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�Museum� of Freak People

Preparing me for great spiritual service, God made me a scientist of a wide specialization. Among other things, I professionally studied many aspects of medicine and even taught physiology in a medical institute. I also became deeply acquainted with the life of many animals and worked with dolphins in a scientific dolphinarium. For example, I showed that a dolphin�s sexual drive can be induced by injecting oestrogen folliculin into females.

What a spectacular sight � sexual love of dolphins! A couple swims in loving ecstasy on their sides snuggling up with their bellies. They move absolutely synchronously: dive as a single whole, in a few seconds come to the surface to take a breath and then swim underwater again� It creates a strong energetic field of joy and happiness. Afterwards, they look gratefully at the person who made it possible, smile and express their gratitude!�

� In this scientific organization I heard about villainous abuse of these magnificent animals by people in white medical coats.

For example, one of them had to �prove scientifically� owing to which parts of the body dolphins swim.* He took animals out of water, chopped off their tails with an axe and threw them back in water. Dolphins, impregnating water with blood spurting from wounds, choked and drowned.

Well� it proves that the tail with flukes is really needed for dolphins to swim and to float.

Then what are flippers needed for? He chopped off the flippers of other dolphins and observes how for a long time they tried to float with the help of the tail only. And, exhausted, they eventually drowned �

Excellent! The material for the scientific publication is collected!�

� Dolphins can produce sounds intended specifically for people, i.e. within the frequency range perceivable by the human ear. In such a way they tell people about their joy, gratitude, friendship!

But they cry out of pain in their ultrasonic range, which is non-perceivable by people. Thus, dolphins became convenient �units for tests� for doctors and physiologists: no need to bother about anesthetizing the patients for surgical operations! To beginners, astonished with this cruelty, they explained: as you can see they do not cry, so it is not painful to them; the pain sensitivity of dolphins is very low�

And they cut dolphins without anesthesia, just having bound them tight�

Among other things, surgical operations on cerebrum were carried out. They performed trepanation of the dolphin�s skull and stuck electrodes into various parts of the cerebrum to see what comes out. When the workday of doctors-experimenters ended, they would go home leaving the dolphin alive in a bathtub with the open skull and exposed brain till tomorrow. The next day they, with fresh energy, came back to continue sticking pins into its brain� It lasted for several days until the dolphin died.

In this organization I got involved into a vivid episode of scientific falsification.

At that time I was the head of a laboratory. Two incapable and lying female �researchers� from another similar organization decided to publish an article. To make it more trustworthy they made me a co-author without even telling me. The article was based on extensive experiments with rich material. Yet, these experiments were never conducted: they made up all the material. An interesting detail: in the beginning of the article it was said that the experiments were conducted on rats, but in the end of the article � on mice� They had no wits even for devising a logical lie!

Before this case I had conversations with one of these �scientific researchers� and expressed softly my amazement about her total incompetence in the subject of her thesis. When I recommended her to read certain scientific publications, she always reacted in the same way. She shouted in response: �How can you talk to me in such a way! I�m a mother of two children!�

And as a proof she brought her poor sons � pallid, dejected, reserved�

� I saw many similar pseudo-researchers of various ranks.

For example, I worked along with an old maiden who was making a thesis on sexology. Since she had no personal sexological experience and, in general, all this was alien and incomprehensible to her, she could not learn the difference between two �foreign� words: erection and orgasm� Yet, she defended the thesis successfully!

� Or a Doctor of Medicine stating that it is necessary to eat food, which causes intensive flatulence: for it is only thanks to gases that food moves through the intestine�

� Or a fat old alcoholic and morphine addict occupying the position of a director of a medical institute. He became �famous� by writing �ordered� ideological publications against Sigmund Freud and was promptly �advanced� in the scientific rank by functionaries of the Communist Party. During the last ten years of his directorship in the institute, his only business on the work place was lifting up women�s skirts (not in the figurative, but in the strict sense). Such was the morphine�s effect on him causing disgusting lustfulness of an insane moronic man. Being the director he used to sign papers only after harassing the woman � a laboratory assistant, a post-graduate, a researcher � who brought the paper for signing to his office. When a man came to him (me, for instance), he led him out into the waiting room and, giving him a wink, addressed each woman waiting there:

�Let�s see what you have here��

And lifted up their skirts one after another.

His death was remarkable. He died not as a hero fighting for people�s good and not by a serene good death. He died sitting on a lavatory pan.

Another similar director � not a drug addict, but a Corresponding Member* of the Academy of Medical Sciences � was a head of another medical institute, fortunately not for a long time, until he died. Apparently, he was a gorilla in his last incarnation. His intellectual level was quite low even in ordinary situations. But when angry, he posed as an excited gorilla male (very stooping with dangling straight arms) and losing his self-control made jerky rotary body movements. And he always shouted the same thing: �Fine him! Dismiss! Imprison! Arrest!�

During the time of his directorship the institute lost all of the best doctors and leading scientists�

� There was another interesting �exhibit� in that institute � a quarrelsome woman with a low intellect occupying the position of a chief-doctor. In the language of the old psychiatry such types were diagnosed with physiological feeble-mindedness. Physiological here does not mean pathological yet, i.e. not oligophrenia but very close to it. I tried to find out from the �veterans� of the institute: why is this silly woman on the chief-doctor position? They answered me with expressive gestures: she CANNOT be discharged� To let her work with patients was not possible either, since she would maim them. So keeping her on this �pedestal� was the lesser of the evils�

� Another academician was a Ukrainian biologist. Fidgety-jerky-important, he always spoke so rapidly that nothing but a few words of his speech could be grasped. No one understood him. The most interesting thing was to observe scientific meetings where he, as an academician and the director of the institute, was giving a speech, which someone had to comment, to praise, to thank for valuable advice and instructions� Subordinates had to compose what he seemingly meant in his speech. At the same time they needed to watch attentively his mimicry in order to adjust their praise and thanks if something was wrong�

� How did such directors advance in their official careers? By pleasing the bosses of the Communist Party and KGB: for example, by providing someone with a good position (someone�s son, daughter, or wife), dismissing someone, informing against someone, slandering someone, defiling someone publicly�

� Preparing me for great social work, God showed me various psycho-types of people. It was like an excursion to a zoo, where He presented some of the typical exhibits�

There were moronic scientists�

There were also mentally ill doctors who needed treatment themselves, yet they �treated� patients and maimed them�

There were thieves justifying their deeds by blaming those whom they robbed: �He is such a fool: he has not hid it well! It�s his fault! Fools have to be given lessons!��

Or � sadists who tortured others through physical pain or slander and felt pleasure out of doing that.

Or � such a typical �exhibit�. To my father, who worked as a chief accountant, an auditor from Moscow came from time to time for conducting an audit. It was customary to please and entertain the auditors. Therefore, this auditor (it was always the same person) stayed every time not in the hotel but in our home. During the �audit� he was doing nothing, just drinking vodka (he made the report about the audit afterwards in Moscow taking from my father the corresponding papers prepared for him by the accountants). Having spent all his money on drinks, he stole money from my parents. They noticed, frowned, but bore with it.

Another obligatory part of the �audit� was fishing. Usually they took me too. Everyone but him was fishing there in order to give him a �fresh catch� to Moscow. And he was only drinking vodka. Also, winking at me drunkenly, he once proposed that I rape some of the fishing men. But it was completely incomprehensible to me, so I said nothing, just smiled confusedly�

� Violence (any kind of it) against people was unacceptable and incomprehensible to me from childhood. There was not a single case in my life when I had to use violence against a person for the sake of reaching some of my goals or, as others do it, for no particular reason, for fun, or out of a �bad mood�.

When my schoolmate at the senior school grades shared with me his dreams about taking part in a gang rape of a woman, I could not understand him: it was something beyond my comprehension. But he only laughed at me!� Later he became a medical officer, served in Moscow, leading a �merry� way of life, had a good salary, and laughed about it: �It�s too little salary for life in Moscow!�

� In 1968 when Soviet intervention into Czechoslovakia was under preparation, there was a danger that I could be conscripted for military service. I firmly decided to shoot myself but not others.

But I was not drafted: I managed to enter post-graduate study and my conscription was postponed.

However, tens of other scrupulous youths from the Soviet forces, which were sent to enslave Czechoslovak people, shot themselves then. They became heroes in the face of God, contrary to aggressors�

� Some years later I had an occasion to hear a story from a member of a tank crew, who participated in the intervention. He was in the leading tank of a column of advancing armored troops. The heroes of resistance set up a barricade on their way on the road. The crew of the tank opened machine-gun fire. The defenders of the barricade laid down in a ditch. Then the tank driver went down from the road to bypass the barricade, but he made one of the tank�s tracks go into the ditch�

And the narrator � with pleasure, savoring it � showed how the skulls of living people one after another were crushing under the track: �like ripe watermelons!��

� Jan Pálach � a Czech hero � burned his body publicly in Prague as a demonstration of protest. And I had a serious intention to do the same in Moscow on the Red Square. At that time I did not value my life, because I did not know its meaning. But I highly valued scrupulosity and hated outrages against it.

� But I was stopped by God, Whom I did not know yet. He asked me a very reasonable question: how could I get enough gasoline in a strange city, bring it to the Red Square, then write and set up the corresponding placard? He sharply �inhibited� my intention to realize this action.

� In those days other men burned their bodies in Moscow. But God was preparing me for another service�


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