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I, as a scientist, grew in libraries, among other places. I used to read all the available literature on every problem I studied. I visited libraries in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, ordered books from the USA and Great Britain. And I know well the value of books for the development of people.

This is why I write books now.

I understand very well that my books cannot become bestsellers: they are textbooks for a few: for those who have grown up in their psychogenesis to have a serious attitude towards God.

These textbooks require that the readers make their own efforts on becoming better! But how many people are ready to make such efforts?

Moreover, because of my books I suffered persecutions from the Soviet authorities, received letters with damnations; there were also phone calls with threats to punish me.

But now I am glad looking at the spiritual growth of some of my readers who have grown up to be able to perceive the Teachings of God!

I serve God, serve the Evolution. I remember that “there is no life but the life to come”! And I entrusted the destiny of my body to Him.

* * *

Once I became a character in a book of an American author-anthropologist. It happened like this.

Russian immigrants in the USA told him about me. He contacted me, introduced himself as an experienced writer-esotericist, and asked me to work with him, to show him Russian places of power. I gladly agreed.

But when he came…, it turned out that his esoteric experience consisted only in smoking a narcotic grass, and his outlook in esotericism was limited to the books of Castaneda and stories about Slavic fairy tale characters…

Moreover, he drank alcohol and did not keep to the killing-free diet. And what kind of serious esoteric work is possible in such a case?

But what could I do in this situation when he had come already, had paid much money for the air ticket? I could not refuse him!

After long doubts I decided to increase his sensitivity in an artificial way. I set a condition for him: to follow strictly the killing-free diet and to refuse alcohol and smoking. I also asked Galina Vaver to cleanse his chakras and main meridians.

He did not expect such a turn of events but understood that he had no other choice but to accept my conditions…

… Thus he gave up drinking, smoking his grass, and eating bodies of animals. Galina Vaver cleansed his chakras and meridians and cured him from his diseases. For the first time he experienced all the power of a white mage, when he nearly fell down from the influence of her energy waves…*

… Then we began to travel in forests.

… I remember such a case. I brought him to a place of Babaji, where many beginners had received Revelations for the first time. I explained to him that one should write down all the received information immediately, because the next portions of information erase from the memory the previous answers received from God.

And he, convinced that everything here was indeed very serious, followed my recommendations as exactly as he could.

He stood at the place pointed by me, put a notepad with a pen on the ground before him, “assumed a posture” for listening to God — and began asking Him questions.

I went twenty meters away in order not to disturb him and observed from a distance the comical scene of how he, after receiving each next answer, immediately took up the notepad with the pen and very quickly wrote down everything. Then he would put down the notepad on the ground, would assume the posture for asking the next question, and after receiving the next answer would take up the notepad again… This series of stereotype movements of assuming a posture and taking up the notepad continued for about twenty minutes — until all his questions to God were answered.

Then for a long time he could not come to his normal senses: it turned out that God does exist!… And one can even talk with Him!… Therefore mages and God are real?!… Therefore Castaneda also did not make up all the miracles described by him?! Therefore David Copperfield indeed can fly?! It is not video tricks?!…

… We had a good time in our trips in the forest! I suggested that he should write down all our dialogs and all his impressions for his book without postponing it to the evening. I also suggested that he should not miss a chance to describe situations that could look funny to the readers.

He did as I recommended. With good humor he described how he fell into a Russian swamp and I had to pull him out from it, how I put him on the trunk of a fallen birch and he fell out from his body into the other worlds, how his body began to dance by itself on the place of power for the development of the spiritual heart, how he suddenly became a birch of power when I suggested that he press himself to its trunk, how I promised to lead him to a swamp with real mermaids but suddenly so much snow had fallen that the path to this place was blocked…

I enjoyed reading his book* when he sent it to me.

… But…

Suddenly I found in the text a strange word that I allegedly often used in our conversations: “dzhivot”… I had never met such a strange English word… I could not find it also in dictionaries… Only after some time I realized that he introduced into the English text the Russian word zhivot (belly) transliterated with Latin letters to add color to his book.

Thus it turned out that I taught him to merge with the birch through… the belly, to perceive with the belly the entire world with its multifarious manifestations, and to interact with the world by the belly…

But in our work with him I never said this word either in Russian or in English… On the contrary, I told him mainly about the spiritual heart located in the chest, about its function — the cordial love…

Then I discovered in the book that he called me… a representative of the Slavic Pre-Christian shamanism… But I taught him completely different things…

So it turned out that even before coming to Russia he already had a draft for a book describing various Russian fairy tale spirits who interact with the world by their bellies… And he adjusted all the information received from me to this template. Thus he retained the liveliness of events and dialogues but distorted the truth…

Soon I began to receive letters from people in America asking me to take them as students… and to teach them the Russian Pre-Christian shamanism… I had to write in English long replies and explanations: that this was a mistake and that I suggest that they revise their views and direct their attention to cognition of God…

… I had a strong desire to republish in Russian the part of the book that described our forest adventures — after editing it and supplementing with a commentary.

But God said to me firmly:



“You have to write different books! I wait for textbooks from you! Do not squander your time on trifles! And do not try to attract people by ‘cheap stuff’!”

“But this book can become a bestseller like the books of Castaneda! Its publication can make the readers interested in my other books!”

“… Well… if you want it so much… — try… and see what happens…”

I found a translator who could make a translation on a computer.

Also, in order to republish a book of another author I needed written permission from him.

I sent him a letter to the USA but did not receive any answer. I sent a telegram asking him to call me, but he did not answer. Then I called him but could not reach him — there was only an answering machine telling something in a quick voice that a Russian person could not understand.

… I came to the translator at the appointed date. He confusedly told me:

“I finished everything yesterday. And today I wanted to copy it to a diskette but erased the file by mistake… I will type it in again and will give it to you next week!”

The next week I came to him and found him in panic:

“It’s a very strange thing! The same thing happened as the last time: the file disappeared! But now I know the text almost by heart! In three days I will type it in!…”

After three days I found him completely confused. He could hardly speak:

“It happened again… I will do it quickly…”

… I understood everything and canceled my order…

And I began to write the books God Speaks. Textbook of Religion and Spiritual practices. Training Aid.

And this poor translator quit working and disappeared. I have never met him again.

Sorry, brother!…

… The moral of this story is the following: one should not entrust describing confidential knowledge to people like journalists who study the problem for a short time and from one side only. Such work can be entrusted only to those who are 100% competent in the subject.

* * *

… I came to this earthly life not as an Avatar. On the contrary, in my past incarnations I was never involved in serious spiritual work. Everything I have cognized in the field of psychoenergetics, was cognized during this life.

On one hand, this is very good for my readers and followers: I tell them everything about the Path to God from the very beginning rather than from the middle or from the end. On the other hand, I could not avoid making some mistakes.

For example, in my first book Art of Being Happy, due to inexperience I repeated the foolish idea, widespread in the occult literature, that the energy contained in the chakra muladhara is the kundalini energy. Only much later God showed me that the true kundalini is an Atmic energy residing not in the body but far outside it [22].

Other mistakes consisted in a non-accurate description of the higher spatial dimensions in some of my first books: after all, there was no correct description of the structure of the Absolute made before!

Concerning the general methodological line and concrete methods, I can assure you that everything was described very accurately. It was given to me by God!


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