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New Blessing

Several weeks passed since the events of the attack on me and my death. The time came for me to begin to realize the directions of God cited above. I had to reduce the intensity of my efforts on helping others. But how should I live on the Earth then? I was not used to laziness!

And God told me:

“Did you want to die? Now you have died: now your ‘I’ exist no more; there is only the ‘I’ of the universal God.

“Do not desire the death of your body anymore! It would be wrong to depart from the earthly life right after you have cognized Me! You have to continue to experience the state of Mergence with Me in all its aspects!

“You are only one — among many incarnate people — knowing the secret of the passage to Me. Behind you there are millions of souls who can come through this passage! Try to help them! Just do what is needed by Me, what I want. And remain free at every moment! Many people will understand everything just from your smile! And their advancement in life will go on quicker.

“Do not try to drag anyone into Me! Everyone has to walk with their own speed of advancement. Just explain My nature — this is the true means of helping others, the true method for showing them the way!

“To study the Path one has to walk it. And the one who walks it guides others. But you have come, and your role now is to explain the Path!

“And to explain the Path to seekers you have to stand aside from the worldly fuss.”


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