With love,

Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D., Swami

* * *

Answer to a question:

Wherever we are and whatever difficulties we encounter, while fighting for survival of our own bodies and bodies of those, close to us � we should never forget about the meaning of our lives on this planet and the necessity of its maximum realization. This meaning consists in taking an active part in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness. This is speeding up one�s own spiritual growth and helping all living beings, including other people, as much as possible, if they really want it.

I wish you success!

* * *

Answer to a question:

Peace to you!

As to the disciples � learn to assess them yourself. The personal attraction and aversion factor should be eliminated here � you need to apply the assessment scales known to you: how successfully they have developed Love, Wisdom and Power; age in this incarnation; their spiritual interests. For instance, if you see that someone is taking great interest in �exotic� rituality, playing �spiritual names� game, �hanging out� with crowds of similar people that play �religion� � you can draw certain conclusions.

At an appropriate moment make sure your disciples fill out a questionnaire and � I am telling you this once again � you will see a lot of interesting things. It makes sense to maintain further relationships only with those, who have given impeccable answers.

One of the most important rules applying to teaching serious spiritual disciplines is the following: �Giving short is better than over-giving!� If intellectual and ethic components of a disciple�s consciousness are not mature enough, he may not bear the burden of knowledge that has been loaded on him. When a disciple�s ability to understand reaches its limit he may do either of the following:

� he may reject all he has previously learned and achieved;

� he may start �sinning� against the instructor, blaming him with being wrong � by doing this the disciple is aggravating his own karma;

� he may start fantasizing in a childish manner, his way of thinking and his behavior often becoming inadequate (this is how people begin �playing religion�, which is not always safe);

� he can get scared by either real or imaginary mystical factor, thus easily lapsing into a state, called �schizophrenia�.

There is another way a man can �fall from the ladder�. For example, a person gets offended by someone in some way � which make he leaves the subtle state of consciousness and takes on coarse emotional state � as a result he gets attacked by demons, which makes him scared for a long time � and the development of schizophrenia is guaranteed.

There is also a risk of slipping into arrogance � in this case degradation is inevitable.

There is an allegory: a plant�s sprout should not be pulled up with hands to make it grow faster, instead it needs to be watered, nourished and well-illuminated � in this case it will grow on its own � naturally, confidently and without fail.

Among other things I suggest that you stick to the following rule: an instructor should interpret any doubts regarding further study, which a disciple may have, as his refusal to continue with it.

The main thing, which you should nourish your disciples with, is � good books. But psycho-energetic methods should be taught to people gradually and with great caution.

A teacher has to act in the interests of his disciples and not for the sake of personal gain of any kind (money, fame etc.) What I have just said is one of the most important aspects of caring about disciples.

* * *

Response to a letter about difficulties adapting to living in another country:

I am convinced that one�s living on Earth cannot be justified, if, knowing about God and the Way to Him, one continues to live merely for one�s personal well-being (and the well-being of members of one�s family).

Undoubtedly one has to do its best in order to help worthy people of one�s own country as well as those living in other parts of the world.

This is one of the ways one can earn positive karma. And only in this case God starts to take care of the material well-being of His worthy disciple and assistant.

I wish you success!

* * *


Hello! I am grateful to you for creating your website!

I would like to visit places in Russia increasingly charged with spiritual energy: monasteries and places of power for inner self-activation.

Which ones would you recommend: I will be in Moscow and then departing to Siberia by train.

Thank you very much!



Peace to you, I.!

I am delighted to see that our work attracted your interest. But you will not benefit a bit from visiting monasteries or other places you have mentioned.

There are no effective spiritual methods in Russian monasteries. People do not develop correctly there and those places may really be strong energetically, but this energy is not subtle, but coarse. One can easily get sick instead of getting healed there.

We know plenty of places of power in and near St. Petersburg that have a refining effect on one�s consciousness. But it will be impossible to perceive them, let alone to benefit from them, if one tries to do it in isolation from the integral program of spiritual development, which consists, as it were, of many steps of one ladder.

I would suggest another thing to you: you study all of our books, and then, if you think it you need it, you could join us in our work.

We are also interested in translation of our books from Russian into other languages and in publishing them both in printed form and on the Internet. Could you help us with this?

I wish you success! Please, accept my love!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *


Peace to you, Antonov!

I have read your book recently. I don�t understand how you distinguish the truth from God. Is there God? What is your attitude towards Levshinov, Podvodny, Gurdjieff and Castaneda? Give me the address of the website, where your writings could be found. I have some serious questions to you: do you know who you are yourself? If you do, could you, please tell me how you got to know this? This is the first one. The second, if all roads lead nowhere, why does one need to search for a methodological difference between God and the truth. And the third: why do you have to write your books, do you really hope to enlighten anyone?


Peace to you! I am sorry if I grieved you in any way. This means that now you do not need what I do.

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to congratulation with a holiday:

Peace to all of you! Please accept my best wishes, too.

But what is the use of congratulating each other with what do not have anything to do with?

I mean the �red� dates.

Congratulating is appropriate when it relates to personal achievements. And let everyone have these achievements!

All other congratulations are mere manifestations of a �human form�22 (i.e. following thinking and behavioral stereotypes, which have been adopted by one from one�s social environment quite uncritically).

I wish you success!

* * *


Would you please tell me how you celebrated Christmas this year?


What do you mean by �celebrating Christmas�? Getting drunk harder than usual? Or just drinking some alcohol �on occasion of the Jesus Christ�s birthday�? Or having some other kind of fun? Or at least visiting a church? Or wishing all one�s relatives �merry Christmas�?

But think about it, does God need any of these things? Or do they have any religious meaning?

The only thing God wants us to do is to perfect ourselves � as consciousness, as souls � on the Evolutionary Path, that is the Path of development of individual consciousness from primitive forms to Divinity.

Do you think that a drunk party can be of any help in this? Or even just drinking alcohol, which in reality results in one�s consciousness getting into a state, inadequate for spiritual work?

I have not drunk any alcohol � for several decades already. That was the Jesus Christ�s command regarding me and other adepts of this School of His, that He gave us long time ago. And over the decades that passed since then we � under supervision of Jesus and other Divine Teachers � managed to accomplish so much on the Spiritual Path, that very few people can these days.

As to attending �public worship� � I did attend them before � I have been there thousands of times, in sum. It was when I was beginning to look for a �way to God�. (I wrote about it in details in my autobiography �How God can be cognized�.) Many years later I thought to myself: �Why don�t you come to a church? Perhaps a new mediation will be easier to master there?� � And then I laughed, because I realized what change has occurred to me since I was in church last time. The church looked so huge compared with me then, but now all the churches on the Earth�s surface were within myself as I have grown bigger over the past years.

The truth, which people realize with a great difficulty, is that God is present inside temples not to greater extent than outside of them.

This does not mean that temples are of no use at all. But they are only for beginners. Later on one should learn to perceive God outside of temples � where He takes form of Mahadoubles, then � inside our planet and later � within boundless eons of multidimensional space of the universe, far from Earth. The methods of performing this were described in our books as well as in our video film �Places of Power. Three Steps of Centering�.

As to wishing �merry Christmas� and �congratulating� with other dates � I see it as a quite silly behavioral stereotype, a typical example of �human form� manifestation. For it makes sense to congratulate someone only with some real achievements, but not because of just dates. More detailed about this you can find in my book �Sun of God�.

Wishing success in spiritual work or other useful aspects of human activity is a different affair. This is what is always appropriate to wish friends as well as other people � including such occasions as the beginning of a new year, etc.

* * *


Your attitude towards the Church is not clear to me after reading your books. On one hand, you are writing that you personally benefited from involvement with it. But right after this you are criticizing its individual shortcomings, which it does have. I would like to ask you for a specific advice: should I go to church or not, and what should I beware of in it? Your advice will be especially important to me considering that I have a daughter, which has been already baptized and received the Holy Sacrament.


Judging by your letter you are talking about the Russian Orthodox Church. Why don�t we look at the activity of this institution from various sides?

As to participation in its �public services�, neophytes can benefit from it, in the same way as from participating in �public services� and prayer meetings held by other religious confessions, in terms of strengthening their faith in the existence of God, getting accustomed to the idea that God does exist.

What you should beware of is its wrong ideology. Also look: the Russian Orthodox Church does not possess a methodology of spiritual self-perfection. It has been substituted with various rites and traditions, many of which are anti-Christian in essence. For instance, unnecessary killings or mutilating plants (fir-trees, pine-trees, willows etc.). The Orthodox Church also insists on killing animals and eating their bodies, as well as on drinking alcohol, thus encouraging personal degradation from using this very dangerous type of narcotics.

There is another terrible thing: in the ideology of the Russian Orthodoxy God has been removed from the focus of the attention of the believers; the Satan, demons, sorcerers and vampires occupied His place. Concentration on factors, promoting mystical fear, in fact, leads to various kinds of obsessions � in the Orthodoxy people massively develop schizophrenia. Those people are so many that I would even suggest that psychiatrists introduced a new diagnosis, called �Orthodox type of schizophrenia�. (This also takes place in other perverted religious sects and �schools� � I wrote about this in my books. But it is the Russian Orthodoxy where this is so wide-spread, clear evidence of which one can easily obtain just by visiting Orthodox monasteries).

Let us realize that this is not to be viewed as just some kind of an interesting �social phenomenon�. What is significantly more important is that all its victims get to hell. For it is hell that people program themselves by accustoming themselves to living in coarse emotional states.

Another awful phenomenon in Russian Orthodoxy is fascism, which is typical to a quite large portion of both �clergy� and �congregation�. It seems that it was I who first pointed out to this in press. Now the problem of �orthodox fascism� is being discussed on a radio as well as in printed media.

And now you can make your own decision whether you �go to church� and whether you subject our child to this kind of risk.

When I was studying the concepts of the Russian Orthodoxy I managed to �avert from evil (in it) and stick to good�, by words of the New Testament. But will you and your daughter be able to?

* * *


Have you ever made mistakes in your life?


Yes, I undoubtedly did make mistakes, and plenty of them. And when I realized them � it caused me a great pain. And, when it was possible, I repented of them to those, whom I sinned against.

I do not repeat those mistakes. I am also trying to warn others against doing the same mistakes, sharing my experience with them.

The mechanism of purification of a soul through repentance consists in ridding oneself completely of ability to repeat one�s mistakes. In order to make it possible our vices (bad traits of our souls) must be utterly destroyed.

But it would be erroneous to weep for the rest of our lives over the mistakes we once committed. This will only lead to a spiritual degradation. We have to look forward, in general, but not backward. The only case we should look backward is when we analyze mistakes of our past.

I spent my life adhering to these principles. And I achieved success.

Tactical mistakes are inevitable, when you travel unexplored way.

But the strategy of my life proved to be right � because I choose God to be my Guide. And He brought me to Himself. I know that it was Him, Who allowed me to make mistakes: in order for me and for those, who followed me, to accumulate experience, to learn the right way of doing things.

* * *


Is it good that there are so many religious teachings? Wouldn�t it be better to select the only one and give up the rest?


Which one would that be? And who would have the highest competence, necessary for making a choice like that and at the same time enough authority to do this? And how one can make sure that this teaching will not get warped immediately after its leader, however perfect he may be, is gone?

History of humankind abounds with examples that even the Teachings, which were given directly by God, got warped by people very fast. I illustrated this in the historical survey included in my book �Spiritual Heart. The Religion of Unity�.

How does it happen? � The mechanism is very simple: those who rapidly advance spiritually get immersed in work on self-transformation, they search for the Creator, find Him and merge with Him; people with opposite interests, aggressive primitives, whose goals are just power, money and celebrity but not cognition of God � those people seize the �reins of government� over the masses of believers and make the entire movement serve their own welfare, preserving only a religious appearance of it.

It is these aggressive primitives that start insisting that only their (already degenerated) religious tradition is a true one and that all the rest are false and do not have a right to exist.

The most striking historical examples of this were actions of Catholic and Orthodox inquisitions as well as those of �fundamentalist� Islam.

It is necessary to add here, that God always creates new, pure religious movements, which take place of the degenerated ones.

This is why sustained existence of many religious traditions is not only natural and inevitable but also is quite beneficial for the seekers of Truth, since it is studying and subsequent comparing of various concepts that makes it easier for them to find the right way of self-development.

Georgy Gurdjieff23, a religious philosopher of the beginning of the last century, made a very neat observation � that everyone has their own religion (i.e. it is hard to find two persons who would understand religious philosophy in the identical way). Krishna says the same thing in The Bhagavad Gita: a person�s religion reflects who the person is. Some see their religious duty in hating, murdering and using violence against others, some � in performing various �religious� bodily movements, some believe in various religious fairytales and absurd (from the rational people�s standpoint) fantasies and perversions� � all this depends on intellectual and ethic level of development of those people, which can not be increased over a short period of time. But still others, who are intelligent and apt for real spiritual work, develop themselves as spiritual hearts and transform themselves into Love, striving to Merge with God, Who is Love, � in accordance with the Teaching of Jesus Christ and Other Envoys of the Creator.

* * *


How can one discriminate between God � and the devil, God�s people � and degraded ones?


This kind of discrimination is not a problem for those people, who have advanced on the spiritual Path. They have experimental knowledge of the �subtlety-coarseness� scale and can move along it in the direction of greater subtlety. They know from this experience, that Consciousness of the Creator is the subtlest Consciousness in the universe.

Hell-beings are on the other end of this scale.

People and other beings (both embodied and non-embodied) can be assessed by applying this scale.

Hell-beings are sometimes called representatives of tamas guna, those who approached Divinity � sattva guna beings, and the intermediate level of this scale � is rajas guna.

God � as Consciousness of the Creator or the Absolute � is infinite, He pervades the entire boundless universe.

Devils (strong hellish spirits) can also be large � but only compared to human body. But they are negligibly small compared to God.

This is why one can seriously talk about confrontation between the devil (or rather, devils) and God, in broad sense, but definitely not in terms of direct �military operations�.

Observing mental and behavioral patterns of people and animals allows one to draw less accurate conclusions, when trying to classify them as representative of tamas or sattva guna.

Hell-beings and those, who develop in direction of hell, are characterized by wickedness, aggressiveness, violence, rudeness, mendacity, greed and other forms of egocentrism.

These qualities do not pertain to those, who aspire after the Abode of the Creator. On the contrary, they are loving (without being sugary), caring (without being obtrusive), honest, able of sincerely forgiving and of self-sacrifice for other people, their first thoughts and actions are about the others�, and not their own, good.

The issue of intellectual development needs to be given special consideration.

The thing is that people of tamas guna sometimes possess quite highly developed intellect. They can be found among successful leaders of criminal gangs. But being successful in this does not mean they or will not soon (or have not already) become representatives of hell.

On the other hand there are many young souls among sattvic beings, whose intellectual abilities are not quite developed yet. Their future is not certain yet: they have many incarnations ahead of them, and this is fraught with possibility to deviate from the right path. Sattvic state is the one of paradise. But from paradise one can proceed either to the Abode of the Creator or to hell. Everybody has the right to move in either direction � this is called �free will�.

We need to strive not to abiding in paradise but in the Abode of the Creator: this is the ultimate Goal of the Evolutionary Path � Infusing oneself into Him, Merging with Him forever. But one cannot enter His Abode � even from paradise � unless one possesses Wisdom. Only to those, who are sattvic and wise at the same time, is the road to the Abode of the Creator to a large extent predetermined and relatively short.

* * *


I have encountered many times a drastic disagreement from Orthodox believers with what you are saying about the necessity of striving to merge with the Creator: because this will inevitably lead to diminishing the role of one�s ego.


Yes, the Russian Orthodoxy is not the only religion, which has a vicious practice of begging from God; this is called a �prayer�. But the Founder of Christianity taught just the opposite: �Why are you praying, does not your Father in Heaven know all your needs?�.

What Jesus taught was meditation and this is written about most clearly in the Gospel of Philip (see �God Speaks. Textbook of Religion�). But the people, who took over the highest authority in the Christian movement, which was already perverted by them, could not grasp the meaning of mediation; this is why they discarded as something unnecessary both this part of the Teaching of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Philip. And a praying practice as a means of self-convincing of believers of their own insignificance and weakness fit in perfectly to serve the goal of subduing them to the parsons and the church in general.

Humility before God � a direction of the spiritual work that is extremely important from the methodological standpoint � in the Russian Orthodoxy got substituted by submission to the clergy. Members of the Orthodox Church were called �God�s slaves� but at the same time the idea of being slaved to the �parsons� of the church � as opposed to God � was in fact being instilled in their minds. Even a regular work under supervision of parsons was called not just work, but� �obedience��

In order to get this concept more deeply rooted in people�s minds the following �moralizing� parable was employed. It was about a �monk� that was teaching young �novices�. He ordered them to plant cabbage sprouts � not in a regular manner, but... upside-down, with their roots up. One of the young �novices� took this instruction as a joke: �What an absurdity?! What sense does it make to kill so many plants?!� But another �novice� started out to do what he was told, destroying the sprouts by planting them upside-down and thus dooming them for a meaningless death. But when the �monk� came back, he ousted the first youth, but made the second one stay and even praised him for �correct understanding of obedience�.

I hope you would not want to study religion with a �teacher� like this � a cruel, foolish, egocentric person, who puts himself � instead of God � in the center of attention of his disciples.

In contrast to this I would like to draw your attention to one of the most important concepts of Islam: the very word �Islam� has a great ethic and meditative significance, since it means �humility before God�. Allah is Great, my ego is nothing compared to Him, my task is � by means of meditative realization of this truth � to get immersed in Him, having dissolved � on my own free will � my consciousness in Him, having merged with Him as a result. (Although it is well known that many Moslems often forget this fundamental truth of Islam).

Actual relationships between God and people can be described with the following scheme:

The Creator is absolute Egotist. He created Everything, including ourselves � exclusively for Himself. He is immensely large, infinitely larger than the biggest of us. To oppose Him by sticking to our ego � is of no use and harmful: by doing this we are only slowing down our personal evolution. We can make only one right choice: we need to try to get absorbed by Him. Mergence with the Beloved � is not this a primary goal of love? If we do not want this � does not it mean that we do not love Him at all?

And every person, who has performed and gotten himself firmly established in this Mergence, gains the ability to manifest himself, to participate in the Evolution by helping embodied beings in particular, � but not as a human, but as Holy Spirit.

And what is also very important: no man should put himself between God � and other people, proclaiming himself a center of the believers� attention, an object of worship. The task of true spiritual leaders is to help other people to advance in the direction of God, without making them attached to themselves. The true spiritual leader must not put himself on the �pedestal�. This principle is being emphasized by contemporary Messiah Sathya Sai Baba. Isn�t this one of the reasons why the Russian Orthodox clergy pretends �not to notice� His existence?

* * *


Considering the knowledge and the skills that you possess, what do you think your role in the spiritual life of Russia and our planet as a whole is?



For the past decades I have primarily considered myself a scientist who successfully researched (both theoretically and empirically) the most complex field of knowledge � the multidimensional structure of the universe, the Absolute, human organism, as well as principles of the evolution of the Universal Consciousness and individual souls. Together with my closest colleagues and under direct guidance of God I have developed a highly effective multi-level system of methods that leads to the complete spiritual self-realization up to empirical cognition of the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator, God-the-Father) in His Abode � the deepest �layer� (on the multidimensionality scale) of the multidimensional Absolute, Mergence with Him and acting from Him.

Throughout the years of this work I have always tried to find the people and the spiritual Schools that would have a similar level of competence � but never found them. (Although I am sure that they exist somewhere). I should stress that I am by no means trying to rank myself on a par with the Divine Teachers Who taught me: I realize that there is still a lot that I have to accomplish in order to reach Their level! But I am talking about those incarnated souls who attempt to do in the same direction in one way or another.

A number of mystics of the past declared that spiritual salvation of the humankind would come out of Russia. Always remembering about the risk of falling into a vanity and pride trap and controlling myself in this respect, I nonetheless suspect that they were talking about the results of our School�s activity. This also corresponds with my own (though cautious) realization, and our Divine Teachers have voiced it many times in various ways. Now that we attained sufficient (in Their opinion) level of understanding They insist that we make maximum efforts on spreading this knowledge.

Some people may quite reasonably ask: isn�t it enough what the incarnate Divine Teacher Sathya Sai Baba is doing currently? He not only giving discourses but also writes numerous books Himself. Who needs someone else who would talk about the same?

The answer would be as follows: the same phenomenon can be described in different ways, i.e. in general or in a detailed way, as well as targeting various types of audience depending on the level of their preparation and the tasks that are most urgent for particular groups of people.

My personal task was to provide objective description of this subject from scientific positions. This task was successfully fulfilled. My next task is to make this knowledge available for all those people who need them. And in order to fulfill this task we need help from those who are able and willing to help us in this.

* * *


I have visited your brilliant website. But I am still perplexed as to why you call what is set forth there science! In my opinion this is a wonderful new religious movement. But science� � is supposed to deal with certain laws, if you will�



First of all, I started to research this subject as a scientist who already had a significant experience in empirical studies. I.e. I have studied the publications of my predecessors, as well as materials on all religions that I knew at that time, then I started to experiment on myself and those friends of mine who expressed a desire to participate in this (I am talking about the most primitive methods of cleansing of the organism, hatha yoga techniques, healing etc.). My personal transformation plus similar kind and resettability of results in case of many people � all these allowed me to make my conclusions.

Second: I was the first to thoroughly study and describe functions of chakras, as well as methods of their cleansing and development. Isn�t there an analogy with making a description of physiology of a certain system of the human organism � for example, digestive, respiratory etc.? There is. Only the subject of study is much more complex.

And it grew more complex as I proceeded. I made a description of the entire Organism of the Absolute! Isn�t a description of a human organism or the organism of any other living being a science? Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Cytology, Psychology, Ecology� Haven�t we performed similar type of studies?

You are asking about �laws�? In the scientific disciplines that I listed more often deal with regularities of development and functioning. Although there is what they call laws.

We have described a great number of regularities. Look at the principles of controlling chakras or our conclusions as to the impact of various spiritual and pseudo-spiritual exercises on mental state of a man�

As to the laws � doesn�t the postulate (that I was the first to describe) that a man on the spiritual Path has to work on himself in three major directions: intellectual, ethic and psychoenergetic (the latter � within raja yoga and buddhi yoga programs) � relate to this category? (And I provided a detailed explanation on each of these directions).

Or the law of repetition of psychogenesis in the ontogenesis (in a person�s ontogenesis he first goes through the stages of development that he mastered in his previous incarnations, and only after that he can start mastering new ones).

One can also call a law the explanation of the criterion by which people find themselves either in hell, paradise or Divine �layers� of the Absolute after disembodiment: and namely, this does not depend on certain acts of theirs, but the emotional states and the level of refinement of consciousness that they got themselves accustomed to during their lives in the body. (The acts they do determine another things: they produce karmic consequences � either positive or negative � that a man has to experience during living in the incarnate state � either in his current or one of the future incarnations).

There are also laws in this field that were discovered by our predecessors. For example, there are several laws of spiritual growth, summarized by G.I.Gurjieff (see my books �Spiritual Practices and �How God Can Be Cognized�)24. Or widely known but rarely understood �law of karma� � the law of cause and effect in forming human destinies (the major mistake in understanding this law is as follows: this is not a certain �mechanically� operating �principle�, but a manifestation of God caring about development of incarnated people).

I also described several laws in the article �Laws of Spiritual Development� in the book �How God Can Be Cognized�.

I have never made an attempt before to classify my knowledge in such a �formal� manner: I have always presented it in the easiest to understand schemes. So, what I just wrote is an improvisation.

I recall that some psychology students wrote papers on the analysis and application of the results of our work. You might want to engage yourself in more serious research: who knows, maybe you will write and defend a thesis!

* * *

Letter from V.:

Dear Vladimir!

Do I have any chance of meeting you again?

A year ago, in March � I still can�t figure out how this happened � I was lucky enough to participate in your practical seminar. Don�t you remember me � long-haired, disheveled fellow with a rather somber face, goggling at you with utter reverence? Having bumped into you in a corridor once I lost the power of speech � either because I got scared, or confused, or because it happened so suddenly and I simply didn�t know how to behave under such circumstances...

I came to the seminar with my pockets full of cigarettes, after having drunk some vodka that morning. Some clairvoyant woman brought me to the seminar (and I didn�t even have time to say �thank you� or �bye� to her!).

Since then I have �drunk� only two glasses of lemonade (I even excluded kvas from my menu!). I quitted smoking! I threw out the whole pile of various methods on how to quit smoking: I discovered that I did not need them anymore! I never thought of myself as of a strong-willed person, but liberation from alcoholism and smoking came naturally!

I have constantly been in a different state of consciousness. (On a physical plane � there are no indications of this: the same pathetic looking guy, only I started washing myself more frequently and my social environment has changed, Now I am surrounded by �contactors�, healers and yogis � I am �up to the mark� among them!).

At that seminar that you conducted I felt a very intense sensation of light in my anahata and also light from above. I can still perceive the light from above but only occasionally. I like sending this light to grannies, when I see them coming down the street.

Forgive me for writing such a stupid letter. I have been going to write you for a long time� I just wanted to breathe that air once again � the air imbued with Light� You did not select me for further work then� But I feel that just because of you and those moments, � I did not live in vain�

I am sorry once again that the letter came out somewhat chaotic and illogical. I wanted to share my emotional state; I was just sitting and pouring all these thoughts� But this state remains inside and is exultantly striving to break out�

Thank you very, very much for that seminar, for the music, for everything! I thank you and everyone close to you! Maybe you will invite me to a seminar for beginners some day? I would really like to see you again.


* * *

Letters from V.:

Dear Vladimir!

I felt very happy to have received your postcard! My dear Vladimir! I am so happy that you did not forget about me in this awful life!

My husband is still drinking � but let him drink, as long as he doesn�t fight people. But all his relatives are quarrelsome. This is something hereditary, I think. He is saying now that this is his karma and that he is not happy with how it is. Oh well, everyone lives like this I guess�

But I am rejoicing at your every word and your every book. I will be reading them for the rest of my life � until I die!



Vladimir! Because of you my outlook on life has become much more cheerful! This is � after reading your very good books!

But why are people around so mean and why do they hate everything? And why does a kind person always suffer because of his being kind? Why?

Thank you again!



Hello, dear Vladimir!

How happy I am that you dropped me a line! I am so grateful to you I cannot express! This is because of your influence that my husband stopped drinking that much! He says that he has something inside of him cracked because of vodka�

I am looking forward to receiving your new books!



Hello, dear Vladimir!

I am so happy to have received your new book! You have helped me: your books fill me with light and joy!

I am watching a film with David Copperfield every day now. I bought it on a videocassette. Day and night I keep watching it. And my husband is often sleeping with this film on. He is not drinking much anymore � thanks to you. And he is not behaving like a hooligan either.

All people that surround us are very cruel. You are the only kind and pure one, who helps people. I am always so happy to receive something good and light from you. But what we see around us is nothing but cruelty and hate�

I am waiting for your new book!



Hello, dear Vladimir!

I am really looking forward for new books from you! Didn�t you write anything new? Did anything happen? I keep checking my mailbox � but it�s empty� And I begin to feel emptiness in my soul.

I keep reading your books over and over. They are such a great help to me! If not for you I would lapse into depression.

I wish you health and a big blue sky above your head!


* * *

Letter from Sh.:

Peace to you, Vladimir!

I have run into your book �God Speaks. Textbook of Religion�.

I am an old man and I have read many books, but I never read such an excellent one where everything was so simply and clearly explained.

Would you send me all of your other books?

Yours truly,


* * *


Dear Vladimir!

Thank you for your response to my letter.

I have been searching for the right way of living and for God for a long time now.

I attended studies of various esoteric groups, but all of them were to a large extent just adults playing something mysterious, which was in fashion at that time.

Of everything I have read � your books and those of Luuleh Veelma I liked the most.

I wanted to ask you: how can I come to seeing my mistakes (wrongful thoughts, actions, attitudes etc.)?

Sometimes I feel that I �keep stepping on the same rake�, without seeing the reason why. Mistakes of others are easily visible, but seeing our own ones is a more difficult task.

I know for sure that no-one will solve my problems for me, but I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what I am or was doing wrong.

Forgive me if I made you waste your time.

With love and respect,



Peace to you! Begin working at your self-improvement not only intellectually. Now your spiritual development has come to stagnation. But you have to hurry in striving to become better. We have described the methods of transforming oneself into a large spiritual heart and you know them. Start practicing them from the very beginning. It would be better if you did it with a group of like-minded friends, but you may do it yourself as well. Get down to work!

I wish you success! Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to a physics scientist:

Hello, R.!

There is a religious meaning of human life � even for those human beings, who represent exact science. I see that you have not encountered a sound religious conception yet, so you consider religion as purely mythological stories. But real religion includes practical methods of spiritual growth and has a concrete goal � the cognition of the Absolute and The Creator � and Merging with Him by the developed consciousness. And reading only the Contents of the website is not enough to understand the full explanation on this problem.

The nature � mineral, organic and incarnated living beings � all this is only a part (but not the main one) of the multidimensional Absolute. The nature (in this meaning of the word) has its Creator. And the reason for all this is described in our book �Our Meaning of Life � (please, see our website).


Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Letter from M.:


Your love for religion, for Fathers like Buddha, Babaji, Christ is really pleasing me. I get assurance, that there is still a group of people going towards the divinity by a simple and good path.

I request you to include few lines at least about �Swami Vivekananda� on this website. You can find very little information about him in Yogananda's Autobiography. You can read about him on ��. He was one of those who proved to common man about God, Religion, Intellect, Memory, whatever a young man can expect as �Aishwarya� (Godliness or characteristics of God). I like Buddha, Krishna, Babaji, Shankaracharya, and Swami Vivekananda is one of them. I feel joy when I see or hear anybody talking about those Great Gurus. Following Yogananda is following Babaji, Following Gita is following Krishna; it is an unbroken chain of the unbroken flow of Divinity.

Kindly accept my regards,



Peace to you, M.!

Thank you for the kind words! Yes, outstanding books of Vivekananda and Yogananda were among my first handbooks. But I have never seen Vivekananda throughout our subsequent spiritual growth. It seems to me that he is embodied somewhere now. But on the contrary, we have regularly had communication with Krishna, Jesus Christ, Babaji � and with Yogananda and Yukteswar at one of Their forest �places of power�. Once or twice there was also Lahiri Mahasaya.

With love, Vladimir Antonov

Letter from M.:

Greetings, Vladimir!

I am poised to read the names of Fathers, Gurus. I am so poised to hear from the one, who can communicate to the GURUS. I will be privileged if I get a copy of the �Declaration on the Fundamentals of the Common Religion�.

Just like rays of sun are a proof of the SUN, so the communicating with any of Them is communicating with God.

Which proves everyone, everything.

I have recordings of Yogananda's voice. I listen to them.

Kindly accept my regards,

Your acceptance is Babaji's, Krishna's, Lahiri Mahashya's, Ramakrishna Paramahansa's, Vivekananda's and Yogananda's acceptance. I am poised Dr. Vladimir.

I have gone through the Declaration. No need to be a Hindu, or Christian to read and understand.

My Regards to you!


Letter from M.:


I am more than happy, curious to talk to you. I want to know more about that. Instances, where you talked, saw Babaji, etc. Can I see Him, and talk to Him? I wish to request you to pass my message to Babaji.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With Great curiosity,




Peace to you!

Yes, if it is easier for you to send a message to Babaji through me � do this. (Babaji is in my room now; He is smiling).

You can get more information about the Babaji�s favorite �place of power� and the methods of our work through our video film, half of which (8 hours) is translated into English.

For getting the ability to see, to hear and to feel Babaji � one must go through the Way of raja- and buddhi-yoga, which was taught by Him and other Divine Teachers. Try now to introduce into your life everything written in our books, which have been translated into English so far. And Babaji says, that starting from the next spring there will be a possibility of organizing the lessons on His Yoga in English. Try to find people, worthy of participating in that course.

With love, Vladimir Antonov

Letter from M.:

Greetings to you,

I request Babaji to bless me and everybody related to me. Grant peace to my parents. Grant peace to my grandmother, Grant peace to my father's relatives.

Jay Ho Babaji.

With the best regards, Dr. Vladimir,

I look forward to hearing from you.



Babaji's reply:

� I am blessing everybody to work hard for the Evolution. This is:

a) helping others in everything that is good, and

b) active development of oneself as consciousness, as a spirit.

I respond with My special kinds of Love only to efforts.


Peace to you! I decided to comment the Babaji�s reply. Real blessing constitutes the guru�s �OK� to make something good, something right. Guru adds a wave of the energy of His Love to His �OK�. But the most important part of this is the �OK� itself, but not the energy wave. In other words, what one is to do with these waves? Just feel pleasure? But this is not what we are embodied for; we get embodied in order to take part in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, in order to work hard.

Please, read again our books on the website.

With love, Vladimir Antonov

Letter from M.:

I am pleased to see your explanation. I am happy for Babaji has heard my request. I am very much happy for you wrote that Babaji was there in your room and he was smiling. I need to understand more about methods of development of consciousness. I have faith, if anybody like Babaji blesses anyone, cannot be wrong, no matter what.

I request Babaji to help me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With respect,


Letter from M.:

Greetings, Vladimir,

I understood your explanations on Babaji's Blessings, and I want to achieve the degree of consciousness. I thank you for communicating my requests to Babaji. It's a solid proof.

Dr. Vladimir, when I write sometimes, it comes from my Indian culture and tradition. I will appreciate your comments. I request you to write me more about incidents of physically talking to Babaji. As Yogananda has described in his book, �Autobiography of a Yogi�.

I look forward to hearing from you,




Peace to you, M.! What can I make now more? Now try to find more information from those few books of mine that have been translated into English, wait until we release the film, read books of contemporary Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, who currently lives in a physical body in India (His books can be found on the Internet). Babaji and Sathya Sai Baba are helping us together. Then � we will continue.

With love,

Vladimir Antonov

Letter from M.:


I have a request for you to pass my message to Babaji,

I have not enough money inflow right now, I am out of project in USA. I pray him to help me and bless me for better financial status.

This will really help me now, to pay attention towards religious practice.

I look forward to hear from you.




Babaji answers: �Find money around Me�.

Find comments in the Bhagavad Gita � Krishna's words concerning sacrifice. This is the way I live.

With love,

Vladimir Antonov

Addition to the answer:

This means: serve Me, not yourself!



Did you read the Bhagavad-Gita? Why don�t you read it and find explanation there?

And do not consider God as your servant! This is you, who must be a servant to God!

Vladimir Antonov

Addition 2:

Peace to you, M.! Did you understand, what I have been telling you about? It's us who must work for God, but not God � for us! And one of the most important things to do for the people, who begin their spiritual Path, is transformation of their egocentrism � into the centrism of the Creator.

Concerning money � Krishna in Gita explained, that we must serve God and feed ourselves with remainders of our sacrifices.

For example: one may publish the best spiritual books � and to sell them � for a little more than the cost. Another possibility is making and selling copies of spiritual video films in the same manner...

With love,

Vladimir Antonov

Response from M.:


I understand you, Vladimir. I thought of it many times. I want to earn enough money in order to free myself from the necessity of working for money. I want to devote time to increase the level of consciousness and to live just so, live just so.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Letter from M.:

Greetings, Vladimir,

Yesterday evening� I was meditating on �Sri Yantra� to improve my concentration. After half hour plus of practice� I wanted to communicate to Babaji. But I did not get any response. I think I was not able to do so, or did not understand the response.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Peace to you! Working with yantras is not the best way to begin spiritual practices. You better begin with hatha-yoga, especially with relaxation asanas.

In my Russian books I have described the complete sequence of initial methods, but we have not had a possibility to translate these books into English yet.

Personal relationships with the Lord are possible only after becoming large spiritual heart.

Accept my love,

Vladimir Antonov

Letter from M.:


I am happy for you, Vladimir. You know India. Vladimir, tell me something about your experience with Lord Krishna. I will know much more. But I feel comfortable, when you communicate to me.

I look forward to hearing from you.



M.! Work on constructing yourself as a spirit! Nobody will make you perfect: only you can do this! Do not waste your time: remember that every day brings you closer to the death of your body!

With love,

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to a letter:

Peace to you, S.! It is not only your fault, of course, that you stick to the principles that you mentioned (being �rough and tough�, as your ideal). But by aspiring to such ideals you doom yourself to living in hell and program very difficult future for yourself. Nevertheless you have some conscience left, and this may save you.

Your main problem is that you still do not know the meaning of your life and the ways of fulfilling it. And this is exactly what is explained in my books.

And you are right in that no church can provide intelligible answers to these questions.

I wish you success on the Spiritual Path, which is opening before you!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to a letter:

Peace to you!

The prerequisites for taking part in our work is adherence to a �killing-free� diet (ethically motivated) and total acceptance of what is written in our books (i.e. one is supposed to read them through and to think over their content).

It does not make sense whatsoever to work with those people, who do not adhere to the �killing-free� diet. Spiritual Path is the Path of developing oneself as Love. In our conditions � those, who have not accepted the Love-Compassion principle for themselves will not be able to advance on the Spiritual Path, all attempts to help them will only do them(!) harm.

I wish success to all of you!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to a letter:

Peace to you!

Rajas � is a stage, at which passions dominate. On the other hand, Sattva constitutes purity of perception and reaction. Unselfish love, true and pure tenderness � are sattvic qualities, manifestations of sattva.

Sattvic state can be attained only by means of developing oneself as a spiritual heart.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Letter from N.:

I am very sorry that you destroyed my trust in you that has just emerged by mere mentioning the name of David Copperfield� But what does one soul mean to you? No gain � no loss. I have no doubt this is not a highly equipped jugglery, but magic. But what for? What is it for, as it is? Whom did it make kinder, better, more humble, purer in intentions? You suggest him as the ideal� But he can be attractive only to that person, who wants to become a superman, meaning the one who raises oneself above all the others, like Lucifer. Love doesn�t live here, only longing for it, maybe. And the impossibility of attaining it.

Your communication with spirits� Talking about the good, light. Others do it as well, but would not dare to assess myself, claiming that God talks to me. God always sends someone when He wants to talk to us. It should always be Somebody else�s testimony by which the truth of our insights, our purity and dignity (let alone our holiness) can be judged. I think the ability to communicate with dead people cannot be considered as a sign of one�s high level of spiritual advancement. And where this level of communication (i.e. with the dead) is present, one should be cautious about speaking of entering high Spiritual planes. This could very well be some sort of temptation or immediate �prompters� playing a hoax on one. You know this yourself, but you are still using criteria for truth, based primarily on visualization, images and light-like phenomena�

Orthodox Christianity� Everything you write about it is very likely to be true. It may look rough and painful on the outside. But nonetheless it seems that the main books, thoughts, tears, love aspirations of this wonderful oasis of Spirit went unnoticed by you.

I was going to write just a couple of words, but suddenly got �carried away�...

Forgive me if I said something wrong.



Peace to you, N.! Accept my love through this message!

I understand you very well. There were times when my reactions could be just the same.

Right now you are able to see only the church, which has helped you to pull yourself out of materialistic and atheistic way of looking at life. I used to follow the same way.

But as you continue to acquire religious experience you will gain the ability to directly perceive the reality of the God�s existence. And � as you advance further � the diversity of His �lila�, i.e. means of attracting people to Himself.

Judging by your letter you have read only one of my books.

You may also read, if you think you need it, �Ecology of Human Being� and then others.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

Letter from N.:

Hello, Vladimir!

Of course I read your �Ecology of Human Being�. Everything is correct. But do I follow it, do I apply it in my life? Yes, I am trying hard to stick to these principles. But there are exceptional instances, when I have to depart from them� You know, I live in a peculiar kind of climate, where wearing NON-fur clothing and be a vegetarian (although I generally am) in winter is very hard. I just haven�t reached the level at which I could warm myself with my consciousness when there are 40 degrees of frost. Maybe this is possible. Maybe I will learn how to do this some day�

As for my attitude towards the Church� This is not a simple matter� In general, I think that only the Holy Church is real Church. But our earthly one, which is of this world � it has indeed lost its power of spiritual leadership. Although the Person, who put me on the Path, was an orthodox priest, amazingly well educated and religiously tolerant. At my home I have (in addition to the Bible and the Gospels) Koran, the Gita, apocrypha of ancient Christians, some Buddhist texts as well as many philosophical books. I have been getting knowledge from various sources. Many things resonated with my soul. But this is not what I deem to be essential� Sensitivity, perception of another world� � it has always been there, but I never dared to develop these myself, out of my own will, being afraid of falling for �siddhis�, which are not my goal.

The abilities such as those of David Copperfield�s are just what I would steer clear of as something distracting from the main Path. It seems to me that this is exactly the kind of things, which Jesus Christ renounced when being tempted in the wilderness (you know by whom�).

And where is that SIMPLIICTY here, which is suggested by Babaji�s principles?

Yes, I am being LED, and I am attracted by the Calling. Sometimes it is hard for me to perceive THIS and to feel myself crystal clear, living and working in an everyday environment, in all this fuss, constantly overcoming the banal tiredness and pain� My methods of rehabilitation are too simple, compared to yours. And probably not that effective. Am I critical enough when it comes to self-assessment and comprehension of what I perceive? I don�t know. Perfection, where are you?

I have no congenial souls around me. Perhaps there is a God�s will for this.

I take it as a test.

I would like to know your opinion about priest Alexander Men�.



Peace to you, N.!

Each Messiah has His own individual way of His Service. One of the factors determining this is the circumstances in which He has to work.

Jesus preached orally and worked wonders, Babaji did the same, Sathya Sai in addition to this writes books Himself. David � currently � with His Divine wonders, which are the same as those that were performed by the Others, mentioned above, including Jesus, attracts people�s attention to the potential abilities of each of us. You � in your non-acceptance of Him � fell under influence of propaganda of the sect, which sees God as its competitor. And this is why it will always be fighting against Real, Living God.

You also mentioned that you could not accept communicating with the �dead�� But it sounds like you do not understand that the �dead� � are all those people, who are not embodied at the time being. And you are going to be like this yourself. And why don�t you try to imagine that you are disembodied and to apply to yourself this attitude of contempt, aversion and antipathy� And one more thing: do you really think that God cannot (does not have a right?) to communicate with disembodied people?

As to priest Alexander Men� � he lived like a man, who thought a lot and asked many questions (which was apparently the reason why he got killed). But he did not find the answers to his questions.

Now, regarding nutrition and clothing. You are saying that you cannot warm yourself with the power of your consciousness yet. But this siddhi (though you disapprove of falling for siddhis) � is not what is essential. The essential thing is transforming oneself into Love, cultivating Love as one�s primary quality. (No need to throw the fur-coat out: these animals have ALREADY been killed; trashing what was made out of their skins would be yet another act of disrespect to them, a repeated sin). As to the nutrition � I have said enough about it in my books. You should make your decision yourself.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

Letter from N.:

I am sorry, Vladimir! My writing style is apparently not perfect and I am making you convince me of something I am already convinced of. This concerns the departed ones (the �dead�), the clothing� I am making you waste your time talking to me and maybe it�s time for me to become silent.

Let David do whatever he likes, as long as it is not a temptation to �these little ones�.


How can I be contemptuous to the people, who left this world?!

You don�t have to reprimand me like this, really. They deserve either compassionate (those who did not have time to understand and� now powerless), or respective (as those, who reached the abodes they deserved) attitude or even a deep reverence (as those, who have advanced highly and are afforded the honor of helping those, who are still here). I said that simply because in the very beginning of my path I had some attempts to get the information from not very pure �levels�. I was stupid, so these �experiments� had set me back and caused me quite an amount of suffering. I told you already that I am going without an incarnated teacher. There is no way I can have a contemptuous or neglecting attitude towards another world, because this is where I am getting help and learning lessons from. But my highest hopes are set on the HIGHEST worlds; this is where my heart is. If only I were worthy� This is what I meant when I doubted that truth coming from the �world of shadows� (so to say) or from near �light� is ultimate.

I shocked followers of Roerich (I have never joined them) long time ago by saying: �I don�t care about ethics, my greatest interest lies in ontology�. Just like that! I exaggerated then, of course� What one would do without ethics, without knowing that one�s acts are morally correct? But I still see the core of my spiritual quest in understanding (perceiving, intuitive feeling, I don�t know how to say it better�) of what GOD is. Here on Earth we can only create a model, more or less expressing an attempt to get closer to the truth, which would resonate with our souls. An embodied man cannot know for sure. Even with the help of disembodied beings.


LOVE remains what is essential, of course. And I don�t need to be convinced here, for LOVE is what constitutes my RELIGION.

I don�t belong to a sect of any kind. But when there�s a possibility I visit with interest both Orthodox and Roman-catholic churches, as well as Buddhist Datsans. The Spirit breathes wherever He wants to. He might be there as well.

Even greater interest I take in being alone, concentrated, listening and realizing� But with much greater passion (let �s call a spade a spade) I would� The words are unnecessary here.

Again I am sorry for having written such a long message and� be happy!


* * *


Why do you assert in your books that there are multiple incarnations? At the same time you are claiming that you met and talked to Jesus Christ personally. But Christianity refutes the idea of multiple incarnations. How do these things link with each other?

With respect,



Peace to you, I.!

Why do you believe in such nonsense?

And what do you call Christianity?

For me the word �Christianity� means the Teaching of Jesus Christ. And only those people can be called Christians, who follow this Teaching.

But Jesus Christ as well as other Messiahs, which were embodying both before and after Jesus, all say the same about development of each soul in a range of many incarnations in the material world. If you want to get to know the opinion of Jesus regarding this issue you may read the selected quotations from Gospels in my book �God Speaks. Textbook of Religion�.

What kind of �Christianity� refutes this part of the Teaching of Christ? I suspect that by �Christianity� you understand a dogma of one of the sects. I suggest that you think: does this sect have anything to do with Christianity?

Historically it so happened that people began warping the Teaching of Jesus Christ starting from the first �Christian� �councils� (i.e. conventions of leaders of the existing communities). Sects started forming (that is religious schools, which doctrines deviated from the fundamental Teaching of God). And quite soon this resulted in predatory forays by devilish hordes of �crusaders� and �holy inquisition� committing monstrous atrocities � all under a disguise of Christianity. (This has been described in detail in my book �Spiritual Heart. Religion of Unity�).

In Russia (in the southern part of its European territory) Christianity was introduced first in its pure form � owing to the feats of Apostle Andrew. But when �official baptism� of Russia began � it was already an inquisitional form of pseudo-Christianity. Later on the Christian movement in Europe and other continents got �ennobled� � primarily due to efforts of a French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. But in Russia it remained in the same perverted form until the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.

What I would recommend that you do is that you study and accept the Original Teaching of Jesus Christ and step away from sectarianism.

If you move successfully in this direction � then it is very likely that after some time you will be rewarded with an ability to communicate with non-incarnate Jesus Christ and His Apostles personally (we have been enjoying the happy ability o communicate and merge with the Divine Apostles of Jesus Christ � Andrew, John, Mark and Philip).

Those, who are capable of having such contacts, talking to Divine Teachers about anything presents no difficulty. If you follow the path of self-perfection, which was shown by Jesus Christ (but not by any of the degraded sects) � then you, too, will be able to get answers to all your questions and to dispel all your doubts.

But it is going to take a lot of hard work on self-transformation. And this kind of work differs dramatically from participating in rituals as well as from much of what is taught by various �Christian� sects.

By the way, let me bring your attention to the fact that an incarnate Messiah (modern Christ) Sathya Sai Baba is working now on Earth. His Teaching, which is identical to that of Jesus Christ, is also presented in my books.

* * *

Response to a letter:

Peace to you, G.!

�Qi Gong� stands for �working with energy�. This is a stage at which work is performed with bio-energies inside the body and the �cocoon� of a man, which corresponds to a raja yoga level in the Indian tradition.

There are a great number of Qi Gong schools � both good and bad ones.

Good ones focus primarily on working with middle Dantian and cleansing all major energy structures of a human organism with image of sunlight.

In bad ones disciples direct all their attention to the lower Dantian and start making meaningless attempts to rotate the energy around the microcosmic orbit � without cleansing their chakras first. The tendency towards refining of consciousness is also lacking in those schools � everybody can attend their lessons regardless of their nutrition habits and the emotional status, living in which they got themselves accustomed to� The consequences of this are devastating increase of coarseness of the energy of entire groups of disciples. I observed it personally both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow, although I do not remember the name of the person, who created this harmful school.

Analyze this on your own.

I described the Straight Path to Perfection in my books, including �The New Upanishad�, �Ecology of Human Being�, �Spiritual Heart� and the others. Did you read them?

I will be happy to answer your questions, if there are any.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *



Thank you very much for having assented to spare some time for me.

Since 1992 I have been studying philosophy (one of Vedanta schools) and practicing yoga as a lifestyle. The knowledge derived from your books and the practice results have affected me very much. My search ceased to be extensive since then. But I have been constantly focused on the intensive side of it, on making my understanding more profound. It�s been six months since I returned home after living in India for 1,5 years.

Please, do not misunderstand me. I respect and love you very much. And the overwhelming majority of your statements are absolutely correct, being in total agreement with God�s opinion (I don�t know about the rest, since I haven�t practiced them yet).

Let me ask you several questions:


Thinking of life of the Absolute as of evolution (development) does not look like a perfect understanding, for �development� means lack of something. But the Absolute is perfect, by definition, and thus there cannot be lack of anything in It. What could you say?

I think very much of your spiritual experience. But who can give a guarantee that this experience is the ABSOLUTE REALITY?

The Absolute, again by definition, is Self-sufficient and does not depend on anybody or anything, while everything else depends on It.

The Absolute cannot be cognized fully without Its total consent.
So, is there anything greater or better, than what you have already achieved? If not, is it possible then that something, which is more total and perfect, has not been revealed to you as yet?


With respect,



Peace to you Y.!

God is eternal living Organism of Universal dimensions, which evolves, like all organisms.

Lives of individual beings are manifestations of His Life and elements of His Evolution.

See my books �The New Upanishad�, �Ecology of Human Being� and �Sun of God� for more details on this.

Your quotations regarding the Absolute are not quite adequate.

My Divine Teachers are more perfect than I am.

More information about Them could be derived from our video film.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to a desire to become my disciple:

Peace to you, Z.!

It is very good that you chose the way of life that was suggested by God through me. And you have enough instructions (books and film) in order to gradually advance along this path.

But I cannot offer more to you: you should study a high school Russian grammar course. If you have not done it by the time you got your Ph.D. degree, how are you going to be able to study much more complex knowledge at a high speed?

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Letter to S.:

Look, S.: you started to give your personal (though noble) interests higher priority than those of your disciples�. But it should be just the other way around. This is a very serious ethic mistake.

God says that you have �diverged� from Him, that the idea of Evolution of the Universal Consciousness has become alien to you and that there still remains a lot that you will have to understand.

With love,


* * *

Response to a letter:

Dear A.!

You are a man of Goodness. And your abode will be paradise. But people like you can do many times more in their current incarnation � in terms of their own evolutionary progress.

This is us, who have been given the knowledge how to do this by the Representatives of the Creator � here, in our northern city of Petersburg. These methods are not exercises with body or with mind � but with consciousness, which must consist of a spiritual heart � purest and large; with such consciousnesses we can infuse into the Creator in His Abode. Think about it: do you wish you were here?

Response from A.:

I have never been to Russia but would like to one day, perhaps in the Russian summer, since the Russian winter has a reputation of being very cold. Perth, where I live, is very warm all year round and it never snows there.

At this time I do not have time to organize the project, since I am busy planning for business.

* * *

Response to a letter:

Dear R.!

I have devoted all my life to God. Because of my right efforts, God has allowed me to cognize Him. And now I continue to perfect myself and to help other people on this Path.

You are asking me about money? � I�m a monk, I have accommodated myself to living with almost no money. All the year my friends and I eat mainly preserved mushrooms and berries. I get a little money only from selling my spiritual books, it is about 20 $ per month. And more than half of that I have to pay for the utilities.

Such earthy life is not in the opposition to the spiritual life. But I understand that � if we had money � we would be able to serve people in their spiritual growth better. For example, we could buy a house for guests, who come to us for spiritual instruction. Or we would have a greater ability to translate our books into other languages and publish them in other countries.

So, I do not need money for myself, but I do � for my service to God.

Accept my love and best wishes, especially in your spiritual Path!

With love,

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Responding to an invitation to take part in a �championship� of yoga:

Peace to you, dear friends!

Thank you for your letter and the information!

We � a swami-group in St. Petersburg, Russia � use hatha-yoga in our educational programs only as a small preliminary part of the process. Yoga for us is not a sport or a dancing � but the practical religion. Our spiritual School functions, focusing primarily on higher and the highest steps of yoga � raja-yoga and buddhi-yoga.

The raja-yoga program consists, for the most part, in cleansing and enlarging chakras and main meridians.

Practice of the buddhi-yoga consists in refinement and expansion of the consciousnesses of the most successful disciples. Such trainings are aimed at the cognition of God in His different Manifestations, including the Creator in His Abode.

One of the results of this is the Merging of an individual consciousness � with the Consciousness of the Creator.

This yoga is the yoga of Krishna, Huang-Di, Jesus Christ, Haidakhan�s Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba and other Divine Gurus. This is the Yoga of Spiritual Heart (as Babaji called it). We work under Their direct supervision.

We, of course, do not have any interest in taking part in your championship. But we are ready to help all worthy people to reach the highest steps of yoga. Please, visit our website and send the information about it and about our video film to all yoga centers you know. We are willing to help.

With love,

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to a letter:

Dear R.:

We can offer you courses of raja-yoga and buddhi-yoga.

The first step would be the studying relaxation, psychophysical exercises, cleansing and mastering the functions of the spiritual heart.

The second � cleansing all chakras and main meridians.

Then � many different steps of buddhi-yoga, at which one�s consciousness must be developed (in size, in particular) � as a large spiritual heart; and after that a multidimensional structure of the Absolute can be cognized. The final large step, which is known to us, is getting into the Creator�s Abode and Merging by the developed individual consciousness � with His Consciousness.

We conduct the trainings on buddhi-yoga at appropriate �places of power�, which, as God says, may also be found in your country, like in Russia.

The first steps of these courses are for many people, the next ones � not for many, but only for those, who have achieved real success, the highest � only for the few worthiest individuals.

This entire program has been given to us by God, and we always work only from Him and for Him. More information about this work may be found on our website * * *

Response to a letter:

Peace to you! Thank you for the information about tour website. In Saint-Petersburg I had a chance to become familiar with Church�s activity very well. I agree that �God is Love� is the most important methodological premise that Jesus Christ gave to us. In order to get close to God we should transform ourselves into Love.

My activity as a religious scientist who works on creation of the methodology of spiritual perfection is dedicated to finding ways we can accomplish this.

In my books one may find deep knowledge about God.

You may these findings in tour Church�s activity � to the extent you consider appropriate.

We also have translations of some books into English and other languages.

Would you be willing to publish them in your country?

I wish all of you success!

* * *

Response to a letter:

Peace to you, Z.!

When S. asked me earlier about possibility of your coming here � there has always been a rejection of your candidature from God. What was the reason? Your being lost in conceptions of various sects?

The main prerequisite for success in spiritual work is understanding � of what the Straight Path is.

Having studied and compared what God was saying and what people have fantasized and perverted � one has to establish in the true world outlook. One has to clear the Straight Path for oneself by rejecting everything that stands in the way. Only then it will become possible to find God.

Study all this together with O. and work on ethic aspects. Try to see that the main component of the Straight Path is Love, which should be realized in thoughts, actions and also in meditations � through development of oneself as spiritual heart in every possible way. (You should quit your martial arts practices � as a stage that has played its role.)

Also seek to live from God-centric positions.

In autumn will ask God about your progress again to find out whether you are ready to come over to us.

I wish you success!

* * *

Letter: Anecdotal true story

I come to a physician office and complain about a pain in the back of the neck.

The physician:

� You have salt deposits!

� But I am a vegetarian! Where could I get these from?

The physician, elderly woman, grows irritated:

� Ah, you are a vegetarian! Well, if you do not eat meat � you may very well develop dorsal tabes!

* * *

Response to the invitation to take part in a conference:

Letter 1:


Peace to all of you! I thank you for the invitation but none of us will come, of course.

The true �Transformation� to which you dedicate your conference could become revival of spirituality.

But the word �spirituality� is a derivative of �Spirit�, i.e. God (Jesus Christ said: �God is Spirit�).

In other words, it would make sense to transform the mentality of people towards better knowledge about God, the Path towards cognition of Him and getting close to Him.

Unfortunately you, the organizers of the conference, hold opposite views on spirituality: you think it consists in eating bodies of killed animals, searching treasuries at instigation of wag-spirits and encouraging astrology � pseudo-science that leads people away from searching for God, which is based on the conception of geocentrism�

It is a great shame that you spend your energy on harming people, instead of working for their good.

With hope for your transformation,

Vladimir Antonov


From the letter 2:


The first indication that one knows the correct direction in religion is development of the orientation towards the Creator.

And there can be no place for propagation of anything that leads people off this Path. (I mean relying on �stars� � as opposed to relying on God). And no tricky figures of speech that astrologers use as an excuse cannot serve as a ground for including astrology in the rank of spiritual disciplines.

Instead of encouraging astrology one should explain people what God is.

Also, there can be no spirituality where Love is not there. And Compassion to all living beings is one component of Love. How can this go along with collective eating of their bodies at allegedly spiritual conventions? Killings for the sake of satisfaction of own gluttony is a super-egotistic �love� for oneself � i.e. an outstanding perversion of Love.

If we hold opposite views on these issues � we cannot consider ourselves going in the same direction, which you suggest.

Please, think about this!


From the letter 3:


I would like to amend what I have already said.

Revival of spirituality � does not mean gathering all people who consider themselves �spiritual� and providing them with an opportunity to promote themselves. Since aggressive primitive people can also declare themselves to be �spiritual� (see historical review in my book �Spiritual Heart�). In these cases they seize the �reigns of government� � and the entire undertaking, which originally was planned to serve good purposes, turns out to be put to evil ends.

(Jesus Christ said: �Occasions for stumbling are bound to come, but woe to anyone by whom they come!� Think about it: can it be applied to you personally?).

I suggest that we call �spirituality� only that which leads a man to God.

You assumed a role of leader � unfortunately prior to clarifying all these issue for yourself.

I would recommend that you switch your attention towards God! True spirituality can be acquired only through getting closer to Him.

* * *

Response to an invitation to take part in the seminar on studying shamanic psychic techniques:

Peace to you! Thank you for the letter. I would be glad to meet colleagues. Our Divine Teachers have been talking recently about the necessity of our School taking part in work on the American continent, in Canada, in particular, emphasizing our connection with ancient origins of the spiritual culture of American Indians.

Our School has a several decade history, it was forming under direct supervision of Jesus Christ, Haidakhan�s Babaji (India), Krishna, Huang-Di, Sathya Sai Baba, Ptahotep (Egypt), Sacral (Egypt), Kayr (United Arabic Emirates, then Caspian region), Assyris (Divine Founder of Syrian nation), Lyhn (Korea), Eagle (Divine Curator of American Indian spiritual tradition), Yamamuto (New Zealand), Lao (Cambodia) and other Divine Teachers.

We started out (about thirty years ago) from expressing some minor interest in studying the methods that you list in your letter. By now we have almost completed the study of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute, we are capable, in particular, of getting in to the Abode of Primordial Consciousness and possess methods of merging with It.

We have published more than 30 books on methodology of spiritual self-perfection in Russia. The most recent of them can be found at our website Most of them can also be found in the bookstore �Roza Mira� in Saint-Petersburg (Sadovaya, 48). Colleagues who are interested may familiarize themselves with these materials. After this I would be glad to meet with them.

Our system of methods that we teach only to psycho-genetically mature individuals, consist of two major levels: 1) raja yoga (perfection of consciousness within one�s physical body) and 2) buddhi yoga (qualitative and quantitative development of consciousness beyond one�s body on the multidimensional universal scale up to the level of Merging with the Primordial Consciousness).

We need some assistance in publishing our books abroad in English and other languages. We are also interested in establishing contacts with those people abroad that need our help.

We are able and willing to help people of the entire planet. This is why our cooperation could be very productive.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Letter from A.:


Could you please tell me where can I find information about methods of developing clairvoyance.

The thing is that I can see colored auras of people, animals and plants. I have not practiced any special methods before, I just once noticed some kind of luminescence that surrounded various objects � and then it all started.

After reading an excerpt from your book I quitted eating bodies of killed animals. Now I feel better.

Thank you and God!




Peace to you, �.!

True clairvoyance should be applied to development of the ability to see God, first in the aspect of Divine Teachers.

But this kind of clairvoyance is exercised out of one�s spiritual heart and not from the head (like it is the case with you).

I would suggest that you learn to live in your anahata, to look at the world from it, to examine cocoons of trees and people and to heal. In my books you will find instructions as to how one can learn to do this.

I wish you success! Write me afterwards.

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to a letter from S.:

Peace to you!

Serious psycho-energetic work with a disciple can be initiated only after he fully accepts the conception of the School.

The conception of our School, just like that of any other sound and serious spiritual School, consists of ethic, ontological and psychoenergetic sections.

Currently you do not accept the conception of the School and thus there is not a slight possibility of your receiving initiations into the highest meditative techniques personally from me. Although you may use information written in my books: they are for everyone.

I will never agree with your insistence that I should give initiations into psychoenergetic techniques to whoever asks me about that: this would be harming people, but not helping them.

The purpose of our School is to provide people with an opportunity to cognize God and merge with Him. But you currently take great interest in magic and search for coarse �personal power�. This is a false path that leads to destruction.

My advice to you would be to start it all over again, i.e. from studying ethics and fundamentals of the methodology of spiritual growth. This has to be done with the help of books.


From response to another letter from S.:

Now I will answer you last letter:

Yes, there is a certain spirit that pretends to be Babaji and plays tricks on certain category of people who have not found the true Path.

In particular, he �patronizes� (on behalf of Babaji, as it were) all those who set hopes on �spiritual work� at powerful negative �place of power� in O. This spirit acts under Babaji�s supervision. The aim of this activity is to create a �bay� for those people for whom it is too early to approach the Abode of the Creator.

Once again I recommend that you start your work from scratch again.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov


Letter from S.:

Hello, Vladimir!

Yeas, I was a monk of Aum Sinrikyo, but I regarded it not as a source of personal power, but rather as a preparation to death. I feel that my karma is bad thus I fear reincarnation.

Perhaps, this is not interesting to you, but I have a question to ask. After I left Aum Sinrikyo I discovered that I hear an �inner voice�. This is my fault (I committed adultery), but I am not going to put up with it.

A woman who had reached kundalini yoga made the following diagnosis: this was manifestation of base (hungry) spirits� karma. How can I destroy it?



S.! You do not have a slightest idea of what you are writing. Your question cannot be answered, since it was incorrectly formulated.

The only way out for you is studying the fundamentals of spiritual self-development. Please, stop clinging to me for help: you have to make your own efforts now.

I would not recommend that you continue any psychoenergetic practices for now: you already got yourself into trouble, by doing it without understanding both what was going on and the purpose of such practices.


I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to a request to assess the views of Aurobindo Ghosh:

Peace to you!

At the spiritual period of his life Aurobindo professed ideas of good. But his methodology of spiritual growth is absolutely erroneous.

Seeking to develop only upper chakras and to find the highest forms of consciousness above one�s head is a fundamental mistake that is typical for certain category of schools that do not possess the highest knowledge. In addition he did not know the methods of development of chakras.

Neither he knew about methods of controlled stoppage of excessive mind activity. Satprem�s description of his being a disciple of Aurobindo is an example of what teaching and studying should not be.

What I have said can be confirmed by the fact that followers of this school do not demonstrate any noticeable spiritual achievements.


I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Letter from O.:

Hello, Vladimir!

In fact my letter does not contain any important information. This is just my opinion.

In general, I very much like the ideas, which you set forth in your books. They are very wise and easy to understand!

But I cannot agree with you that if a partner is being unfaithful to you, then it might be your fault.

Looking back to my life I can say with certainty that people are being unfaithful not because of their partner but for their own reasons.

A woman because of a boring life, while a man � so that to �prove to himself that he is a man�.

My husband married me when I was a kid � pure and na�ve. And ever since he has remained the one and only for me, just like he was in the beginning.

But my husband betrayed me after five years of living together! And having looked into details of that dirty story I came to the conclusion that this was not my fault, although my husband tried hard to lay the blame on me. In fact, considering all that he had done to me I could find at least three reasons that �give me the right� to be unfaithful to my husband. But still I do not sleep with another men, and believe me � this is not his merit.

I believe that people should appreciate life, as you wrote, but not only from the �you shall not kill�, but also from �do no harm� standpoint. And I think that it would be appropriate to spare the feelings of your partner!

Especially since emotional sufferings are much more painful than physical ones!




Peace to you, O.! Thank you for your letter. I think you will be right if you direct all your attention to search for the Creator, not to what your husband is doing. Think about the meaning of your life: it does not consist in making your husband faithful to you. There is much more to it.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Letter from I.:

Hello, Vladimir!

I hope you remember me by the letter that I wrote you one and a half years ago.

I would like to inform you that I quit the school of I. And that I would like to set up my own school which would teach your methods.

Please let me know what you think about it. May I use your name and methods? And if yes, to what extent?

I will welcome any advice and recommendations.

With love and best wishes,





Peace to you!

Willingness to help people is very good!

But the problem is that neither I, nor A., nor other companions of his � taught our system, since they simply did not understand it. This is why you cannot know and teach our system as well, since you studied only what they taught.

I saw the results of their activity. I could not even imagine that even the initial methods of the system could get perverted and defiled to such an outrageous extent! In this form the system could only repel the worthy people!

Therefore I cannot encourage continuation of this tendency. Sharing spiritual knowledge with other people that assumes a perverted form like this would not be a help to them, but harming.

Our system is not an entertainment like �athletic� or �dance-like� hatha yoga or �health groups�. Our system is a succession of methods that allow one to cognize God in His various Manifestations, that God has elaborated and communicated through me. Our system represents knowledge about the way the most worthy incarnated people can attain complete spiritual Self-realization in most quickly.

And there was no place in our work neither for A. with his people, who were interested only in amusing themselves, nor I. � for whom God never became the Main Goal of his life (I offered help to him, but he rejected it).

Another question to you: your ex-wife told me that in your arguments you had insisted that since she was a woman she had had to listen to you (a man), and not to argue with you on this grounds. Is it true?

I will be waiting for your answer.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov


Response from I.:

Hello, Vladimir!

I am writing to answer you questions at the same time hoping to clarify some things for myself.

I read all books that you listed. I also watched all the video tapes. Let me thank you for them � both myself and on behalf of many other people.

As to your second question, that a woman must obey a man � yes, perhaps, I said something like this. But now I think that people should always remain free and allow the same freedom to others.

And now let me tell you a few things about myself and then ask you some questions.

A couple of years ago I came to a place which is not far from my home. A strange thing happened to me there. My body started to make rotating movements with pelvis. Then I felt energy start rising through the body. Similar things were taking place for several weeks � that happened at different times in different places.

�Now I am being assisted by Sathya Sai and other Teachers, Who turned out to be many: among Them are Babaji, Yogananda, Maenuel, Merlin, Huang-Di, Hanuman, David Copperfield, Krishna, Murugan�. Maybe we have not identified some of Them yet.

�But the questions that I would like to ask you are these. Is all of this true? Although I trust my �seeing� to a significant extent, there is always place for a doubt. The point is that my �seeing� is more like �feeling�. It lacks images. Sometimes it is about catching thoughts, but I doubt if they are not my own..

And it would mean a lot to me if such an authority as you are would confirm or refute this.

With love,



I., I beg your pardon, do you really have Hanuman � �king of apes� from Indian fairytale called �Ramayana� � as your Teacher?

Vladimir Antonov

Letter from I.:

Hello, Vladimir!

Yes, sure. Hanuman is one of my Teachers.


So you should be Hanuman�s student, then. You can also make Ganesha your Teacher. He is also from Indian fairytales.

The only thing I ask you is that you do not involve anyone in this kind of nonsense!

And try to see that it is almost a psychopathology. Or already.

I am sorry for being harsh, but try to understand that I want to help you.

Currently you are unable to distinguish the truth from falsehood, fairytales and psychopathology. Give it up for now! Otherwise you may get into a mental clinic and therefore waste the entire incarnation.

Forgive me once again!

Vladimir Antonov.

* * *

Response to a suggestion that we form an association:

Peace to you, dear T.! Unfortunately we have diametrically opposite understanding of what yoga is.

From the God�s point of view yoga is the Path of getting close to Him by quality of an individual�s soul. Another meaning of the word �yoga� � the Mergence of an individual consciousness with the Creator (in this respect this word is written with capital �Y�).

Personal power as it is being promoted on your website leads one into the direction opposite from the Creator. The general line of your organization can be classified as black magic, but by no means yoga.

If you like you may study materials of our website � perhaps our understanding of spiritual path will become yours.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Recommendations to a novice instructor of the School:

Peace to you!

You should see that explaining or even demonstration of spiritual self-perfection methods per se does not produce positive results of the disciples� development.

Spiritual transformation can be achieved as a result of them making their own everyday efforts.

And the necessary condition of success is clear understanding of the purpose of this kind of work from their side. This goal is cognition of God.

But what can be the sufficient incentive for this everyday-ness? � Only love for God.

Only those who love Him, not themselves, � become capable of achieving serious progress. For the rest of people it is too early to practice such disciplines as raja yoga and buddhi yoga.

Jesus spoke about this (different spiritual potential of people) in the parable about the Sower, in particular.

We may also recall the words of G.I.Gurdjieff: any new and valuable information a person can first: a) memorize, then b) understand, and only after that c) transfer it into his subsistence. Watch what levels different people have mastered. Some are cannot master any of them, some are stuck at the level �a�, some are capable only of understanding what they should become but put off the transformation itself �till tomorrow�� As a rule, it makes sense to give the disciples new portions of information only after they master the level �c� at each of the stage of their spiritual ascent.

A feedback must necessarily be maintained between the instructor and his disciple(s). He should not only explain and demonstrate what they need to do, but also to observe the inner processes that take place in the souls.

�Once God explained to me that some kind of a �joint household activity� should be established with those disciples that seem to be promising � at least in the form of joint trips to wilderness. It is this kind of situations that provides the best opportunity for the instructor to monitor transformation of souls.

�While we are talking about this I would like to draw your attention to how absurd for actual spiritual science specialists look those who possess �spiritual� �diplomas� or �certificates� that they have bought for hundreds or thousands of dollars. How do people get such �certificates� in most cases? They just need to attend a 3 day (or a little longer) seminar � and they are �Spiritual Masters�! � now they can �make money� in the same manner on simpletons or similar crooks to be.

* * *

Correspondence with N.:

Dear Vladimir!

Congratulations on the new year 2002 and Christmas!

I wish you further achievements on the path to Love, Wisdom and Power!!!

And may God, our beloved Almighty Father, help us all on this path!




Peace to you!

You are wishing me what you should have wished to yourself.

And God helps on this Path only those who make actual steps towards Him.

You may also read the book �Sun of God�.

N.! I regard you as a very good and, what is even more important, � intellectually highly developed person.

I would like to request of you once again not to lose your chance to win the Victory on the spiritual Path in your current incarnation! Take your life seriously!

You have read in the books what one need to do for that, don�t you? I am saying it again � one has to renounce a regular man�s way of life � and become a God�s person, i.e. a monk.

Would you, please, read the selection of quotations of Juan Matus�s words in the book �God Speaks�.

I wish you success in this!

Vladimir Antonov


Letter from N.:

Peace to you, Vladimir!

Thank you for the complimentary words as to my personality and intellectual abilities. You know better, perhaps.

However I cannot quite agree that �I know � what one needs to do for that�. My intuition answers �Yes�, my logic � �yes�, while when it comes to whether I am 100% sure what and how I should do � �no�, so far. I just read �The Book of Jesus� several times and your books. But this is not just books, but textbooks of the true (in my opinion) religion, which God himself has been teaching us.

Don�t you think that this is absolutely not enough for a 41 year old man who has lived a mundane life before and has just learned about the True Religion and starts to �see the light�, � to change everything in his �customary� life at once and become � a monk �tomorrow�. Although I intuitively feel that sooner or later this is going to happen to me, and I hope I will be wise and strong enough not to delay this moment.

Again, I hope that our conversations will contribute to it, and not vice versa.

Respectfully yours,




Peace to you! I agree: For now you better read books � and transform yourself in accordance with what you have read � if you think it is a correct thing to do.

I would also recommend that think it over: we do not have spare time here, on Earth. We are here only so that we grow spiritually. And not so that we �just live�.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

Letter from N.:

Peace to you!

Vladimir, may I consult with you about information that has been recently on many websites in the internet (see the enclosure)? What is the probability of cataclysms on Earth as a result of Planet 12 crossing through the solar system in 2003?

Waiting for your opinion regarding this issue.

Respectfully yours,




Dear N.! I do not have time for such follies.

I would also recommend that you live every day not indulging in useless curiosity (including future of planets) but working your own self-perfection and helping others in it.

You have a properly operating intellect. Why don�t you direct its activity on the matters that are really useful for yourself and the others?

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

* * *

Response to a request for becoming my disciple:

Peace to you, K.!

I have not had the God�s blessing to teach you the highest meditative techniques before and I do not have it now. The reason why it is so became clear to me when I learned that you are interested in Cabbala. This school of thought in no way corresponds with the true knowledge about God and the Path to the Creator, moreover, it has nothing of value at all.

This means that you do not possess correct understanding of the methodology of spiritual self-perfection, and thus you cannot make progress in the foreseeable future.

Please, forgive me for not being optimistic in this letter. I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov

Letter from K.:

Peace to you, Vladimir Vasilievich!

Thank you for your response.

I did study books and articles of Cabbalists.

Actually I get to read a lot in my search for the Truth.

I hope I will be able to please the Creator with my correct understanding of the Path to Him.

Respectfully yours,




This is a good response!

Yes, one has to clear one�s Path to the Creator of all obstacles,

Only then this Path can be called Straight.

And only in this case one will be able to walk it through to the Victory.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov




Poems are written by disciples of the School. Unrhymed literal translation from Russian accompanied by original Russian poetic version is given.




From south to north there�s uneven land,

Now it�s cold as snow,

now it�s burning sand,

Many trees in the forest, but all are different,

Dark is the night but I am not afraid.


I am living now as God is telling me,

All the good we do will return to us.

Though not right away will attain I peace �

If I only could keep my faith through this!


All the people live by their destinies,

Load from past carrying with them,

What they have sown in their lives �

They are reaping now.


So don�t blame it now on your destiny,

Keep your honor and have faith in God,

Strive to become better than you are,

This is the way to happiness.


And ask God to grant you intelligence,

But ask with all your soul �

and not just with words.

Ask Him to show you the right way,

Which have been known to people

since the ancient times.


Many trees in the forest, but all are different.

Dark is the night but now I am not afraid.

If death calls � then it�s time for me,

But if I am to live a healthy life �

                 This is for the good I have done.


(written down by medium Valentina

Vetrova approximately in 1975)




�� ����� ����� � ���-������:

�� � ������ �����, �� ������� ������,

�� ����� � ���� ���-�������,

�� ������� ��� ����� ��������.


� ���� ������, ��� ��� ��� �����:

�� ����� ���� �� ��� ����� �����.

����� �� ����� � ������ ����� �

���� �� � ����� �������,

��� ���� �������.


�� ������ ����� ������� ����:

���� �� �������� �� � ����� ����.

������� ���� ��� ����������� �

�� � ������ ������ ����������.


�� ����� ������ �� ������ ����,

� ����� � ������� ����� ����� ����,

����� ����� ����, ��� �� ����� ����,

����� ������� ��� ���� ��������.


� � ������� � ����� ������,

�� ����� ����, � �� �������:

����� ����� �� �� ���� ��������,

��� �������� ��� ����� �������.


����� �� ������ � ���� �������,

�� ����� ������ ����� ��������:

���� ������ ����� � ������� ����,

� �������� ��� � �� ����� �����.



(�������� ��������

���������� ��������

�������� � 1975 ����)



* * *

Silent evening forest�

Contours of trees are dim�

Ultimate open space and � Peace.

Peace in waves radiates with Love,

From the depths of the Universe.

And impetuously sinks us in Itself,

Filling with Subtlest Fire,

All living creatures.


All is enveloped in secret�

Earth is falling asleep�

And like a gentle mother

Her beloved children,

With her inner peace

All around





Light breeze singing

Its song to Freedom�

Also quiet in darkness

Hidden flight of birds�


Pines � like temples,

By their power of green,

Penetrate in the concealed

Essence of things�


From pines� smallest needles �

living aroma�

They silently whisper:

�You are our brother and sister!�.


Forest is alive,

Only sleeping.

And creaks, hardly audible,

White snow underfoot�

And as if time

Slowed down its run�

The body disappears,

There is � only Peace.

Embrace all with yourself!�


Become this forest!�

And breathe together with it!�

Become naked like it!�

And let the Stream of Light,

Like the subtlest leaf,

Tear you off the ground,

And you will get carried away�

Over fields and meadows�,

Above sleeping Earth,

Such tender and loving,

Eternally Alive�


And the Subtlest Flame

From the center of Earth

Will fill all with Itself�

And, dissolving in Fire,

You will merge into Me!

And return to your Home�


Written down
by Anton Tyoplyi,

February 2001




* * *

�����, �������� ���

��������� �������� ��������

���������� ������� � � �����.

�� � ������� �������, ������

�� ������ ����������.

� ���������� ����� � ����,

�������� ��������� �����

��� ����� ��������, ��������.


��� ������� ������

����� ��������

�, ��� ������ ���� ������� �����,

������ �����

�� ������





���� ����� �������,

˸���� ����� ���

� �������� �� ����

���� �������� ����



������ ����� �����,

��������� � ��������

�������� �����


�� ���������� ������ �

����� ������

���� ������ ���:

��� � ������ ��� � ����!�


��� � �����,

������ ����.

� ���� ������ �������,

��� ����� ����� ����

� ��� ����� �� �����

��������� ���


���� ���,

���� � �����.

������ ��� �����!�


����� �����!�

� ���� ������ � ���!�

���� ����� �� �����!�

� ����� ����� �����,

��� ��������� ������,

�� ����� �������

� ���� ������ �

��� ������, ������,

��� ������ �����.

����� ��������, �������,

����� �����


� ��������� �����

��-��� ������ �����

��� ������� �����

�, �������� � ����,

������������ �� ���!

� ��������� �����


�������� ������� Ҹ����,

������� 2001



* * *

By My maya Myself manifesting,

I swaddle you and caress,

And whisper to you gently: �Go!

You are � on My palm. Try not to fall!


Trust me, I will lead you,

Just don�t be afraid: I go by your side!

Hold Me tight on My hand,

Always strive to merge with Me.


Not everyone can enter this Abode of Mine,

But cast off your fears! You are

on the right Way!

In pleasure or sorrow,

in anguish or anxiety �

Think of God and remember of God!


Say � I LOVE You! � with all your heart:

Then into one Heart shall we merge.

We shall dissolve in this Prema of Mine,

And days full of vanity will stop running��


Revelation, written down

by Anton Tyoplyi,

February 2001




* * *

�, ����� ����� ���� ��������,

������� ���� � ������,

� ����� ���� �����: ����!

�� � �� ������. �� �����!


��� �� ��������, ���� ������,

������ �� �����: � ����� ���!

�� ���� �� ���� ������ �����,

������� �� ���� ������ �� �����.


� ��� ��� �� ������ ����� �����,

�� ������ ������! �� � �� ������ ����!

� �������, ������, ����� ��, ������� �

����� � ���� � ����� � ����!


������� �����: ����� � ����!

� � ������ ���� �� �������� �����.

�� ����������� � ����� ����.

��� ����������� ������� ���酔


����������, ����������

������� Ҹ����,

������� 2001



* * *




And Sun�

I am submerging�

In the gentle coolness of morning,

In the singing of birds�

Their subtlest trill

Reaches the innermost parts of my heart.

My heart is singing with them

And thawing�



String of spider's web,

Sparkling so bright in the rays of sunlight�

And dissolving in Love Revelations,

In ultimate bliss

Playing and thawing�


Mist above ground

With soft languor,

With light veil,

Hiding from sight

Tiny bits of life,

That have just awakened

And smiled at you with a lively caress�


In silence�

And in depth�


With Eternal Peace�

Filling yourself,

You can hear the steps of God,

His voice full of Love,

Touch of His hand,

Hardly felt�

At the instant like this,

Vanish all doubts!


Anton Tyoplyi




* * *


�����, ��������������

� ������

� ���� � ������ ���� ��������,

� ����� �����

�� ��������� �����,

� ����� ������ �� ���������,

������ ��� ������ � ����

� ����


�����, �������,

���� �������� �

� ������ ����� ���� ��������

�, ����������� � ����� �����������,

� ���� ���������

������ � ����.


������ �������

����� ��� �����

������� �������

�� ������� ��������

����� �������, ��� ������ ����������,

������ ����� ���� �����������


� � ������

� �������


������ ������

���� ��������..,

������ �������� ��

���� ����,

������� ����� ���

�, ����

���� �������� �������������

� ��� ��������� �

����� ��� ��������!


����� Ҹ����



* * *


Infinite calm�

Reed whispering silently,

Words about love to us.


Rising sun

Caressing with rays

Smooth surface of a lake,

Like mother, so gently.


Fish splashing,

Birds blissfully singing,

Granting us subtlest peace and comfort.


Mist floating above us,

Like weightless veil,

Freezing in ecstasy,

Dancing and whirling.

Let's become this mist,

Let's take off!

Let's embrace everything!

Let trees and birds

Get immersed in our love!


And Caring Lao, again

Gives His Kisses to us

From the Infinite Depths.


Caressing and calling

Us to Become like Him �





Anton Tyoplyi




* * *


����������� �����

���� ������ �����

��� ����� � �����


���������� ������

������� �����

����� ������ �������

������ ������ �����


����� ���������

����� � � ���������� ����,

��� ����� ��������� ����� � ���.


˸���� ������ ����� ����������

��� ����,

�������� � �������, �������,


������ �� � � �������! �� �������


����� � ����� ����� ����� �������

� �����!


� ���������� ���

��� ����� �����

������� ����

�� ������ ������������

�������� ������, �������, ����

����� ������, ��� ��, �





����� Ҹ����



To Become Love


To turn into light mist,

To soar above ground,

And to dissolve in the morning light

Full of Love�

And with every flower,

Grass blade and tiny beetle,

With everything that surrounds us

Merge in embraces!


Anton Tyoplyi




  ����� �������


����� ����� �������,

������ ��� ������,

� � �������� ����� ����� �������������

� � ������ ���������, ���������,


�� ����, ��� ������ ���, �

� �������� �������!


����� Ҹ����






Floating with bliss

Above boundless expanse of Earth�


Singing to me its silent song about Love�

Caressing trees, flowers,

Caressing all that You are caressing!

In the dance of Eternity

feeling of �I� disappears

And �not-I� also vanishes

in the Consciousness of You!


Anton Tyoplyi, August 2001







� ����������� �����

��� ���������� ��������� �����


��� ��������� ��� ���� ����� � �����


� ������ �������, ������ �����,

� ������ �� ��, ��� �������� � ��!

� ����� �������� ���-�� �������� ����

� ���-�� �������� � �������� ����!


����� Ҹ����,

������ 2001



       From Lao (1)


Tomorrow � Service again.

Life � in the Flow of Fire!

Show patience:

Learn from Me!


Anton Tyoplyi,
October 2001




        �� ��� (1)


������ � ����� ��������.

����� � � ������ ����!

�������� �� ��������:

������� � ����!


����� Ҹ����,

������� 2001



* * *

With blackness of heaven

I was greeted by this morning

I did not get sad at all,

I am sure: there is wisdom in that.


Rain and slush on the ground,

But mist is sparkling in rays of light,

Like a huge fire-bird

In dissolving shadows.


Haze takes off, like bodiless spirit,

How happy he is! He is free!

From habits and passions,

From everyday entanglements!


I want to be released!

I want to become free!

To be able to fly, fly and fly

In the mist at the crack of dawn�


Anton Tyoplyi




 * * *

�������� �������� ����

��������� ���� �������.

� ������ �� ���������,

� ������: ��� � �����.


����� � ������� �� �����,

�� ����� � � ����� ��������,

��� �������� ���-�����

� �������������� ����.


��� ��������, ��� ��� ����������,

��� �� ��������: �� � ���������

�� �������� � ��������,

�� ��������� �����!


� ���� � ������������!

� ���� � ��������� �����!

����� ����� � ��������������

���� � ������, ������, �������


����� Ҹ����



* * *

You revealed that Flame to us �

Flame of Lord Svarog26.

This Flame makes the soul warm �

Fear and anxiety recede.

All the grief It burns away,

Smile then, the road is easy!


Anton Tyoplyi




* * *

�� ������ ��� ��� ��� ������� �

������� �������-�������.

���� ������� ���� �����:

O�������� �����, �������.

�� ������ ��� ������.

��������, ����� ������!


����� Ҹ����



    Get on the Path!


Suffering, grief and sorrow �

All that you had in the past �

Get rid of them � and get on the Path.

But do not forget to take Love with you!


Anton Tyoplyi,

November 2000




              � ����!


���������, �������, ������ �

��� ��, ��� ������� �������, �

������ �� ��� ���� � � � ����.

�� ����� ������ �� ��������!


����� Ҹ����,

������ 2000



 * * *

I want to embrace You

By stretching my arms into Infinity�

To give all of myself to You, to �die� �

To become that Ocean,

Which is called Eternity!


I want to embrace You with all my heart!

So that I could love and cherish You!

And being in love become You.

Here, beyond �me� there is Infinite Calm�


In the Ocean of Love � pure, tender and living

My heart is melting, merging with You.

There is no place for separate existence:

Here lives only One Highest Self.


Larisa Vavulina,

December 2000




* * *

� ������ ���� ���� ������,

�������� �� � ��������������

��� ����, �� �����, ������, ��������� �

����� ����� �������, ������� ����



� ���� ������� ���� ���� ������!

��� ����, ���� � ������!

��� ����, ���� � �������!

�, ���� � ������, � ����������� �����.

� ����� � �� ������ ������ �

����������� �����


� ������ ����� � ������,

������, ����� �

������������ ������, �������� � �����.

����� ��� ����� ����������� �����:

����� ���� ���� ������ ������ �.


������ ��������,

������� 2000



* * *

Huang-Di, Huang-Di, Huang-Di�

You became a guiding star on the Path.

My heart dissolved in You forever.

And in every star it lit up as Love.


These stars that shine in Your depth,

They are in You and they are in me!

I am in the power that gives them

the power to shine.

I am in Love that allowed the universe to be!


Written down by Anna Zubkova,

December 1998




   * * *

���� ��, ���� ��, ���� ��, ���� ��

���������� ������� �� ���� �� ����.

��� ������ ����� ������������ � ����,

� ������� �������� ��� � ������ ������.


��� ������, ��� ������ � ����� �������,

��� ������ � ����, ��� ������ �� ���.

� � ��� ����, ��� ���� ���� �� �������.

� � �����, ��� ��������� ��������� ����.


�������� ����� ��������,

������� 1998



       Cry from the Heart


Confined in the prison of the body�

Call for help getting stifled in my chest�

Unable to flap my strong wings�

�Oh, my Savior! Set me free!�


He appears and looks at me softly

Saying: �You are already saved!

This is not a prison or a close cage

Look: there is neither lock nor key!


You are a free bird, remember that!

You fly high and sublime is your flight,

A flap of wings � and you are Free,

Far away from all sorrow and grief!�


Eyes light up with hope from these words:

I will fly away in a flash!

�But I am getting stuck, like before�

Unable to move in the least�


�You must be laughing at me, my Teacher!

Help me, please: I can�t bear that pain!

How can I reach the Abode of Freedom!

�It is closer than the edge of your wing��


�How can you�?!�

�You are a free bird, remember?

But you hold yourself back by your tail�

He who can�t fall in love with Freedom �

Is unworthy of Freedom for now!�


Stunned by His words of truth

I understood Him at last.

Permission to be Free

I can get only from myself.


Maria Shtill,

November 1997






� ����� ������ �����������

���� � ������ ����� � �����

�� ��������� ���� �������� ��������

���� ���������! ��������!�


� �� �������� � ������� �������,

������� ���: ��� � �������!

�� ������ �����, �� ������ ������,

��������: �� �����, �� �����!


�� � ��������� �����, �������!

���� ����� � ��������� ����,

����� ����� � � �� � �� �������,

������� �� ����� �������!�


����������� ����� ��������:

���� ������ � �����!

� �� � ����� � �������, ��� ������

���� ���� ������� �� ����


����� ���� �� �������, �������!

������: ���������� ����!

��� ������� ��� ������� �������?�

���� ����� ����� �������


���� �� �������?!�.

��� � ������� �����,

� ���� ���� ������� �� �����

��� �� ����� � ������� ��������� �

�� ������� ��� �� �����!�.


���������� ������ �������,

�������, � ��� ������.

���������� ���� �� �������

� ���� ���� ������ ����.


����� �����,

������ 1997



* * *

One cannot know design of God

As long as hearts are blind and deaf.

Get all pieces of the puzzle together:

The Truth is hard to find

in the ocean of erroneous opinions!


Do not forget, when coming to the world:

The whole Creations is illusory.

When coming here, do not uproot

Your ties with the Infinity!


With dazzling white Fire

Burn the burden of the body chains,

And from the other side of the Mirror

You will conquer both space and time!


Look around in every direction:

There is no limits to �Transmirror Realm�,

Thus there is no point

In looking only at the material world!


Reality is where there is only Him,

And there is no limit to His Love!

You see, it is in Him only that we exist,

Whether we have a body or not!


Written by Maria Shtill,

From the words of David Copperfield

August 1998




  * * *

�������������� �� ������,

���� ������ ����� � �����,

����� ������� �������:

������� ������ �� �����!


� ��� �������, �� �������:

���� ��� �������� � ���������.

� ��� �������, �� �������

�� ��������������� ���� ������!


�������� �������� ����

����� ���� �������� �����,

�� ������������ ���� �����,

������������ �� �������� � �����!


������� �����, � ������, � �����:

���� ��� ������ � ������������,

�������� ���� �� �������� ���

��� �������� ���������!


���������� � ���, ��� ���� ���� ��,

� ��� ����� ��� �������!

�����: �� ���� ������ � ͸� �

���� � ����� ��, � ���� ��� ����!


�������� ������ �����

�� ���� ������ ������������,

������ 1998



Teaching You Everywhere


Find Me, recognize Me,

In the diversity of people in a crowd!

Hear Me, see Me

In the kaleidoscope of days!


I am in the silence and in a crush,

In the forest and in the buzz of the city.

Learn to see Me everywhere �

I am always in everyone and in everything!


I am in all, that you can see,

Invisible canvas of everything.

I have woven on Myself

Traceries and laces of Maya.


Here is My Great Masquerade,

Where I have innumerable faces!

Find Me, recognize Me

Under the masque of friend and enemy!


Joy and sorrow, pain and laughter

Are patterns of My carpet.

Take scales of Maya from your eyes:

See Me in everything around you!


Written down by Maria Schtill,

March 2000




   ��� ���� �����


����� ����, ����� ����

����� �������� � ����� �����!

������ ����, ����� ����

� ������� ������������ ����!


� � � ������ � � ������,

� ���� � � � ���� ���������.

���� ����� ����� �����:

� ���� ������, �� ����, �� ���!


� ���� �� ���, ��� ������ ��,

����� � �������� �����.

� ������ �� ���� �����

����� ����, ��������


����� � ��� ������� ��������,

�������� � ����� � ����!

��� ������ ����� � �����

����� ����, ����� ����!


������ � �������, ���� � ���� �

����� ����� �����.

����� � ���� ���� ������:

�� ��� ������ ����� ����!


�������� ������ �����,

���� 2000



* * *

We are captives of Power27!

What a great luck!

When we realize that there is no choice

Any problem becomes easy to solve,

The right answer gets found right away.


We are captives of Power!

Such a great blessing!

When we recall that death is waiting ahead

All unnecessary gets burned like a paper,

The outer husk falling off.


We are captives of Power!

And this is the reward!

We know that our Path is steep and hard.

Let love and courage be our support!

Because turning back is impossible now!


(About the Teaching of Juan Matus)

Maria Shtill, December 2000




   * * *

�� � �������� ����! ����� �����!

����� ��������, ��� ������ ���,

���������� ����� ����� ������,

��������� ����� �� ������ �����.


�� � �������� ����! ������� �����!

����� ����������, ��� ������ �������, �

������� �� ������, ����� ������,

������� ������������� ���� ������.


�� � �������� ����! � ��� � �������!

�� �����, ��� ���� � ������ ��� ����.

�� ����� ������ ������ � ������!

���� ������ ���������� ��� ���������!


(�� ���� ������ ����� ������)

����� �����, ������� 2000



To Live � Unaffected by Maya


To give love to the Father �

Means � to live in Him,

To live always, even when

Your body is burning in fire.


Fear and pain recede,

Even death steps back,

If you live in the Father,

And if the Father lives in you.


Learn from Me then,

Having moved death aside �

To live in the dazzling Purity,

To live � unaffected by maya!


Written down by Maria Shtill

from the words of David Copperfield,

June 2001




���� � ��� ���� �������


�������� ���� ������ �

��� ������ � ���� � ����,

���� ������, ���� �����

��� ���� ���� � ����.


��������� ����� � ����,

��������� ���� ������ �

���� �� ����� � ����,

� ���� � ���� ����.


��������� � ����,

��������� ������ �����, �

���� � �������� �������,

���� � ��� ���� �������!


�������� ������ �����

�� ���� ������ ������������,

���� 2001



           From Lao (2)


There is joy of spring on Earth!

Everything is permeated by sunlight�

Air is pure and transparent,

The gardens are enveloped in pink haze�


All lives are in my hands,

On my palms � flowers and birds.

�I love you!� � heart sings

The song of songs. I am in every speck�


The fragrant juice of life

Flowing through my hands�

A kiss from primordial depths

Gives the Power of Life to all that is living.


Written down by Maria Shtill,

December 2000




            �� ��� (2)


�� ����� � ��������� �����!

�� ��������� ��������� ������

������ ���� � ���������,

���� � ����-������� ������ ������


����� ��� � �� ���� �����,

�� ������� � ����� � �����.

�� ����� ����!� � ������ ���

����� ������. � � � ������ �������


�� �����, ��� �� �����, �����

��� �����������, ������������

���� ����� ���� ������ ���

������� �� ������ ������������.


�������� ������ �����,

������� 2000



* * *

You are not a solid body �

you are a cluster of light.

Don�t you see where the Source of life is?

Look at how Beam of Light from Eternity

Turns a paper rose into a live flower.28


This Light is a part of Me.

Find luminosity in each cell of your body.

By manifesting you I am manifesting Myself.

So realize yourself as Me inside your body.


Feel your body transforming into Me

Through a flash of Light.

The Fire from within is My Will,

This is � Power of Love.

Realize yourself as this transparent Fire.


This Fire is everything.

It is Eternal and Omnipresent.

It shines out from My intimate depths.

Coming through the worlds.

It is One � for all.


Written down by Anna Zubkova,

December 1998




     * * *

�� � �� ������� ����, �� � ����� �����.

��������: ��� ��������� ����� �����?

��������, ��� �� �������� ����� �����

���������� �������� ���� � ������


���� ���� � �� �������� ������ ����.

�� ����� � ������ ������

���������� ����.

�������� ����, � ������� �����.

������ ���� ���� ����� ����� ����.


�����, ��� � ���� �

����� ������� ���� �

������������ ���� � � �������� ����.

� ��������� ���� � ����� �������.

��� � ���� ���, ��� � ���� �����.


������� ���� ���� ���������� �����.

�� �������� ����.

�� � ������. �� � �� ���.

�� ��� �� ���� ����������� ������.

������ ���� �������,

��� ����� �� � ����.


�������� ����� ��������,

������� 1998



  * * *

I am One, the Only, I exist eternally,

Infinite in My continual Being.

I am Ishvara, awaiting and receiving

everyone in Myself.

I am what I am, I am also you,

I am Omnipresent.


I am transparent Tenderness,

I am Universal Calm.

I am the Abode, the Home of all

Who are going back Home.

Omnipotent, the Pure Existence,

I am Love of all who reached Me

and became Me.


Written down by Anna Zubkova,

May 1999




  * * *

� � ������, ������������,

����� � ������,

� ����������� ���� ����� �


� � ������, � ����

�����������, ������.

� ���� �, � ���� ��, � � �� ����,



� � ���������� ��������,

� � ���������� �����.

� � �������, � � ��� ����,

������ �����,

����������, �������� ����� �����,

� � ������ ���� ��������,

������� � �.


�������� ����� ��������,

��� 1999



* * *

I am in everyone!

All hearts will dissolve in Me some day!

I am in every heart.

And every heart is in Me:

The Eternal Transparent Fire!

I am in everyone! I embrace all with Myself!

And all worthy ones become Me!


Written down by Anna Zubkova,

from the words of Jesus Christ

August 1999




* * *

� � � ������! � � � ������!

� � � ������! � � � ������!

������ ��� �� ��� ����������� �������!

� � � ������. � ������ ������ � �� ���:

� ������� ������ ���������� ����!

� � � ������! � ���� ������� �����!

� ������ ��������� ���������� ����!


�������� ����� ��������

�� ���� ������,

������ 1999



Conversation with Jesus


Two thousand years ago

Jesus � Messiah, Christ �

Brought the Teaching of God-the-Father

To people of Earth.


The symbol of His Service � the Cross �

Has lived through the ages,

Conquering space and time.

It is always here on His hands.


Throughout the Eternity

This Cross has been the key to the Abode:

All hard earthly paths

End at its threshold.


I was given my Wings today �

Wings of that Holy Cross,

Behind them are Home and Freedom,

Bliss, Calm and Purity!


Wings of Eternal Divine Love

Spread over the world.

Wonderful gift of Freedom:

Fly high and look around!


I am taking off � what a Bliss!

Eternal Love and Calm!

�But down there on Earth

There are only malice and pain �


Like sharp nails �

Dejection in expressionless eyes,

Like wounds on the body �

Hatered in people�s hearts�


Wounds on the body of God

Carries Earth�

But having approached the Abode,

I am taking up the Cross.


I am receiving Power �

Power of Father�s Love,

Wishing to fill with it

Empty people�s hearts!


I am accepting Power,

Which always awaits

A heart burning with Love

Which would carry it to the world.


I hear the Jesus� voice:

�This is not your duty or resignation,

This is your choice, remember that!

This is � your decision:


You can stay in the Abode,

Having reached the Ultimate Fire,

Or you may continue your Service,

Taking the Cross from Me.


This is the profound meaning

Of that Sacrificial Path:

Those who walk it to the end

Become Me forever!�


Written down by Anna Zubkova,

December 25, 2020




�������� � �������


��� ������ ��� �����

����� � ������, ������� �

������ ����-����

����� ����� �� ����� ������.


������ ��� �������� �

����� � ������ ������ ����,

������� ������������ � �����.

�� � �����, �� ��� �����.


���� ������� ������ ��������

����� ������� � ������:

� �������� ��� � ����������

������� ������ �����.


��� ������� �������� ������ �

������ ���� ������,

�� �������� � ���, �������,

�������, �����, �������!


��� ����� ������������ ������

������������ ������ �����.

������� ������� �������:

������ � � ������ ������!


� ������� � ����� �������!

����� ������ � �����!

� �� ��� �� �����, ������-��,

������ ����� � �����


������ ������ ������ �

������ � ������ ������,

������ ���� �� ���� �

��������� � ��������


���� �� ���� ����

���� �� ���� ������

��, ����� �� �������,

����� �������� �.


� �������� ���� �

���� ����� ����,

����� ��� �������

��������� ������� ������!


� �������� ����,

������� ������ ���

������� ������� ������,

��� � ��� Ÿ ������.


� ����� ������ �����:

���� � �� ����, �� ��������,

��� � ���� �����, �����!

��� � ��� �������:


������ �������� � �������,

��������� ������� ����,

��� ���������� ��������,

����� ������ � ����.


� ���� � ������� �����

�������� ������ ���:

�������� � ���������

������� ���������� ����!�


�������� ����� ��������,

25 ������� 1999 �.



   Invitation of Krishna


You promised to belong to Me

Forever and ever!

I am taking your lips into Mine

And kissing them gently.


And when your heart beats

In Me with your every breath �

I am kissing your eyes

Making them one with Mine.


And all your strings will tremble

Like a birch in the wind

And will infuse in My Pranava �

In the song of My Love!


The infinite hands of Mine

Turned into Flows of Fire.

And flaring up in my Love,

You are merging as Fire with Me.


When will you realize at last:

Every atom is Me in reality!

When will you realize at last:

I am leading your Atman back Home!


I am waiting for you, I love you!

Here is the entrance to My Bridal Chamber!

You are standing naked before Me,

Having cast all akashas off.


Only the Higher Self remains �

The Diamond body of Love.

Where hearts � yours and Mine �

Became One without the other.


Written down by Anna Zubkova

from the words of Krishna,

December 1999




����������� ������


�������, ��� ������ ����

��������! ��������! ��������!

� ���� ���� ���� � ����,

� ����� � ���� � ����.


� ����� ��� ������ �� ���

� ������ ������ ������ � ����� �

� ����� ���� �����,

� ��� ������ ����� ����.


� ������� �� �����

���������� ��� ������ ����

� �������� � ������� ��� �

� ����� ���� �����!


����������� ���� ���

������������ � ������ ����.

� �������� � ���� �����,

�� ����� ����������� � ����.


�� ����� �� ������, �������:

������ ���� �������� ����!

�� ����� �� ������, �������:

� ���� ����� ������� �����!


� ���, � ����� ����!

��� ����, ��� ��� ������� ������!

��������� �� ����� ����,

��� ����� ������� � ���.


������� ���� ������ � �

�������� ���� �����,

��� ������ � ��� � �� �

�������� ������� ����.


�������� �� ���� ������

����� ��������,

������� 1999



* * *

To fly, to rise above the earth,

Leaving the chains of maya

Where there are only sleeping,

Fatigue and dull existence�


To shine � with the shine of Love,

And, shining with heart,

To give others the Light of the Father,

And to kindle a dawn in souls!


To sound � like a tight string,

And to become a song in Father's Love,

To touch with the music of the soul,

To call tired hearts.


To create � with dreams!

And then the impossible

Easily becomes possible,

In accordance with the Father's Dream!


To fly � to rise above the ground!

To shine � with the shine of Love!

To sound � like a tight string!

To create � with dreams!


David Copperfield to

Anna Zubkova,

April 2000




* * *

������ � ��������� ��� �����

� ���� ����, ���� ��������

�������� ���, ��� ������ ���,

��������� ��� � ����� ����


������ � ������� �����

�, ������� ������� ����,

������ ����� ���� ����

� � ����� �������� �������!


������� � ��������� �������

� ������ ����� � ����� ������,

��������� ������� ����,

������� � ������� ������!


������� � ��������� �����!

� ����������� �����

����� ���������� ���������

� �������� � ������ ����!


������ � ��������� ��� �����!

������ � ������� �����!

������� � ��������� �������!

������� � ��������� �����!


�������� �� ����

������ ������������

����� ��������,

������ 2000





We are � beyond illusions,

In the Heart of that Silence.

We are � Love. Realize this universal �We�!

We are � Intention of God,

We are � Will of the Creator.

And in His Being Our hearts beat.


Where Light is created

by Super-consciousness of �I�,

�Let go� of yourself, dissolve yourself!

That, which is subtler than the Subtlest

and is above all,

Is Transparency, is the Heart

Of His Consciousness.


And in Transparent Consciousness

of that Depth

It�s not �I� anymore, it�s not �Us� anymore.

It is All and it is the Cause of Everything.

From Him and by Him All is created

and lives for Him!


Revelation, written down

by Anna Zubkova,
September 2000






�� � �� ������ �������,

� ������ ��� ������.

�� � ������. ���������

���������� ����!

�� � ��������� ����, �� �

���� ������.

� � ��� ����� ����� ���� ������.


���, ��� ���� �����������

�������������� �ߔ,

���������� ����, ���������� ����!

��, ��� ������ ����������

� ������� �����,

���� ������������, ���� ������

�������� ���.


� � �������� ������������ ��� �������

��� � ������ �� �ߔ,

��� � ������ �� �M��.

��� � ��, ��� ���� �� � ������� �����.

�� ���� �� �� ������� � ���� ��� ����!


����������, ����������

����� ��������,

�������� 2000



* * *

Here, in the deep of My Maya,

In My Creation you were born.

Here I have been dandling you,

Lulling you with tender singing.


For so long! � for many ages �

I have been waiting for to you to grow up�

From one birth to another

I have been leading you up the ladder.


I was giving you days and nights,

I was waking you up at the dawn�

And after touching my tender Love

You woke up in the shining Light.


You recognized Me at last,

You opened and gave Me your heart,

Here you became My bride,

Here you called Me Beloved.


In the boundless stellar space

Shining with kisses of stars,

I was embracing you with Calm,

Filling you with My Love.


Pearl attire of morning

Was your wedding veil �

I was untangling the threads of karma,

Revealing your tender shoulders�


You were a bride to Me,

Betrothed to Me only,

We got married in the Fire of Nirvana,

In my light Bridal Chamber.


In the Ocean of Universal Heart,

Where clothes are dropped off from Atmans

We have merged as Endless Love,

Enveloped in Primordial Fire!


� But in the Creation �

The Hands of One Heart

Are dandling My Babies with Pure Love

In their cradles � in the deep of Maya�


Huang-Di to Anna Zubkova,

November 2000




* * *

�����, � ������� ���� ����,

�������� �� � ��� ��������,

����� ���� �� ����� ����� �,

��������� ������ ������.


��� �����! � ����, �������� �

� ���� ������ �����������

�� �������� � ����� � ��������

������ �� ���� �� �� ��������.


� ����� ���� ��� � ����,

� ����� ���� �� ��������

� ����� ���� ������ ����������,

�� ���������� � ������� �����.


�� ����, �������, ������,

������ ��� ������, �������,

����� �� ����� ���� ��������,

����� ���� ������� �������.


� ������������� ������� ���������

��������� ���� ����,

������� � ���� ������,

������� ���� ��������.


� ��������� ������ ���� �

����� ����� ����������� �

� ���������� ���� �����,

������� ������ �����


�� ���� ��� ���� ��������,

���������� ������ �� ����,

�� ��������� ����� �������

� ��� ��������� ������� �������


� ������ ����������� ������,

��� ������ � ������� �����,

�� ������� ����������� �������,

������������ ����� ������!


� � � �������� � ������� ������

������ ���� ������� ������

� ��������� � �������� ����

������ ���� ���������


�������� �� ���� ����-��

����� ��������,

������ 2000



When You Are in Despair


You cannot betray Me�

Even when you feel

Like you have fallen down�

Like lying in the abyss

at the mountain foot�


And the whole world

is turning upside down..,

And despair is like a wall� �-

Remember: I am theGod of the Universe,

I am in you! I live through you!


Even when you are completely alone,

With no strength to move faster,

And no one needs the love

That you want to give�


Even if your friends are leaving you,

Pursuing other goals,

And it becomes unbearable

Losing dear people� �


You cannot betray Me!

You will reach Me and merge with Me!

Remember: I am Love that is in you!

I am you! I live through you!


Divine Peter

(Written down by Anna Zubkova,

September 2001)




   � ������ ��������


�� �� ������ ��� ���������

���� ���� ������ �����

���, ��� ����� ��������� ����

������ � � �������� ��� �����


� ������ ����� ��-��� ���,

� �������� ������ ������ �

�����: � � � ���������� ���,

� � ����! � ���� � �����!


���� ���� �������� ����,

� ��� ���, ���� ���� �������,

� ������, ��� ��� ������ ������,

�� ����� ������ �� �����


���� ���� ������ ������,

��������� ������� ����,

� �� ���� ����� ������

�� ��������� ������ ����� �


�� �� ������ ��� ��������!

�� � ������! �� � ��������� �� ����!

�����: � � � ������ � ����!

� ���� ��! � ���� � �����!


������������ ϸ��

(�������� ����� ��������,

�������� 2001)



       Request of God


Like wind dances with grass,

Like rain dances with leaves,

Like sun dances with waves �

Let Me dance with you like this�


Like spring embraces fields,

Like land embraces sprout,

Like dawn embraces flower �

Let Me embrace you like this�


Like sunrise kisses sky,

Like smile kisses lips,

Like love kisses hearts �

Let me kiss you like this�


Become Love and dissolve in Me�

Let Me dance with you�

Let Me embrace you�

Let Me kiss you�



(Written down by Anna Zubkova,
April 2002)




        ������� ����


��� ����� ������� � ������,

��� ������ ������� � �������,

��� ������ ������� � ������ �

������� ��� � ����� ����������


��� ���� �������� �����,

��� ������ �������� �����,

��� ������ �������� ���� �

������� ��� ���� ���������


��� ������ ������ ������,

��� ������ ������ ����,

��� ������ ������ ������ �

������� ��� ���� ���������


������� �� ��� �����������

������� ��� � ����� ����������

������� ��� ���� ���������

������� ��� ���� ���������



(�������� ����� ��������,

������ 2002)



       From Lao (3)


Morning: birth, dawn�

Kindle the words in your heart:

�I love you, light of the Sun, �

Love over the planet Earth!�


Morning looks, smiling

At calm surface of water �

Dawn is saying: �I love you�

With singing of birds.


The hands of grass offering

Dew-drops of to the sun.

With tender fragrance

Flowers are saying: �I love you!�


Air around is filled

With tender, dense love�

Bringing kisses in embraces

From flowers to trees.


Look: everything around is alive!

Say to them again: �I love you!�

Wind rocks them like in cradles

And whispers them the secrets of being.


Take everything that is living

In the hands of the fiery heart �

As if in the lake of pure light

Your �I� will dissolve, disappear�


Inside there is only gentle calm

Of purity and transparency,

Where Earth itself is saying:

�What you love with, is Me!�


And One Universal God,

As an Ocean of Love behind the back,

Saying: �Who creates Love �

Is one with Me in his heart !�


Written down by Anna Zubkova,

July 2000




       �� ��� (3)


����: ��������, �������

� ������ ����� �����:

�� ����� ����, ��������� ���� , �

������ ��� �������� �����!�


� ����� ����� ����,

��������, ���� ������

������ ���� �������

�� ����� ����!� � �������.


�� ������� � �������� ������

��������� ����� �����

������������ ������

�� �����!� � ������� �����.


������, ������ �������

������ ������ �����

�� �������� ������ �������

� �������� ������� ��.


��������: �� ������ � �����!

������� ��: ������ ����!�

� ��������� �� �����, �����,

������ ����� ����� �����.


�� ������ �������� ������

�� ����� ������ �� ������ �

������ � ����� ������� �����

��� ��� �����������, ������


������ � ������ ������ �����

������������ � �������,

� ������� ���� �����

�������: ������� ���� ��!�


� ������ ���������� ���

������� ����� �� ������

�������: ���� ������ ������ �

������� ���� �� ����!�


�������� ����� ��������,

���� 2000





Look! Here is the Path � a shining thread,

Where impeccability is the balancer.

Here is the Path! And at the end �

There is Unity with the Creator Forever!


Here is the Path � like the edge of a blade,

Where every step is a victory over oneself.

The Path is a challenge, a reward,

And only God is with you at every moment.


Here is the Path � without self-pity,

The path of a Warrior against the death.

This Path is as long as lifetime,

The victory is Freedom and Immortality!


Look: here is the Path!

Will you be able to endure It?

To become Wisdom and Love,

to merge with Power?


God is waiting for you!

Do you want to go like this?

Are you able to resolve, to venture?

With smile � against the death!


Every day � like your last battle!

Going as love on the edge of life

To the Creator's Abode � to Unity!


Anna Zubkova,

December 2000






������! ��� ���� � ������� ����,

��� ���������� ������ �������������.

��� � ����! � ����� ���� ���� �

������� � ������� �� ��������!


��� ���� � ��� ������ ������,

��� ������ ��� � ������ ��� �����.

��� ���� � ��� �����, ��� �������,

� ������ ��� ����� ������ ��� � �����.


��� ���� ��� ������� � ���� �

���� ����� ��������� ������.

� ���� ���� � ������� � �����,

������ ����� � ������� � ����������!


������: ��� ����! ������� �������?

����� ���������, �������, � �����


��� ��� ����! �� ������ ��� ����?

�������� �� ����������, ��������?


� ������� � ��������� ������!

������ ���� � ��� � ��������� �����!

������� �� ������ �����

� ������� ������ � � ��������!


���� �������,

������� 2000



* * *

With My infinite wings

I embraced Earth in order to find you.

Look: you have climbed

to the ultimate summit.

Here is the end of all earthly paths.


Wherever you may look,

all roads lead back �

Where there are battles, passions

and commotion.

Here only I exist. I am the Path of Heart.

I opened it for you �

to bring you back to Heaven.


I never call� But wait for you for ages�

I never call. But only wait for you.

I opened wide My infinite Embraces

For you, like an Ocean of Primary Fire.


I cannot order you to chose Me

In My Abode� Please, understand:

You cannot be in love with Me �part-time�:

For Freedom here is tantamount to Love!


Eagle �To M.�

(written down by Anna Zubkova,
June 2002)




* * *

�������� ����������� ����

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������: ��� �� ������ �

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���� �� ��������, ����� ����� ������ �

����, ��� �������, �����, ������

� ����� � ���� ������ �. � ���������


���� ������ � ��� ������ � ������!


� � �� ���� �� ��� ���� ���������

� � �� ����. [�� ������ ��� ����.]

� ��� ���� ������� ��� ������� �

��� ������ ������������ ����.


� �� ���� ���� ������, ���� ������

���� � ���� ������� � �����:

���� ������ ������ �����������:

������� ����� ��������� �����!


��� �� �.�

(�������� ����� ��������,

���� 2002)


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