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Stones of Power

Sometimes even stones possess unique energetical qualities.

For instance, I had a small piece of silicon from one of Krishna´┐Żs favorite places of power, and in it one can see, with clairvoyance, some sort of holographic portrait of Krishna.

I once found a piece of granite that contained a self-replenishing charge of energy similar to the subtle energy of anahata. I used it to charge the anahatas of beginner students ´┐Ż as an exercise for training their sensitivity. It was enough to take it in the hands ´┐Ż and its energy flowed by itself through the arm into the chakra. After that, the stone became empty. But twenty minutes later it could be used again.

* * *

Most often I found such stones in the Moravian mountains in the Czech Republic. Once I was walking there with a group of students from one of the Czech spiritual centers. On this walk, I picked up pieces of granite from the ground. They possessed strong healing properties, and it turned out that some students had diseased organs that could be treated with these stones. Some of the stones weighed 2-3 kilograms, but people, having had felt their power, ´┐Żclung´┐Ż to them, put them carefully into the rucksacks, and carried them reverentially.

But then I saw that the students got anxious about something´┐Ż They spoke with agitation in Czech, with looks and nods in my direction´┐Ż Soon a ´┐Żdelegation´┐Ż came to me for ´┐Żnegotiations´┐Ż. It turned out that the Czechs became worried: whether I was going to take these stones with me when leaving to Russia?´┐Ż

I exclaimed jokingly:

´┐ŻNo! Czech stones belong to the Czechs! In Russia there are a lot of native stones! How could you think that I am going to take these stones from you?!´┐Ż

´┐ŻBut you are a ´┐Żbig brother´┐Ż´┐Ż´┐Ż (In that epoch, it was ordered to call Russian people ´┐Żbig brothers´┐Ż in all countries occupied by the Soviet Army´┐Ż)


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