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Man Is Not a Body

Man is not a body. Identification of oneself with the body is an unavoidable mistake that all incarnate people make in the beginning of the earthly life.

But with time some of them � under the influence of religious traditions and initial spiritual practices � begin to understand their non-identity to the body. This can become a beginning of the interesting spiritual work on transformation of oneself � not as a body but as a consciousness.

On this Path one begins with bringing oneself in accordance with the ethical norms suggested by God. In addition to this, one seeks spiritual knowledge � the knowledge about God, about the meaning of life, about the evolution.

In the beginning, the consciousness of man can be of the size of a tennis ball and is firmly established in a certain chakra. The initial psychoenergetical practices consist in learning to move this �lump� of the consciousness within the body � from one chakra to another, through the main medians, etc.

The use of the methods that allow one to be conscious of the entire body results in the growth of the consciousness to the size of the body.

Then one moves the consciousness outside of the body � into the bioenergetical cocoon which surrounds the body, and then moves it even farther.

At this point a very dangerous stage of work begins, which only a few people can withstand �

� A person who has never been involved in such practices is usually hidden in the body from the non-material world inhabited by non-incarnate beings. But when the body dies, such a person remains completely �naked� among the spirits of that spatial dimension which he or she deserved during the incarnate life. And one cannot hide anywhere in this situation.

� The same thing happens to the mystic who has learned to exit from the body, though this state is not irreversible.

If such a mystic appears in the hellish strata, then hellish spirits begin to pursue, threaten, and deceive him or her, to tempt him or her to do foolish and unethical deeds. The established connection with the spirits of hell remains when such a mystic hides again in the body. Moreover, after many exits from the body, the connection of the consciousness with the body becomes weak, and unintentional exits from the body may happen. This situation gets worse in dreams, under the influence of alcohol and other psychedelics. Such a person becomes dependent on the spirits, begins to confuse information coming from different spatial dimensions, and his or her behavior in the material plane becomes inadequate� This is a typical development of psychopathology of the schizophrenia type.

Therefore the methods of training that allow separating the consciousness from the body should not be used by people who have not established themselves in subtle states of the consciousness and are not ethically and intellectually mature yet.

� So with the use of such practices one can exit from the world of dense matter. And what does one do then?

The correct decision consists in directing all efforts to mergence with the Divine Consciousness. But this requires that man already has an intensive aspiration to the Creator, a powerful emotion of love for Him, which is based on deep knowledge about Him�

Are there many people among esotericists who have it?�

And what if one does not have it?�

If one does not have it, then such a person becomes lonely and lost between the matter and God, unable to come back to the ordinary life of ordinary materialistic people and not capable yet to come to the eternal Embrace of Love of the Creator� This situation causes the feeling of loneliness, depression, despair � and provokes a psychical breakdown�

In order to avoid this, one has to remember: the highest stages of the spiritual ascent are not meant for everyone but only for ethically and intellectually mature spiritual seekers. Every instructor of esoteric practices has to take this into account.

And those students who really deserve the highest initiations are capable of doing such things on the spiritual Path that the majority of other people cannot even imagine!

If adepts become firmly established in the higher spiritual dimensions and have a strong attraction to Mergence with the Creator and a deep understanding of everything that we discuss here � then with the help of special methods, such people can grow themselves as consciousnesses to sizes equal to the size of the Earth and then much larger. They become omnipresent on our planet in the dimension of the Holy Spirit and then merge with the Creator and with the Absolute.


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