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About the Methods of Healing

I would like to describe here some results of my study on the problem of healing.

As a preface let us discuss some aspects of bioenergetical interactions that occur every day regardless of whether people are aware of them or not.

Relationships between parents and children, teachers and students, supervisors and subordinates, spouses, as well as our sympathies and antipathies in any group of people etc. ´┐Ż all of them to a large extent are determined by the bioenergetical characteristics of the participants of those situations: the distinctive features of the energies that each organism emanates and the ways other organisms react to these emanations.

People differ from the bioenergetical standpoint on the series of criteria, the most significant of which are the following: a) excess or shortage of bioenergy in the organism, b) bioenergetical coarseness or subtlety, c) purity of the bioenergy or its contamination due to various diseases, incorrect lifestyle or unfavorable external influences, d) the level of development of the bioenergetical centers of the organism (chakras) and domination of specific centers at the current moment. (There are also other factors, but it is too premature to discuss them at this point).

Excess of bioenergy is not necessarily an indication of good health of the particular person, like some people think. For example, intensive emanation of pathogenic energies is a typical phenomenon that occurs during acute stages of many diseases. Harmful energies can get emanated when a person experiences aggressive emotions, as well as emotions of despondency or those of inner weeping. The only way to distinguish bioenergies by the qualitative criteria is their assessment by extrasensory individuals who developed an ability to perceive a wide range of such emanations. For example, some of them can evaluate the state of another person (up to making a precise diagnosis of diseases, assessment of the condition of chakras and meridians, etc.) just by clothes or any other object that this person used and that has traces of his or her bioenergy.

Bioenergetical shortage is mostly observed in patients who have been weakened by their disease, as well as in people with consumerist attitude towards others, be it a specific person or the society as a whole. Such incorrect ethic orientation forces those who possess them to constantly feel unhappy. Communicating with them is often onerous for other people, since the person who always wants something from someone demonstrate a so called bioenergetical vampirism, which can be exercised even at a large distance. The only way one can help these ever-miserable ´┐Żvampires´┐Ż is by reorienting them from the consumerist attitude towards everyone and everything ´┐Ż to an active and creative position in life, in other words by changing their vicious orientation towards demanding love for themselves into desire to give their love to other people and to the world as a whole.

It is emotions that represent the most important mechanism of setting bioenergies in motion. This is why ethic self-correction and mastering the ability to control one´┐Żs emotions by using psychic self-regulation methods allow one to learn to never harm other people with one´┐Żs disharmonious bioenergetical emissions or with stripping them of their energy.

When talking about bioenergetical interactions between people we cannot disregard the sphere of sexual relationships. An intensive energy exchange between partners takes place during a sexual intercourse. This implies the exchange of both pure, healing and coarse, pathogenic, harmful energies. The readers can make their own conclusions from this.

Bioenergetical factors are the causes of many sexual disharmonies: such as impotency and quick ejaculation in men and frigidity and anorgasmia in women. Among the specific causes can be undeveloped or contaminated chakras (primarily svadhisthana), vampirism from the side of the partner as a consequence of his or her perverted concept of love, i.e. ´┐Żlove´┐Ż for him- or herself, desire to receive for him- or herself as opposed to willingness to give his or her love to the partner.

Incompatibility of partners by the level of refinement of their bioenergies can also play a significant role here. This can be the cause of various derangements in the energy system of the partner, whose energies are more refined (more perfect). Apart from health disorders contacts with a partner who possesses coarser bioenergy can lead to sexual indifference up to the development of an aversion to the given partner or even to sex in general.

Regarding incompatibility of svadhisthanic energies, I should mention that if a woman´┐Żs bioenergy is coarser than her partners´┐Ż, this may be the cause of his quick ejaculation due to irritating influence of such energy on the man´┐Żs svadhisthana. This is to say that one should look for the reasons of this type of sexual disharmony not only in men (as it is popular), but also in women. The reasons of sexual disharmonies that have been discussed can be eliminated by using the methods of raja yoga [22].

All examples given above are supposed to demonstrate the variety and complexity of the so to say ´┐Żeveryday´┐Ż issues of bioenergetical interactions between people as well as the importance of taking them into account. In most cases such contacts occur without control from the side of their participants, and they are not aware of the causes of their consequences.

But there exist spheres in which people apply their knowledge in bioenergetics consciously and in a controlled way. One of them is healing.

Healing consists of bioenergetical diagnostics and bioenergetical therapy. Let us discuss their major forms.

The simplest method of bioenergetical diagnostics, which extrasensory individuals usually start studying first, is diagnostics using the palm of one´┐Żs hand. This method is based on the fact that the body of every living being, including human being, is surrounded with an energy field called a cocoon. This energy field is created by vital activity of all body cells, the configuration of the boundaries of the cocoon and the density of the energy inside it reflect the health state of the organism. The boundary of a human body´┐Żs cocoon is usually located at about 50 centimeters from the body. But if a patient is weakened, the boundary of the cocoon may be closer to the patient´┐Żs body and be difficult to identify. And on the contrary ´┐Ż boundaries of the cocoons of people with high bioenergetical activity may be located at 2 meters or farther from their bodies.

Almost everyone can learn how to feel the boundary of the cocoon with the hands. One should first practice feeling one´┐Żs palm in a more dense environment, i.e. as if it is in the air that turned into a thick transparent liquid that impedes its movement.

Then one starts to move one´┐Żs palm towards the partner´┐Żs body from a distance, making smooth palpating movements. At some moment the hand bumps into an invisible barrier ´┐Ż a boundary of a more dense space. This is the cocoon. Moving the hand within the cocoon causes in the palm pricking sensation and a feeling of something like an energy ´┐Żwind´┐Ż that is blowing through it.

Upon learning how to locate the boundary of the cocoon we may proceed to the next stage of study. Now we will palpate the boundary around the entire body of our partner. If the partner is healthy, the boundary will be at the same distance from the body. But if the partner is sick, then saliencies or depressions will be observed against the affected areas. The former correspond with zones with pathologically increased bioenergetical activity, while the latter indicate zones, which bioenergetical activity is decreased.

This method allows identifying also the latent (hidden) stages of diseases, as well as the nidi of the sluggish diseases that the person may not even be aware of.

Having trained ourselves like this we may learn to identify even small problem areas like dental caries or a common pustule covered by clothes.

This method just like all the others can also be applied when examining animals and even plants.

In some cases (when the cocoon is too large, for example) it may be more convenient to set perform the diagnostics not by studying the boundary of the cocoon but changes in the density and other characteristics of the energy field inside the cocoon. The palm of the healer should be moving parallel to the patient´┐Żs body. Many extrasensory healers use the latter variant only. But if the patient´┐Żs chakras are developed, their fields will create interference, which will render this method inapplicable to them.

By the way, it is very difficult or even impossible to make any kind of diagnostics through synthetic or sometimes wool clothes.

Another bioenergetical diagnostics technique relates to so called clairvoyance, i.e. seeing the energies that cannot be perceived with regular vision, in this case. Some people have inborn clairvoyance abilities (i.e. from their previous incarnation), but virtually anyone can develop them as a result of systematic raja yoga practice [22].

In order to make it easier to master this technique one may place the part of the body being under examination in the energy field of one´┐Żs hands (between one´┐Żs palms). Let us keep in mind that this kind of clairvoyance is performed not with the eyes, but with the consciousness, which for best results one should concentrate in one´┐Żs own cocoon behind the anahata chakra or in the chitrini meridian.

The scientific understanding of this phenomenon is possible only through acceptance of the following three postulates:

The first of them is the fact of a multidimensional nature of the whole universe, and also of a particular living organism.

The second ´┐Ż that the human consciousness is capable of penetrating ´┐Ż thanks to special methods of training [20-22,25] ´┐Ż into the depths of the multidimensional universe and cognize directly various spatial dimensions.

The third postulate defines that the consciousness is of the energy nature; an individual consciousness is a bearer of self-perception and self-awareness; it evolves changing both qualitatively and quantitatively (i.e. by its ´┐Żmass´┐Ż).

The primitive materialistic thinking that was dominating in our country resulted in an actual identification in the layman and pseudoscientific lexicons of two completely different concepts: mind and consciousness; this impeded the development of psychology and the sciences related to it.

* * *

In the given chapter I will not describe the methods of development of consciousness and clairvoyance. Let me just note, that this development proceeds through refinement of the emotional sphere, work with the chakras and main meridians.

Those extrasensory healers who mastered clairvoyance gain an ability to observe dark (gray or black) energies inside the affected parts of the patients´┐Ż bodies; driving them out leads to disappearance of the symptoms of the diseases ´┐Ż immediately or after some time.

Apart from the techniques that were described above, there are other ´┐Ż more complicated ´┐Ż methods of bioenergetical diagnostics. Among them is, for example, recreation of the patient´┐Żs image (the phantom), while the patient can be far away from the healer, and subsequent using this phantom for making the diagnosis. One may transfer the concentration of consciousness close to the patient (regardless of how far the patient is) and perform healing procedures there. Healing without making a diagnosis first is also possible, which we will talk about below.

Let us proceed with discussing methods of bioenergetical therapy.

The first and most commonly used one is using the healer´┐Żs own bioenergy emitted through the palms of the healer´┐Żs hands (either with imposing the hands accompanied by massage or at some distance from the patient´┐Żs body). The distinctive feature of this method is that it uses considerable amounts of energy that has been accumulated in the organism of the healer. The drawback of this method consists in the fact that because of giving energy to the patient, the healer´┐Żs organism becomes weak and thus vulnerable to damaging factors. In order to alleviate this negative effect the healer should eat and sometimes sleep well right after the difficult healing sessions.

The other therapeutic technique is less fraught with these drawbacks; it also creates more favorable prospects for further progress of the healer. This method implies using an external energy instead of the energy accumulated in the healer´┐Żs organism. The external energy can be channeled through the healer´┐Żs chakras, which in this case play a role of something like focusing lenses. The stream of healing energy gets channeled through the healer´┐Żs body from behind the back forward. The healer controls the session using clairvoyance. The general task of the healer in this type of therapy is to cleanse the patient´┐Żs organism of dark energies in all space dimensions, which the healer has access to. Through-the-chakras influence may be accompanied by manipulations by the hands and sending energy through them as well.

I should note that wearing synthetic clothes makes it either impossible or very difficult.

The latter method contributes to development of the energy systems of the healer, as well as teaches him to interact with various manifestations of the multidimensional space. The healers that practice this method usually arrive at expediency of preliminary attunement with the help of proper kinds of meditation. As a result of this during the healing sessions they may achieve a sensation that their organisms are simply being used by the Power of the Universal Love; at such moments the healers feel as witnesses of a sacrament that takes place.

The healer, in the process of acquiring experience, finds out that not all patients can be healed just by ´┐Żwashing´┐Ż their bodies with flows of energy. It prompts the healer to look for more complicated methods of healing, for example, using images for performing various ´┐Żsurgeries´┐Ż in the depths of the multidimensional organism of man. There ´┐Ż in those space dimensions ´┐Ż images created by the healer using his or her personal power turn out to be very effective, which is confirmed by facts of instantaneous changes of the patient´┐Żs condition after being influenced in such a way.

Another example of an effective application of energy images in healing is the use of special medical yantras (graphic pictures), which produce three-dimensional healing energy structures.

One of the ways of treating patients that suffer from serious illnesses is combining efforts of two or more healers. One of them may supervise the process using clairvoyance, while others play the roles of ´┐Żsurgeons´┐Ż.

Healers who have acquired mastery are capable of conducting energy-anesthesia during complex physical (and not with imaginary instruments) surgeries. And some Philippine surgeons perform painless surgeries inserting their material hands into the bodies of their patients, without using any cutting instruments*.

It is also important to understand that infectious diseases (unlike those that are caused by energetic or mechanical damages) may not necessarily get cured completely as a result of a healer´┐Żs influence. Since bacteria, viruses, fungi and other parasites do not die because of this. But in these cases bioenergetical therapy allows: a) cleansing the organism of the patient of the energetic consequences of the inflammation, b) temporarily eliminating or alleviating the symptoms of the disease, c) increasing resistance of the organism. The rational way of treating inflectional diseases will be combination of bioenergetical and drug therapies.

A beginner healer should also know that it would be dangerous for him or her to attempt to cure certain diseases, such as the flu or cancer.

Here we will also list rules of healing that allow us to avoid causing unintentional harm to the patients:

First ´┐Ż a healer must not use alcoholic beverages: the healer´┐Żs bioenergy acquires pathogenic qualities as a result of drinking alcohol (it can be observed as a grayish coloring of the energy flows emanated by the healer).

Second ´┐Ż a healer who is sick must not attempt to heal other people, since in this case the healer will share the energy information of his or her own disease with the patient.

Third ´┐Ż a healer must not influence those patients whose energy is significantly subtler compared to the healer´┐Żs energy, because it can be harmful to the patient´┐Żs energy system.

Fourth ´┐Ż a healer who uses meat or fish for food should not influence people who adhere to the killing-free diet, since their energy is incomparably purer and subtler.

Fifth ´┐Ż during the sessions, a healer must not enter any coarse negative emotional states or get mentally distracted from the only admissible subject: compassion for the patient and attempts to find possibilities to help him or her. Any other thoughts or emotions distort and contaminate the energy flows emanated by the healer.

Deviations from the rules listed above can cause harm to the patient´┐Żs health even if the main symptom is eliminated as a result.

We should also mention that arrogance and desire of fame and personal enrichment do not contribute to the reputation of the healer. Although there is no doubt that healers may accept (if they want) material remuneration for their hard work. And this kind of work is connected not only with significant energy losses but also with bioenergetical contamination from the patients, which often leads to development of diseases in the healer´┐Żs own organism.

If healers, who strive for perfection in the art of healing, endure ethical tests encountered on this path, specifically if they are always unsatisfied with the level of self-development, then healing becomes a wonderful means of spiritual self-perfection for such healers. By helping others, they develop unselfish self-sacrificial love, increase their knowledge of the multidimensional world, including knowledge of human nature and of methods of helping people in various ways, and raise their own personal power through active service.

Use of the methods of raja yoga and later of buddhi yoga for more efficient healing, mastering the ethical steps of karma yoga and bhakti yoga, accumulating knowledge (jnani yoga) allow healers to approach the highest methods of healing, such as the methods demonstrated by Jesus Christ, Who did not even need to know the diagnosis, to send energy flows or to create images of surgical instruments´┐Ż Such a Healer only needs to know with absolute certainty that the patient deserves healing and to touch the patient by the perfect Divine Consciousness´┐Ż

However, to be able to heal like this, one should go through the stages of Samadhi, crystallization, and Nirvana. We will discuss them in detail in the next chapters; here I will only shortly clarify the meanings of these terms.

The word Samadhi denotes an emotional state of Bliss of the highest order, which one usually experiences during the first contacts with the Holy Spirit inside one´┐Żs own body. Crystallization is a process of increasing the volume of the individual consciousness.

Nirvana ´┐Ż is the state of Mergence of an individual consciousness with the Holy Spirit or the Creator; it allows one to direct the attention into the multidimensional world ´┐Ż from within its Primordial Depth.

One should understand that crystallization can be either true or false. The true crystallization is that which is performed in the highest spatial dimensions; the false one ´┐Ż in more dense layers of the universe. The latter may enable one to work ´┐Żnice´┐Ż wonders and to suppress other people´┐Żs will. But the state of the one who possesses it cannot be called close to the Perfection.

* * *

The last question to dwell on in this chapter may sound paradoxical to someone: should one heal at all? And if one should then in what cases?

We have already discussed that the healing practice is beneficial for the healer. But is it beneficial for the one being healed?

You see, any disease is a result of man´┐Żs falling out of ecological harmony, in most cases it is a consequence of violations of certain ethic principles, of which the most fundamental is love for all people, all living beings, the entire multidimensional Macrosystem, including the Highest Forms of Its Consciousness.

In other words, a disease, as a rule, is an indication for the diseased person that he or she has to improve something in himself or herself.

And thoughtless (from the healer´┐Żs side) healing often deprives the diseased person of the urgent need to think and to change himself or herself.

So, by healing the body, we may cause harm to the soul. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to help the patient understand the cause of the disease and to direct his or her efforts to self-healing and only after that to help him or her heal the body, if necessary.

Of course, in this multi-aspect and complex issue there cannot be any ´┐Żprescription´┐Ż fit for all cases. And the truth, as a rule, lies in the middle between two extremes. For example, purely corporal healings (i.e. those that go without any explanations and recommendations) are sometimes regarded by the patients and the witnesses as an impulse that awakens them from a dull sleep of ignorance, which stimulates their efforts on searching spiritual truths and acquiring healing skills ´┐Ż in order to develop through it their potential of Love.


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