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The Reasons for Our Calamities

God created us for His sake, not for our sake.

We are evolving parts of consciousness, and according to His Intent we have to achieve Perfection and infuse into Him, thus enriching Him with ourselves.

The followers of religious trends where this knowledge has been lost do not have chances for a quick spiritual growth.

In mass Christian sects, among others, this knowledge is missed; it was not included into the New Testament by its compilers [17], though Jesus Christ taught this [17,20].

I do not know what is better: to be atheists ´┐Ż or to believe that God is´┐Ż our servant, who has to provide us with various things; such an attitude exists in these sects.

In order to advance on the Path intended for us by our Creator we have to fulfill, among other things, the following:

1. To learn to love, in order to be capable of falling in love with Him.

2. To substitute our egocentrism with Godcenteredness.

3. To strive to cognize Him and to merge with Him in love, to refine ourselves as consciousnesses (because the Creator is the most subtle Consciousness) and to develop ourselves ´┐Ż as a spiritual heart ´┐Ż in the quantitative aspect with the help of corresponding meditative practices.

Only by doing this can we cognize Him and merge with Him.

´┐ŻTruth ´┐Ż Simplicity ´┐Ż Love ´┐Ż Karma yoga (that is service to God through service to all people in everything good, in everything that contributes to the evolutionary progress) ´┐Ż Abandonment of the lower self (i.e. primitive egocentrism) for the sake of merging with the Higher Self of the Creator ´┐Ż this formula of development was suggested by Avatar Babaji.

´┐ŻSexual passion, anger, and greed ´┐Ż such is the threefold gate to hell´┐Ż ´┐Ż said Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita [20]. And it is easy to see that these three vices are the main manifestations of human egocentrism.

The Teachings of Jesus Christ are also dedicated to this [20].

And the same knowledge is brought today to modern people by our contemporary Messiah Sathya Sai Baba [17,20-22].

Human destinies are formed depending on whether people walk the Path to Perfection or go in the opposite direction. Some live in ever increasing happiness of cognition of God and feel the joy of communication with Him. Others live in suffering and prepare themselves for hell ´┐Ż for the ´┐Żcesspool´┐Ż of the Evolution´┐Ż

Take for example the problem of nutrition. Through many Messiahs ´┐Ż Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba, and Others, God suggested to people to give up nutrition based on meat, which is harmful to our health and makes us more distant from the Creator.

Moses also received from God the precept: ´┐ŻDo not kill!´┐Ż Yet people who consider themselves religious have never applied this rule either to animals or to people.

Let us imagine: if children had been taught since childhood to respect others´┐Ż lives, had been taught about the rule of non-killing (except for the cases of self-defense or defending others) ´┐Ż then how much more ethical the entire society would have been!

There is an interesting phenomenon: in the folk there is a tradition of dividing animals into ´┐Żeatable´┐Ż and ´┐Żnon-eatable´┐Ż (though the life of every one of them is sacred!). Black grouses, ducks, hazel hens, capercaillies can be killed and eaten, because they are ´┐Żfood´┐Ż. As for crows, magpies, jays, rooks, woodpeckers, hawks ´┐Ż one cannot eat them. Geese can be shot and eaten, but their relatives swans cannot be. Why? There is no objective reason for this; this is just a foolish tradition.

Yet this tradition has a very harmful ethical effect. At a certain moment, growing children learn the same principle in relation to people: these are ´┐Żours´┐Ż, and those (based on the national or religious distinction) are ´┐Żstrangers´┐Ż; one can and should kill them!

For example, in the Soviet Union crows were declared ´┐Żenemies of the forest fauna´┐Ż. Hunters were required to shoot them; they had to report the results by the number of cut-away legs of these birds. And their hatred towards crows sometimes made them cut away the bird´┐Żs legs and throw the bird to die in suffering: ´┐ŻYou, wretched, deserve it!´┐Ż

But what is the reason to hate them? These animals live and evolve according to their specific biological peculiarities. They were created such by our common Creator! They feed in the way they are supposed to ´┐Ż contrary to many people! Yet there was an order to kill them, a corresponding tradition was created ´┐Ż and people began to hate and torture these birds!

There is an analogy with one´┐Żs attitude towards human life: the aggression against the people of Afghanistan, then the genocide in Chechnya´┐Ż Hundreds of thousands of Russian men during these wars were lead to believe that these ´┐Żblacks´┐Ż are our enemies; one should hate and kill them. On radio there were citations from the classics: ´┐ŻHe is not a Cossack who has not killed a Chechen!´┐Ż

Fascists began to write on the walls: ´┐ŻKill blacks!´┐Ż, ´┐ŻKill Caucasians!´┐Ż. And many people in Russian cities were beaten or killed just because they were dark skinned!

Some of those who underwent this brainwashing forever abandoned the rule of non-killing people. They became accustomed to fulfill their whims through unrestrained violence.

´┐Ż I read in a newspaper about the following case: a young man harassed a girl in the street, but she refused to have sex with him. He stabbed her with a knife, took her dying to his flat, raped her, and then fell asleep near her corpse´┐Ż

How many murders and beatings are committed by these dregs of the society with the purpose of robbing their victim or with no purpose at all ´┐Ż out of being drunk or just out of the custom´┐Ż

Trying to enslave other nations, the former rulers of Russia spiritually destroyed´┐Ż in the eyes of God ´┐Ż the people of their own country´┐Ż

´┐Ż Yet it is not only war that develops such an awful egocentrism in people. One of my acquaintances became a follower of a religious sect. In this sect they taught that every wife is a slave of her husband. And he developed such an attitude towards his wife. She tried to divorce him and to go away ´┐Ż but he did not allow her. She tried to escape, but he captured her. She tried to jump out from a window ´┐Ż he held her. She tried to drown herself in a bath ´┐Ż he took her out.

I asked him:

´┐ŻWhy are you doing this?! This is your awful egocentrism! Let her go away! Divorce!´┐Ż

´┐ŻBut I love her!´┐Ż

And he burned down all of my books he had´┐Ż as a sign of his ´┐Żdivorce´┐Ż with me´┐Ż

´┐Ż Another acquaintance of mine suffered threats of being killed from her husband if she tried to leave him´┐Ż She managed to escape and has been hiding for a long time´┐Ż

´┐Ż There are so many murders in Russia caused by sexual infidelity!´┐Ż And the reason here is one´┐Żs attitude towards the partner as towards one´┐Żs own property!´┐Ż

´┐Ż By the way, shouldn´┐Żt one seek the reason for a partner´┐Żs infidelity (or a partner´┐Żs leaving) in one´┐Żs own attitude towards the partner?´┐Ż

´┐Ż I have already related about my killing: it was just a change of mood that caused one of my murderers to change her gratitude for my help ´┐Ż to yielding me to violence´┐Ż

´┐Ż This is another example from a newspaper. A girl wanted new shoes. She called her friend; they took a can of gasoline and matches and went to seek shoes´┐Ż They took off shoes from a girl on a beach in the evening. And in order to avoid her reporting them to the police, they tried to kill her with a stone, but did not succeed. They then put gasoline on her and burned her´┐Ż

´┐Ż A group of young men went for a walk in the forest. A small dog went with them. They made a fire and began to fry meat. The dog also wanted some, asked for meat. They decided: ´┐ŻWe will burn you for this!´┐Ż

It was interesting to them to see how the dog would die when burned alive. They bound the dog´┐Żs legs and put it over the fire. The dog began to cry unbearably for them. Then they just went away´┐Ż

´┐Ż Other people crucified Jesus Christ. They, too, wanted to look at how He would suffer dying´┐Ż

´┐Ż Then people crucified the Apostles Peter and Andrew´┐Ż

´┐Ż Then the ´┐Żmonks´┐Ż of Christian sects in Europe and in Russia tortured and burned alive hundreds of thousands of infidels [17]´┐Ż

´┐Ż But if these people had been taught since their childhood about the evolutionary importance of the life of every grasshopper, spider, ant, flower, about the sacredness of every life´┐Ż

* * *

Yet it is not only the perversion of the Teachings of God but also false psychological concepts that contribute to the growth of egocentrism in people.

This tendency began from the atheistic psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud. He suggested that people seek the reasons for their problems and calamities not in the incorrect understanding of the meaning of life or in the wrong (egoistic) attitude towards the world around them including people and other living beings ´┐Ż but in the deep erotic experience that allegedly took place in childhood and resulted in the formation of pathological complexes in the subconscious.

Thus physicians and psychologists who follow this tradition lead conversations with the patient, sometimes for months, taking more and more money from him or her ´┐Ż just to tell them in the end that the reason for his or her problems is his/her mom or dad. Thus the reason of the problem is shifted to another person, ´┐Żthere is someone to blame´┐Ż, and allegedly the patient should feel better after this´┐Ż

As a result, the victims of Freudian and other similar psychoanalytical concepts dig deeper and deeper into their egocentrism and ethically degrade themselves in the eyes of God.

But the correct solution to this problem is to develop altruistic cordial love and to perform a penitential analysis of one´┐Żs own mistakes ´┐Ż in order to avoid making them again.

´┐Ż Another very harmful absurdity of the contemporary psychology is the suggestion ´┐Żto love oneself´┐Ż.

It is suggested to admire one´┐Żs own reflection in a mirror ´┐Ż instead of helping others and forgetting about one´┐Żs own interests.

Yet it is the latter that is only valuable for the evolution of the soul!

It is this love that God teaches to us!

And this is the dilemma: love for oneself ´┐Ż or love for others, which is transformed with time into love for the Creator and lays a foundation for cognition of Him and Mergence with Him!

On the contrary, development of egocentrism and love for oneself leads one away from God, leads one to suffering and hell.

This modern absurdity is taught to many students in medical and psychological departments of universities. And they will continue to bring it to others´┐Ż

In contemporary Russia there is another school of absurdity that has captured many young people with its lies. It came to us from the East, from India. This school teaches that one has to seek God not in the developed spiritual heart expanded to the entire multidimensional universe but in a point above the head´┐Ż

The main method of spiritual work in this sect is a control over the mind. It can be allegedly achieved not by moving the concentration of the consciousness into the expanded spiritual heart as it is suggested by God ´┐Ż but by tracing the roots of one´┐Żs own thoughts´┐Ż

It is clear to an expert that this perversion disguised as religion leads to the development of egocentrism, to the degradation of the intellect, and to the development of defects in the ways of thinking´┐Ż

The methods of some other sects of Indian and Tibetan origin working in Russia are also based on this absurd concept ´┐Ż on seeking God above one´┐Żs head, where one has to come by exiting with the consciousness through the sahasrara chakra. The leaders of these sects proclaim themselves spiritual Masters and even Avatars´┐Ż Though their level of understanding is limited by the wrong interpretation of the tasks of raja yoga, which is the stage where one performs work inside the energy structures of the body and the cocoon*.

But the truth is that one can cognize God in the aspect of the Creator not above the head but inside the spiritual heart, the heart developed to the sizes exceeding the size of the body by millions of times´┐Ż

´┐Ż Psychologists also invented a division of people into extraverts and introverts, and acknowledged that both are a norm. These terms mean that the attention of the formers is directed outside, and the attention of the latters ´┐Ż inside.

Yet this ´┐Żclassification´┐Ż is so incomplete that it can lead only to confusion.

For example, it regards extraverts as people who cannot live without a radio or TV turned on, without unceasing chattering about anything. And the same group includes´┐Ż those Great Souls who have dedicated Themselves to the good of other people, who live in constant love-care for others!

The former of the above mentioned live by their upper chakras; the latter live by the developed spiritual heart. From the position of the spiritual evolution, the former and the latter reside on completely different stages.

It is the same with introverts. There is a principal difference between those living in total egocentrism and digging into their intellectual filth, immersing themselves completely into it inside their heads. On the other side, there are those who immerse themselves into the developed spiritual heart and strive to expand from it to the entire multidimensional universe studying it and cognizing the Creator in it.

´┐Ż If psychologists do not have a correct understanding of the evolutionary meaning of human life and do not have knowledge about the multidimensional structure of the universe and of the human organism, then they cannot help others. In this case, their ´┐Żpsychology´┐Ż remains barren or even pathogenic, contributing to the development of psychopathology.

Well, what should psychology teach? How should it help people?

The main scheme of such help should be the following: a) full explanation of the meaning of human life, seeking together with the patient mistakes in his or her worldview, ethical mistakes, seeking ways of correcting them, b) development of the spiritual heart and mastering its functions through love-care for other evolving beings; thanks to this, one can get rid of the lower egocentric self.

The self-awareness of a person walking the spiritual Path has to ´┐Żdissolve´┐Ż in the objects of his or her care, which are represented by the elements of the Creation, and then it has to dissolve in the Creator.

Let me stress that everything said above is not just ´┐Ża juggling with abstractions´┐Ż, but a concrete and well-researched Path consisting of stages described by us [22].

* * *

Let me conclude this chapter with a joke.

Probably you know that dogs of both sexes usually urinate often and in little quantities. This is one of their languages of intraspecific communication. In this way males mark their territory, i.e. the territory which belongs to them or to the entire pack. Females also leave marks by the smell of their urine; by studying these marks males can determine whether the female is in heat and is sexually receptive.

It means that males tell by urinating: ´┐ŻThis is mine!´┐Ż And females tell: ´┐ŻThis is I!´┐Ż.

´┐Ż As for us, people, aspiring to spiritual Perfection ´┐Ż we should not have such life purposes. We have to come to Godcentredness!

It means that there is only His ´┐ŻI´┐Ż, there is only He. And everything belongs to Him!

Of course, in this matter, as in everything, one has to avoid foolish exaggerations and extremes.


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