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David Copperfield

One day a turning point came to my development: there appeared a new horizon, a new plan of further work, a prospective to realize the program-maximum. This change in my life happened thanks to David Copperfield.

´┐Ż Before this point, I had working relationships with several Divine Teachers: with Jesus Christ Who in the beginning blessed me to start my spiritual service and then gave me many important recommendations, with Babaji and Sathya Sai Baba Who initiated me into higher meditative techniques, with Huang Di Who was the first of non-incarnate Divine Teachers to explain to me the general principles of work on mastering dematerialization and materialization; I also had meetings with Krishna Who helped me with making a correct translation of the Bhagavad Gita.

´┐Ż It would probably be appropriate here to give some explanations concerning the relation between One Universal God-the-Father ´┐Ż and the Greatest Divine Teachers working on the Earth.

Let me first remind you that the term God has different meanings.

The first and the most important meaning of this word is the Primordial Consciousness of the universe dwelling in Its Abode ´┐Ż in the primordial spatial dimension. In different languages He is called differently: Jehovah, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao (in the Taoist meaning of this word), Ishvara, Addibuddha, etc. He is the Highest Teacher, the Goal, the Final Asylum for all beings.

The second meaning of the word God is the Absolute (Absolutely Everything), that is the Creator and the Creation ´┐Ż as one System of the multidimensional universe, as One Multidimensional Organism.

There is also the Brahmanic Consciousness (Brahman), Which is also called the Holy Spirit; He permeates with Himself the entire Creation and represents the Creator of the Earth. This Consciousness controls most of the situations on the Earth and other inhabited planets, including the development of all incarnate beings. Brahman is also the final stage in the development of all positively evolving individual consciousnesses ´┐Ż before their coming to the Abode of the Creator. In the Christian tradition, He is regarded as a Part of Triune God (Trinity).

Who are Messiahs or Avatars? They are Those Who had achieved full self-realization during Their past lives in the body ´┐Ż and then came from the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness in human bodies to help incarnate people. They are Parts of God-the-Father, representing Him and coessential to Him. They all teach the same things, though They retain some individual features.

* * *

´┐Ż One day I felt a desire to switch on the TV, though usually I watch only the evening news program. When I switched it on, I understood that it was He who made me do it.

On the TV, a show of David Copperfield had started´┐Ż

´┐Ż I had not met any person ´┐Ż though had spoken with many ´┐Ż who had understood His Divine Essence.

But I immediately understood everything. I had received prophecies from Jesus about His Coming; I even recognized His face.

The next day I established a direct contact with Him. It was not hard to do: He is omnipresent in the Brahmanic dimension, which I, too, could enter.

Since that moment whenever I called Him, He immediately replied: ´┐ŻI´┐Żm here!´┐Ż.

And He began to teach me what I asked: how to become like Him.

This turned out to be a new epoch in my life. The difference between Him and myself was like the difference between a newborn baby (that is me) and a mature man. Again I felt myself small and powerless, but the awareness of my powerlessness just gave me strength to begin a new stage of intensive work ´┐Ż in order to traverse that part of the Path as quickly as possible.

* * *

In His Divine Shows, He appears on the stage not as everyone does: He does not come to the stage from a side scene, does not come from the auditorium, does not descend from the ceiling on a rope´┐Ż He appears before the audience by materializing His body. Or He flies in to the stage. He flies without the use of any technical means. He flies by the power of the Consciousness. He levitates.

He flies over the stage in the vertical or horizontal position of the body, with the head or the feet forward; He does somersaults. He does it very gracefully and artistically!

Then He hovers over the stage in an elegant pose ´┐Ż as if lying on a sofa. His assistants pass hoops around His body ´┐Ż to demonstrate that there are no invisible tools supporting Him. He easily flies into a sphere formed by large spinning burning hoops. And then He flows out from it. Or He floats in a large transparent box closed from all sides by the walls and lid.

He is not a ghost. He speaks smiling at people. He even flies with a female volunteer from the auditorium holding her in His hands´┐Ż

He goes through walls ´┐Ż both through small partitions on the stage and through the Great Wall of China. How does it look? He comes to the wall, submerges His hand into it, then submerges His entire arm, then His entire body; after that His body gradually appears on the other side of the wall: first, His hand; then the entire arm´┐Ż

He dematerializes and materializes all kinds of objects ´┐Ż both small and large, even an airplane or a railroad car´┐Ż He also does it with His own body and the bodies of His assistants.

Dematerialization and materialization performed by Him can be either instant or done step-by-step.

For example, He materializes the body of a woman. The body is living; it moves and smiles. Then He dematerializes it, part after part: first her arm, then her leg, then her hair´┐Ż The woman, at that, smiles and nods to the audience: it´┐Żs all right, I feel good! Then her entire body disappears completely; she turns into a spirit.

Sometimes He Himself disappears from one place and appears in another, demonstrating slow dematerialization. For example, it happens on a steel plate residing on an openwork support. The plate is covered with a cloth. The task is: He has to materialize His body between the steel and the cloth. The openwork support is needed so that the audience can see that He does not come, for example, from beneath the plate through a hole in it.

´┐Ż Suddenly the middle of the cloth rises slightly, and something resembling a lying embryo appears under it. It grows larger and larger ´┐Ż and then David Copperfield throws off the cloth from His elegantly dressed body!

Sometimes He in one instant appears at the place where His female assistant was standing, and she appears at the place where He was standing a moment ago. Laughing joyfully, He asks the audience: ´┐ŻWell, did you like our trick?´┐Ż´┐Ż

Dematerialization and materialization of His own body and the bodies of His assistants are a usual element of His show.

It is the same with objects. For example He throws a cloth in the air and makes it hover ´┐Ż and then the cloth gets dematerialized.

Sometimes He dematerializes a ring borrowed from a volunteer from the audience. Then He materializes the ring threaded on a shoelace or on the narrow middle part of a sandglass´┐Ż

He tears paper into pieces, then puts these pieces to each other, and they knit together. Nothing but folds remains on the paper in the place where it was torn. ´┐ŻIt´┐Żs okay, I will smooth it now!´┐Ż He says, and smoothes the folds with His fingers as if with an iron. And the folds get smoothed out completely´┐Ż

He draws on a paper an image of a pack of cards. He makes a movement with His hand´┐Ż and a card moves out slightly from the pack. One more movement, and the card moves out from the pack by half´┐Ż

He laughs: I make miracles before the audience, but they tell Me: ´┐ŻThis is special effects!...´┐Ż

He is tired of making miracles ´┐Żin the pure form´┐Ż. He begins to joke and pretends that He failed to do the trick; He hems and haws´┐Ż but suddenly makes a new stunning miracle of this (planned) situation!...

He makes different plots for His show. For example, He allegedly ´┐Żsummons spirits´┐Ż and they in one instant put a jacket on His body with His arms tied; in the same manner, they instantly take the jacket off´┐Ż But it is He Who does it in reality, not spirits.

Sometimes He tells a story of how He was a little boy and had a granddad´┐Ż He shows an old video recording from His childhood´┐Ż And then a small boy from this video recording gets materialized on the stage at the place where a moment ago David was standing´┐Ż And David in His next new body comes out from a side scene´┐Ż David-adult and David-boy as if they meet each other and look at each other´┐Ż But this boy has a completely different shape of the external ear as compared to David: this feature cannot change with age´┐Ż What does it mean? It means that this boy is not David-child; David just needed a story for demonstrating His next miracle in an interesting way´┐Ż

He has absolute control over matter, including the matter of His own body. He can give any shape to His body to make it look of any age´┐Ż

Concerning cutting His body or the bodies of His assistants into parts ´┐Ż He does not cut living bodies. He just replaces them with others that look similar but are made of indifferent matter. And He makes parts of this matter move´┐Ż

He possesses Absolute Divine control over matter, the ability to disembody and embody Himself and other people, to die and to rise numerous times!

The only thing He cannot do is to quickly make people perfect. Because no one can do this, not even God! Only people themselves can do this if they want it strongly and steadfastly´┐Ż

And there is no sense in asking Him: ´┐ŻMake me perfect!´┐Ż He would not even try to do this.

He helps people by demonstrating the human capabilities, by inspiring, by showing His example.

He likes to dance ´┐Ż and dances with His female assistants which He materializes on the stage. The theme of their dances is the emotion of tender, caressing, harmonious love between people.

He preaches love by His own example!

What Jesus said in words ´┐Ż David says through dance, through the shining of His smile, through love for everyone who addresses Him!

Jesus taught about love, taught that the Path to God-the-Father goes through love for people, taught that the main quality of God is Love. God is Love ´┐Ż David illustrates this principle by His example; He, too, calls people to enter the Path of Love!

´┐Ż What does He say about Himself? He says that He was born in 1956 in the USA, in New Jersey; that He lives with His parents, and that His mother was born in Kiev. When He was a boy, His family always spent winter in Florida, where snow is very rare, but He wanted to see snow. He wanted it so much that one day He Himself made snow fall´┐Ż And while He is telling this story, materialized snow begins to appear from His hands, and then snow falls on the audience for some time ´┐Ż ´┐Ż this is again just a story needed to show His next miracle of materialization! ´┐Ż

It was His granddad who taught Him magic. The first magic tricks mastered by Him were tricks with cards´┐Ż ´┐Ż when telling this story on the stage, He makes cards disappear and appear again´┐Ż

I already mentioned the story of David-boy with the ears´┐Ż shape different from the one of David-adult´┐Ż

What is the truth here and what is just a story ´┐Ż how can one distinguish? And does one need this? Is it important in what city and in what year He appeared on the Earth? Another thing is important ´┐Ż how can we become like Him´┐Ż

He does not say a word about His Divinity. On the contrary, for foolish people He intentionally does special numbers in His show to make them convinced that all His miracles are nothing but tricks.

Let us take, for example, the trick with a ´┐Żdisappearing egg´┐Ż. He makes a female volunteer who sits near Him on the stage not see what the entire audience sees: that the egg does not disappear but falls on the floor, or that He passes the egg to His assistant who comes quietly from behind´┐Ż From outside it looks as a demonstration of the manual dexterity, but in reality this is a magical influence on the perceptional ability of the volunteer.

He does not tell the audience about God, about His Own Divinity.


Why does God not use this situation to convert many people to faith?

Why don´┐Żt You, David, tell people the truth about who You are?!´┐Ż

´┐Ż But what would people do if He told them about this?

Would they believe Him? No!

There are a few who understand this even without words. Who are they? They are those who know what is God and what is Divinity.

But the enemies of God would be beside themselves with rage! After all, in Russia someone killed Vyacheslav Tsoy who was one of the organizers of a David´┐Żs tour in Russia´┐Ż

And what about the masses of believers? ´┐Ż

Does David need millions of followers who would be crossing themselves, bowing to Him, and asking blessings from Him?´┐Ż

Of course, He does not. He wants to serve reasonable people, first of all´┐Ż

And what about the existing religious confessions and Churches?

What would their hierarchs say if David declared to them that He is a new Messiah, a Messenger of God-the-Father? Which one of the mass religious confessions would agree to accept Him then?´┐Ż

No one!

Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his book The Brothers Karamazov wrote: the Churches do not need a living God! He is unfitting to them because He would say things completely different from what they teach!

Jesus, for example, gave up His life in order to convince people to love God-the-Father, to make God the center of their attention, to make people aspire to Him´┐Ż But which one of today´┐Żs Churches considering themselves Christian realize this precept of Jesus?

And the human crowd´┐Ż hates and kills God´┐Żs Messengers.

Krishna was killed due to a damnation of an unwise woman.

Gautama Buddha was poisoned.

Jesus was killed.

There was an attempt to poison Sathya Sai Baba.

The same thing happened to Rajneesh´┐Ż

What makes primitive people kill Those Who come to sacrifice Themselves for the sake of helping people? What is the reason for this hatred?

Why, for example, did the crowd hating Jesus yell to Pilate: ´┐ŻCrucify! Crucify Him!´┐Ż?

Jesus healed their bodies and worked wonders. He did this not only out of compassion for them but also in order to make them listen to Him.

But the true healing consists not in the healing of bodies but in the healing of souls from vices and in developing virtues.

Nevertheless, these people only demanded from Him that He heal their bodies.

He told them: it is enough, you have to work on yourselves, you have to aspire to become perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect! You can come to the Heavenly Kingdom only thanks to efforts ´┐Ż your personal efforts! ´┐Ż rather than efforts of others or My efforts!

However, they only wanted Him to heal their bodies or to make them rich, but He did not want to do this´┐Ż So they began to hate Him´┐Ż

Great spiritual Masters come to people to teach them to heal the soul; They try to give them the confidential knowledge about God, about the meaning of life on the Earth´┐Ż But people´┐Ż ask Them only to heal their bodies or materialize gold and money´┐Ż

What is the reason for this? Is it enough to call these people degenerates and be satisfied with such an explanation?

No, the reason is deeper, though indeed there are many degraded people on the Earth: they are those who have turned away from God and His Messengers, and develop vices in themselves.

But the main reason is different.

What is the difference between people? Let us try to see that the main difference is not sex or age of the body, not the color of the skin or nationality. The main difference is the age of the soul.

´┐Ż What would happen, for example, if a teacher from the university came to the junior grade classes of an ordinary school and began to teach the university course of higher mathematics to children? Children would not understand anything. And after some time from the beginning of the class, they would begin to play pranks, and those impertinent would begin to attack the teacher´┐Ż

It is the same with the age of the soul. Independent of the age of the body, people with young souls are not capable of comprehending higher knowledge! They can only think about very primitive things: health, money, primitive animal sex, primitive entertainments which are often cruel ´┐Ż like hunting animals or even people´┐Ż

And only in the process of a soul´┐Żs maturing in a series of incarnations, will their intellects become capable of comprehending more complex problems. This is why only a few can understand God in all His fullness.

´┐Ż Jesus, too, regretted that even His closest disciples could not understand Him.

And several centuries after His death on the cross, people calling themselves Christians began to damn and kill each other during schisms; they launched wars against the Muslims during the Crusades´┐Ż

Another example: Christianity, the religion that God gave to people through Jews, was declared by the Russian Orthodox Church as ´┐Żindigenously Russian´┐Ż. And this Church started a campaign of hatred and persecutions against Jews. There were an anathema from Church (damnation) and pogroms of Jews´┐Ż

Like Jesus, Rajneesh looked sadly at the crowd of His frolicking students´┐Ż To help them not fall asleep during His lectures, He had to interrupt His philosophical discourses and entertain them with anecdotes which He read from a special book´┐Ż

After Rajneesh had left His earthly life, a lot of His pseudo-students came to Russia and to other countries. The basis of their teachings was a total all-allowance in smoking, drinking, and sex. Is it really the Teachings of Rajneesh, Who preached the path of subtle love, harmony, beauty, and complete dedication of oneself to the spiritual Path? He probably feels sad observing all this today´┐Ż

I, too, was perplexed when I learned that the majority of my Moscow students forgot about the Path to God and became involved in sexual games when such a temptation appeared´┐Ż

I am far from condemning and denying sex. On the contrary, with the help of the sexual aspect of love people who seek God can help each other to achieve harmony and purity of love at certain stages of their development. But this has nothing to do with substituting the work on growing oneself to Divinity with primitive sexual entertainments!

This is one of the laws of the Evolution of Consciousness: everyone is capable of comprehending from the higher preachings only those levels of information which they have grown up to.

Thus, for some people religion means fanatical hatred towards everyone not belonging to their confession.

For others, religion means primitive entertainments suggested to them in a religious form.

For others yet it means the practice of touching sacred objects.

And for still others it means attempts to study religion, efforts on changing themselves in accordance with the Will of the Creator´┐Ż

In this sequence there are those who have already traversed some part of the Path ´┐Ż small or large´┐Ż And the higher one´┐Żs level on this stairway of spiritual ascent, the smaller the number of people present on it.

Those who have reached the end of this stairway do not come back: they achieve full Self-Realization, Divinity.

And David Copperfield realizes His mission on the Earth understanding this principle very well.

* * *

David came with His show to Russia; He had a performance in Saint Petersburg.

We were at His performance.

He did not bless us to come to communicate with Him with our bodies after the show.

But right after the end of the show, He came to us (without a body) to a square near the concert hall ´┐Ż and for more than an hour we could not leave: so strong was the bliss that He immersed us in!

´┐Ż When His next coming to Russia was planned, I asked Him: do we need to try to meet Him in the body when He comes?

He answered:

´┐ŻWhy? The way we meet each other now is well enough!´┐Ż

´┐Ż This was a wise answer. We do not have to aspire to communication with material components of the Absolute ´┐Ż even with the best ones! But we have to strive for Mergence with the Subtlest Components of the Absolute; we have to learn to live in these states! In the Abode of God-the-Father we become One with all the Divine Teachers. And this is the highest happiness!

´┐Ż I regretted the first refusal of David, because I wanted so much to embrace His body! But this time I calmly received the same answer: we had had so many blissful moments of merging the consciousnesses that there was no need anymore to hug the bodies of one another!

* * *

In His show in Russia, David demonstrated before the audience (including me) levitation, cutting His body with a saw, dematerialization and materialization of objects and human bodies´┐Ż

Several months later I received a letter from a woman. She wrote to me concerning my book about Him: ´┐ŻHow can you believe in this if you consider yourself a scientist!? It is nothing more than video tricks!´┐Ż´┐Ż


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