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Schizophrenics and Others

Spiritual work with people turned out to be a remarkable psychiatric practicum for me. Fortunately, I had studied psychiatry before!

For example, schizophrenic women, at least two times, included me into their astral sexual adventures. At first, they enjoyed it, but later suddenly decided that I “drew their energy”; then their love turned into hatred. Of course, I was not aware of it, until learning from rumors about their afflictions.

In similar ways some male instructors got into trouble.

What is the cause and mechanism of this phenomenon typical in psychiatry?

The cause and mechanism lie beyond the framework of the materialistic psychiatry. The cause here is ethical, and the mechanism is mystical. The cause is lust, which got manifested in this case in the form of sexual fantasies with the use of a particular image. In such a case this image gets used by spirits, and it becomes really animated for the sick person. Those women “played” not with me, but with demons.

And schizophrenic men came around me with dowsing rods, which were controlled by demons, claiming that I “paved the road to hell” by doing that which is not prescribed by the Russian Orthodoxy.

Schizophrenic “mages” started “astral fights” with me and with some other instructors. As a response, we submerged into Pranava opposing them with love.

The schizophrenic husband of one of my female students attacked the instructress accusing her of draining energy from all members of the group. The reason for this accusation was the fact that his wife after taking the class came home tired and always slept off for a few hours… But it is hard work to give classes! Such meditative and bioenergetical work is very tiring! And it is the instructor who gets tired more than others. The tiredness of the instructor, when he or she gives to the group the exercises on cleansing the chakras, for example, is much higher than in other cases! Usually, beginner instructors fall sick as a result of such an overload! Their work is heroism, self-sacrifice for the sake of the students’ good!

Once, a young woman-instructress got an inflammation of the genitalia and urinary bladder. She asked me: “Why?! I have had no contact…” I saw with clairvoyance a dark energy “hose” running to that part of her body. I cut it with an image of a sword, and the pain disappeared immediately. We traced this “hose” — one of the students in her classes turned out to be a sexual maniac! It was enough to burn the head-sucker of this “hose-tentacle” and the sickness went away completely.

I remember also the following case. A “veteran” schizophrenic person (registered in the mental hospital) came to know my students. His face was like a mask already — like those of the heroes of old horror movies.

In the past he was engaged in exorcism performed for the possessed in an Orthodox church and developed a belief that he was a “Messiah”. Some “voice” convinced him that his task was to ensure the advent of the Lord Maitreya — a new Buddha.

This required, firstly, an accumulation of the necessary amount of energy. What kind of energy? The energy released by irritated people! To make them release the energy, he “irritated” them: brawled, broke windows, did not let people sleep by calling them by phone… If they beat him, he was glad: he took suffering for the sake of “saving humankind”.

The second part of his “mission” consisted in begetting the Lord. The mother necessarily had to be one of our School’s students. He even made attempts of rape. But his face was so terrifying and he was so disgusting that his victims could collect enough strength to oppose him.

Strikingly enough, he managed to make up a group of disciples-“apostles”, which included two of my former disciples — a student-physicist and a student-medic. Later, the former became an Orthodox priest, and the latter repented of this, telling me: “Why didn’t I recognize it?! We studied all this in psychiatry!”

Fortunately, the acts of the “Messiah” did not last long: he was attacked by a similar schizophrenic who committed suicide in the past. The deceased began to “suck energy” from the “Messiah” and drove him to jump out of a window…

… Yes, Gorbachev liberated the people of the Earth from the atheistic “infection”. Among other things, he gave people the freedom of talking and listening about the non-material phenomena, about religion. However, in our country there was almost no true spiritual culture, no true spiritual preachers! And when the freedom of speech was proclaimed and people got the possibility to preach the mystico-religious ideas, then this field was immediately occupied to a large extent by the ignorant seeking glory and fame and also by mentally ill people.

… Once in Saint Petersburg an alcoholic appeared who proclaimed himself a prophet. Of course, some people immediately became his followers, and he taught them. The basic idea of his course consisted in living in two opposite regimes alternately: two months — according to the “yes-program”, then two months — according to the “no-program”. This meant either accepting all offers and actions of other people or rejecting them…

On the “yes-program” he mangled, at least, two young women I knew.

The first of them met a drug addict, abandoned her family, and got completely immersed in drug addiction. (Apparently, she never recalled the “no-program”).

Another woman, immersed in the “yes-program”, got into the following situation. Once, a group of guys seeking sexual entertainment approached her and asked whether she wanted to spend time with them. “Yes”. Let’s go out of the city? “Yes”. Get into the car (“Yes”); they came somewhere. Now, undress!… At that point she got completely confused: it had to be “No!”

She tried to resist. They, of course, got angry: they had spent so much time on her, and now she “poses”. They beat and raped her, and even wanted to kill her…

She described all of this to me two months later: complained about total disorder of the activity of all the organs of the abdomen. I looked with clairvoyance — her abdomen was filled with their devilish black malice…

… I also remember very well the first conference on bioenergetics arranged in Moscow,

Some of the speakers demonstrated photos with defects, which appeared as a result of bad development of the film (bubbles which were not shook off from the film produced light spots), and presented these defects as an “instrumental registration” of invisible aliens who control us…

Another speaker dedicated all of his speech to praising himself impudently. Though, it was unclear — for what?

Someone argued that he was a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. The proof: making mathematical manipulations with the number of his passport and numerical values of the letters in his address results in a cross (?)…

Someone began his absurd speech by proclaiming pathetically that he was the best psychic in the world!…

Another “best psychic”, seeking a seat for himself in the auditorium, simply threw a younger person off the chair that he wanted…

It is interesting to note that in our country two subjects became the most popular among the mystically inclined part of the population: urinotherapy and vampires.

* * *

Urinotherapy is the use of urine with therapeutic and other purposes. In our country, it started with a “boom” around the silly book titled The Water of Life, which became paradoxically popular in a certain group of society. And many people began… to drink urine, to wash themselves with urine, etc.

Yes, the urine of people who consume a lot of salt can give the same healing effect (when used externally in the form of lotion, compresses, or rinsing) as a hypertensive solution of common salt — a preparation well known in medicine, which is used for relieving edemas and inflammations, including purulent ones.

Yes, a one-time use of urine or a short course of taking it inside causes a physiological stress in the organism, as a reaction to the poison. This stress activates the protective systems of the organism, which, after being activated, eliminate some inflammatory processes in the internal organs of the body. There are cases of such recovery.

Yet, for many people excessive and constant use of urine became a kind of means for total rejuvenating of the organism and… for spiritual self-development…

I remember the following instance: in the room of a single woman advanced in years, a member of a “juvenology club” (juvenology is the science about rejuvenation), in the “front corner” on a shelf above an icon-lamp there were two icons: Mary the Mother of God and Vladimir Lenin in identical frames. In front of them, a jar with urine of that woman was being “sanctified”.

I was invited into that club to give a lecture about rejuvenation. I had been telling them for a long time about distressing, about the role of the chakras in regulation of emotions and work efficiency, about efficacy of winter swimming and meditative running, about meditative mergence with the light of the rising sun and attunement to the songs of robins…

After the lecture one woman stood up and said to me; “But you haven’t told us about the main thing. We waited for your advice concerning how we should drink urine.”

I was perplexed.

I did not know the specifics of this club. And I answered, “But do you need to drink urine? One mustn’t do it at all!”

This resulted in a lot of agitation! The women surrounded me: “How can you say things like that?! This professor advised us to drink urine, and that doctor gave us a lecture, and he, too, drinks urine!”

… But doctor Evgeny Schadilov [51] writes about many cases of resuscitation of people who were too keen about this perversion.

I observed stable intellectual degradation of virtually all people known to me, who drank urine for a long time.

Two of such acquaintances of mine were even registered in the mental hospital as ill with schizophrenia.

When I came to know about their hobby, I tried to persuade them to give it up, but it was too late…

He… proclaimed himself a genius and even invented a machine for development of anahatas…

And she… talked about wonderful states of easiness, divine joy and about flights with angels to other planets that she experiences after each good dose, recited the charter of the Communist Union of Youth and the Program of the Communist Party…

She got registered in the mental hospital not due to the latter, but after the following case. In the state of psychic disorientation, she went to the forest, walked there the whole night, lost her clothes, and in the morning came to town naked and plunged under a bus…

There is another illustrative example. We gave a psychological seminar. Several hundred people came, and among them there was one insane woman physician from another town. She heard a voice, which told her to stay after the seminar and promised that Antonov would accept her as a student if she showed enough persistence.

And for about 40 days she fasted and slept on the grass in a garden pleading the grace of Antonov who did not know about it at all…

Her husband came to look for her. For several weeks he walked in the city hoping to meet her, informed the police, and they began searches…

At last she, beaten, with a blue-black face came to a barbershop. They informed me, I informed the police, and they sent her to a mental hospital…

Since that time, I took an oath to never arrange such seminars again…

But this does not end here. One year later her colleague and student, also a doctor, came to me. She could not remember even the simplest information… Even attempts to write it down were of no success: she forgot everything immediately! Yet she told me about a plea from that first woman to display mercy and allow her to come to take our courses… My refusal bewildered her: that woman was the leader of their spiritual “School”; she was a highly respected person and did so much for the entire town’ she initiated such a strong spiritual movement…

I asked what their spiritual work was about.

“Why, urinotherapy of course!”

… The main preacher of Russian urinotherapy, who contributed a lot by his many books to the spreading of this disaster in our country, also has been drinking urine for a long time. And for cleansing the kidney, he recommends drinking one’s own urine or either… the one from wild boars. Clever doctor Evgeny Schadilov [51], who has never drunk urine, asks about this: how can you make this wild forest animal urinate in your jar?…

* * *

… Now let us talk about vampires and vampirism.

In ancient time, people, in their folk tales, called by vampires those “arising from the dead”, werewolves, etc., who allegedly attack ordinary people and suck their blood. Such vampires became heroes of many horror films.

Among “ordinary” people, there are also some who like to drink blood coming out from a wound of their victim. I knew one personally.

But with spreading of knowledge about relationships between people, this term — with a different meaning — became very popular among schizophrenics and those disposed to schizophrenia. By this term they began to denote incarnate or non-incarnate people, animals, and even plants which, allegedly, hunt for other’s energy.

It is interesting that very often it was physicians specialized in psychiatry who became the preachers of mystical fear of vampires in those years in Russia. The subject of their passionate appeals to people was the means of defending oneself from vampires by creating around the body protective energetical shells, capsules, etc.

One such physician wrote an article where he claimed, for example, that vampires are especially dangerous at night. It is at night that one has to exert the most efforts for keeping integrity and resistance of these “protective constructions” of oneself…

Such physicians produced so many patients for their colleagues-psychiatrists!

Yet God suggests that we learn love rather than fear, and that we keep Him rather than our enemies in the focus of our attention!

Yet bioenergy vampires are not mythical but real — they really exist. Anyone who wants something strongly from another becomes a vampire!

… There are people whose characteristic feature is the need to serve others, to share with others, to give oneself to others.

And there are people of the opposite kind — people-parasites living in constant wanting of something from others — money, boons, care, attention, “emotional warmth”, sex, etc.

Their emotional wanting is really bothering and sometimes even destructive — for their victims. Why, because bioenergy is driven into motion by our emotions!

People who radiate, give their love to others have the possibility for intensive spiritual self-development.

People-parasites, who drain love and power from others, do not have it.

These traits are not inherent, but are features of the character; and whether they are good or vicious depends on the person possessing these traits.

This is a paradoxical and important fact; it is people-parasites who are disposed to blaming others for vampirism; they always feel bad, because they waste their energetical power in their own negative emotions, but believe that someone “steals” it. And until they transform by their own efforts from parasites — into those who give, from those who want love — into those who give it, they will not achieve relief!

And if someone indeed falls under the influence of a real bioenergy vampire, as it happened to me many times, then the following advice may be useful.

First of all, we have to remember that all difficulties, which fall on us, are created for our own good by our Highest Teacher — God. Why? In order that we become better!

The true victory in all earthly difficulties is not victory over one’s enemies, but victory over one’s lower self!

Thus, if we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it makes sense, first of all, to ask oneself, “Lord, for what purpose did You do this? What kind of answer are You expecting from me?” And then seek the answer with His help.

* * *

Now let me say a few words about schizophrenia in general. One has to distinguish its true form from the diseases with similar symptoms which in the materialistic psychiatry are also called schizophrenia.

The mechanism of the main form of schizophrenia is always possession (i.e. control of thinking and behavior of the sick person by a spirit or spirits who entered the body of that person). Such spirits can be people or animals according to the last incarnation. This is their work: everyone in the non-material world works by the qualities which they developed in themselves during the life on the Earth.

But the activity of all spirits — both good and evil — is controlled by God.

Symptoms similar to the main form of schizophrenia (mental confusion, non-adequate behavior, hallucinations, and so on) can be caused by other factors: such as intoxication of the brain by poisons, for example, those contained in urine (if the kidney’s work is deranged, or the ureter is damaged, or if one drinks urine; this is called uremia, which may lead to decease), also by tumors of the brain or by the consequences of its traumas.

In all such cases, this is the destiny (karma) of the diseased person defined by his or her mistakes in the current life or in the past lives. In the latter case, one gets not the illness itself, but a predisposition to it.

But the most clear and bright analysis of the cause-and-effect relations is possible in the case of the main form of this disease. God sends it if one insists too much in such vices as:

a) mystical fear;

b) anger of judgment or jealousy;

c) being too obsessed with sexual fantasies;

d) excessive fear about one’s own material well-being and health of the body,

e) conceit (pride and vanity).

God warned us about this in the Holy books. Therefore, deeply religious people who possess strong intellect are not subject to schizophrenia.

On the contrary, atheists and those of weak faith sometimes get sick with it. And it is especially peculiar to those who fall under the influence of perverted religious organizations or occult schools where the followers are introduced into the mystical world without acquainting themselves with the rules of conduct in it and without understanding the essence of some of its manifestations.

Dangerous schizophrenia-like inadequacy of thinking and behavior, which sometimes leads to real schizophrenia, can arise in the case where a person has an intellectual overload that is too strong for them. It happens, for example, when children are initiated into meditative techniques inadequate for their age or when their attention is focused on demons, aliens, astral travels, and so on.

Not even all adults can withstand such trials.

For example, I heard such a story. The mother of a girl who was made famous by journalists for her “travels” to other planets decided to follow the daughter’s example. Once standing on a tram stop, she was emotionally “talking to herself”. A policeman approached her:

“I’m sorry, are you all right?”

“Stay away from me! Don’t interfere! Don’t you see? — I am talking to aliens!”

He apologized, went away, and called an ambulance; they took her to the mental hospital.

If such people are not isolated and are not calmed down with the help of drugs, they can become socially dangerous. It may happen when they receive orders from “voices” or when they believe that they are not shown enough respect for their “special cosmic role” or something like this.

For example, the mother of one of my acquaintances, when her daughter asked her not to speak so loudly when “talking” to aliens aloud, got angry, beat her, and threw her on the street in winter without clothes…

Sometimes it can even be worse…

Of the utmost importance on the spiritual Path is the intellect of the seekers. It is the intellect that defines to which step of the spiritual stairway man can safely ascend in this particular moment of the personal evolution.

Spiritual leaders who use esoteric techniques must understand this very well! In particular, it is inadmissible to teach only psycho-energetical techniques, even in the form of the best meditations! Supplementing the energetical work with lectures will not be enough as well. One always has to test the intellectual abilities of each student. And at the first symptoms of inadequacy of learning, students have to be given other — strengthening — techniques or the whole group has to be disbanded.

Many times in different towns, I observed situations when instructors gave their students methods of inadequate complexity. Those instructors did this for the sake of keeping their status as a spiritual leader or for the sake of raising their own authority (Wow! Look at this instructor who knows so much!).

Yet, poor is that instructor who works with people for the sake of himself or herself rather than for people’s sake! In such a case he or she surely harms them!

* * *

There are three lines of spiritual development: intellectual, ethical, and psycho-energetical. They result in the development of the three aspects of Divine Perfection in man in a series of incarnations: Wisdom, Love, and Power.

The psycho-energetical aspect in no case should be developed before the other aspects! Let the best followers learn by heart the Holy books, as is customary in many religious confessions. This is much more useful and safer than involving them where there is the risk to go insane!

It is also unwise to grow in the students the psycho-energetical power that they cannot adequately use.

Let me give the following example. Let us see what happens in prospect with those who achieve a large amount of success in psycho-energetical work without paying enough attention to the other two lines of development. I personally knew five such persons, who in their past lives “pumped” huge crystallized consciousnesses. Lacking true wisdom and love, they again found themselves on the Earth. In the current incarnation all of them at a certain moment gained “instant enlightenment” experiencing themselves not in the material body but in a giant energetical one. But none of them had cognized the Creator… Moreover, they had no clear idea of where to seek Him…

Some of such people become false gurus, who think only about personal well-being. Such a guru collects around himself or herself a lot of followers and is interested only in personal fame and money…

Other such persons, feeling their large strength and power over people, turn into successful criminals…

Others yet, out of good intents, try to help people to become like them. But they do not remember the path of the previous life, nor do they have methods, nor understand the true needs of other people with non-crystallized consciousnesses… And thus, such help turns out to be incompetent and ineffective…

Let us remember that having magical power without intellect and love is a very dangerous situation on the steps of the spiritual stairway!

I want to address once more all the instructors who teach esoteric techniques: you must take into account the psychogenetic age of the students! Man in an adult body can be younger by the age of the soul than another person in a child’s body! The criterion here, first of all, is the level of the development of the intellect.

The second important criterion in choosing students is the ethical one. One must not teach power to ethically defective people! I will illustrate later the consequences of such mistakes.

* * *

A moment ago I received a telephone call. A woman asked me:

“In a few hours, a comet is going to hit Jupiter. What meditations would you recommend to do before and after this catastrophe?”


“So, you believe that Jupiter does not influence us at all?”

“It doesn’t.”

“But you taught all of us meditation!”

“But what has Jupiter to do with this? There is God!”

“Well, God… He is far…”

… I also recall a TV-interview with a satanist — a killer of two Orthodox monks. He voluntarily decided to serve the devil, listened to his voice and fulfilled his orders. When he was asked why he chose to serve the devil and not God he replied:

“God is far… And the devil is always near…”

For some people the devil is closer than God, for others — Jupiter. And all this is their truth…

But to me the closest one is God!

* * *

Now let us dwell on an important question: how does one not mix the voice of God with one’s own fantasies or with voices of demons, for instance?

People make a lot of mistakes in regards to this matter.

One wicked doctor in Saint Petersburg began to teach methods of listening to the “voices” to a completely unprepared audience. Many indeed began to hear them. And some even started to speak in the voices of demons: to croak inadvertently for example…

One of my former students who came to these classes was warned by the “voices” that it was dangerous for her to stay in the city, that someone was “hunting” her, and that she had to escape to Riga.

She went to Riga.

But where could she stay in a foreign city? The “voices” told her the address and names of the owners of some flat. She went there; the owners’ names indeed were as she was told.

She asked them to guard, to save her, insisted that she had to stay in their flat… to live there.

The owners were bewildered…

Naturally, this story ended up in the mental hospital.

Of course one can laugh at this case and say that probably doctors treated her and now she lives as a common materialist…

Unfortunately this is not the case. It is not so easy to break free from the fetters of the inhabitants of hell with the help of drugs. One can only weaken for a time the outer manifestations of the illness, and then the sick is sent home.

I met this woman many years later in winter in a market where I came with a rucksack to buy potatoes. Without a smile she approached me, but I did not recognize her. She told me:

“At last I meet you! Give me a kiss on the cheek!”

And she put her cheek out.

I kissed her in order not to offend her: in case she was one of my acquaintances, one of my former students. I had many of them and naturally cannot remember all of them by their faces. But I also started thinking that maybe this is an alcoholic woman seeking a man for the night; her face was so awful and she was so coarse energetically.

“How are you?” she asked me,

“I’m fine.”

“I don’t see that!… Why are you in a hat?! Why do you wear a rucksack?!”


“Why do you wear a rucksack?! No one wears rucksacks now!”

At this moment I understood that she was an aggressive insane person.

“You,” I told her, “go! Go!”

And I slightly turned and pushed her to the exit. She submitted, but turned her head and shouted as if threatening:

“I will go! But it will turn out worse for you! So you do: with a rucksack!…”

My body got filled with her low-frequency vibration, which is peculiar to agitated schizophrenics.

Only by entering the meditation of total reciprocity did I manage to restore calm inside my body.

It is only now that I recall who that woman was: one of my former students whose harmony gladdened me and others… The link established with the owners of those “voices” had turned her during those years into a coarse, dull, aggressive being similar to them…

And all of it started with the “classes” of that doctor…

… So many people fall into a trap by believing the information received from the “voice” that they are a reincarnation of “Jesus Christ” or “Mary the Mother of God” and so on!

One of my acquaintances once asked for my opinion about the idea of arranging a “conference” for all the “Jesuses” and the “Maries” known to him. He intended to invite all such persons as for an individual appearance for giving a holy sermon to the needed… And see what will come out of it… Ha ha ha!

I objected that it would be cruel. These people believed in it sincerely…

But there are more simple cases. To one of my Orthodox acquaintances — a drunkard and thief — once “God’s angel” came and told him:

“Take a crowbar and destroy the guests of your wife!”

(The guests were decent people sitting at the table in the next room).

He took a crowbar and went “destroying”. As a result his skull was crushed by that very crow-bar. After months spent in the hospital, he suffered headaches for a long time, sought healers… But he did not become a Christian.

Or I was told about the following case. “Jesus Christ” started to come to a young beginner mystic. “Jesus” complained that he feels so bad, so bad… He asked to give him some energy. Then again and again… And then “Jesus” told this mystic that now it is over and that he is all right. And that as a reward he gives to this mystic the ability to fly! Just jump out of the window and fly!

The mystic jumped out the window and… fortunately it was a lawn below, not the pavement…

… And to one of my acquaintances “Jesus Christ” dictated the “New Gospel”. The work continued for months; a lot of paper was used!

And then with large pomposity the “chosen” were collected who were allowed to become acquainted with excerpts from the “Holy Message”.

It was written in an amazingly beautiful language; just the rhythm of this prose gave bliss.

But its meaning…

One of the chapters, for instance, was about the “karma of stones”. It was said that the life of stones is also subject to the law of karma — the law of cause-and-effect in formation of the destiny…

Thus it means that stones form their destinies themselves? But the destiny is formed on the basis of ethically important decisions that one takes…

Probably I was the only one in the entire group who understood that all this was absurdity, a joke!…

Sometime later “Jesus” commanded to burn all this down.

This joke was intended by God as a “test on intellectuality”, which only I managed to pass.

Sometime later through the same medium the “group of chosen” received “top-secret information” that the “Second Advent of Jesus” was starting and therefore…(!) the north part of Europe would submerge into the ocean at the specific date… The “chosen” were given a chance to save themselves.

For this purpose they were divided into groups which had to move to various south cities.

Those who believed sold everything they could and went away… Yet, the “Flood” did not happen. They had to come back…

… There are different mechanisms of receiving information from non-incarnate consciousnesses.

About “technical means” used for this purpose we talked about already; there is no point in repeating it. Let us discuss the possibility of the direct perception.

So, the most common means is to hear a voice or to perceive a thought against the background of inner mental quietness (hesychia).

There are also means of the laya kind (laya means dissolution, see [25]) when against the background of hesychia, the mediator “gives up” to the spirit or to God his or her hand with a pen which begins to write, or his or her speech apparatus which begins to speak. The mind of the mediator in the process of receiving the information does not play an active role: the mediator observes with interest what his or her hand writes or what his or her voice says. It is also interesting that in psychic writing the mediator writes not necessarily with his or her own handwriting; in the process of writing a foreign handwriting can change to another — also foreign. By this means whole books were written in the past (for example — E.Bakers Letters of a Living Dead Man [28]).

The same principle is used in the so-called meditative painting and meditative music playing.

There is a similar phenomenon — laya dance — when one surrenders the body to God for dancing.

That psychic who wrote the “New Gospel” and organized the “Flood” used the means of giving up her speech apparatus. The quality of her ability of psychic perception and her honesty was not to be doubted. But what was the problem?

Of course, there are apparent liars disguising themselves as psychics (mediators of communication with spirits) or prophets (mediators of communication with God).

There are people who just want to become such mediators and probably sometimes they succeed in this to some extent… In both such cases one cannot expect trustworthy information.

Sometimes “failures” in contacts happen in the case of beginner mediators when it just seems to them that they hear something…

But normally expert psychics and prophets receive information correctly.

There is another point — by whom was this information given?

And this depends, first of all, on the person who receives it.

If that person is like a devil (as that one with a crowbar, for example), then only devils and demons speak through such a mediator.

But if we go the true path, then as we master subtler and subtler states of the consciousness and learn to enter into subtler and subtler spatial dimensions, the circle of our interlocutors also changes to better.

I should note that God, when necessary, can give information through any psychic. It is another point that for the receivers of this information it will be difficult to discern it.

When the spiritual warrior enters Nirvana with confidence, then he or she prophesizes with the same confidence.

It is important to know that God sometimes likes to joke or to teach His students by giving them wrong information. In the Quran it is said about this: “Allah is the best of schemers” (3:47) [20].

He taught me about this feature of Himself a long time ago, before I had read the Quran. It happened in the following way.

Once He told me to go to the forest for a four-day “seclusion”. It was in the beginning of May; at night the temperature was below zero. The condition of this seclusion was to spend nights in the forest without a tent or a sleeping-bag.

I spent the whole day meditating, stored enough firewood for the night, built a fire, arranged a “wall” of a piece of canvas, and lay on dry brunches between the “wall” and the fire.

I slept, but from time to time it was necessary to wake up: sometimes a piece of burning coal came off the log — and my jacket began to smolder, sometimes I had to move or add firewood.

On the next day, I felt myself broken, sleepy. Meditations were not successful.

On the second night it was the same.

The third day after bad sleep was even worse.

And the third night was coming.

The third day I spent in bewilderment: what was the use of such “seclusion” if I lost my meditative ability?! This was just a waste of time!

Yet God demanded to keep to the plan.

By the evening I developed a neurotic state! It seemed to me that I lost the ability to hear His voice!

At the end I took the decision:

“It’s enough! This is absurdity! I am going home! I will sleep enough and tomorrow will be able to meditate again!”

At that very instant I heard a very clear and tender voice:

“It is this decision that I was waiting for from you! It is for the sake of this decision that I arranged this ‘seclusion’! Remember the rule: ‘Rely on God but do not blunder!’”

… Many times I observed situations when young beginner mystics who had not developed the intellect tried to switch it off by relying completely on the Intellect of God. What was the mistake here? It was that their intellects stopped developing. But the Creator does not need such “feats” at all: He does not let in people who have not developed in themselves the aspect of Wisdom; He does not need them in Himself!

And in order to teach them He begins to play jokes on them — first gently, then, if they “don’t get it”, — harder and harder.

Let me give the following example.

A young woman was mastering laya. On a lonely field she took off her clothes and “surrendering herself to God” went far along a road among fields, among singing of skylarks and fragrance of flowers, under the tender sun and blue sky. Paradisiacal harmony!

Then she went back.

Suddenly a group of villagers appeared on this road going towards her. She saw them, but submerged more deeply into laya. And God led her body forward!

The villagers saw: a naked woman firmly walking right towards them… She is insane! What if she is going to attack us?! We have to run!

They ran over the field to the forest and walked far around the “insane”…

This case convinced her even more that “with God one has nothing to fear!”.

Then once in the city, standing in line in a shop, she began to whirl softly and fell down…

Or once her colleagues came to work and found her sitting under a table…

And no one reproached her; they pretended that nothing strange happened…

They behaved like this out of pity for her, fearing to harm her with an embarrassing word or gesture; they hoped she would recover some day…

But she… interpreted their tactfulness in a wrong way and became more convinced that she was on the right “path”…

Then one day God made her look at this situation “from the outside”: she understood and… suddenly recovered.

* * *

How can one distinguish a true prophet from a false one?

The first criterion is the quality of the energies of the person. Man with the non-refined consciousness cannot be a prophet. (Say nothing of a drunkard who crosses oneself and utters something).

The second criterion is the intellectual level. God would not say wise things through a fool person: the fool cannot correctly use the received information.

For example, people with sectarian thinking cannot be counted wise.

Differences between people who started the Path in different religious systems disappear when they achieve significant spiritual heights. And they understand each other very well.

The lower people are on this stairway, the more significance they attach to unessential differences and the more enmity, condemnation, and hatred are in them.

The third criterion for differentiating true prophets from false ones is the quality of information they pass.

In common language, people often confuse two concepts: prophet and foreteller. In reality prophets and foretellers are opposites of one another.

In the Bible and in the Islamic Sunna there is reproaching of those who listen to foretellers. Why? … Because interest in foretelling is a vain and useless interest of non-spiritual people. Truly spiritual people do not look to the future, but work in the present: they perfect their knowledge, bodies, energy; they help others, meditate…

They who fill their sermons with foretelling are not prophets. They can either be ignorant, liars, or schizophrenics.

A prophet preaches about that which was taught by the Highest Teacher through all the Messiahs and prophets of all times and nations. Briefly and clearly these principles were formulated by Avatar Babaji: Truth — Simplicity — Love — Karma yoga (Service) — Abandonment of the lower self for the sake of merging with the Higher Self of God [20].

Prophets also impart to people concrete and personal recommendations on spiritual development and service.

* * *

God warned us then:

“Keep this in mind, all who pass information from Me! None of you should insist on acceptance of what was said through you!

“Everyone has their own free will and their own intellect. Everyone is free to use the received information according to their abilities and aptitudes.

“No one must impose on other people their interpretation of God’s opinion. What one person accepts as a law, another may view as a mockery.”

* * *

The main principle of healing — both for bodies and souls — do not harm!

Everyone can make mistakes due to young age, out of lack of knowledge; Babaji said the following about this: “There is no saint without a past; there is no sinner without a future”.

But if one violates the principle “do not harm!” out of selfish motives, then this is a crime!

* * *

Once I had a misunderstanding with one of the instructors, and this slightly agitated my emotional sphere.

Suddenly I heard the voice of my father who departed from his body a long time ago. He was exasperated by the lack of intensive emotional reactions from my side.

I objected:

“This is a trifle, dad! Cling to God!”

He replied sadly-perplexedly:

“But where is He, your God?”

I completely entered into his spatial dimension and said:

“Look! Let’s do it together!”

And I submerged before his eyes into the depth of the multidimensional Ocean. I repeated it again and again inviting him with me. But every time he… just lost sight of me and looked around in confusion…

Thus I became convinced in practice about that which I read and supposed before: spirits cannot enter spatial dimensions which they did not master in their past lives. They spend time between incarnations in that dimension to which energetical level (on the subtlety-coarseness scale) they accustomed themselves to.

And no prayers or other kinds of help can change this situation!

Moreover, God remains an unsolved mystery for those who have not cognized Him during the time of incarnation.

* * *

An Orthodox old woman fell sick and “went to church” to light out a candle for Nicholas the Wonder-worker.

“Why not for Jesus?”

“But Jesus died!...”

“Haven’t you heard that He then ‘rose from the dead’?”

“Really? But how should I light out a candle for Him then — ‘for peace of the soul’ or ‘for well-being in life’?”…


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