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Talks with God

"Learn to love Me, like I love everyone. When you acquire mastery of this, you will become one with Me."

Talks with God

Recorded by V.V. Antonov, G.Yu. Vaver, T.V. Pronkina
Editor: Vladimir Antonov

Translated from 1991 Russian edition by T.A. Danilevich

Learn to love Me, like I love everyone. When you acquire mastery of this, you will become one with Me.

Be perfect as God is perfect. This thought must not leave you — not for a single minute.

Joy should take residence in your soul. And nothing should ever darken this joy. Let the light of this joy stream from your eyes — the light of joy of the soul.

Dare not frown! This is an insistent instruction to you, almost an order!

Practice the meditation: "God and all beings are one". It will help you perceive God’s grace in all earthly manifestations from a speck of dust to cosmic sensations, solar eclipses, and pure thoughts that visit you. It is most essential for each one of you to realize God’s presence everywhere, in everything, within yourselves. He takes care, guards, perfects, and loves.

I want you to think of Me constantly — with Love, joy, and light that illumines the soul. I will help you each minute to discern Me in everything. I will direct your eyes and show Myself in all manifestations of existence. Love is also Me: love of parents, relatives, beloved men and women. You should experience this, rather than just understand. I am your love to all.

Now you must not separate Me and your love to Me from your earthly life. You should not slip into fussy activities. You should always concentrate, think, and see My manifestations in everything. It is not an ordinary work — to search for Me in the every day’s fuss. But as a consequence, you will be able to see that fussy things are not accidental and to find regularity in obvious nonsense. I will teach you this later.

Now try to keep a close look at everything you have been detached from before: atheists, profligates, drunkards, or just nice fellows. Thy all are people. They are all Me. All this is not accidental. You should understand everyone, feel their connection with your life, with Me in your destiny, and accept their presence in your life as Me Who teaches you.

I am asking you: try to keep this in mind. Do not turn away from seemingly senseless people. Love them, love people, and remember Me.

I love you all, I grant My light and My presence to all. Learn to let the light go through you and to carry it to people. Rejoice, love, radiate the light! This is the primary thing you should do now. Learn to live in the midst of earthly concerns and pass through them, just as the beam of light illumines a room through glass; penetrate into the essence of all things. Learn to explain to people their predestination, so that they feel their destiny in your words.

Do you remember what you had been before you came to Me? Learn to feel another person through this, as if it is you who is sitting in this ruined, contaminated physical body and seeking the way out of the dead end.

Relax at your meetings. Physical strain, intense emotions, or obsessive thoughts should be excluded. It is the state of peace alone that makes it possible to open up to each other. The state of relaxation is the state of openness and calm kindness towards other people.

Always live in an emotionally light and positive state. Never allow the presence of any negative emotions, fear, and impatience. No excuses are accepted. Create a favorable energy field for others. Think not of yourselves, but of others. Avoid any preoccupation with your own problems.

Learn these rules by heart.

Never allow any controversies or discords among you. Eliminate any mutually repulsive moments completely. Do your best to promote mutual attraction. Be conscious of your every word and gesture, making sure that they cannot harm anyone around or arouse negative emotional reaction in another person.

Think about the contribution to My work that you can make: each one must feel the degree of their involvement.

If you want to be perfect — be perfect: act like God, think like God, love like God.

Learn to love God the way He loves you. Ask — and you will be given. Ask — and I will teach you this.

Your passionate and loving yearning for Me must be unceasing. Remember Me every second, try to observe Me and love Me. Let it be constant, no matter what you are doing. Your hands may be busy with doing anything, but your head must be thinking of Me and your heart must be brimming with loving aspiration towards Me.

You should learn to love Me. When you feel that you love Me, you will forget all your present concerns, everything that troubles your soul. All this will be no more. It will vanish, like darkness vanishes with the first rays of the sun.

Next: always be kind-hearted to people near you — kind by heart. Let the meaning of these words penetrate deep inside you. I am giving you the prayer-meditation:


Lord! Unite our hearts in You!

Radiate us with Your light, permeating the darkness of our passions!

May all-consuming love expand

And fill our souls with Your exultation!

Oh, spread and grow in us, the seed of Lord!

Filling our hearts with the light of wisdom

and knowledge!

May we always aspire towards You!



Here is the subject for you to reflect upon. There exist three approaches:


1. Self-perfection depends only on God.

2. Only on personal efforts.

3. On joint efforts.


Hence the existence of different schools.

You should find your place in the Evolution on Earth and in the Evolution of the Universe.

Sublimation is the life of sexual energy. The so-called "magnetic center" must feed on the latter. You have to learn to control and guide this process.

The emotional "center" has no energy sources of its own. It feeds on the subtle sexual energy or motoric-instinctive one or — what is still worse — on the intellectual one1. Sexual energy is the subtlest, refined one that exists in your organism now2.

Come to stay in the world of the fine! The highest states of these "centers" are what is your ideal right now. Let your life be filled with light and music of Nature, Harmony, Sun, and Love! I need you to advance into the subtle and exalted state. Only after that will your further progress become possible.

To ensure the mutual understanding in the group, the language common to all is necessary. You should learn this language. This is the language of love, of emotional love.

Let the principle of non-interference guide you in your relations with other people who have some mystic experience. Only observing this principle will you be able to help such people. You should not teach anyone or "open their eyes" now, you should just love them, forgiving them everything, without focusing attention on anything, and then help as much as possible. This is the general principle of work that must be strictly complied with in absolutely all cases. Then any disharmony will be eliminated.

So, the first is anahata. Give it the maximum attention. This is what you should master first of all and in full measure and practice as well3. Watch the people with whom you fail to contact adequately: it is through relations with them that you will get the best opportunity for developing anahata.

Energy depletion during healing process expands and strengthens your energy capacities, which allows channeling increasingly more intense energy streams through them. But it is not this that I want from you now. Use your powers to transform energy vibrations qualitatively. Let only subtle vibrations pass. Power is not needed here, what is required is another quality of the work.

Working in the conditions I am talking about you will not exhaust your energy and will supply others with more refined vibrations, that is with food of a better quality. This kind of help is of higher qualification.

The work with energy also calls for tenderness, ability to let only subtle vibrations pass, deterring everything that is gross. This is the real art.

Total elimination of self-importance is required.

Every going out from the state of love results in accumulation of negative karma4.

When asked for an advice, you should suggest a strategy, rather than the tactics.

Ask those whom you are talking to not to object mentally while listening to you, but to hear your point of view out completely.

It is far from always that "referring to authority" is efficient. Sometimes it is better to say: "This helps me, so you can try it, too".

Test the beginners through work, rather than feed their curiosity with exalted theoretic truths.

You should smile and joke often. External impassivity is not beneficial. Your tenderness will encourage another person to reveal himself. Let him give vent to his feelings.

In case of family conflicts, help those who suffer to switch from the program of rivalry to the program of sacrifice. Love is sacrifice, not rivalry. One should never try to make others like oneself. The other person has the right to be as he is. Teach people to see their own mistakes rather than those of others. Teach them to love a people as they are. And let everyone regard any intricate situation as a school for oneself.

Seek a person’s strong suit, and the first tasks you give to him must be of such a kind that he performs them with joy.

Never criticize the other person severely. Use the following formula: "You could advance with greater success, you would achieve progress more easily... but here is what stands in your way"".

Always encourage the person you are talking to help his fellow men. In case he sees no great purport of his life — guide him to find at least a small one.

When someone is in pain, they do not care about theory.

Dealing with the beginners you should proceed from the particular to the general, not the other way around. This refers to practical work.

Consider this: God sends the souls to incarnate in physical (biological — editor’s note) bodies born to parents who profess different religions. It would be so easy to Him to eliminate the "false religions" by stopping to send souls to incarnate in the societies, which practice those religions, for example. But He does not do that. Why? Is it not due to the fact that these religions are necessary to incarnate people? Or to the fact that souls undergoing evolution ascend from one incarnation to another through all these forms of reflection of the one Truth in people’s minds, as by footsteps of a ladder? Or maybe because God wants the variety of earthly situations to exist — that by placing incarnate people into those situations He creates the conditions for them to get rid of vices and acquire virtues?

No one displaying attention to the other person can speak with him imposing their own point of view.

Attention must be focused only on those questions, with which you are addressed.

Never allow the feeling of superiority over the person, to whom you are showing attention, to come over you. Just try to put yourself in his place so that to be able to perceive his needs.

You must never force and constrain anyone to do anything. Including the matters of spiritual development and service. The only things that are permissible are to suggest and to show the perspective.

Resort to "provocation" to see how the person understands your thought. A lot of masters use such methods. After a person is initiated into a fresh portion of the truth he has to be tested so as to prevent self-delusion on the teacher’s side. In case the disciple’s reaction is inadequate — the further filling of the vessel should take another form. Then the next test takes place and so on and so forth. This is an endless spiral, in which a master changes the methods all the time. Everything depends on his skills: the choice of the tactics and methods. A disciple can either take or spit out the offered food. This is the way I teach you. On the first stage a disciple just accepts. On the second one he learns to feed others, inventing the ways of offering food. This is the creative stage. This is one’s own education in the form of service.

As to your yesterday’s visitor I., she spoke so much of renunciation. What does it mean to her?

She revealed that she devoted her life to God and that He is guiding her. She said that she couldn’t live without God and spoke about her vital need in divine grace. She said that she experienced living God. How should it be understood?

What is God for her?

She does have some experience of mystic states. She regards this as the confirmation that her path is correct. But "God" for her is not higher than the states that she is familiar with. These states are dissimilar: from the loss of consciousness and fevers to dissolution in the universe. Visions of astral plane occur often. All this happens to her all the time.

God is the fairytale to her. "Living God" for her is represented by those states she experiences. "To serve God" means to feel and experience the states that come over her due to various reasons, numerous errors of her lifestyle, and her past. All these states — from fever to revelations — are mixed up in her mind. Her imagination makes the contribution of its own and as a result she is unable to make sense of all this mess without the help of someone else. She feels it and is looking for someone who could separate for her the imaginary pictures from the real ones, states of ailment from those of enlightenment. And that someone is supposed to do this in such a way that she could see this with her own eyes, rather than just to have faith in his words.

For her, God is nearby as long as she feels His divine grace. If a half of her states are taken away from her, it will signify a way downward for her, breaking away from God. An increase of duration, intensity and diversity of such states she sees as "her path to God".

A skillful master would be able to gradually replace her states of ailment with the less detrimental ones by carefully revealing true manifestations possible for her, and by transferring her interest to those ones. Later on, when she is fully submerged into the new, the old will not be of much value for her. This is a quite common principle; in line with it the work with disciples should be performed.

Now, back to her "renunciation". What did she renounce, in reality? The apartment in the city, the constant circle of friends, life and work in the city, the work by qualification5, employment of her intellect, diversified food, good clothing, elementary hygiene, material well-being.

I. is an example of what a person must not be, as you understand this correctly6. But it was essential that you found a method of approaching her at the time of your last meeting, which you failed to do.

She was eager to hear the truth about herself, but in the words that are clear to her. She failed to assimilate your words, because they were not understandable for her. Her range of capabilities in assimilating ideas is narrow. You should determine this range and act within its limits. You should pick up the words and terms adequate for her perception, just slightly transforming her understanding in line with your point of view from time to time. You should not try to shatter and restore. There was no sense in introducing the new. You should merely widen the horizon of her narrow range of perception.

One must speak with people in the language understandable to them. One must learn another person’s language. First, one has to listen attentively to find out what terms he uses to name different notions. This is what constitutes the differentiation of earthly languages. People name one and the same thing differently. And the vice versa — using the same word one person may imply different meaning from what the other one does.

Another thing. I want you to learn to distinguish the actions of truth from the false ones, i.e. the actions that unite, join, and create from those that disunite and destroy.

Everyone should have a clear idea of what they are composed of, "dismantle" themselves into separate parts and mechanisms so that to "assemble" them later into the whole one and use this "machine" of the organism in line with their purposes.

Each "center"7 can be seen as a separate world, a specific "organism" capable of existing autonomously, to a certain degree, independently of other "centers". Dominating "centers" are sometimes mistaken for the essence or personality of a man. Properly interrelated "centers" form the system, which is considerably higher. The whole system controls chakras, using them in accord with its needs. The system of chakras itself must be well-arranged too8. Then the work will proceed as if on the keyboard, automatically.

As far as chakras are concerned you know that each person has a system of chakras. These all are the links of one chain constituting one large energetic system. Each chakra has the miraculous capability to ensure penetrating into other planes of Creation. One can transfer from one dimension into another and then come back with the help of chakras.

This is nice that you have become softer, covering all with your gentleness. But more profound "pathways" into the other people’s understanding are required. You should penetrate into the other person’s world, his understanding of things. You have to perceive the basis of his world outlook, to take a look at the outer world through his eyes. It is not possible to do this without the person himself. His help is essential. Let him tell you more about himself; you have to join him and look from where he is in the direction he is looking. Practice standing by his side and listening to him, rather than to yourself. Then compare his perception with the objective, real picture. You may see the three-dimensional image while the other person — only a flat one, perceiving the object only from one side. You have to make out what the person you are talking to sees.

Imagine that you are alone and tiny in front of the unified God of the whole universe. Look what you should have become and what you are.

You are at the Last Judgment. Imagine what I would tell you and now try to judge yourself. Do you feel like you are set in the pillory? Think not of minor sins, but rather on the large scale. I have pinned you to the wall with my Gaze. What is your answer? It is the great Love that I wanted to teach you.

Contemplate the predestination of man. And your predestination. What kind of person would God like to see me and what kind of person am I now? What did I do for myself and what did I do for others? What did I sacrifice to God?

Assess your whole life from this position.

And determine what kind of person you would become, if the Judgment Day were postponed. And keep in mind that I love you, nonetheless!

Learn to look at yourself with the eyes of God.

Try to regard your present stage of life as the platform for the new leap towards Perfection.

God gives everyone as much divine grace as they can hold. Then a person does with this grace as he sees fit.

Learn to see the world with the eyes of God. Try to be like Him, giving people as much good as each of them can hold.

You performed the healing procedure beautifully! Congratulations! I love you very dearly.

"Oh Lord! Share Your Love for me among all!"9

You are making a serious mistake now. You must not assume even for a second that I love you more, than others. I love very much all people, including you.

I forbid any kind of pressure on the people around. Let only your state of love be your only instrument, not a stick in your hands! It is up to everyone’s free will how to use the information given through you.

Your personal account before God is your state of love. You have no right to be out of the state of love. Otherwise, you lose the platform of doing the work for God.

As long as this platform is firm, a mistake is impossible.


Once again: keep it in mind, all who pass information from Me! None of you should insist on the acceptance of what was said through you. Everyone has their own free will and their own intellect. Everyone is free to use the received information according to their abilities and aptitudes. No one must impose to other people their interpretation of the God’s opinion. For what one person accepts as a law, another may take as a mockery.

You should attain the level, where the bounds of your bodies would be perceived as obscure, the level where your self would be expanding absolutely freely, and make this state natural for you. Only through this will you be able to realize a complete peace and harmony with environment, with God.

Penetration into subtle planes of other objects (minerals, plants, animals, and people) will help you easily enter into the harmony of the Creation. This method is effective, in particular, in helping other people — by leveling off their energetic states.

Having mastered this, one becomes capable of breaking free from the chains of matter and is no more enthralled by one’s physical body.

Have one more prayer-meditation:


"The Creator, our Father and Ruler!

Oh, Lord! Grant us, wanderers of the universe,

Your Divine Grace and Blessing!

Bestow the light of Your Love and Wisdom upon us

And confer on us its part that never dies away!

Enrobe our hearts in the purity of humility,

in the joy of peace and calm!

Bring to life the source of might within us and empower our spirit!

Rid us of all desires, but the one to submit to Your will!

And do not deprive us of your help in our prayers!

Give, oh Lord, the needy ones the food they crave!

Save this planet of ours as long as at least one in thirst remains on it!

May we find delight and happiness

In the ceaseless struggle with ourselves!

May each effort of ours benefit all beings!

May our lives become an endless glorious act

On the path of seeking the truth!

Eternal devotion, thanksgiving, and glory to You, oh Lord!



Development proceeds through active mastering of new skills, rather than through mere renunciation of the old vices. Is it how those who walk by your side understand it? Make this kind of analysis — and you will see a lot of interesting things.

You should fathom out the world of everyone — only then their purposes will become clear.

So that people could work together effectively, each of them has to have the real goal, which he shares with others — the common purpose.

True unity is possible when everyone feels responsible for others.

Learn to see a person with his objective interests, just the way God sees him. Strive to render him more competent help — this is the kind of assistance God provides. Learn to give to your fellow men as much good as he is capable of holding — that is the way God acts.

Regard your service as love, not as work.

You are performing your mission; I control the events.

The path to Me lies through the continuous reflection on Me. I am not the abstraction. I do exist in reality. It is out of question that you can be short of time for this meditation. This is your life with Me.

Either you love Me — or no serious work is possible.

I try to constantly speak about My love to you. No evolution, no progress is possible without it. Each of you understands love in their own way. Not everyone opens their heart wide for love. Everyone is willing to be loved, but not everyone is willing to love unconditionally.

Love is the platform for everything. This is the driving force of God.

Meditation on love must be constant. The level of performing this indicates the possibility of working further.

Love God, get closer to Him — and He will get closer to you.

The best means of destroying love is to demand love to oneself.

To love means to give, not to take, — to give away without demanding a payback, without hope of receiving a reward.

See whether you are able of taking offense at anyone. This is a control question.

Get filled with light, abide in light, and radiate light to all!

Be sensitive. Take part in the life of everyone.

Try to understand and direct people. Attune their souls in accord with the entire universe.

Light must become your home. It should no longer be a metaphor for you.

Never want anything from anyone.

Your program will be quite severe. Its purpose is to lift you up to a principally new level. The old techniques will be used as well, but they will yield different results. You should become mighty warriors with unbending will.

I am starting the second course of My school on Earth — the second stage of trials. I will not put up with your defects. There will not be any lenience toward your folly. Only that one will be with Me who will prove capable of enduring My plan.

Renunciation of earthly concerns and attachments should accompany your ascension. Everything that is of earth must stay on the earth. And you must live another kind of life — I will give it to you — the life of divine grace. We will begin it starting from the spring. And now it is the stage of transforming your bodies, trying to enter the new system of life, adapting to new conditions.

Purity and freshness must fill every cell of your bodies. A kind of new bodies must be created to live in the new conditions. But it calls for renunciation of a lot of things, for abandonment.

New conditions for climb must be created. The ascent will be vertical. Your present earthly situation is unfavorable; this is quite serious. The way out is only upwards.

Remember how I have been leading you before — step by step. And now there is a new height to be mastered.

I placed you into a rather difficult situation. But it is this situation that is indispensable to your development. Failures on your path occur not by chance. You are still standing out of the human society though you have done a lot in this respect. You disregard one major factor: understanding your own role in the society and the task facing you. Your task, formulated once again, is as follows: "a person as a component of the society". This question is capacious, comprising many aspects; you should consider all of them.

Now — let us get into a greater detail regarding the work. The future success will depend on taking into account the viewpoints of various people, on collecting and "processing" their opinions. You can learn a lot of new and interesting things. At present you still are not free from narrowness. Try to perform the mental work again to find out new means of serving people on Earth. It will be of invaluable benefit to you. Expand the range of applying your power.

The new stage of work will require that you do not feel material any longer, that you achieve disidentification with your bodies and master the ability of seeing your bodies from aside. Remain sensitive to My information: you are My school.

Mental purification can be attained only by means of thinking only good thoughts, while leaving no place for a single bad thought. This becomes possible only from Nirvana.

To condemn others is the easiest way of self-affirmation (the false one).

Whatever each of you is doing, you should do it for Me and in contact with Me.

All of your thoughts and all of you are on the palm before Me. Each of you must become thoroughly included in Me — then no problems will remain.

What did you bring to Me?

What was your contribution into enriching Me?

One must be prepared to the conversation like this.

And keep in mind: the one who is given more is accountable for more.

All achievements are naught, if you are alone. You should be surrounded by like-minded growing beings. Direct you care to sowing and raising the seeds.

Look at specific people as if they were in the depth of the Ocean.

Do not be surprised at the primitivism of some religious teachings: their primitive language is intended for the beginners in religion, for awakening them. Some of those who awakened will start their personal search and will progress.

Do not cling to people! It you cling to people — you may lose God.

To be in God is to be totally included into the Ocean of His Consciousness.

You should be able to change methods easily. Do not be afraid to break away from the final point of the old program.

Dandelion may serve as an example for you. Its seeds break and fly away without knowing where they will land. But where they will land there the new life will begin. This is the element of non-attachment, of freedom. Being detached from the old allows one to acquire the new.

You are to grow and to develop now, having found yourself in the new place. In that new point, to which you will arrive, you will be able to see everything from a different angle. This moment will provide a new, fresh look at the world and at many truths.

Do not be afraid of leaving old dogmas behind!

The forthcoming stage of your work with Me will result in the achievement of a new landmark, where you will come to the next "full stop", after which the next advancement and the new cycle of work will start. The physical body is directly related to the whole complex of spiritual work. You transport yourself on Earth with the help of your bodies. See your body as the comfortable casing, which you inhabit. This casing must not hinder your intentions. It must be your obedient instrument, not the worst enemy. I created it in order to make your lives comfortable. The body is the coarsest plane of yourself, and you must discipline it. I am stating once again: this casing is like clothing for you. Good clothing does not hinder, but rather helps. It must not restrict movements or create obstacles, but it should perform everything that its master requires.

Your perfection becomes reality starting from the physical (dense — editor’s note) plane.

Try to find the bridge that spans the two banks: being detached from your body — and being connected to it through senses. Use this rule: keeping the body under control, without letting it hold power over you. Consciousness acts freely in the free body.

You should never use any old method just out of habit. New techniques must predominate.

Regard a spiritual school in the image of a snake. A snake moves forward, bad cells of her body falling away and the healthy cells proceeding with the head.

Head is a special organ. It is composed of several elements. The head determines the direction of movement. The head overcomes obstacles first. Wanderings of the tongue that feels the way do not constitute forward movements of the body yet.

The head as a part of the body signifies the vanguard group. Tongue is the personal search of each of its members. Destiny of each member of the group may differ individually, but this does not prevent them from going together.

Everyone has their own destiny, their own life. Esoteric work implies putting together, summing up personal efforts of everyone to perform the tasks that are common. Individual lives are made interdependent over the period of the joint advance. Very close relations are composed of this. And the whole group may work inadequately or even regress, if it lacks a steady guidance or if the group was composed in an incoherent way. You have always managed to avoid the latter mistake, because it was not you who composed the group, but I.

In each stage of work — in keeping with specific tasks — I perform a kind of "switching on" and "switching off", making certain members of the group either active or passive. There are also moments of "recharging" so that to give you some rest to all and to give the work a new impetus.

Each member of the group contributes — knowingly or unknowingly — to the learning process of others. This interaction and mutual influence may take on diverse forms, quite unexpected at times.

Remember that Jesus also had dissimilar disciples.

You are short of time and there are a lot of things to be accomplished. I take those who have come to Me to the path and lead them by narrow trails. You cannot apprehend all the obstructions lying in wait for you on the way, thus you have to hold on to My hand. I do not want you to look backwards. Your steps must be even, your walk firm. Your attention must be directed at Me.

In order to realize My plan you will have to learn to look at yourselves from within.

The program will involve intellectual and physical work on the background of the soft wave of love. Success will be preceded by a series of your attempts aimed at "rearrangement" of your whole energy system.

I also intend to reform your thinking. To this aim you have to give up some of your thinking patterns.

In particular, you have to discard your manner of thinking of yourselves as of separate beings. The limits of your self-awareness must become blurred. The separate being must vanish, dissolve, sink in the Ocean of unity of all living beings. Each action must originate not from oneself and return not to oneself. Individual energy does not exist; there is only the universal one. (In the ordinary religious practice, performance of certain rituals contributes to this). This unity must be felt on all planes: from the dense to the subtlest ones. Realization of oneness with all people constitutes the fulfillment of the Law of Love that Jesus Christ brought to Earth.

I am giving several instructions to you:

Start to expand in the emptiness of the universe.

Never get into the hellfire like a shot. Look around first — and after that proceed.

Never shoot either people or animals. Never eat the flesh of living or killed creatures.

Never put your head into the mouth of a lion or a tiger.

Never break your staff while walking — it may come in useful.

Take care of your soul while fighting and do not give the whole of yourself to the battle.

Never attack first.

Practice seeing Me in all that lives, exploring life high and low, in the most secret corners of the universe.


"Magic of words" cannot bring one to the understanding of the Truth. Seek the source — for your soul’s sake.

In this stage, find perfection through accepting everything. I am everywhere — in every manifestation of every creature.

Learn to think on the sahasrara scale about entire nature — in the entire universe. I am AAM10

Atman11 is one for all. There are no distinctions in Atman. This must become your guiding slogan. Atman is in everything. Accept this idea. I am Atman. And start your meditation right from this plane. Your work must include Me. Nothing must be done without Me. You should always feel a constant contact with Me. This is the highest form of Nirvana. Regard yourselves as not having any individual structures any longer. You have to accept this thesis now, so that to strenghten your positions in Nirvana and to make new advances in it.

I offer you the control question for self-analysis: "Here I am left without my body casing. What am I going to do now?"

Once again: imagine that you died...Take a look from there — at here: what is valuable and what is not in the face of you death.

Watch closely what I am going to do with you...

Consider an analogy between the development of an individual and that of the manifested universe. From nothing — spirals start to unfold; the rotation of the humming-top gets started. Rotation of the humming-top means overcoming of its inertia. This is the way I start working with each of you. And — along with this humming-top’s rotation — its energy and the amount of light it radiates are increasing, the space around starts to vibrate and sound... — and the whole world will start spinning one day! And the same will be taking place countless number of times.

Transcend the scale on which you operated before. Take a look from the new positions, using the cosmic time. You must open yourselves up so that new — cosmic — time could enter you.

The laws of life on Earth are the laws of birth and death. Your duty — is to get off this wheel now. You may become masters of your destinies.

To make it possible for Me to put this program into you, you had to get to where you are now. Everything you have done is the minimum required for changing your way of being. I want to initiate you into the techniques that allow one to do considerably more. The next cycle of work will be dedicated to this.

In order to learn to be real masters of yourselves, you have to master the stable state of Nirvana.

One person is preparing himself for living, while another one is getting ready for dying...

This is what determines the difference among people12. Neither of these tendencies should be considered absolute: it is for the life on Earth that a child must prepare, otherwise he will learn nothing. But if an old man acts in the same way, without thinking of his death — this is ridiculous. A turning point must come at a certain moment. This moment is individual for everyone. It should take place naturally, no coercion is permitted. But people must be informed of this.

I repeat once again: those who have not concluded the first stage cannot be moved up to the second one — this may turn out to be detrimental to their mental health.

Only energetic and passionate people can go through the both stages. Their energy capacities must be folded out after the first stage is mastered — for mastering the second one.

It is essential to find methods of developing energy capacities for those who lack them.

Prior to advancing to Nirvana everyone must go through the period of getting mature on the material plane. Otherwise, they may get confused and lost. Renunciation of the earthly should be strictly voluntary and natural, rather than forced or performed as a volitional act. Intellectual resolution should be the incentive, in accord with the emotional "center" and with the blessing of the latter. Renunciation must be timely.

If you only knew how dear to Me is that villain you are thinking of now! How many things I can teach other people through this man! Just like I taught you through the people like him.

I direct each of you in your interactions with other people to take actions you are capable of, that is, within the range of the abilities of each of you: physical, intellectual and ethic ones.

I test the righteous ones this way — by offering them to perform certain actions. This is how I use criminals, that is, the ethically downfallen people — to bring others to reason. In this sense, each person the God’s will.

By this day you have done a large part of what you were eager to do. But you have not done the major thing yet: you still do not love My Essence in Me to the proper extent and you do not love all people yet.

I want to see you ever free and loving Me. Get rid of everything that prevents you from becoming this.

Try to feel the rhythm of God’s life and enter it.

"I want to take a more active part in the evolution, helping other beings to develop. I feel low-spirited because of my passivity."

Look at Me: am I really passive? I am active and eternally alive!

But to enter Me thoroughly is difficult. To accomplish this, you must have more power. Its development is possible only through interacting with Me in everything I say and in whatever I tell you to do.

When you realize that there is nothing else for you to do on Earth — then you will be with Me. Otherwise, you will be preoccupied all the time13.

Keep My words in mind, as if I live for the sake of fulfilling your spiritual aspirations.

My destiny is within keeping and guarding of aspiration and flourishing in the Spirit. Your dependence on Me — is in the common destiny.

Search for the fire of divine perception and uplift within yourselves. Look into the soul of God and try to keep its warmth. Kindle this fire on a small scale first and then expand it.

Sincere desire of intimacy with Me, of joint actions is of vital importance.

"I have nothing to do on Earth any longer!"

Soar in spirit and become one with Me.

"How can I do it more quickly?"

You still have a lot of the earthly in yourself and this is what holds you back.

"What exactly?"

That one who becomes free from all attachments becomes one with Me.

To become one with Me — this should be the central thought for you now. Hurry to put it into practice. Repeat this formula as an appeal, as a mantra.

The reason of the soul’s embarrassment and suffering is rooted in its being separate from God.

One must love, respect his enemies and even celebrate their victories over oneself. If one beats them, this will result in regrettable and unwanted karmic predicaments.

Trials are awaiting you, for which you will be very grateful to Me.

Tomorrow you will get the answers to the questions you asked Me today. I am hurrying to inform you of this, because your time on Earth is running out. Today at midnight I am starting the countdown of your stay on Earth. Then — the unknown, the other world.

You will die this night at dawn. Think: what have you not done yet14?

It is practically impossible to satisfy your yearning for Me at once. Repeated climbs and soarings are required...

Keep faith in inalienable miracle of resurrection from the dead through the substances of Life.

Complete My "half-way" decisions in yourselves. Wish your friends and enemies good without forcing them to choose the correct way.

Seek correct decisions through penetrating into the heart of God — peaceful, eternal, and serene life.

Do not allow yourselves to be preoccupied with vain, fleeting concerns for the past day and the day to come.

Rock is firm but transient. May the eternal heart alone — the greatest value of the soul’s existence15 — stay in the everlasting life.

While performing the boundless service to the Divine Truth, be able to use other people’s aspiration to light.

Existence on the non-manifested plane will be possible solely for those who possess wisdom. One must become baked — like a pancake — on the both sides. When this is realized, the soul acquires tranquility and only then the smooth existence will begin.

Enough of your scare of the search problem! There is nothing here to be afraid of. Doubts are harmful only to idiots. Scare is pernicious for life in the light.

Maintain independence of your judgments.

You should no longer look forward to receiving My help: I cannot change your lives quicker than you can do this yourselves.

Flow, skirting all corners and obstacles. The state of flowing is the preservation of energy, your own energy of peace.

Find peace being intimate with Me, without any contests or combats.

Beware of intricate ways of searching for the truth. I am in Atman and in essence of all things.

Glorious action of voluntary death for the sake of others is beneficial, but your lot is different. You are destined to struggle for Perfection until the last breath and not to seek to die.

Try to cultivate the feeling of absurdity (for you) of your living on Earth. Submerge into the being of God. Those who are called upon — enter the eternal life!

"But I do not feel like being in this body any longer!"

The solution consists in becoming more independent of the body. You need to accept your destiny. Keep waiting!

Tomorrow death will touch you — this intimidates the fainthearted ones.

To go out of life on Earth is simple. But from now on it would be a selfish action for you.

I leave you on Earth and entrust you with the task to develop Yoga.

Learn to desire nothing except elementary needs of the body. Everything else must be in Me and with Me.

You attained the Liberation and karma does not trouble you any longer. But this — is a bit less than a half of the way toward Perfection.

Relax for a few days before starting the new stage. Have some rest, do not torment yourself!

You and each of you are just a brief moment in the Eternity of the university.

Seek Perfection at this stage through accepting everything. I am everywhere and in every manifestation of every being.

Keep in mind that every person starts from developing his body, then — his mind and later — his consciousness.

The Truth is that I am in you, in the whole of the universe, in every living being. Searching for Me in heaven, as you know — is a waste of time and energy.

Buckets are lowered into the well and each of them is on its own height. Which of them contains more of Me? The one, which is lower, or the one, which is higher?

As to you — I raised you above the well... And you are shining high above it. In case it turns out to be too high I bring you lower each time as much as not to let you fly away and burst. My wisdom is in letting one fly as much as he likes without getting burnt or falling down and crashing. And I am guiding you while holding back your fervent and passionate yearning for Me.

"So, you have overcome one more turning point. What are we going to do next?"

You tell Me.

It is I who takes responsibility for your leaving the body. I will be responsible for that.

Try to acquire awareness of worthlessness of your earthly affairs in the face of the Universal God — this will prevent the idea of personal importance.

Always be facing God.

You are in the Ocean of the Universal God. Plunge into Him — and dissolve.

Keep love in your heart without drawing people’s obedience to you.

Serve people as I serve them; and they do not know this.

Hope is rooted in thoughts of the future. But one must live here and now. Reject all thoughts like: "I will do this later", "It will be a success later, in the Future"!

"What do You do, Lord Brahman?16. What are you engaged in?"

My look is directed to the affairs of earthly creatures. I requite love and all glimpses of love, sustain, and fortify them.

"What does it take to become Brahman?"

Love, purity, and power. Power — to perform what you have done now, having come to encounter Me.

"Is the experience of life also required?"

Yes, it is required so that the help to people was possible and effective.

"Can a person who is loving and refined, yet unwise, merge with You?"

As you know, it is only I who can bring one closer to Me. What do I need such a simpleton for? He is naught yet.

"Lord Ishvara17, can I merge with You right now?"

No, let Brahman be your home at first. I do not need you as you are now. Brahman radiates His Love to everyone and everything. Learn from Him. Eliminate the kinetic aspect, all residue of rajas18, kshatrism19, including forceful spreading of your knowledge... Eliminate all the residue of your "self" manifested in your ambitions and in regarding some people as your enemies. Become humble. Encourage every manifestation of love in all beings, including sinful people.

And as for as your stay on Earth is concerned — I am responsible for it.

You have come to know God in all His aspects, but you are still not God. To become God is impossible, it is possible only to disappear in Him. These are different things.

Tend to my sheep without being oblivious of Me. You can master your next stages only through serving people — just the way I do. Consider how I perform this.

I want to make you God. But in order to make it possible you must no longer be a human being.

Can God take offence?

Slowing down of the growth rate is caused by isolating oneself.

Ishvara is the Witness and Adviser, rather than dictator.

"How do you serve people, Lord Ishvara?"

I stand aside, not involved into commotion, and those who want to, come to Me. I never obtrude Myself on anyone. And everyone who approaches Me takes from Me as much as he likes and can.

I stand and radiate light — allowing everyone to be nurtured by this light.

Be one with Me — I will teach you to love all with My indivisible Love.

Yes, I am in the entire universe. Yes, the multi-dimensional universe has been bottomless for you now. But who said that I am at the very bottom? I am the entire universe — from its bottom to the body of any creature20.

I am the Bonfire. My flame rises from the bottom, and on top there is black brushwood. You reached the very bottom, congratulations!

Today I am initiating you into the very essence of processes that take place in the universe. But you should understand one thing: one must never be fearful of anything, because I am — in everything. I will help you realize every trifle, every detail, if you are with Me even in your sleep, if you are in Me.

The universe does have a bottom. And this bottom is I as well. I am the Universal Bonfire. And you no longer need anyone among people as your ally. Now — is the time for the complete mergence with Me.

Keep it in mind: each one goes to God, to Ishvara exclusively by oneself. Ishvara is the Home, to which everyone comes only when they need this home very strongly. No one can be lead into it by the hand.

Teaching is allowed only on initial stages. Let people — each one of them — be guided to Me only by their desire to know Me, rather than by your or some one else’s example. People must enter Me not because of their inherent imitative tendency. It is not the meditation techniques that are the major thing here. What is critical her is only love — Love to Me.

"Tell me, oh Lord, what else should I do on Earth before I leave it?"

Love your mother, love Christ, direct your love towards mergence with Me, love all people and all creatures, love them along with Me — in parallel, love as I do. And compare. Learn everything from Me. And leave everyone alone with Me. Let them find refuge in Me, rather than in communication with your body.

And it is really necessary to enter the multidimensional universe completely, to the bottom. Only then, only from there the full realization of everything I was talking about becomes possible.



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