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The “Third Eye” and
the “Sun of God”

The ideas about the potential existence of the “third eye”, which can be opened with the help of special methods in order to gain clairvoyance, appeared most likely thanks to an ancient saying of Krishna recorded in the Bhagavad Gita [8,11]:

8:9. The one who knows everything about the Eternal Omnipresent Ruler of the world, the One subtler than the subtlest, the Foundation of everything, formless, shining like the Sun behind the darkness,

8:10. who at the moment of departure does not distract the mind and love, being in Yoga (In Mergence with Ishvara — with God-the-Father, the Creator, the Primordial Consciousness), who OPENS THE PASSAGE OF ENERGY BETWEEN THE EYEBROWS — such one attains the Highest Divine Spirit!

8:11. This Path which men of knowledge call the Path to the Eternal, which spiritual warriors go through self-control and liberation from passions, which brahmacharyas walk — that Path I will describe to you in brief.

8:12. Having closed all gates of the body (i.e. the organs of sense), locked the mind in the heart, directing the Atman to the Supreme, being established firmly in Yoga,

8:13. chanting the mantra of Brahman AUM and being conscious about Me — anyone departing so from the body attains the Supreme Goal.

Later on, many people striving to develop clairvoyance, but not understanding the essence of the Teachings of God, dedicated themselves to self-harming by concentrating in the point between the eyebrows… This resulted in activation of the ajna chakra — one of the coarsest chakras. And this, in its turn, resulted in the development of a “sharp”, “piercing” unpleasant look in such persons and in coarsening of the entire consciousnesses… Moreover, the ajna chakra (by the way, its name is translated as “non-wise” or “foolish”, simply speaking) is the center of the human lower self! Therefore, concentration in it provokes accelerated growth of egocentrism — as opposed to the necessity of realization of God-centrism on the spiritual Path… Thus such people moved in the direction opposite from Perfection…

But one has to walk to Perfection with the help of completely different methods! They imply development of oneself as a spiritual heart, as love! Krishna and all other Divine Teachers told us about this (see [8])!

By the way, even from this short excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita we can see that one has to begin spiritual efforts not with concentration in the head chakra.

Let us see what Krishna talks about in this excerpt:

a) one has to cognize everything about Ishvara, Who is the subtlest form of consciousness of all existing in the universe;

b) one has to learn to see Him in the form of a Divine Sun, in particular;

c) one has to learn to live with the concentration of the consciousness in the Atman;

d) one has to stay in Mergence with Ishvara;

e) one has to learn to live with the mind functioning not in the head of the material body but in the developed spiritual heart (which begins its growth from within the purified and developed anahata chakra);

f) one has to be free from subjection to earthly passions.

Let me repeat that mere concentration of the unrefined and coarse consciousness in the ajna chakra leads to an increase in the coarseness of the entire consciousness (soul) and to growth of egocentrism. The way to cognition of Ishvara is opposite and consists, first of all, in development of oneself as love and subtlety! Without development of these two qualities in oneself, one cannot cognize God and come to Mergence with Him! And one cannot achieve these qualities without zealous work on full purification and principal increase of the spiritual heart (more detail in [9 and others]).

One has to work with the ajna chakra as well, but with the help of other methods: not by concentrating in it and not by trying to look through the point between the eyebrows.

By the way, what is this point? It is the center of the “window” of the ajna chakra. This “window” includes the forehead, the eyes, and the region of the nose. Yes, this “window” has to be opened and cleansed — together with the chakra. (One has to do it also with all other chakras and their “windows”).

How can one do it? The basic practical methods are described in book [9]. At the final stage, this work is performed with the use of the Fire of the Divine Sun (“Sun of God”).

The “Sun of God”, according to Jesus Christ [17], is a visible (to the eyes of a soul developed as a spiritual heart) structure exceeding in size by thousands of times the usual disk of the Sun that we see in the sky.

The “Sun of God” appears in a place where any of the Greatest Divine Teachers, such as Krishna, Jesus, Sathya Sai Baba, Surya, Lada, Yamamata, Eagle, Adler, and Others (see [8]), comes out from the Abode of Ishvara into the world of the Creation.

In order to purify the ajna chakra and its “window”, one has to learn to see the “Sun of God”, to enter It with the consciousness, to merge with It, to come with Its Fire to the material body, to enter the anahata chakra from behind, to rise through the middle meridian up to the ajna chakra— and then to emanate forward from it as a flow of the Divine Fire.

How can one learn it? The only possibility is to follow the principal methodological steps described in book [9].

What is the result of this work? In addition to full elimination of all defects in the body treated with this Fire, it ensures complete purity of thinking.

Further treatment of the entire body with the Divine Fire can result in transfiguration of the energy composing the matter of the body and can provide one with the ability to control the matter of the body and the matter of other objects.

* * *

So, does moving the Fire through the ajna chakra constitute “opening of the ‘third eye’”? No!

The point is that the true “third eye” originally resides not in the ajna chakra but in another chakra — in the anahata!

If one develops oneself as a spiritual heart, then such a soul gains an organ of vision capable of seeing in the subtlest spatial dimensions (lokas, eons). That is, such a spiritual seeker becomes capable of seeing the Holy Spirits (Who compose Brahman) and Ishvara in His Abode. In this case, God — in His different Manifestations — can be seen as clearly as we see material objects with the eyes of our material bodies!

And then such a seeker can create the Divine Fire by coming out from the Abode of Ishvara and can try to burn away with this Fire everything in the body that looks denser than the Divine Fire. Then not only the consciousness (soul) becomes Divine but the body as well.

This is, by the way, the Fire from Within that Juan Matus (Don Juan) described to Carlos Castaneda [16].

And let me repeat that one has to begin with developing oneself as a spiritual heart, which is the organ of love that enables us to learn to truly love the Creation and then the Creator as well.

Krishna said the following about this:

11:54. … Only love can contemplate Me in My innermost Essence and merge with Me!

13:10-11. Steadfast and pure love for Me… — this is acknowledged as true.

12:14. … Seeking Unity with Me, resolutely cognizing the Atman, devoted the mind and consciousness to Me — such a loving Me disciple is dear to Me.

12:20. … All… for whom I am the Supreme Goal — … are dear to Me above all!

Well, it is such “third eyes” that we have to strive to gain! Isn’t it?


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