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Dantians, and Chakras

“Bubbles of Perception”,
Dantians, and Chakras

The term “bubbles of perception” was introduced into the spiritual science by Juan Matus, whose knowledge was passed on to humankind through Carlos Castaneda [18-25].

This term has fundamental importance because it helps seekers of the Perfection, which was preached for us by Jesus Christ [2,8,14] and by other Greatest Teachers [8], to correctly direct their effort on self-development through meditative practices.

Where did these words, so strange at first sight, come from? The fact is that the energy “cocoon” that surrounds the body of every person resembles, to some extent, a big bubble. This “bubble” can, in turn, be divided into two smaller unequal “bubbles”.

With our “bubbles”, we perceive the environment, that is why they were called “bubbles of perception”.

As we already said, every one of us has two “bubbles”: the upper one and the lower one. With the upper “bubble”, we perceive the world of matter (or tonal), while with the lower “bubble” we perceive the non-material world (or nagual).

Therefore, those who are willing not only to talk about God and other non-material manifestations but also to really cognize them — should pay attention to the development of their lower “bubbles”. They are designed for this purpose!

Our upper “bubbles” are also called upper dantians. They consist of the three upper chakras: sahasrara, ajna, and vishuddha [9].

Our lower “bubbles” are divided into two dantians: the middle one and the lower one.

The middle dantian consists of only one very important chakra — the anahata chakra. It is from this energy structure that the spiritual heart may begin its growth.

The lower dantian consists of the three chakras: manipura, svadhisthana, and muladhara. It serves as the power center of the organism, by nourishing both the organs of the body and the non-material components of the organism with bioenergy. It is intended, among other purposes, to provide energy for the quantitative growth of the consciousness (or soul).


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