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and the Desire of God

About Our Free Will
and the Desire of God

How can one designate the knowledge presented in our materials? This is a modern developed Hesychasm, Raja and Buddhi Yoga, a true movement of Sufism, Buddhism, or of any other religious branches. It is not words and names that are important here but the methodological essence, which is one for all true Paths to the Universal Creator.

Almost absolute free will, given to us by Him, allows everyone to choose his or her personal path from all the possible — true or false — paths. One has a right to consciously choose even a path to hell, which is done, for example, by the members of satanic sects.

Nevertheless, it is also important that everyone have a possibility of choosing the true Straight Path to the Primordial Consciousness. That is why God asks us to make, at all costs, this knowledge available to the maximum number of people in all countries of the Earth.


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