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�Big� and �Small� Souls

Our work was successfully developing; no one chased us, no one spied on us: Perestroika began; the Communist Party and the KGB were abolished.

From the Ashram of Babaji in India, a woman came: Babaji sent her to Russia to seek His School. She found it! She brought photos and the shroud in which the body of the Divine Teacher after His departure was wrapped. The shroud shined with Divine Light invisible to the material eyes.

Babaji sent her to study what He taught us. Yet she did not want to accept this and started teaching herself, trying to instill Shaivistic pagan ritualism in Russian lands, where there is plenty of native paganism. It turned out that she understood the Teachings of Babaji only as ritualism; though it was used by Babaji in order to please �adult children� around Him, but at the same time Babaji laughed at it. She could not realize that for her the Path must be to work with the consciousness and not at all feeding statuettes of pagan �gods� with milk�

At that moment, we had been in contact with Babaji for several years. For the first time, He began showing me new meditations for crystallization of the consciousness by changing my perception of one of His photographs. In this way, I received new valuable methods.

Later on He continued taking part in guiding our work, but only by showing something without saying anything.

The first word, which I heard from Him, was said in English when I was relating to the guest from India the history of our apprenticeship with Babaji. He said then in English:


I did not know the meaning of this English word; I just repeated it, and others translated it.

Later Babaji began to speak with us in Russian as well.

At approximately the same time, we had our first direct contacts with Sathya Sai Baba � another Great Avatar (Messiah) living in the body in India in our days.

These contacts began with my discovering of the most interesting kinds of places of power where there are passages through the body of the Earth to distant places on its surface � sometimes to very distant ones � to the Himalayas, Tibet, Arabian deserts, and so on.

For example, on the bank of Dnieper in Ukraine, I found passages to the ashrams of Babaji and Sathya Sai Baba.

And Sathya Sai Baba, when He was not busy, right from His room in the Indian ashram showed me new methods of meditative work. One of those meditations I managed to master only after several years�

And later They � together or individually � met us on certain places of power in the Saint Petersburg region and gave instructions and pieces of advice, for example, about the students.

Another important event for us was the acquaintance with Huang Di � one of the first Avatars of the Earth, the founder of the Chinese spiritual culture.

He only worked with us on His favorite part of the forest near Saint Petersburg. There He showed us meditations, narrated about His Incarnations as an Avatar, and about the technique of dematerialization of the body.

For example, He said that the book Tao Te Ching [20] was dictated by Him to one of His Chinese Disciples, whose name was Lao Tse.

It was also He Who taught the art of dematerialization of the bodies to don Juan and His companions described by Carlos Castaneda. It was He Who played with the Naguals (leaders) of that Indian School by appearing to them either in a male or in a female body of the tenant and teaching them ethics, wisdom, and meditation.

� And God taught me the following:

�I am always with you � wherever you go.

�Your every step has been foreseen by Me.

�You yourself have to submerge into Me completely. These steps, that you have to make, are also predetermined by Me. So, don�t worry. And grow your roots into Me!�

�Lord, how can I overcome death and dematerialize my body?�

�It is I Who will do it. Don�t hurry: you only impede the process by this. Become Me!

�There is the tiny Earth in the Ocean of the universe. On it, there is an infinitesimal point � a body called Vladimir. It costs Me nothing to dissolve it and the Earth, too, � as it will happen some day. I easily densify and dissolve any Part of Myself. For you, the most important thing is to become capable of entering the Highest Abode, to love the Creator, to always aspire to Him!�

�Lord, is there something more that I have to know about You?�

�No. You know everything you needed to know.�

�What do I have to do?�

�Find peace and comfort in Me. Become One with Me! Not only the gunas but the Earth itself has to disappear for you now! The peace for you is only in God!�

�Will You advise me how to live on the Earth: it�s uneasy, cold here!�

�Try to dematerialize your body sooner, as I demonstrated it many times when visiting the Earth! In order to approach this goal, you have to learn not to leave the higher meditative states. Never!

�I don�t forbid you to stay among people, being helpful to them. Yet, I forbid you to go on the path which those people walk! Walk the Path of God � then you will attain Me fully, and I will finally merge you with Me.

�Now any of your activity, other than the life for God, is not needed to anyone, including Me. So, don�t think about that which is worldly! Renounce yourself for the sake of life in Me! So does everyone coming to the Kingdom of God!�

�Lord! I want to be closer to You, to merge with You!�

�I understand. But your path will not go as you wish so soon. I play with you! I play with those who are not One with Me yet! And with every round of the spiral, I take new people with you to Me. And I put aside the old ones, so that they may go their paths � also to Me. So be happy that I send to you My best sons and daughters!

�In the center of Brahman, it is warm and cozy! Here I meet guests; from here I offer to them the further Path. Invite here all of those who are �large�!

�Souls can be large, small, and intermediate.

�In order to become a large soul, one has to have a positive experience of the previous incarnations.

�In the beginning of this earthly life, you grew among small souls, because you yourself were a small soul. But you had a good growth tendency: you grew as a kshatriya* � a kshatriya of good!

�Only in this way can one become good enough for becoming closer to God (I bring people closer). It is intermediate souls that are kshatriyas of good.

�There are also unkind, evil souls � they also can be large or small. Evil small souls are demonic ones. Evil large souls are diabolic.

�You have earned peace! The Earth is not yours anymore! You are Mine! Die for the world*! Live in Me! Find peace in Me! Be conscious, aware of yourself as of a part of Me! Become One with Me! Act from within Me through your body! Then we will take your body here* too.

�That which I have given you is not for three or four or five people; I have given it to you for the all of humankind on the Earth! I am glad that you have established on the Earth a foundation of the spiritual discipline!�

�Lord! I want to feel You as You feel Yourself!�

�Amen! Tomorrow I will tell you how to do this!�

�Lord! What do I have to do to make this happen sooner!?�

�You love God, love Him stronger!�

* * *

What is the meaning of life for every one of us? It consists in qualitative and quantitative growth of the consciousness.

In our bodies, the evolution of lumps of consciousness takes place under the guidance of God. As the ultimate result, they will either attain Perfection and infuse into the Consciousness of the Creator, or, due to their worthlessness, will be cast �to the outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth� (in the language of the New Testament) and will perish, in the direct meaning of this word.

What do we have to do in order to avoid going to the outer darkness?

We have to refine ourselves and grow ourselves � as souls, consciousnesses � to the sizes of the planet and more. And in the end, we have to abandon our separateness from the Creator by learning to merge with Him. In this case after the death of the body, we will infuse into Him and become His Part.

But in order to traverse this Path, one needs not just a healthy body with the properly functioning energy structures, but also a developed intellect capable of comprehending everything described above and of ensuring advancement along this difficult and long Path. This constitutes the main difficulty of the progress on this Path: everything can be developed relatively quickly but the intellect! Yet, without a developed intellect one cannot comprehend and solve even ethical problems.

This is why God always recommends paying great attention to intellectual self-development!

But even with a developed intellect, one cannot approach the Goal by oneself. It is only God who decides who can approach Him and to what degree. People with defective ethics, for example, are prevented by God from further advancement and stay on the current step of the Path for working on their defects.

The first preposition for beginning the conscious advancement on the Path to the Creator is faith, which transforms with time into love for Him. Only passionate love for the Creator is capable of ensuring the intensity of aspiration, which is needed for overcoming the difficulties of struggle against one�s own imperfections!

By the end of the Kalpa, when prakriti, initially condensed to the state of dense matter, dissolves again, only those souls who have managed to attain Mergence with the Creator or with the Holy Spirit remain to live forever. The others perish.

Our development is possible only during incarnations, because growth of the consciousness is ensured mainly by the energy which is formed in our bodies from food.

So let us ask ourselves: do I want to walk this Path now in this body? Or do I want to be born on the Earth again and again � every time with a new childhood, with new ignorance, with unavoidable mistakes and suffering, with possibility of choosing, out of ignorance, the path of degradation?

Or it is better to try to develop in oneself a definitive intent to complete everything here and now?


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