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Sun of God

Path to the Heart of God



Vladimir Antonov

Sun of God

"Reality", 2001 ISBN 83-90-2754-7-3 © V.V.Antonov, 2001

Translated by Mikhail Nikolenko

This book is a commentary to the methodological principles of human spiritual development that were given by Jesus Christ through B.Cullen in the book �The Book of Jesus�.

The author of the commentary is the Russian scientist who studied these problems for about 30 years and has published about 30 books on this subject. He studied in details all that is described in this document being taught and guided personally by Jesus Christ and other Divine Masters.

Every one who wants to know God and is capable for this, who wants to participate in the realization of His Purpose for each of us will find this book helpful.

Structure of the Absolute

A note: the arrows show the process dynamics in the Absolute.


�Sun of God� � a term of Jesus Christ

The term �Sun of God� was introduced by Jesus Christ through B.Cullen � a prophet of the past century, who lived in the USA. The book was published in the USA in 1992 and then republished in Russia [11] (unfortunately with many spelling errors).1 The language and the content of the book correspond to the world outlook of the person who received the information: God always talks to people using the language and the terms they can understand. (It is due to this that the book describes pictures of a spaceship and Christ leaving the Earth on it). But the book also contains very valuable information.

The main message that Jesus wanted to get across to people through this book is the following.

God is always a Living God. Jesus was on Earth 2000 years ago, and He exists today among embodied people (although He is not embodied now). But many believers guided by ignorant pastors are engrossed in an absolutely unpromising and meaningless exercise: performing endless ritual bodily movements, repeating prayers that sometimes are not only useless, but also harmful. They waste their time, instead of making efforts on a real spiritual self-transformation through realization of the God's program for them � that consists in cognition of God and merging by consciousness with Him in Love. Jesus says that He walks in churches among the believers who appeal to Him in their prayers � yet they do not see Him, do not feel Him, do not listen to, and do not hear Him...

Instead of doing this silly exercise, Jesus suggests that His followers serve God by serving people, as well as make personal efforts on cognizing the Creator. It is also foolish to seek God in heaven: one should seek the spiritual �Heavens� not above the surface of our round planet, but in the deep of the multidimensional space. And the Abode of the Creator is very close to us: the distance to it is smaller than the thickness of a paper. And the way to the Abode begins inside one�s developed spiritual heart.

The Creator (God-the-Father) sometimes names Himself the Sun of God [3] � of God in the aspect of the Absolute [4-6]. That is, He � the Creator Who is in His Abode � is the principal part of the multidimensional Absolute. The Absolute fills entire universal space.

The entrance into the Abode of the Creator can be seen by successful spiritual seekers, who approached Him, as a giant and tender Sun of God that resembles a caressing morning sun, only thousands times bigger. To cognize all this and to enter through the Sun of God into the Heart of God is the ultimate purpose of our life, of the personal evolution of each and every one of us (see also [2,3,6-7]).

On the Path of our personal self-perfecting and in our efforts to help other spiritual seekers, the Holy Spirit is always willing to help us. Jesus describes It as Power of unlimited capabilities that comes out from the Abode of the Creator. The Holy Spirit is always willing to help worthy spiritual seekers, always awaiting the situations to do it.

But we should make our state close enough to the state of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ to see, feel, and hear Them, to merge with Them in Love and become like Them and then to cognize the Creator with Their help.


How to find the Sun of God

A man is not his body. A man is a consciousness (soul) incarnated into a material body for a certain period of time. The embodiment is important, because growth of an individual consciousness is possible only in the embodied state, since it is the material body that is the �factory� of transformation of the energy of ordinary food into the energy of consciousness.

The organism an embodied man (but not the body) is multidimensional. (I should note that the �seven bodies� scheme, developed by occultists, is methodologically wrong. It would be more correct to consider a potential presence of man in all main layers of the multidimensional Absolute; it is this potential that one should realize. This concept, by the way, is described in the Bible as likeness between man and God � God in the aspect of multidimensional Absolute (more details see in [6,7]).

It may become easier to understand the above said if you look at the scheme of the structure of the Absolute presented in the beginning of this book. (For the first time it was published in books [5,6]). This scheme is not so easy to understand, since it is impossible to fully represent the multidimensionality of space in a graphical form. So, in order to understand it, one should keep in mind that each layer of multidimensionality shown on the scheme lower in reality is located deeper on the multidimensional scale. And each deeper layer is subtler, compared to the previous one. The Abode of the Creator is located in the deepest, that is, the most subtle, energy layer of the multidimensional structure of the Absolute. Thus, we should seek Him there. In terms of methodological direction, this work should consist in refinement of one�s consciousness, which starts with mastering regulations of one's emotional sphere.

But a really serious esoteric work consists in learning to shift the concentration of consciousness between all layers of this scheme (not on the picture of course, and not in one�s imagination, but in the real multidimensional space), similar to the way one can move the concentration of consciousness inside one�s own body.

Another difficulty is that the human multidimensional organism is divided into two parts by the vertical plane (�Mirror�) that can always be found behind the anahata chakra, which is located in the chest (i.e., behind the back, if the body is in the vertical position). Behind the �Mirror�, there are undifferentiated components of the Absolute, while in front of it � differentiated ones: energetic constituents condensed to the material state, individual paradisiacal souls, individual Manifestations of the Holy Spirit that come out from the Abode of the Creator.

Each of the sectors on the scheme represents an entrance into the corresponding layer (eon, loka) of the multidimensionality. Moving between the �storeys� of this multidimensional �building�, as if along the �stairway� that connects the �storeys�2, we can enter the �hall� of each �floor� and realize its immensity.

This is the potential of every man and this is the structure of the Absolute. It consists of these layers; and the main one of them is God-the-Father (Heavenly Father, the Creator, Svarog, Allah, Adibuddha, Ishvara, Primordial Consciousness � these and other words are used to name Him in different languages).

But hell and its inhabitants are not a part of It. Hell is �the outer darkness� that Jesus spoke about. Hell is a �dumpsite�, where the waste of the evolutionary process goes to. Those who used to live in rude emotional states during the embodiment, get into hell. After the death of their bodies they continue to suffer among other beings like them � with all implied consequences.

Inhabitants of hell are called demons or devils; the latter are more powerful energetically (see [3] for more details). All they are infinitesimally small, compared to the boundless Creator. Their �leader� � Satan � as an actual being does not exist in reality, except in literary allegories and moralizing tales. But hell inhabitants can struggle for souls of people by provoking them to thoughts, emotions, and deeds that lead them to the opposite direction from the Creator. This struggle is necessary: by using his free will (i.e. the freedom of choice in the ethically important situations) a man demonstrates to God whether he is worthy to approach the Abode or not. The whole process of such training of ours is conducted by the Holy Spirit; He leaves no one without His help and attention, and nothing happens without His knowing and controlling it.


The steps of the Path to the Heart of God

Jesus suggested that His followers go to the Heavenly Father through the �narrow gate�, the �narrow Path�, for �wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction� (Matt 7:13-14). God said the same through the prophet Nephi (33:9) [10]. Through Nephi God spoke also about �a rod of iron� which helps one to hold on this difficult and dangerous Path; such �rod� is provided only for worthy spiritual seekers by the Holy Spirit.

What is this �narrow Path�? Absolute obedience to hierarchs of mass devilish pseudo-Christian churches that encourage their followers to torture and kill �infidels� [4]? Or � as it is the case in Russia today � entering an Orthodox church not through the main door but through the �narrow� wicket?

Of course, Jesus Christ did not mean that.

Let us analyze this question in details taking into account that the �Narrow Path� should be considered as consisting of two main parts: exoteric (i.e. external, open to everyone) and esoteric (�internal�, �secret�) one. Each part also consists of several steps.

The exoteric part of the Path consists of two steps:

1. Studying and accepting the concept of the path suggested by God.

2. Initial ethical self-transformation in accordance to this Teaching. (We talk now about an initial ethical self-transformation because one cannot do all this work at once; the work on ethical self-perfecting continues until the end of the Path to the Abode of the Creator [1-7]).




In practice, since childhood people are involved in the religious (or atheistic) environment that dominates in the region, where they live, or in that, which their parents follow. And very often this choice is not good, because people tend to distort the Teaching of God with time. (the reasons for that are explained in [4]). And only after a man has become intellectually mature, he starts to compare different philosophical and religious concepts, attempts to understand the reasons for differences between them, and later in his quest he comes to understand the Origin of all religions � God-the-Father. Only then walking the true �narrow Path� becomes possible for him. ...Very few people find healthy spiritual Schools in the beginning of their quest and avoid a long and sometimes painful search for the true direction of making spiritual efforts...

Usually, after this, one starts to struggle for one�s right to be different from the majority of people, who got lost and stuck in vices. At this point, some give up being unable to withstand conflicts and persecutions. They choose to live secure life �as others�; they did not really want to get to the Creator. But others show great heroism and ensure good future destinies for themselves. We can find examples of such heroism among the first Christians, among the victims of the Catholic inquisition and Orthodox terror [4], among the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ, among the first Moslems and later among Baha'is [14,16], Sufis [9], and Sikhs [15], who opposed perversions of Islam.

The author of this book also had to withstand political persecutions and threats of physical punishment. And once there really was an execution that entailed a valuable experience of two clinical deaths [1,3,6].

I withstood all these trials. And I kept on walking � along this �Narrow Path�. I reached the end of this Path (although, I see how much I still have to do), and helped many worthy people (and hope I will help many more).

... But one day � long time ago � I did a thing that I am still ashamed of... I am going to describe it in full � to give an example of what one should not do.

It was during the time of the communists� rule. At those days I was working in a research institute as a senior researcher. I felt alone among the colleagues of higher rank because of my views. In particular, I always disliked very much to participate in various political celebrations, to hear �congratulations� and to reply to them. And I saw that my attitude towards this idiotism was not left unnoticed by the �comrades�, responsible for political loyalty of the employees...

One day I begin to think the following: why am I not like others?! What if I try to disguise being �like others�? What if I just try?...

It was the �7th of November� celebration. And everyone was supposed to �congratulate� one another with that date.

So I put on a solemn look on my face and �congratulated� an elderly scientist whom I met in the corridor...

We had never talked before about politics with him. But we respected each other sincerely for effectiveness of scientific work and for character features. But that also implied conformity of our political views; however, we did not have to talk about it: it was just clear for us.

...He recoiled from me, his usual friendly smile disappeared from his face... He just muttered some words of a formal �congratulation� prescribed for such cases...

And since then he had never smiled to me, we never shook hands. He began to pretend that he does not notice me, dropping his eyes with sad disdain...

...During the next reduction of the staff he got fired. During another one � I did [3]. We have never met after that and I have never had a chance to say how sorry I was for what had happened...

If you, friend, � whether you are incarnated now or not � read this book � please, understand and forgive me!


 Chime of bells

(Anton Tyoplyi)


Chime of bells, sky of amber...

Chime of bells - with joy in my heart!

Chime of bells - opened my soul.

Chime of bells - flying in the sky...


Sorrow and grief - all are behind.

Chime of bells - happiness on the path!

Chime of bells - all evil, go away!

Chime of bells - help me to reach the end!


Chime of bells - Lord forgive me!

Chime of bells - Lord let me in!

Chime of bells - Love in Christ!

Chime of bells - death on the cross...


(November 2000)




Those who managed to find the true Path and to withstand the first trials of social collisions � can begin practice the initial (�soft�) steps of the esoteric part of the Path. The techniques of these steps enable one to quickly get rid of many diseases that sometimes lasted for years with medicine unable to help [3].

But to achieve success one should give up drinking alcohol, smoking (and using any other kind of drugs3 and stimulators), refrain from wearing synthetic clothes that have an immediate contact with the skin, from eating all kinds of �killed� food (i.e. that, which was made of bodies of killed animals; see [6] for more details).


    Get on the Path!

     (Anton Tyoplyi)


Suffering, grief and sorrow -

All that you had in the past -

Get rid of them - and get on the Path.

But do not forget to take Love with you!


(November 2000)




3. Relaxation. The ability to maintain the internal peace on this step of the work can be achieved most easily with the help of simple asanas of hatha-yoga (crocodile posture, half-tortoise posture, and savasana).

4. Purification of the main energetical structures of the body (chakras and main meridians).

5. Initial development of the spiritual heart, in particular, acquiring the ability to maintain a steady concentration of consciousness in the anahata chakra (inside the chest) and to look at the outer world from it with the eyes of the spiritual heart.

We described the concrete techniques needed to master these skills in our previous publications [1,3,4], so we are not going to repeat them here.




On the first two (exoteric) steps God tests spiritual seekers by various material hardships and oppression from the side of the people who are unable to understand them. On the initial steps of the esoteric part of the Path they are often suggested to undergo mystical trials: energy attacks of embodied and non-embodied devils, being bothered by demons. Here the seeker is tested with mystical fear. If he yields to it and gives up, it means the he does not have the mature love for the Creator, that his love has not become a steadfast and unmovable dominant of his life yet.

For �there is no fear in love; but perfect love drives out fear. ...The one who fears is not made perfect in love� (1 John 4:18).

A man can overcome fear by clinging tighter to his Divine Teacher. And by understanding that it is Him Who created these difficulties � for the good of his disciples. And He watches then � how we cope with them. In this there is a manifestation of His Divine Love; He just seeks to help us to become Perfect. But without overcoming such difficulties it is impossible.


...At further stages of the Path the seekers, who long for God, will have to develop themselves as the spiritual heart which cannot be contained within the physical body, to refine, and grow even larger. Then they will learn to move as the spiritual heart into the subtlest eons of the multidimensional Absolute, accustom themselves to them one by one � up to the Abode of the Creator.


   Going to the Light

     (Anton Tyoplyi)


Wind rustles my hair -

I am walking the Earth.

Fire burning in Heaven -

This Fire has kindled my heart.


    I am going away from evil,

    I am going away from eyes of sorrow,

    I am going on my destiny,

    Giving the light to you.

    Death wait, stop:

    I am only at the beginning of the Path!


Passions swirling around...

But everyone is your friend, your sister, your brother!

Do not judge them:

Remember - He is waiting for you!


The Light - It is one for all!

The name of this Light is �Love�!

This Light is the Lord!

And there is no other for us!


(December 2000)


6. Settling in eons of the Absolute. (Or, in other words, cognizing one's multidimensional organism). In parallel to this, one masters methods of merging (as consciousness) with manifestations of the Absolute in the eons being cognized.

7. Entering through the Sun of God into the Heart of God and merging oneself as the energy of the perfect spiritual heart with the Universal Spiritual Heart of the Primordial Consciousness of the Creator.

One cannot describe in detail these most complex steps of spiritual development in a book.

Also they cannot be mastered without the help of a Divine Teacher. It is Him who shows one the �stairway� of the �secret passage� or of the �Narrow Path�. He explains where to step on this �stairway� and how to behave in the universal space that one begins to cognize fir the first time.



Come! Come!

I tell you!

Come! Come!

I love you!


Come to Me

On the Way of Love!

I am ready to embrace you,

But the choice is yours.


I teach you

Through My Prophets.

Take the Love

That flows through them!


I gave you

The freedom of choice.

And the Path to Me

Is always open!


Only with your will,

And with your love,

With developed consciousness

And big heart,


You can walk

Along My Road.

We will meet here

In the primordial depth.


(Revelation, written

by Anton Tyoplyi.

December, 2000)


Serving God

How do people understand service to God?

Some think that �to serve God� means simply to belong to the clergy of some religious confession. Others think deeper and seek to serve by participating in common prayers and meditations. And some even dance and sing in honor of God.

This is not bad, but only if all this is just a part of the religious life of these people.

But God wants us to do much more.

In particular, Jesus Christ [2,8,11] and other Divine Teachers [2,10] edify that one should see service to God in service and help to all people � help in everything good that they do. One should help not for the sake of one�s own profit, but for the sake of those whom one helps; they could be not only people, animals, or plants, but also God.

In order to be able to understand this and how to discriminate between good deeds and those that just seem to be good, one should try to see situations from the point of view of the global strategic Plan of the Creator. Namely, we should understand the essence of the universal evolutionary process and to find our place in it.

Only then will we be able not only to try practice the precepts of God, but also to see their important role in the global strategy of the Creator. And this in turn will enable us to more deeply understand our own tasks and how we can help others better. Then we will gradually be able to become active participants of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, active assistants to the Creator.

All this was discussed in detail in my previous books [1-7], especially in [4,6], so I refer you, my dear readers, to them.

But now I want to stress the following point. Active participation in the evolutionary process should be considered as consisting of two main parts: a) spiritual self-perfection, b) helping others.

In this process, as apostle Paul taught (1 Cor 12,14), we should strive to serve with our highest abilities, as well as seek to acquire even higher skills.

The essence of the Creator's Plan of creating material worlds, including a small �islet� of matter in the Universe � our planet � is to transform less perfect energy constituents of the Absolute into more perfect; the individual Consciousnesses who have achieved the ultimate Perfection enrich the Creator with Themselves.

So, both personal self-perfection and helping other evolving souls in their evolution are good from God's point of view.

In particular, if we develop ourselves through meditative work, the quality of our service improves: we get closer to the Creator and begin to see the world better; we gradually approach the level from which He sees the world.

But we also get more perfect through our activity in helping others, increasing our knowledge of how to help. This knowledge will be of use even after the disembodiment.

...Let us feel (or at least imagine) that there is only One Universal Macro-organism � the Absolute, inside Which It's development � the Universal Evolution � proceeds. Let us feel the unity, interdependence of everything inside of It, Which is One. Let us feel our inseparability from His Organism, of His Process of Development. Let us feel joy of this awareness. And now � with this new total understanding � let us direct our efforts to accelerate the transformation of all energy �clumps� of consciousness, capable of this, into the Power of the Wise Love of the Heart of God, Which is in the Abode of the Creator.

We are all One in the Organism of the Absolute. This is the essence of the principle proposed by Jesus Christ: love your neighbor as yourself, and even more. What is meant here is the aspect of Love called Care. The highest manifestation of care is self-sacrifice for the good of others. Jesus Christ demonstrated this � for the sake of us, in particular � and gave us an example of Care by the exploit of His life and death on Earth. Let us become like Him in this respect!




But only few people long for cognition of the Absolute and seek the Creator. Others, schooled by atheism and perverted religious movements or perverted on their own choice, are well satisfied with partaking of the �forbidden� (i.e. forbidden by God) fruit from �the tree of knowledge of good and evil�: pleasures of possessing objects of the material world. They run the risk of getting to hell. Because �earthly� attachments easily provoke such crude emotions as worry, fear, sorrow, despair, jealousy, irritation, hatred, anger, and so on. And those who habituate themselves to such emotional states, accustom themselves to living in hell and go there after their disembodiment.

The fruits of the Kingdom of Heaven are found by those who found the peace of mind and learned selfless Love to such an extent that enabled them to fall in Love with the Creator and get attracted by that Love to Him. He meets them with His Highest Love.

... But the former ones (of mentioned types of people):

� �love� themselves,

� call their cravings4 love,

� require more and more love for themselves from others, cherishing their egocentrism, and

� hate other people because they poorly please THEM! And, on the whole, do not what THEY! want people to do.



From correspondence with the fiction writer E.


Hello, Vladimir. I got home with some incidents. There was no heat supply in the wagon during all this long winter night. The airplane was 2 hours late because of a strike in the airport. But except for this, everything was fine.

I am going to finish printing the book and to send it to you.

This is all, so far. Bye.




Peace to you, E.! Unfortunately, I cannot praise your book.

Let me start with less important things:

1. Almost in every sentence there are spelling errors, missing commas, and typing errors. It is simply indecent to give manuscripts in such a shape for reading!

2. There are many inconsistencies (where you contradict yourself) even within the same paragraphs. You could correct them yourself if you wait for some time and then read the text again.

3. It is better to make paragraphs as short as possible: in this case the text is more readable. But you make pages long, different ideas become inadequately combined. It is typical of the author who has a weak command of the written language, and does not �feel� it.


More important is the following:


4. You get lost in your own verbosity. Thus, your verbiage is �heavy�. The opposite case is a laconic style. It disciplines the author and makes the text rich with exact formulating.

5. You call yourself a member of our School, but you did not grasp, did not understand, and did not accept what is written in my books. For example, to identify the Creator with information and the Holy Spirit � with the astral plane... I will not use �strong� language here, because I don't want to offend you.

6. You tend to create schemes at all costs � just for the sake of this process itself, without logic, putting inconsistent information in them. This is a sign of an improperly functioning intellect with a possible tendency to developing of a psychopathology.

If such book is published, it will not do good for the readers, but much harm, similar to that done by some authors� attempts to draw analogies between the chakra �octave� and the that of colors or sounds.

My advice for you would be to stop fantasizing and writing, but to seek spiritual Enlightenment instead. Then your thoughts will become pure and light.

I am sorry, that I had to say unpleasant things to you, but this is � for your own good.

With love,

Vladimir Antonov



Hello, Vladimir. First of all, I want to congratulate you on the New Year, the new age, and the new millennium. The date is very impressive.

Now, regarding your message. Don't apologize for some of your comments � they were sincere and appropriate. Besides that, I am not a resentful person. I seek truth and knowledge and I don't try to affirm myself in self-conceit and self-importance.

Concerning the errors and too long, unclear paragraphs � I agree with you. Sorry for not having corrected them before and having made you to �stumble� over them. Sorry again... It's my fault.

Regarding my wording. It is slightly complicated, indeed. I have always written books using this style, and they are sold well and positively accepted by readers... But I understand that one should make one�s wording simple and clear � it is a good thing and I will try to follow your advice. Also, the �crudity� of the manuscript plays a role � I shortened some excessively long fragments only yesterday.

This is about the style, and now I what to talk to you about the content.

I gave you the manuscript in order to know your opinion � whatever it is, good or bad. About some things I want to argue with you, while with others I will agree right away. A fresh look is always better.

About �identifying� the Holy Spirit with the astral plane � there is no such statement in the text because I don't have such an idea and couldn't have it. Brahman is a part of triune being of God. This is very clearly stated in your books and it cannot be another way. Most likely, the misunderstanding occurred because of the lame, draft scheme that describes the threefold nature of the Creation. Certainly the scheme should be corrected and improved to avoid such a serious misunderstanding. Thank you for your comments.

As for understanding God as information. I do think this way and I give many citations from the Holy and Great Books of humankind to support this idea. They indeed list all features of information. I don't list them here. Probably, the point is that God is beyond any human knowledge and our simplistic assessments. I had to do it in other way � to define God as a Universal consciousness, the main characteristic of which � the only one that can be easily understood by modern, rational thinking people � is the features of information. Or maybe in some other way. Here I trust your competent opinion.

As for some inconsistencies. Maybe you will point them out to me, or maybe we can do it in another way. I will work more on the book, bring it �up to the mark� and then send it to you for review.

But I think that there are some positive things in my book. It is the definition of life and death. The definition of ego and some other things. You found only negative things and prematurity in the book but maybe you can tell something positive about it...

Concerning seeking the Spiritual enlightenment � I fully agree with you. But even today I can do something, express something more clearly and in a more understandable manner than can other people. When I see all this terrible human ignorance, I want to bring the light of Spiritual knowledge to those people...


Looking forward to receiving your answer,

Sincerely yours,




Dear E.!

Stop! You will end up badly! Postpone your writings for at least 5 years.

You have no understanding now. One of the examples is your congratulations. What do good round figures have to do with spiritual seekers?! What do you congratulate me on? One can congratulate people on personal achievements. Such congratulations mean that you are happy for that person. All other kinds of congratulations are simply a manifestation of the �human form�5.

And God is by no means �information�. God is Living Superhuman Love, the Most Perfect and Boundless Being, He is truly Loving. And He must become the Main Beloved One for every one of us. We should love Him like we love our most beloved person, only much stronger. We should really fall in love with Him without any trace of ego.

This is the reality for those who know Him.

And you say that God is ...�information�... Can you fall in love with information? Do you want to become information?... What is required of us is a completely different thing...

Your main problem is that you don't know what true Love is. And this cannot be learned if one's consciousness abides in the head chakras. For a long time I have been urging you to start developing your spiritual heart for a long time now.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov



Hello, Vladimir. Honestly, I don't understand your protests about my book. But I highly value your authority so I decided to comply with your requests. I am not going to publish the book in the near future. I will just finish it � proofread it and bring the work to the logical end in line with my current level of understanding. It will take a few more days. And then I will leave it as is � as a manuscript. Who knows, maybe it will be good for something sometime in future.

But, frankly, it's a pity to me. Because this book is better than 95 percent of everything that is sold today.

But explain to me, what you or God are against of � that I publish this book or that I spend time and efforts on the intellectual work at my current level of maturity. I understand that it is better for me now to start regularly practice meditation. Please, answer me.

And what about the statement from the Bhagavad Gita (18:68-69): �The one who explains this supreme truth to My devotees demonstrating through this his sincere love to Me at the end will come back to Me. There is no one in this world more dear to Me than he, nor will there ever be!�

Development of wisdom is necessary even if one is very successful in meditations. And studying the Great books and interpreting them in the modern language is a very important work; it also develops the intellect and wisdom of the author. I think that I managed to describe in a very interesting way the path of the spiritual knowledge development and many other things...

Looking forward to receiving your answer.

Sincerely yours,




Peace to you! What you call wisdom in your book, is not wisdom, but fantasizing.

Since you are not competent in the methodological aspects of spiritual development, your fantasizing will do harm to other people. I gave you one example, here are two more:

�The lower chakras are bad, the upper ones are good, so the higher the better, still higher (at the point above the head) � there is God; the purpose of life is to exit in there through sahasrara�, �Jesus Christ is the Word�... (I meet people who really went insane because of this imposing and absurd statement).6

The harm done by such mental constructions can be enormous: people degrade, go insane... Your book is full of such things.

Don't throw it away, but put it aside for, say, 5 years.


I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov



Hello, Vladimir. I am going to give up my intellectual exercises for some time and get down to a more important thing � meditations.

I was not able to make up a group. But it is impossible for me to meditate alone in my apartment. During the day and in the evening there are always people around � walking, making noise, asking, calling. My wife wants me to stay at home in the evening, otherwise she feels unhappy. The only time suitable for meditation is early morning. Maybe you can help me individually. For example, I will be concentrating on anahata with producing proper emotions every morning at 6 a.m. and you will be helping me at that time. Or maybe we can activate this process in another way. Please, give me some advice.

With best wishes,



Peace to you! Well, it is not fiction writers, but scientists, who should study God and tell to people about Him and about the Way to Him.

I think that without a group your meditative exercises won't be successful. To help you from a distance is an unreal task. (It is also a kind of fiction). To make up a group in your town also does not make sense. And you refused to join the Moscow group � you �didn't like� the instructor. So, this problem is unsolved for the time being.

Try working with relaxation for some time. And you should concentrate not on anahata but in anahata. There is a principal difference.

I wish you success!

Vladimir Antonov


My greetings to the Teacher! Yes, the situation is not the best... I am going to read your books again in the mean time � all about practices. Who knows, maybe I will get an idea about possibilities to meditate. I will try to use the aspect of wisdom for the search for optimal line of progressing in these circumstances.

Best wishes,




All beings � both embodied and non-embodied � differ in the age of the soul. It is one of the main features of every soul. Its other important features are such qualitative characteristics as the level of intellectual development, ethical maturity, coarseness or subtlety of the consciousness (which determines, in particular, the soul�s status for the future life in the non-embodied state). The quantitative valuation is based on the size of the soul, and that size depends on the quantity of energy accumulated by the soul during periods of its embodiment.

The evolution of a soul proceeds gradually through numerous earthly incarnations. And one cannot expect a high spiritual potential of souls who are incarnated in the human body for the first time; it comes to the soul later, provided that its evolving was auspicious.

From this one can understand that not all currently embodied people � even if they obtained a certain higher spiritual knowledge � can reach the Abode of the Creator in their current incarnation, no matter how hard they try. Moreover, when too young souls get involved in the meditative work, which is too serious for them, at a certain moment they loose understanding and start to play �religion� like children play their childish games (it may lead to an development of inadequate perception of oneself, just like in case of boys who play �war�, imagine themselves �colonels� and �generals�). In the worst case it may lead to a psychopathology. The latter is often the case in the religious organizations, where instead of God and Love, frightening mystical factors (devils, demons, sorcerers, vampires, and so on) are brought in the focus.

This is why religious leaders must use esoteric techniques and information very carefully, taking into account their possible harmful effects on those people who are intellectually and ethically immature.

And everyone who seeks spiritual progress should evaluate their own capabilities and not to climb at those �steps� of spiritual development �ladder�, at which it will be hard for them to hold their ground.

... I have lived my earthly life very intensively. And when I was making the way to the Creator for me and for my friends, many people were getting involved into the stream created by me at different stages. At the beginning it always looked wonderful. But later, starting from a certain stage of the work, many of them would loose understanding of the work, they would get drawn backwards or to entertainments. And since I was not interested in playing games, discontent with me, protest, and even hostility towards me would arise.

I took me quite some time to come to understand that one should not give the highest knowledge and methods to anyone who asks for them. And this understanding could not come until I accumulated tremendous experience of providing spiritual help to people. Sometimes this experience was very dramatic (for me). Now I share this experience with you � as I do in my other books � to help you avoid making such errors.

But let these warnings scare no one away from the spiritual quest: one should just choose for oneself the tasks that one is equal to.

One of the really attainable goals for anyone is to ensure getting to paradise after the end of their current incarnation and to predetermine an excellent destiny for the future. It is very simple to achieve. One has just to know how. And take into account that this goal can be attained only through one's own spiritual efforts and not through participation in rituals, �prayers of saints�, or anyone�s prayers altogether.7 How one can attain paradise and to establish oneself on the Straight Path to the Creator in the simplest way, I described in details in the book [7], while the books listed in the Bibliography can provide one with preliminary information needed to prepare for this.



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