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When I began teaching spiritual science, some women began to hate me — those of them who came to me without the purpose of approaching Perfection, the cognition of God. As one of them said to me later, all that they really wanted was to improve their “family status” by using me… But I did not yield. Perhaps, in most cases I even did not notice such desires: I was already “betrothed” to God and did not want to betray Him.

However, once I was officially registered in marriage. That woman had no place to live, and I invited her to my flat. We had to make this acceptable for other people around us including my parents and neighbors in our communal flat. When the situation changed, we got “divorced”.

And I had no children (in the direct sense) — I was immersed into caring for many adult spiritual children of mine and could not imagine weakening my care for them, in case of switching to only one of them.

And even to trust the raising of my child to some woman, who wanted to become a mother, I considered unfair and absolutely inadmissible.

Though, in an indirect way I gave birth to some children, because a few women were indeed healed by me of infertility and successfully became mothers with the help of their husbands.

… The beauty of women… It is so easy, due to lack of experience, to confuse it with spiritual prospectiveness! But God helped me to understand this. Once, when I dreamed about involving young women with beautiful bodies into spiritual work, He told me while pointing at them:

“They are ready for reproduction…”

Thus He gave me a complete answer: exquisite physical beauty is given according to one’s karma for the sake of creating the best conditions in the matters of earthly love. And the spiritual beauty, which is also reflected in the beauty of the body, is received during the process of spiritual work, when the spiritual heart blossoms and especially when the fire of the Light of Atman begins to shine “through the pores” of the matter of the body.

… Among my students, women always constituted the majority. They — on average — are much more sensitive and receptive to subtlety and purity, and therefore they are closer to God. But they have to be led, since they do not know the Path. In order to seek and find the way, the male type of character is needed: energetic, unsatisfied with the achieved, strong…

I remember very well the words said by Indira Gandhi, which are addressed from all women seeking Light — to spiritual leaders-men: “You take me with you — and then I will show you what I can do!” And I always happily took them with me and gifted them all of myself: all that I had and knew, even my personal power, the energy of the consciousness, i.e. “myself” in the very direct sense.

And once, when there were only female students around me, I joked:

“What if God sees that only women are around me — what will He think of me!?”

We all laughed, and God laughed too.

… But my students were successful to a different degree. This depends not only on the readiness to give oneself completely to spiritual work, but also by the potential that was accumulated in the series of past incarnations. The latter also predetermines the intellectual abilities and the amount of accumulated energy called kundalini [22].

Which one of my disciples achieved the biggest success in those years? Let me describe in a few words their previous incarnations:

— A direct student of the spiritual School of Assyris, who lived in the fourteenth century in Russia.

— A boy who lived in Burma and was successfully educated in an Indian Buddhist School, where God was substituted with a lifeless “void”; God disembodied him at that time when his further education in that School became dangerous for his future destiny.

— A king of one of the countries of South-East Asia with religious traditions in Buddhism and Hinduism; he ruled righteously but yielded to regale himself with “killed” food. Because of this, in the current incarnation he suffered stomach derangement, according to the law of karma.

— A samurai who perfectly mastered martial arts and taught it to other samurais at the Emperor’s court. He lived that life in harmony, wisdom, love, and calm. In this life in Russia, he again was attracted a lot to oriental martial arts. His former Emperor (now Divine) led him to our School. And now, the Divine Emperor guides His faithful samurai in this life. Several times He gave him directions through me and congratulated him on the success.

— A successfully working Catholic nun. In this incarnation her life turned out to be full of problems caused by primitive people. She asked me, “Why it is so?” I found out and explained to her: you yourself asked God to create conditions for further mortification of your “I”! Now — endure, resign yourself! She understood, accepted it, and submitted.

— A powerful healer in one of the past incarnations. However, he did not manage to cognize God. In the next incarnation — from childhood he was aware about his superiority over people and, as a result, developed the desire to humiliate them. He became a robber-“revolutionist”. Then there was an incarnation in Scandinavia; his profession was a boat constructor; he actively studied religion under the guidance of a wise Lutheran Pastor, Who attained Divinity in that incarnation. That Pastor led this person through the present life, directed her again to the path of healing, then brought her to me, and began to help all of us. Then she got the possibility to “open” the reserve of the Atmic power of kundalini, which was accumulated in the past…

All the listed above, except for the samurai, are incarnated now in female bodies. They are the best of all whom I managed to help. Even on the color photographs, if their bodies are photographed during meditation, one can see nimbuses — the aureoles of Sanctity. Or Light is so intensively radiated through their faces, that one cannot distinguish the face on the photograph: there is only the body against the background of the forest, and instead of the face — only a beam of Light…

… But in the past, among the women who came to the School there were some completely deaf to the word God. They were only capable of thinking in terms of sex.

There were also those who, being “raised” by me on the spiritual Path and gained crystallization of the consciousness, all of a sudden manifested themselves as “werewolves”. For example, they began to slander me publicly, with the only purpose of raising other people’s opinions on themselves: look, how bad he is, and because we condemn him — we are so much better than he is!

There were those who having no positive experience of previous incarnations could not master the spiritual matters, however hard they tried. They either left the School themselves or switched to more “slow” programs of other instructors, or, to my regret, I had to exclude them softly from the work.

I also met bright diabolic women. One of the members of the gang, who tried to kill me later, sent me letters afterwards. I never read them, immediately throwing them away or burning them. It was impossible to read them: they were so full of strong diabolic energy, that it was enough to take them into the hands — and this energy began to flow into the body, and the body became full of its black dirt; it began to shiver… After one of her mails, which I just held for some time before throwing it into a trash can, I had pain in all muscles of my body for several days…

… Drunken women, women consisting of the sole hatred…

My former neighbor of the communal flat — with a Ph.D. degree — when coming back home from work, every day squealed for a long time in her room when sharing her impressions of the day with other family members. Her squeal was very similar to the squeal of pigs (pigs can grunt and squeal). Then, after squealing, she came to the kitchen with her face red of hatred, angry eyes, blowing sides and nostrils. At night, a dense valerian smell emanated through the door slits of their room into the corridor.

She was an orientalist by profession. Studying the East for many years, she remained an atheist.

Sometimes guests-colleagues visited her. Having gotten drunk, they yelled songs with drunken voices and made puddles on the floor in the toilet… Such were our “orientalists”…

… God showed me the whole spectrum of human abilities: from Divine — to diabolic. They are characteristic both to the female incarnations as to the male ones…

* * *

In the middle of the 1980s I, being guided by Jesus and Babaji, began to introduce spiritual nudism (apparently, I was the first in Russia to do it). It was not just about naturism — aspiration for becoming “closer to nature”, but about swimming naked as one of the methods of liberation of the meditating consciousness from the bondage of the material world.

This is achievable only for those people who have perfectly mastered, at least, being able to stay with the consciousness in the anahata chakra. In this case, “sexualization” of the meditators does not occur. (This nuance is not understandable to those who have not mastered the functions of the spiritual heart yet). On the contrary, the sexual attitude towards a naked body of the opposite sex is substituted with caring tenderness, which is very important on the way of refinement of the consciousness.

“I am not the body; I am not among material bodies! I am a pure consciousness! My attention is directed towards purifying and perfecting myself as a consciousness, towards the cognition of God!”

It was still the period of tyranny of the Communist Partyand nudism was officially forbidden (since 1936), although very few people in the USSR knew about this fact or about nudism at that time.

At that time we began our out-of-city training in meditative running [22]. It was a hot summer; without swimming it was unreasonable to run for many hours. I planned the course of the run between several forest lakes. When coming to the next lake, we undressed and plunged into the water. Then, having cooled our bodies, we dressed and ran further. It was very blissful swimming!

I coerced no one into undressing. Simply, when for the first time we came as a group of about a hundred people to the first place to swim, I declared: let’s swim undressed! Then I undressed and plunged into the water.

Not everyone could follow this; about half the people swam dressed: it was too unusual at that time.

But at the second time almost all the people undressed: they saw that nothing wrong happened to them!

The only person in the group who did not swim naked was the head of a department of the discreet Communist Party committee: he was afraid of being dismissed. But all of us understood this, and no one bothered him. Moreover, he became a very good person under the influence of our work.

… During the classes of meditative running, we were organized very strictly, and no incidents occurred. But it was different in the forest when we stopped and had spare time! My female students who enjoyed the “naked freedom” walked in the forest to eat berries, taking no clothes with themselves! I was nervous, ran after them, scolded, arranged special discussions and explained that this is not only unsafe but also tactless in regard to other people who could meet us… They unwillingly submitted to me, but…

Later, rumors reached me that they began to “try themselves” outside of our classes by swimming naked on the public beaches…

It turned out that to “dress” women is much harder than to “undress” them…

… My numerous followers, who in later years introduced the technique of the meditative running together with “naked” swimming to the various parts of the USSR, did not strictly observe the rules of decency in regard to other people, and sometimes this resulted in incidents.

In the end, I read with pleasure in the paper Evening Petersburg of 24 July 2020 that in 1995 Russia was officially accepted into the International Federation of Nudists at UNESCO…


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