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So the program of my personal evolution was over: I had achieved the Abode of the Creator and learned to merge with Him. This conclusion was confirmed by my experience of death.

I could end everything at that point�

But what was I to do after? What could I occupy myself with, after I was raised after the death in the body?

I used to live in unceasing care about my numerous students, to write books, to aspire in meditative work to the Embrace of the Creator. And now� all this as if remained behind: there remained no worthy disciples, and all books had been written already� I had only one task � to continue to strengthen my status in the Abode of the Creator. And I began to do it: I could not live without work, without dedicating myself completely to work.

Now I began to live in full monasticism.

� It is interesting what you, my reader, have just thought about these words? That I mean something related to sex? That I restrained myself from having sex with women?�

For some reason the majority of people in Russia relate the idea of monasticism only with sex.

But one should relate it with God.

Monk is a word of Greek origin. It means singleness. (The Sanskrit analogy of this word is sannyasi). This is the state of being one-to-one with God, when all the attention of the consciousness is directed only at Him � at the Universal Consciousness dwelling in Its Abode � in the primordial spatial dimension. The necessity to do earthly deeds on providing for the life of the body is felt as an annoying distraction and acts of self-sacrifice.

Only they can become true monks who have cognized God-the-Father and now make their connection with Him stronger.

As for those who try to imitate the life of true monks � they only cause harm to themselves by wasting their time. Such people have to develop in a completely different way: usually through some form of social activity.

In order to become a monk one does not need to perform any ritual, does not need to accept a new name or wear special clothes: such things are nothing but games for people who are far from God. They are games that people play before each other.

The true monasticism is about one�s relationships with God. And it does not require rituals or new names or special clothes.

Truly monastic work implies � at the beginning � directing the vector of the attention of the consciousness to God-the-Father. One has to remain one-to-one with Him and then in Him.

No one of the mass forms of Christianity has tried to realize the Precept of Jesus Christ about directing the attention of the followers to cognition of God-the-Father! And the result of this is that even the best fruits of the activity of such confessions correspond only to the initial stages of spiritual advancement (strengthening of faith, beginning of ethical purification, studying of Holy scriptures).

But in order to go further, the followers have to find God not in icons or in temples, but inside the multidimensional universe. And they have to learn to love Him there � in His Abode. This is a truly monastic deed, a deed of true monks.

� As for sex, in true monks who have fallen in love with the Creator the sexual attraction indeed dies out in a natural way.


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