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During the last two decades of the twentieth century in Russia, they spoke a lot about a crisis of the modern “western” medicine. It manifests in the fact that even though the number of physicians has increased, new drugs have been invented, the medicine equipment has been improved, etc., the number of sick people has not decreased but, on the contrary, has increased. There even exists a sad joke in the medical world: “The more doctors, the larger the number of patients”… Among the signs of this crisis is the poor health of the physicians themselves — it is hardly better than the health of other people…

As a justification for this situation, a concept emerged that diseases are something natural for man.

Some of the sick even became proud of their serious illnesses and believed that they deserved more respect because of this; they spent a few months per year on sick leave.

The majority of people adopted a passive attitude towards their own health. “Our task is to be sick; your task is to treat us!”, they said to doctors…

… The main methodological fault of the “western” medicine consists in its directing the efforts of doctors and scientists not to removing the causes of diseases but to “smoothing down” their symptoms.

Every disease has a whole chain of interrelated causes. For example, one gets a runny nose. An obvious cause of this is inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes. One of the possible causes of this inflammation is multiplication of microbes or viruses, whose activity resulted in it. If we decided that the reason was someone’s sneezing near our patient and direct all our efforts only to suppression of the microbes or viruses, we would be wrong and could harm the patient. Yet, such cases happen quite often.

The really important reason for such a situation lies deeper. The point is that microbes, viruses and other similar parasites mainly affect organisms which are potentially sick already, which are weak and vulnerable. Thus, the main cause can be, for example, contamination of the organism with bad energies and salts of uric acid — which is a result of using bodies of killed animals for food… And this causative factor has a deeper cause — an ethical one — which led to such a way of nutrition. Therefore, it is the ethics that we have to consider first…

Another factor is one’s disregard of the methods of cold tempering (tempering the body).

… One of the factors harmful for health is staying in rooms where there is a large amount of tobacco’s smoke; usually such rooms are also filled with bad human energies…

Even more harmful are one’s own pernicious habits — smoking, drinking, etc.

These are all violations of the personal ecology…

So, who is to be blamed for this?

… One of the reasons can be the habit of living in coarse emotional states, which are destructive for the organism…

It can also be close communication with energetically coarse people…

… Let us ask ourselves: how often do we enjoy the healing harmony of communion with living nature?

Do we often address God for help and guidance, trying to feel His Will for us?

We should seek the ecological harmony in relationships not only with our environment but also with God!

He teaches us that the Path to Him goes through the development of the SPIRITUAL HEART, through LOVE and CALM!

He Himself is LOVE! He dwells in CALM — in His Abode! Therefore, if we want to become closer to Him — to the Master of our destinies — we have to grow ourselves as LOVE in CALM!

… It happens very often that one falls sick as a result of getting emotionally involved in some difficult situation and entering the state of negative emotional stress!

In many cases, such negative emotions as fear, irritation, and anxiety result in a loss of the energy potential of the organism and lead to a state of vulnerability to adverse outer influences, including energetical ones. This is true not only for infarctions and strokes, but even for tonsillitis, which can appear as a result of the excessive emotional agitation caused by mere haste!

Training in psychical self-regulation allows one not only to eliminate these causes of diseases but also to achieve even more — to change one’s own future destiny!

Those who are used to living in coarse negative emotional states continue to live in those states after the death of their bodies. And this is what hell is!

Thus, it is enough to develop oneself as a spiritual heart and to learn to live steadfastly in the states of calm and love — and paradise is guaranteed!

… It is known that the probability to become ill with cancer is much higher for people who smoke and drink alcohol, and for those who eat “killed” food. Cancer has become so usual that it is called the “century illness”… But doesn’t its main reason consist in the irresponsibility of people who surrender to pernicious habits?

… From my personal experience of work with thousands of people, I can conclude that anyone can be healthy if he or she wants to. But for this, one has to make efforts on the path to spiritual Perfection!

By the way, I tried to recall when I was sick with a common cold for the last time — it was 10 or 20 years ago…

And when were you?

* * *

In medicine there is a direction called psychosomatics. Its main concept, based on established facts, consists in asserting that somatic (i.e. corporal) ailments are of “nervous” (and looking deeper — of ethical) origin.

But in general, psychosomatics was not widely recognized, because it had no general theoretical basis explaining the origin of all diseases, not just some of them.

And the reason for this is clear: psychosomatics was created as an atheistic direction of thought.

However, if one takes into account

— that there is God — the Main Goal of our aspirations, our Main Teacher,

— that there is a religious meaning of our lives, which consists in the necessity to develop ourselves — according to the intent of the Creator,

— that He constantly tries to guide us to the true Path, using sometimes painful means — when we behave wrong, —

then everything becomes clear. This constitutes the missing main part of the theoretical basis of psychosomatics!

Based on the knowledge presented in this and our other books, we can trace the cause of concrete ailments to ethical imperfections.

Such an approach allows one to regard any illness as a sign of an ethical error or fault of the ill person. When this deeper reason is understood, one just needs to plan out the way of its elimination and thus to somatic recovery.

* * *

Vulnerability of the body’s organs to outer harmful factors increases significantly if they lack energy, which is provided by chakras corresponding segmentally to the organs.

For example, there is a clear dependence between

anahata’s defects or a lack of its development — and cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases,

energetical disharmonies in the manipura — and diseases of the digestive apparatus,

the same problems of the svadhisthana — and chronic diseases of the urogenital organs,

the same problems of the muladhara — and neurotic manifestations,

of the vishuddha — and diseases of the neck,

of the head chakras — and disorders in the head organs.

Dedicated work with the chakras supplemented by conversations on ethics and by other psycho-energetical methods can be an effective means of helping people who are sick with various serious diseases.

From the information about the correspondence between the level of the chakras’ development and the features of the character [22], it becomes clear that there is interdependence between our ethical flaws and predisposition towards certain diseases.

The state of the chakras and main meridians of the organism is the cause-and-effect link that relates one’s ethics with one’s health.

* * *

The system an organ and its function can be developed through its natural functioning (or weakened, made atrophy through inactivity).

Another approach is special “artificial” methods of training such a system. For example, they can be exercises for cleansing and development of the chakras and meridians, which are a part of the system of psychical self-regulation developed by us.

Both these approaches can yield a positive result, but the latter yields it much quicker.

* * *

The idea of man’s achieving ecological harmony implies, first of all, benevolence and making no harm (as much as possible) to other people and all living beings; this should go together with an active constructive position in life.

The path of transforming oneself is hard and long (yet, it is infinitely joyful)!

On this path, the knowledge about spiritual Perfection has to transfer, as G.I.Gurdjieff said [62], into the beingness of each one of us. That is, we have to really transform, under the influence of knowledge and practical efforts on changing ourselves, and not just to memorize some fine words, quotes, and sayings.

The deepness of encompassing the ethical principles differs among people. A former criminal may decide not to kill anymore and see this as the acme of perfection_ whereas another person harms others neither by deed, nor by word, nor by thought. Such a person would not drop a used ticket on the pavement or leave garbage in the forest — in order not harm others with even this little violation of the purity and esthetical harmony of the environment.

* * *

The Perfection comprises three main components: Love, Wisdom, Power. And we have to develop in ourselves all three of them to full realization.

The way of spiritual self-perfection, which is free from serious errors, begins with the development of Love. It is Love that forms the basis, the foundation of the true Wisdom and Power.

Wisdom is based on Love. It is composed of broad knowledge about the world, God, and man, of the ability to create intellectually. It is manifested, among other things, in the ability to lead other people to Perfection, in understanding the vast diversity of different people’s paths.

The true Power has to be based on Love and Wisdom. It consists not just in the power of the muscles. And, of course, it is not about the aggressive desire to become superior to the adversaries: this is the false path of developing egoism in oneself. The true Power implies, first and foremost, the perfection of the egoless Will of the Consciousness based on Love and Wisdom. The concept of Power also includes an energy component called personal power. A power lacking Love and Wisdom has no value.

… In this connection, let us once again discuss “withdrawals” from the society with the purpose of living in seclusion in the mountains, woods, or deserts as advertised by some religious preachers. It is one thing if one spends a vacation in solitary reflections, but it is quite another if one unconditionally withdraws from the society as from the “enemy” of spiritual self-perfection. It is an illusion to try to develop love for everything without having learned to love some concrete people! And what kind of wisdom can be found in self-isolation if the wisdom’s foundation is laid through acquainting oneself with the knowledge contained in books, through a living communion with spiritually advanced people, through developing in oneself the ability to help people by serving them. And is it true power that develops when one avoids earthly difficulties? (With kind, soft humor V.Sventsitskiy narrates about such monks-hermits fearing women and robbers — [43]).

… Many believe that power is about one’s being armed or hard-fisted, being able to abuse, to play mean tricks on others, to express outbursts of anger. Yet the true spiritual Power is the power in Love and Wisdom, in subtlety and purity.


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