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Regulation of the Reproductive Function

Manifestations of various components of the reproductive function depend on a number of inner and outer reasons and may be regulated ´┐Ż in the case of abnormalities ´┐Ż by various means.

For successful treatment, an expert always uses a complex approach which takes into account all possible causes of the disease or of weakening of the reproductive function, as well as the possibility of correction or treating it ´┐Ż also through different ´┐Żentries´┐Ż into the organism: neural, hormonal, antibacterial, explanatory, suggestive, bioenergetical, and others. The expert also foresees long-term effects of the treatment beforehand.

In those years when publications on sexology just started to appear in Russia, I was astonished by the total incompetence of many recommendations on drug therapy. In the case of impotence treating, for example, in the list of drugs were present ´┐Ż without any comments ´┐Ż substances of the opposite influence! Each of them could really help ´┐Ż but only to patients with a specific cause of pathology. For the rest of the patients, it could only have harmful effects, strengthening the influence of the factor that caused the weakening of the reproductive function.

Let me give another example of ´┐Żnarrowness´┐Ż, incompetence of the approach to treatment. A young woman asked a paid sexologist for help: every time at the beginning of coitus she experienced pain. He advised her: you and your partner shouldn´┐Żt start it immediately; you need to caress each other first, to excite yourselves´┐Ż His statement was correct, in general. But the cause of her pain was something else: it was a venereal infectious disease´┐Ż

´┐Ż Now I would not like to go deeply and widely into sexology ´┐Ż into this very important and interesting problem: otherwise, it would be ´┐Ża book in a book´┐Ż. Besides that, my interests have moved into a much more significant and less investigated field of knowledge. I have not read modern literature on sexology for a long time: I cannot spend time on this. But there may be some good books on sexology now.

Since I began to describe my ´┐Żsexological past´┐Ż on the base ´┐Ż among other things ´┐Ż of the Sexology Center headed at that time by professor A.M.Svyadosch, let me tell you briefly what I managed to do in this field of knowledge (in addition to what was described above).

´┐Ż By me, for example, the role of the seminal vesicles ´┐Ż glands located near the prostate and the urinary bladder ´┐Ż in regulation of the male sexuality was proven for the first time experimentally ´┐Ż in experiments on mammals. I implanted pieces of PVC rod into rabbits´┐Ż seminal vesicles. They stimulated the baroreceptors inside the seminal vesicles. As a result, the intensity of the males´┐Ż sexual drive increased by five times on average and sometimes ´┐Ż by more than 10 times! [23]. That is, the more liquid secreted by these glands and accumulated in the seminal vesicles ´┐Ż the higher the sexual readiness and sexual desire. In the case of development of inflammation in the seminal vesicles, one may expect weakening of the reproductive function or even disappearance of its manifestations.

However, one should take into account that the seminal vesicles are one of the numerous mechanisms of regulation of the male reproductive function.

´┐Ż For example, overfatigues or exhausting diseases lead to decrease of the production of sex hormones in the organism. And this is clear: strength should be spared. And the posterity will be healthier from a healthy and strong father.

But´┐Ż the ´┐Żfamily situation´┐Ż may call for a drug treatment.

In such cases one should not use sex hormones: introducing them into the organism from outside leads to a decrease of their production by the organism itself. It is much better to stimulate one´┐Żs own production of the hormones. Ginseng or eleutherococcus preparations may be of some help (the first one gives the effect promptly, the second ´┐Ż in some days, but with a steady background of stimulation of the production of androgens); both act through the hypothalamohypophysial system of the cerebrum [23].

These preparations are also useful for recovering from fatigues and for increasing the organism´┐Żs resistibility.

I may add that ultraviolet irradiation (using the sun or a quartz lamp) gives an effect of the same direction.

Negative emotional stresses in the form of long uneasy states, anger, etc., ruin one´┐Żs reproductive function irrespective of sex. The best solution in such cases will be acceptance of God in one´┐Żs own life, comprehension of the meaning of life, and mastering the methods of psychical self-regulation based on work with the chakras (see below).

But if you have not mastered this yet, you can use medicinal preparations.

Our psychical states influence the functions of the organs of the material body through two parts of the nervous system, which are in reciprocal relations. They are the sympathetic system, which participates in control of the body in the state of stress, and the parasympathetic system, which dominates during the states of calm, comfort.

Sexual characteristics, lactation, maternal conduct ´┐Ż all these can be improved on the background of a stressor with the help of medicinal preparations suppressing the sympathetic nervous system (adrenolytic agents) or activating the parasympathetic nervous system (cholinomimetic agents). It was confirmed both in my researches on treatment of men with weak potency or with premature ejaculation [23] and in experiments on animals where improvement of lactation and maternal conduct was demonstrated with the use of proserine [8].

* * *

´┐Ż One of the main reasons of parturition disorders is a higher or lesser degree of the so-called discoordination of labor activity, i.e. non-synchronous contraction of the uterus´┐Ż muscle fibers. This causes pain; the contractions of the uterus become less effective; the child suffers from compression of the umbilical cord´┐Ż And in the tired muscle fibers the lactic acid gets accumulated and this makes them more tired´┐Ż

In such cases, obstetricians inject preparations that stimulate the contractile activity of the uterus or give medical sleep for relaxation or even make the operation of cesarean section.

At the time when I studied this subject there were attempts to stimulate the labor by means of passing electric current through the parturient´┐Żs body (and fetus too!). Special expensive apparatuses to be used for this purpose were developed and actively imposed ´┐Żfrom Moscow´┐Ż on all obstetric institutions of the USSR and abroad. But once bought, they were rejected: the apparatuses did not help in labor but only made poor women feel worse. And ´┐Ż what is probably more important ´┐Ż all possible long-term consequences of the current´┐Żs influence on the bioenergetical structures of the child´┐Żs organism were ignored´┐Ż

I thought of the problem this way:

One should seek the cause of the discoordinated labor in ´┐Żkilled´┐Ż nutrition which contaminates the body with salts of uric acid and with coarse energies, and in contamination of the bioenergetical channels of the body caused by other factors (diseases, traumas, bioenergetical contamination from other people including sexual contacts with ill or coarse men). All of this should be explained to women (and to men as well) in advance, far before the labor! But at the time of labor it is too late to explain it; it is necessary to help with no or minimal injury to the mother and to her child!

Thus, I proposed a non-drug method for neutralizing the lactic acid in the uterus´┐Ż muscles. Two of my assistants quickly constructed a simple apparatus. It was used just for establishing local electric potential. We carried out clinical testing. The results showed a remarkable success! It remained only to work out exact indications for applying this method´┐Ż But at that time, the KGB started to persecute me´┐Ż

Later on the engineer who helped me to create the apparatus published this method without my consent and demonstrated his total incompetence even in the title of the publication´┐Ż But at that time the regulation of labor activity was outside of my interests already: God hurried me to study Him and to pave the Way to Him!*

* * *

At that time, when I worked with beavers and in the field of sexology and obstetrics, I did not know about the much more significant factors that affect our health and well-being. And the first of them is the ethical component of our lives, which defines how our Teacher God forms our destinies. This includes to what we dedicate our lives, the nature of our nutrition, our relationships with people of different evolutionary-age groups, mastering of the methods of psychical self-regulation, etc.

A simple example: man constantly lives with the concentration of the consciousness in the head only, and that results in bioenergetical depletion of the trunk´┐Żs chakras and therefore in problems of the functions of the corresponding organs. But if one masters to move the consciousness freely into any charka ´┐Ż needed in the current circumstances ´┐Ż and to keep all chakras pure, open, and full of subtle energies, ´┐Ż then owing just to this many chronic inflammatory diseases disappear, the functions of the organs and systems of the organism recover and normalize. The above said fully concerns the sexual function and the whole reproductive system as well.


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