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Our Teachers

Communication with Divine Teachers became a natural constant state for me. For example it is enough for me to think about Sathya Sai Baba � and immediately I hear His voice: �I am here!�, and I see His smiling Face before me. At any moment I can ask Him about anything and receive His answer. But of course I have never bothered Him with trifle questions. I asked only about how I can help a particular person, about the best dates for doing certain work, etc. I also was always heedful of His hints about how my companions and I should develop further on the Path.

My communication with Sathya Sai Baba had different forms:

Sometimes He told me something when I was in my body in the usual anahatic state.

Sometimes I invited Him to enter my anahata. Then His Face would appear inside my chest. He talked to me, and I could ask Him questions from my upper dantian. There was a time when this means of communication became the main one for me; in this way I listened to Him and �relayed� His speeches to my friends.

The third means was based on my full exit from the body. Then I could communicate with Him when we both were in the state of Mahadoubles.

� And when my companions and I had mastered entering the Abode of the Creator � then all the questions that we wanted to ask God were solved as if by themselves. And our communication with Sathya Sai Baba and with other Divine Teachers here � in the Creation � consisted mainly in exchange of the emotions of love and happiness of our meetings.

But my former stereotypes of asking advice from Him remained.

I recall a funny case. It was the time when I started to work on the book Spiritual Heart [17]. I did not even have a draft version of it: there was only a general plot of the book and some chapters describing the role of the spiritual heart and the methods of working with it.

That morning we were meditating on a forest glade. Suddenly David Copperfield came to us. I asked Him: what would You recommend us?�

But He said with a mischievous smile:

�I have read your book� and did not like it��

And He suggested that I enrich it with historical material.

And I did this.

My first contacts with Divine Teachers began a long time ago.

� In the beginning, our teacher was a Himalayan hatha yogi, who was not Divine. I mentioned him in the beginning of this book. Having done his part of work with us, he passed us to Divine Ngomo. He was an African from Congo in His last incarnation when He achieved Mergence with the Creator. (You can find more details about Him and other Divine Teachers in [20,25]).

I ceased my contacts with Ngomo when Jesus Christ became real for me.

Ngomo reminded me about His presence only tens of years later: when we were mastering the methods of entering the Abode of God-the-Father. He told me then:

�Now I have fulfilled My promise given to you when you were a boy in religion��

� What did He promise me?� I do not remember� Probably He promised to bring me to His Abode, where I have learned to enter now� Most likely I did not pay attention to these words from Him and forgot them soon. How could I dream about such a thing at that time?! The limit of our dreams then was to develop the chakras�

� In literature one can find all kinds of foolish ideas about the chakras! For example, on the schemes of chakras location the manipura chakra is depicted at the center of the belly, anahata (heart chakra) is depicted at the place of the stomach. It is clear that if one tries to develop the chakras in the wrong places of their location � this cannot bring positive results!�

I also heard about the classes of a foolish mystic from Saint Petersburg who taught his students to develop the anahata� by looking into it� While in reality one should learn to give love, to perceive the world and to expand the consciousness from this chakra outside, not the other way around!� This mystic caused a lot of harm to his students! Some of them went crazy; one jumped out from a window�

� And I chose God to be my Teacher, as Jesus Christ suggested! God taught me. I passed His Teachings to people sent to me by Him. And I have never called myself a teacher: our Teacher is God!

I knew this very well from the Teachings of Jesus Christ. It was Jesus Who personally brought many people to my classes. This always happened in the same manner: in a dream Jesus would tell the student where the classes of His School took place � and then the Visage of Jesus would transform into another visage� When this person came to the classes, he or she recognized me as this second visage�

� On the stage of Buddhi yoga, I and all of us learned a lot from Babaji. I came to know about Him from the autobiography of Yogananda [63].

Yogananda, Yukteswar, and Lahiri Mahasaya also became our Teachers. At one of Their forest places of power it was very easy to perform an important element of Their kriya yoga which allowed one to move the consciousness to the Brahmanic level of existence and then even further�

� It is interesting how God showed me this place of power.

It was a long time ago. It was a hot dry summer with many cases of fire in the forest. Because of this, it was forbidden to go to the forest.

One day I was in my flat when suddenly God told me:

�Dress yourself and let�s go!�


�I will tell you later.�

I dressed myself and went out.

�Turn to the right!�

I turned and came to a bus stop.

�Wait here! You should take the second coming bus.�

�And when should I get off?�

�I will tell you.�

I took the second bus.

�Get off on this stop! Take the first coming bus of another line when it comes.�

And so on. In short, He led me out of the city to a forest, which was about three kilometers away from a highway. I entered the forest and discovered that there was fire in it. The fire just had started. But there was no water nearby, and I could not extinguish the fire. If this fire had not been stopped, then many kilometers of the forest would have been destroyed and many plants would have died!

I went to the keeper�s hut of a railway crossing nearby and asked them to call the fire brigade. The fire brigade came quickly and extinguished the fire.

I was going back through this forest and suddenly near the trail I found a big boletus mushroom, which was probably the only one in the entire forest! It weighed about two kilograms, and there was not a single wormhole in it! But the forest was so dry that no mushroom could have grown in it!

� I took it, brought it home, and fried it, anticipating its delicious taste�

But it turned out that it was completely devoid of the mushroom�s taste�

I understood that God materialized it as a reward for me but forgot to add the mushroom�s taste to it�

I jokingly pretended that I felt offended by such a reward and told God:

�Make another one like this, but with the taste of a mushroom!�

�Well, go to this place again!�

I went there again. And again He led me through the forest. Yet this time He brought me not to a mushroom but to this remarkable place of power, which turned out to be much better than any mushroom: it helped me to understand many things; it also helped many hundreds of people that I brought to this place during the following years.

� In the process of my attempts to understand the essence of the Bhagavad Gita from several poor translations of it which were made by incompetent translators � Krishna Himself became real for me.

He showed us His favorite place in the Karelian Isthmus. There one can meet Him always. On this wonderful place He acquainted us with the Divine Fire in the Earth�s core and with the method of exiting � through Mergence with Him � outside the Earth and everything earthly.

By the way, the Visage of real Krishna does not resemble the portraits of Him distributed by the Society for Krishna�s Consciousness*: they show His child�s face combined with an adult body, which looks like a picture of a toy�

In reality His Face resembles in general the features of the Face of Jesus: straight shoulder-length hair with ringlets at the bottom.

From a certain moment, Krishna began to meet us at the commuter train station every time we came there to visit Him on this place of power in the forest.

There are favorite places of Jesus Christ, Sathya Sai Baba, Babaji, Huang Di, Assyris, Chaitanya, David Copperfield, Ptahhotep. On these places one can always meet Them.

� They all like to laugh and to joke � among Themselves and with us. Their usual state is blissful joy! They are never harsh with those who sincerely aspire to become like Them by realizing Their precepts. Each and every One of Them, are not our wrathful Judges: They are Love, They are examples of subtle, tender, wise, caring, joyful-blissful Love!

� When I began to study the Teachings left to people by Jesus Christ, I became personally acquainted with Jesus. When I worked with the Bhagavad Gita � I became acquainted with Krishna. When I worked with the Gospel of Philip � then the Divine Apostle Philip provided His help and friendship. When I studied Taoist alchemy � I got acquainted with Huang Di, Who contributed a lot to the development of our School. After I had read the book of Elisabeth Haich Initiation � Ptahhotep showed us a very important element of meditative work necessary for gaining a full understanding of the structure of the Absolute. And the Author of this book, Elisabeth Haich, behaved as a Divine Mother towards me. She told me that She was my physical mother in one of our past incarnations� It turned out that She had been visiting me for a long time: I knew Her Visage already when I came to know who She was.

One can achieve Divinity not only from male incarnations but also from female ones. Apart from Elisabeth Haich, I know other female Divine Teachers � Sulia, Surya, Lada. Annie Besant once also came to us when we were having difficulties with mastering one of the meditations of merging with the Divine Fire. In a jocular manner She showed to us how to do it, and with Her help we mastered this meditation easily! Another Divine Teacher Who helped us a lot is Danish Lady Gott. She was embodied the last time in Denmark. Of former Russian women, we know Divine Teacher Helena Sabashnikova.

The practice of our School clearly demonstrates that the entrance to the Abode of the Creator is open both to men and to women! Come in!


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