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She was a member of the Communist Party machinery, middle-aged. One day she got severe headaches that did not cease. Medicine could not help this case.

Suddenly she began to hear a voice, which said that he was a spirit, a famous Russian poet of the past. He was allowed to enter her body for several years — for the years, which, as he said, he had missed to live in his body because of premature disembodiment. And the headaches were caused by his entering.

The member of the Party promptly retired from the district committee and became engrossed in studying the mystical world that had opened up to her.

First the spirit directed her to take a course on hatha yoga; then he started to conduct healing sessions through her body that were really helpful to people.

One day he ordered to arrange a session for healing the diseased with cancer. She had to invite to the session as many healers as possible. It is there that we got acquainted with each other.

Since that day a group of people of various ages formed around her. The spirit described to them — to former atheists — the life in the other world, gave advice and predictions, healed.

It is from him that we learned for the first time that animals do not live just for the sake of being slaughtered by us and that eating their corpses contaminates our bodies with harmful salts and energies. We all changed our nutrition immediately.

He also acquainted us with another spirit, a hatha yogi in the Himalayas in his last incarnation. That spirit began to guide our hatha yoga exercises, prescribed special diets and 3-day fasts for ridding ourselves of the consequences of the wrong nutrition.

Though the existence of the other world inhabited by spirits became a certain fact for us, the question of the existence of God never came to us seriously. In our outlook of that time God was substituted with spirits, which seemed to us omnipresent, omniscient, perfect.

Now I realize that this is the way of cognition of all who start from scratch — whether they are whole nations or individuals — except if they come from the beginning to a mature spiritual milieu.

During our hatha yoga exercises under the guidance of the new tutor, we experienced indubitable separations from the material body occurring repeatedly. For example, while doing shavasana — relaxation when lying on the back — we suddenly experienced ourselves standing on our heads or hovering over the floor. Thus, the reality of the non-material existence was perceived by us and became our own experience.

Since we can exist without material bodies, we are… actually immortal. That is, after the death of our bodies, we also will appear living in the world of spirits. In this way we began to think about our future presence in the discovered world of spirits.

And what are the relationships in the world of spirits? Obviously, spirits are very different. Is there some hierarchy among them? What if there is God — “the Main Boss” of all existing spirits?

Thus we advanced to a higher stage in our development where spirits were in the center of attention, but there was also an idea about God, though the understanding of Him was not correct.

… At that time my personal experience as a medium began.

First, I tried to establish a contact with our Himalayan hatha yogi. I formulated questions in the way that the answer could be received as “yes” or “no”. The answer was perceived as the state of inner comfort or discomfort accordingly. It required complete relaxation of the mind and emotional sphere. The received answer could be clarified with the help of questions like these: “Or it doesn’t matter? Have I understood right?”

We also tried to communicate with spirits using a saucer. We drew a pointer on it, put it on a wooden table without nails a sheet of paper with drawn circle of letters and digits, put a saucer on it, and lighted candles. And we spent a lot of hours during the night holding tired hands over the saucer…

We repeated it for several nights, but all was in vain…

At last, one of us exclaimed desperately: “Vladimir! Ask: what’s the matter?!”

I asked and heard for the first time a clear answer from God: “I intentionally prevented spirits from participating in your game. You don’t need ‘devices’ for such a contact. It’s more prospective to learn to perceive thoughts directly.”

And I began to teach this to all members of the group. Many of them succeeded.

Thus I discovered a phenomenon that amazed me: some companions of mine had nothing to ask! For instance, a young woman who liked sweet buns and was fat due to this asked questions to God only in the bakery: which bun is better to buy, which of them is tastier?

Thus I understood that spiritual needs of people are different.

… It is interesting to note that spirits can be recognized by individual vibrations, which they create just by their presence. Such vibrations are perceived like sounds in the space around the head. Usually (but not always) they are monotonous and differ by the tone. The higher is the tone of the spirit’s vibration — the higher is the stage of his or her spiritual advancement.

… At that time I had my first contact with Helena Blavatskaya. She came surrounded by a retinue of other spirits and addressed me as no one before: “My dear Antonov! I wish that you would write a sequel to my Secret Doctrine.”

I think I managed to realize this request of Helena.

… I recall a funny story narrated by an acquaintance of mine.

At one time, a group of students collected before examinations. A friend of one of them came as well. She could communicate with spirits through a saucer. When she told the group about it, everyone wanted to see how it worked.

They invited a well-known Russian poet killed by Bolsheviks and asked him what marks they would receive on the next exam. He answered. Later on, all his predictions came out true.

One young man in this group asked what he would become in the future. The spirit answered: “Stand firm, man, you’ll be an impotent!…”

Then someone asked: “Does God exist?”

The saucer fell down to the floor and got broken… The séance was over.

… There is another case from my own practice.

In the epoch of governing of the dictator Brezhnev in the Russian empire many scrupulous people dreamed that he would leave this world. We, too, dreamed about this.

One day through the lady-medium’s forecasts came the statement that at the named date and at the named time Brezhnev would die. These predictions began about two months before the named date.

The date was near. Several days before it, Brezhnev stopped appearing and there was no news about him in the Soviet press and radio. On the other hand, the western broadcasting stations began to speak about his serious illness and his possible successor.

We were waiting more and more impatiently.

At last, this day had come. My companions were anxious: “What do you hear? Has it come true?”

The named hour came. It was 2.00 p.m.

Exactly at two o’clock I heard a strong male voice from the non-material world as if it was that radio announcer who always announced the most important messages. The voice “broadcasted” a paraphrased communist slogan:

“Brezhnev is alive! He will live forever in our hearts and memory! Brezhnev is alive! He will live forever…”

These phrases were being repeated like a record on a tape.

I understood that it was nothing but a joke…

And Brezhnev recovered soon and continued to booze and to tyrannize for a long time.

Only when I managed to find out what and who God was, I understood the meaning of that joke: do not wish death to others — this is not people’s matter, this question is of the Omnipresent and Almighty Lord’s competence only. Later I found out that God said the same thing through the prophet Muhammad; it is written in Sunna’s hadithes [20].

… The group that we worked with did not exist for long. First its head left because she did not stand an ethical test. Namely, more and more prophesies were received through her about soon-to-happen disasters such as earthquakes, epidemics which would destroy all “infidels”. Naturally, all people except the members of the group belonged to these “infidels”.

All of her predictions did not realize. The cataclysms were “deferred”; new disasters were forecasted…

Some members of the group savored forthcoming sorrows and deaths of the “infidels”; others were indifferent to such predictions.

The spirit started to give her tasks like this: she went to a wash-house or a library, stayed near the doorway, and rebuked everyone who slammed the door…

Once she planned to have our next meeting at a certain date but forgot to tell us about it. We did not come of course. Then she sent to all of us post cards with damnations and the following words: “He or she who is not with me is against God!”

In this way we parted with her: some with disgust and refusal of everything received through her, others — with gratitude and compassion for her…

Soon it was found that she had a neglected case of diabetes. Insulin injections were prescribed. But the spirit commanded her to stop the injections. She complied and soon died…

She also wrote down many verses communicated through her by famous Russian poets. They were verses of religious and political content. I remember the following verse about the “planned economics” in the USSR:

In the state where planned economics

Exists for the sake of the plan, not for the reason’s sake,

There remained nothing unstained,

Neither pure river nor lake...

Alexander Pushkin also communicated the following message:

Live, my good friend,

Do your holy work!

Love your hard century

And trust the Truth!

Don’t be afraid of storms and tempests

And be calm in the face of the fate:

You have sown the seeds of good — and there will be a harvest!

And the help of God is with you!

It seems that only two people from that group — Galina Vaver and I — went further on the spiritual Path.


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