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About Magic

Magic includes first of all bioenergetical or psychoenergetical influence. The latter of them is the influence by the energy of the consciousness, contrary to the use of the organism�s bioenergies, which can also be controlled with magical purposes. Other magical phenomena include the following:

� the use of stones, water, or other objects possessing significant energy with the purpose of healing or putting a curse,

� control of the outer energies which do not belong to one�s own organism,

� cases when the influence is exerted by spirits or by God at the request or order (to spirit) from a person.

Yes, some powerful spirits are capable of exerting an impressive influence on material objects. Such an example is the well-known phenomenon of poltergeist, when in a house objects begin to fly, to disappear and to appear, to catch fire. Such things happen not only in Europe: many such cases are described, for example, in the remarkable book Gods of Tropical Africa by B.Olya [37].

Warlocks, shamans, and priests of various religions are not necessarily magicians: they can be subdivided into those who just perform rituals (which very often are meaningless and useless for the participants) and those who indeed have mastered magic.

In magic, one can use supplementary or camouflaging methods � mantras, incantations, prayers, gestures, music, dances, rituals. Yet these do not work by themselves: when they are used by different people or even by the same person yet in different emotional states � the effect can be quite different.

For instance, by making the sign of the cross, one can give bliss and healing � or cause harm. And if one performs the same action without a pronounced emotional attitude, then it produces no effect whatsoever.

For example, I knew a sorceress who believed that she was a warrior of Nicholas the Wonderworker. She, hating all non-Orthodox believers, struggled against them in the following way. She came to an Orthodox temple during public service, stood behind the praying people, looked for �suspicious� strangers, and began to �test� them by �imprinting� energy crosses of her hatred into their bodies. She sincerely believed that the sign of the cross could not harm a righteous person. Her victims always felt sick and went out of the temple. This made her believe in the effectiveness of her �service� and inflated her ardor.

Sometimes she did the same thing outside temples. For example, she came uninvited to a celebration of someone�s marriage together with the crowd of guests, sat together with everyone at the table, and�

Many knew her as a sorceress. And one day someone shot her dead. After disembodiment, she became a demon and continued her activity of harming incarnate people; but now she does it from the non-material world�

When she was embodied, she hated me and even attacked me with her sorcery because I � at her request � tried to help her get rid of her awful energetical coarseness. After my influence she felt that� she became weaker in her magical affairs�

� Once I had a conversation with her, after her disembodiment. I was curious to know why she was not hostile towards me at this time. She answered:

�Now I know that you are from God��

� While I am writing this now and thinking about her, she has come again.

Yes, it always happens like this: when we think about God � we attract Him to us, when we think about devils and demons � we attract them�

I asked her: what are you doing now? (Many years have passed since our last conversation).

�I release the insane people from seals�, she answered.

I understood from that that she releases feebleminded people so that they can participate in the socio-political life�

� Yes, it seems that her team has been working for a long time�

On the other hand, it is thanks to the struggle with evildoers like her that true heroes develop virtues on the Path to Perfection! How would they develop if there were no feebleminded directors and other incarnate evil?

Verily: �Everything is boon�!

* * *

The hypnotic influence in any form and independent of the intentions of the hypnotist is magic, though hypnotist-materialists do not know this. The essence of this influence is that the strong soul suppresses the weak one. Verbal formulas of suggestion for the patient to fall asleep and the influence causing tiredness of the patient�s vision, which are used by hypnotists, are nothing but methods for strengthening the suppressive effect. The strongest magician-hypnotists do not need them at all: they can paralyze and enslave the consciousness of the patient just by their psychoenergetical influence.

The latter was demonstrated very brightly in the show with non-verbal suggestion by Albert Ignatenko. After selecting the most suggestible persons from volunteers, he demonstrated on the stage the following miracles:

He asked a young man:

�What is your name?�


�How old are you?�


�Tell me once again: what is your name?�

�Igor Petrovich.�

�How old are you?�

�Fifty eight.�

�Once again, what is your name?�

�Maria Ivanovna.�

�How old are you?�


�Maria Ivanovna, what is your name?�


Another miracle with another volunteer:

�Can you imagine that a glass wall appears right here on the stage in front of you?�


�Are you sure?�

�Of course!�

Ignatenko clapped his hands � and this man began to touch perplexedly the wall which only he could see, to knock at it�

Another miracle:

A young man sitting on a chair on the stage began to make strange movements with his hands.

�What are you doing?�

�Don�t you see?�

�I see, but could you tell it to the audience?�

�I am milking the goat!��

Ignatenko demonstrated in his show these and many other similar numbers with volunteers who were not put into the hypnotic state by some method noticeable to the audience. This is one of the Manifestations of the power of a highly crystallized consciousness! This is a mysterious problem for materialists!

* * *

Magic can be white, black, and just magic.

White magic implies doing good (with the help of the mechanisms described here). One of its examples is healing.

People practicing white magic develop in themselves such aspects of Love as compassion and care; they also develop themselves in the psychoenergetical direction and learn to give useful recommendations to very different people. If such magicians hold the interests of others above their own interests and do not become tempted by money or glory, then they are on the true path.

Black magic implies making harm to others with the help of magical methods independent of the motives for doing it. And the motives can be very different: from hatred towards everyone � to a desire to avenge someone, to rid the society from a villain, etc.

Motives can be different but the result for the magician is always the same: development of malice and coarsening of the consciousness, which ultimately leads one to hell.

This is why God teaches us: do not judge, do not condemn, do not get angry; on the contrary � forgive and be compassionate! Remember that the destinies of all beings � both good and evil � are controlled by Me, God! It is I Who allows calamities that come through villains � for teaching the righteous!

�I control all! Do not get angry with anyone!� � thus He told me when my body had been maimed by a gang of students of a pseudo-spiritual school. I refused then to avenge and to hate them, and accepted this episode as God�s pointing out to me the necessity of radically changing my life� and I benefited much from this. As for them, who have not repented, � He will judge them. He is the supervisor of our destinies � both of those who go to Him and of those who become the waste of the Evolution.

By the way, I was told that my main killer after his attack on me had a severe pain in his hands � the hands by which he was killing me; he even was in the hospital. Another member of their group, the woman who spread the slander against me, suffered a gang rape afterwards� But it was just hints to the necessity of repentance; the rest awaits them in the future: according to the law of karma, the retribution has to be adequate to the suffering inflicted on the victim.

� Episodes of white or black magic can be intentional or unintentional.

A person full of Love does deeds of white magic even unintentionally, for example, by healing, harmonizing the souls of suffering beings.

For instance, I had the following case many years ago. In the early morning on a holiday, I went to a bakery. There was no one in the street; only a dog was running on three legs with the fourth leg tucked up, probably because of pain in it. I asked: �Lord! Why does this dog suffer?! People suffer because of their vices, but this dog�?! Could you heal it!� My emotion of compassion was very strong.

When coming back from the bakery, I saw this dog again: it was joyfully running on all four legs!

I was amazed by this miracle! And afterwards I was many times amazed by the miracles of my own healing influences � which were conscious. The emotion of my amusement was so strong that the dog even looked back at me�

Many people living in negative emotions, unintentionally become a source of discomfort and illnesses for others. People say about them �evil eye�.

The most striking examples of such people are drunkards who use the foul language and hate the entire world around them.

* * *

Those striving to help others seek and use methods of refinement of the consciousness. This allows them to help others better; this also contributes to their progress on the path to Perfection.

The people of the opposite pole are those filled with hatred, irritation, self-conceit, striving to subjugate, to suppress others. Some of them understand that the coarser their energies � the stronger their aggressive emotions and the easier they can achieve success in social contacts. Such people begin to seek special methods for developing these qualities in themselves � for the sake of more effective influence on others.

Sometimes they even organize their schools. For example, the members of one of such schools in Moscow learned to �shoot� with black energies from the chakras. The instructor sent them to Orthodox temples to master the methods which they learned in classes � to �shoot� at praying old woman like at targets�

I was told that the leader of another Moscow black magic school used the following method for developing his abilities: he would fast for several days and then would quit fasting with meat and alcohol�

All such people have an undeveloped intellect and perverted ethics. It is interesting that their magical abilities become manifested � as inborn qualities � even from young years of their earthly lives. This indicates that in their past lives they did similar things. It can be that they entered on this path of self-destruction in psychoenergetical schools where the instructors did not take into account the rule of non-teaching magic to people who are immature ethically and intellectually�

� Adepts of white magic develop themselves in Love, Wisdom, and Power; they accumulate a positive potential in their destinies and get ready for higher stages of development.

Adepts of black magic develop the worst qualities and prepare themselves for hell and future incarnations in bad conditions. But their activity on the Earth is also necessary: God uses their wicked intentions and abilities for teaching the righteous.

Apart from white and black magic, there are also magical phenomena which have no ethical qualities and therefore cannot be related either to white or to black magic. Such, for example, are psychotelekinesis, levitation, dematerialization, and materialization.

Such miracles were demonstrated by Jesus Christ, Babaji, Juan Matus and Genaro described by Carlos Castaneda [52-59,61]; miracles of psychotelekinesis were performed by Ninel Kulagina and Valeriy Avdeev; God created many such miracles around Uri Geller [30]; our contemporary Sathya Sai Baba easily materializes various objects [17,20,34,42,60]; also David Copperfield, a Messiah Who came to the Western world, easily and gracefully demonstrates all kinds of miracles to the public.


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