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About the Vice of Jealousy Especially

I want to speak a little about the vice of jealousy. It is praised as prowess in literature and on television. “The right to be jealous” is “legalized” in this way and embedded in the minds of people as a standard of behavior and even as a dignity...

However, jealousy is one of the most striking and ethically important defects! This is a strong manifestation of a primitive self (“I”), of egocentrism, and of a possessive attitude towards another person, that is, an attitude when another is considered as property, as a slave...

The true love, on the contrary, is to care, first of all, for another person, even in detriment of one’s own interests!

In my opinion, having learned that your partner had or has someone else in sexual relations, it would be correct to think in this way: “If you feel good with this person, I’m glad for both of you! And I will love you no less!”.


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