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�Flight of Dandelion Seeds�

� Hundreds of students took our courses. The School was growing.

But several months later God put a stop to this felicity: He does not tolerate stagnation of the development of those who can advance further! He needed this system of methods to be developed �depthward�.

He told us:

�You perform your mission; I control the events.

�Your new program will be quite severe. Its purpose is to lift you to a principally new level. The old techniques will be used as well, but they will yield different results. You have to become strong warriors with unbending will!

�I am starting the second course of My School on the Earth, the second stage of trials. I will not tolerate your shortcomings! Only those who prove capable of following My plan will go with Me!

�Renunciation of worldly concerns and attachments should accompany your ascent! Everything earthly has to stay on the Earth!

�New conditions have to be created so that you can be detached and go up! It will be a �vertical� ascent! Your present earthly situation is unfavorable; this is quite serious. The way out is only upwards!

�Remember how I have been leading you before � step by step. And now there is a new height to be mastered!

�At the new stage you have to stop experiencing yourselves as material beings� Be attentive to My information: you are My School!

�To be in God means to be totally included in the Ocean of His Consciousness!

�You have to be able to change the methods easily. Do not be afraid of breaking away from the final point of the old program!

�Dandelion can be an example for you. Its seeds break off and fly away without knowing where they will land. But on the place where they land, new life will begin. This is an element of non-attachment, of freedom. Being detached from the old allows one to gain the new!

�You are to grow and to develop now, having found yourselves in a new place. In this new point, at which you will arrive, you will be able to see everything from a different angle. This moment will provide a new, fresh look at the world and at many truths.

�At the forthcoming stage of your work with Me, you will come to a new landmark where you will have to end the current stage, then perform a take off again and begin a new cycle.

�You should never use any old method just out of habit. Always put emphasis on new techniques!

�Regard a spiritual School like the image of a snake. The snake moves forward; bad cells of its body fall away, and healthy cells moves forward with the head.

�The head is a special organ. It is composed of several elements. The head determines the direction of movement. The head overcomes the obstacles first.

�The head as a part of the body signifies a vanguard group. The tongue is the personal search of each of its members. The destinies of all members of the group may be individual, but this does not prevent them from going together.

�You do not have much time, and there are a lot of things to be accomplished! I take to the path those who have come to Me and lead them by narrow trails. You cannot know all the obstacles on the path; therefore you have to hold on to My Hand! Your attention must be directed at Me!

�At this stage, seek perfection through accepting everything! I am everywhere � in every manifestation of every creature!�

* * *

It started with an incident when my camping pot, which I used in our work in the forest to boil tea for the group, burned through on a fire. I took this as a �sign�, as a mark of the coming end.

Indeed, the authorities decided to battle us.

First, through the network of KGB informers, they spread slanderous gossip that I allegedly gave lessons of �group sex�. �Participants� of these lessons, who in reality had never attended my group, told everyone about special �details� of how it happened: �After the running, on a glade Antonov divided us into couples and� With whom did he have sex? No, no! He himself didn�t do it. He just walked among us and directed�� Could one not believe it?

The situation was aggravated by the fact that in parallel with me another instructor was giving lessons, whose name was also Vladimir. And in gossips and rumors some of his deeds were attributed to me.

He publicly elaborated a theory that �people like him have a right to have in their bedroom several beds�.

When a schoolgirl became pregnant from him, he haughtily told her that she had to have an abortion � otherwise she should leave the city.

� Once a student of him telephoned and asked me to give him a letter of recommendation.

�For which organization?�

�For the police.�


He wavered, asked me to write at least that he was a good person and that I knew him�

I refused�

At last he told me that influenced by the subjects of studies in that group he once undressed and began, as he put it, �to pose� on the sill of a window of his flat located on the ground floor. This window faced a busy street.


�They told us that if women pay attention to you, an energy exchange happens��

Women indeed paid attention � and called the police�

�But why do you need a letter of recommendation?�

�I am in danger of being expelled from the Party*��

He did not manage to persuade me to write this letter. I suggested that he ask his instructor to write it�

There were lovers of dirty gossiping among esotericists. One of them also recounted publicly these �details� adding to them more� Before this I heard a very good statement from him that ethics are the main thing in one�s spiritual development. Yet, he did not apply this statement to his own life!

I decided not to �settle the affairs� with him*. With such people I always had so strong emotion of rejection that I simply wiped them from my memory, even forgot their faces and continued to go further without distracting attention to such things. Later on I read the advice of Babaji [20]: �If you cannot respect someone, let them go away from your life!� I felt no hatred towards such people but rather compassion: poor guy � he ruined his destiny!

� Then criminals of the sport mafia were sent to punish me. But by mistake they came to our club when other instructors not I � women � were conducting the class. The criminals decided not to attack the women, just took away the logbooks where all students were registered and �pressed� the director of the club who tried to stand against them. Then they sent these logbooks to the prosecution department with a letter where they accused us of activity with �elements of anti-sovietism�.

The prosecution department started an �investigation�: during half a year they searched for financial transgressions, information about �group sex�, �elements of anti-sovietism�� Since this investigation was ordered by the KGB, they did it very thoroughly. They interrogated not only those who attended our courses but even their acquaintances� Yet the only transgression they found was the use of hatha yoga asanas on our courses. Hatha yoga was forbidden in those years�

The prosecutor turned out to be a scrupulous person and advised us to retire �on our own will�. We retired.

� But how could we continue the work? Construct next courses? Of what?

We collected all the best students and began the search together. We tried to practice oriental martial arts, took some of their methods for our program, the methods of work with the hara, for example.

At this time, Samizdat translations of the books of Carlos Castaneda appeared, which were remarkably done by Vasiliy Maximov despite the risk of persecutions.

� Some people learned from these books only the information about the use of the narcotic mushrooms and cactuses, but this was not interesting to us at all. We obtained from these books the information about places of power and exercises for the bubbles of perception. So the work proceeded. New courses were developed.

With the help of yantras drawn by God through the hands of Galina Vaver we, for the first time, entered the Nirvanic state.

At this stage of work even students chosen by us lost the understanding of the meaning of work and quitted.

Again the two of us only were left plus two other persons, who quitted a little later. The closer we were to the summit � the fewer companions were going with us.

Then God set a new task for us: to expand the School�s activity to other cities and countries.

Thus Galina Vaver began to work in Moscow, and I � in Lithuania, Poland, Czechia, Ukraine, and in some cities in Russia. Everywhere there were people capable of mastering several courses of our program � some mastered only one course, others � two, and some others � more courses. The capabilities of every person are different and correspond to one�s stage of psychogenesis (development of soul) and ontogenesis (development in the current incarnation).

God was telling us:

�Someone is preparing oneself for living, while another one is getting ready to die� This is the difference between people.

�Neither of these tendencies should be considered absolute: children have to prepare themselves for life on Earth, otherwise they will learn nothing. But if an old person acts in the same way and never thinks of death � it is ridiculous.

�A turning point must come at a certain moment. This moment is individual for everyone. This should happen naturally, no coercion is permitted. But people have to be informed about this.

�I repeat once again: you should not try to move to the second stage those who have not completed the first stage � this may be dangerous to their mental health!

�Only energetic and passionate people can go through both stages. When the first stage is mastered, their energy has to be directed to mastering the second stage.

�� It is important to find methods of developing vigor in those students who lack it.

�Prior to advancing to Nirvana, everyone has to go through a period of becoming mature on the material plane. Otherwise, one may get confused and lost. Renunciation of everything worldly should be voluntary and natural, and not be forced or done as a volitional act. Intellectual decision has to be the motive for renunciation in accord with the emotional �center�, with the blessing of the latter. Renunciation has to be timely.

�Each of you has to become completely included into Me � then no problems will remain!

�Specifically, you have to discard your manner of thinking of yourselves as of separate beings.

�The borders of your self-awareness have to dissolve.

�The separate being must vanish, dissolve, sink in the Ocean of Unity of all the living!

�Every action has to originate not from oneself and return not to oneself. There is no individual energy at this; there is only the universal energy. (In the ordinary religious practice, performance of certain rituals contributes to this). Such a unity has to be experienced on all planes: from the dense to the subtlest ones. Realization of oneness with all people constitutes the fulfillment of the Law of Love that Jesus Christ brought to the Earth.

�Nothing has to be done without Me! You should always feel a constant contact with Me!

�Transcend the scale on which you operated before! Take a look at your life and the life around you � from the new positions, using the cosmic time! You have to open yourselves up so that new � cosmic � time can enter you!

�To make it possible for Me to put this program into you, you had to get to where you are now. That which you have done is the minimum required for changing your way of being. I want to initiate you into the techniques that allow doing much more. The next cycle of work will be dedicated to this.

�I want to see you ever free and loving Me! Get rid of everything that prevents you from being like this!

�To enter into Me completely is difficult. To accomplish this, you have to have more power. And you can develop it only through interacting with Me in everything I say, in whatever I tell you to do.

�When you realize that there is nothing else for you to do on Earth � then you will be with Me. Otherwise, you will always be preoccupied.

�To become One with Me � this should be the central thought for you now! Hurry to put it into practice!

�The reason for the soul�s confusion and suffering is rooted in its being separate from God.

�Adequate existence on the non-manifested plane will be possible solely for those who possess wisdom. One has to become baked � like a pancake � on both sides. When this is realized, the soul acquires tranquility and only then smooth existence begins.

�Always be facing God!

�Remember: everyone goes to God only by oneself. No one can be lead into Him by the hand. Let people � each one of them! � be guided to Me only by their desire to know Me, rather than by your or someone else�s example! People must enter Me not because of their inherent imitative tendency! The meditation technique is not the main thing. It is only love that decides everything here � Love for Me!

�Learn from Me in everything! And leave everyone alone with Me.

�Submerge into the Beingness of God! Those who are invited � enter the eternal life!�

* * *

Don Juan and Genaro* described by Carlos Castaneda saw our serious interest in using the spiritual heritage of their School and became our Companions in our work in the forest and our Teachers. This allowed us to significantly expand the ecological aspect of our activity. First, it concerned the work with plants of power and places of power and later � with Divine Fire as well.


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