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We Will Help You

We help you now through our books and films, through the Internet. At present, we have no other possibilities to provide help to you.

And after the death of our bodies we will help those of you who are worthy � especially if you develop with the use of the methodology and methods described in the books of our School.

If you make the necessary spiritual efforts, you will be able to see our faces on our Mahadoubles in any part of the Earth.

Purify and refine yourselves! And then call for us! We will come and help you to advance further.

Now let me stress once again that one can approach the Creator and enter His Abode only in monasticism. Are you ready for this?

We live a monastic life, but our monasticism is not the same as what people, who are ignorant in religion, believe monasticism to be. Such people believe that monasticism implies a corresponding uniform, monastic names, life in monasteries, sketes, or caves. Monasticism is also related quite often to a parasitic way of life�

But we know that the true monasticism implies full dedication of oneself to God, to service to Him, to performing only that which is needed to Him, which is suggested by Him.

People who desire a personal profit cannot be called monks even if they belong to a certain religious movement. In monasticism there is no place for any manifestation of egocentrism. In monasticism there can be only God-centrism, the Centrism of the Creator!

Let me repeat that the latter can be achieved through the development of oneself in three basic directions of spiritual self-perfection: intellectual, ethical, and psychoenergetical ones. The latter implies, first of all, the development of oneself as a spiritual heart � first inside the body and then in larger scales, up to the scale of the universe�

When we try to feel the entire Creator in His Abode with the help of the spiritual heart developed to such an extent� � then we gradually dissolve in Him and become Him.

And this results in the replacement of the personal �I� � with the �I� of the Creator.

Those who achieve the state of God-centrism to such a degree � become a part of the Creator.


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