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Beginning of the Spiritual Path. Healing

In this chapter I will start describing how God gradually turned my face towards Him.

At one point in time I met an old acquaintance on the street. He invited me to go to a course on hatha yoga.

�No,� I replied, �I�ve practiced it already and got bored with it.�

A few days later I met him again. (And before we had not seen each other for many years!)

�A lecture on healing is going to be arranged,� he said, �Varvara Ivanova will come from Moscow to give it. Will you come?�

�No,� I replied, �It�s not interesting to me.�

He gave me the address where this lecture would be delivered and left.

Right away I met another acquaintance of mine and told her about the lecture. She became interested and persuaded me to go to it with her.

Varvara Ivanova was one of the heroes of that epoch. Parapsychology, which she adhered, was forbidden in those years. KGB agents were watching her constantly. Many times they took her away from the stage during her public lectures. But she continued her fight and won: parapsychology was at last �acknowledged� and �permitted� in our country � thanks to her efforts, in particular.

On the lecture that we attended (for conspiracy reasons it was arranged in a private house out of the city) Ivanova related about famous healers, demonstrated the methods of healing with the use of the hands, and conducted a session�

My companion and I had some minor sicknesses.

She recovered; I did not.

She refused to believe in it; I did not refuse.

To put it more exactly, I did not believe: as a scientist-experimenter I was not accustomed to taking something on trust. I had to verify it myself, to make an experiment.

I tried � and... it really worked! All the �tricks� of a scientist to make the experiment clean demonstrated that there was an effect!

For instance, directing an energy stream from the palms and fingers of the hands at a patient against the background of compassion leads in most cases to recovery: this removes headaches, inflammations caused by burns, paralyses, etc.

Yet, I was unable to help some patients despite making every effort. (Years later I understood the reason: God wanted them to make their own efforts on transforming themselves).

Galina Vaver joined me at this time, and for many years we sought the Truth together.

� One case from the healing practice stuck in my memory. Once in a village I was asked to examine a cow. The owners had changed four cows, this one was the fifth, and with all of them there was the same problem: their milk yield reduced significantly a few days after they came to the new cow house. Moreover, coming back from the pasture, cows refused to enter the cow house, and the owners had to push them inside with the help of �the entire village�, as they said. To them it was a shame: what their neighbors would think about people whose cow did not want to come home!

I entered the cow house and saw with clairvoyance bright black spots in a corner and between the cow�s horns: it was spoiling!

I managed to wash them off with an energy stream flowing through my body.

But the next day� the cow fell ill: it had running eyes, nose�

The mistress cried: whatever problems the cow had, it was a cow � but now it was dying�

That day we had to leave: our vacation was over. We left sad and confused.

But a few days later we received a joyful letter: the cow had recovered! Now it willingly entered not only the cow house but the owner�s house also when it was overlooked, so that it was hard to push it out!

� Thus, the phenomenon of bioenergetical healing became a proven fact for us. The medical desire to help suffering people began to grow in me again. It called for increasing our healing abilities. Following the invitation of that yogi � an acquaintance of mine � we came to him to practice hatha yoga.

Thanks to conducting healing practice our healing abilities were growing, new healing methods appeared. For example, it turned out that one can use chakras in healing apart from hands. So we started to seek new methods of chakra development.

In parallel, the broadness of our outlook was growing thanks to reading the samizdat* publications on bioenergetics and yoga.

We had to part with the hatha yoga instructor: his interest moved only to the stories about yeti, he began to drink alcohol, though he had preached lately a nonalcoholic way of life; he began to eat meat, though he had preached the opposite� Because of this, his energies soon became so coarse that it was hard to have contacts with him� This energetical coarseness, suppressing other people, allowed him to enjoy his �power�, especially over women�

This is how people turn towards hell�

� One day I met him with a spinning rod:


�What�s wrong? I help them to reincarnate!��

A yogi-killer?

Or not a yogi at all?

Before we parted with him, he acquainted us with a lady-medium. Through her we received the next impulses for advancement.


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