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The Terrible Grin of Death

Instead of me, my mother died then.

First she had a heart attack after seeing the maimed body of her son. This time I managed to give her the strength to survive.

But her health was broken, and she began to fade.

… God said to me then:

“I am going to show you the terrible grin of death…”

I did not understand Him; I thought He was talking about me — and began to wait…

But it was she who was dying. She was dying without pain and suffering, with the awareness that she was about to depart, without sadness because she was well prepared by me through my books. Several times she wrote to me farewell letters thanking me for caring.

But she exhausted me!

For about one month, I and our neighbors in the communal flat had to hide matches from her, because her behavior became inadequate.

Then she could not even stand up from the bed and all the time called me: for example it seemed to her that guests had come and she had to dress up, to prepare meals…

… I took all the worries on myself — both before and after her death…

… I myself carried the urn with the ashes of her body from the crematorium to the cemetery in a bag on my shoulder. I felt this as a symbolic paying of my son’s debt: many years ago she, too, carried my small body in her hands…

… But what did God mean by the phrase “terrible grin of death”? From outside this death did not look terrible: many people die in a more terrible way!

But I understood Him very well. He wanted me to make the decision: I do not want to die like this! By this, it was as if He urged me: go faster and let the Full Victory be more desirable for you!

* * *

Sathya Sai Baba said:

“Every person has two main milestones on the life path: God and the death of the body.”

Yet the majority of people do not want to hear, to think, and to know about this…

In Saint Petersburg about 25% of all people die of cancer.

But they could avoid such a destiny.

They live their lives like foolish children.

It is not only death of the body that awaits us! It is also old age, the dementia of old age. And then we can lose even that little which we have managed to accumulate in the soul during the earthly life…

* * *

An adult son warms up a meal in the kitchen. His old mother comes to him:

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m having dinner.”

“Tell it louder! You know that I do not hear well!”

“I’m having dinner!”

“Why can’t you answer clearly and loudly so that I can understand you?…”

“I'm having dinner!!!”

“How do you dare yell at your old sick mother?!”

* * *

One can completely overcome death by mastering dematerialization of the body. Jesus Christ told about the mechanism of this phenomenon in The Book of Jesus [32], and now this ability is demonstrated by David Copperfield.


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